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Testimonies Are Powerful
A Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes

I remember about a year ago, when things were really starting to “pick up” here at Tribulation-Now.   I was at that stage where I was really SUPER on fire for Jesus, and praying in tongues and praising God continuously.  I was driving to work with praise music up loud, crying in victory and love for our Savior like never before.  I would do “u-turns” to give $20 dollar bills to homeless people. It was a transformation of sorts for me.  I was just beginning to realize how HUGE this all is.  All the dots were connecting and I knew the only escape from this “place”,  was what I really wanted all along. 

The Eternal Impact of My Sister Marilyn

About 8 months ago I felt “led” to call my sister Marilyn.  She is one of those amazing true Christians that has given her home to “lost souls” all her life.  I remember in my back-slidden days, how during our “family Christmas party”, I always felt uncomfortable around all these “strangers”.  She would bring all sorts of lost people into her house to live with her.  To me it was weird.  Looking back now, I see the power of her gift.  She was “doing exactly” what Jesus told all of us to do.  She did it for decades and won untold souls for the Kingdom through her loving kindness and sacrifice.

When I called Marilyn that day, our conversation moved from topic to topic.  As always the Lord made sure that I heard what I was supposed to hear.  I remember toward the end how she said “You’re right Johnny, its all about the Holy Spirit!  I am so mad at these darn churches.  None of them have the Holy Spirit any more!”  And she is right.  It etched an impenetrable imprint on my heart.  That single phone was a “clear” word from God.  It’s all coming together now like never before.

Marilyn thinks UFOs are silly.  She’s the one who “pats me kindly on the shoulder” and tells me Jesus will use me anyway.  I remember last year, I did a 2 hour PowerPoint presentation of the New World Order for my family in her living room.  We got to talking about the Book of Enoch and she looked confused.  I told her UFO’s have a big part to play in “what coming”.  She looked at me like I was nuts.  But, Praise God, my other sister Paula jumped in and said, “No Marilyn, its true.  I have seen one of those things (alien-demons) with my own eyes”.  And my mother saw a “space buggy” hover above our house on Runyon Road in Hummelstown, PA back in the 60’s.

Just then her husband John, came from his office with the “Book of Enoch” printed out in his hand.  He gave it to Marilyn. 

And so the story goes.

Light Workers

So this morning at precisely 5 minutes ’till 6am Eastern Time, I am getting “hammered” in my head with the words “Light Workers”.  Now I don’t know why, I truly don’t know why.  But it woke me up.  I rolled over in bed and snuggled under the covers.  It is chilly and I didn’t want to get out of bed.  But it wouldn’t leave me alone.  “Light Workers”.  Now I know that the Pleiadian, Federation of Light, Maharishi Institute, White Brotherhood, “channelers” love to gravitate to this concept of being “Light Workers”. But Lucifer steals everything from God.  So no surprise there.

Now I am feeling led to investigate the 66 book canon for reference to “light”, “workers of light”, etc.  You see.  Ever since I realized “they” stole everything from God, things have been “coming to me” out of nowhere.  Downloads from the Lord?  It is obviously so.   But don’t get weirded out just yet.  I haven’t searched the scripture and it could be something completely different.  Or maybe I find nothing.

It’s happened before.  Who knows.

My Sister’s Loving Word of Caution

My sister Paula is awesome.  She has the same gift of love that Marilyn has but it manifests in different ways.  Paula has NO IDEA how amazing her testimonies have been.  She has no idea how strongly she has confirmed all of these new findings.  She is in her mid 60’s. Wow.

She was the one who said to me, “I always thought we were angels”.  She has told me all her life she has seen people’s faces turn black in the streets but could never share it with any one.  She is the one that gave the “mind blowing testimony” of her vision of the “rapture” back 20+ years ago that matches perfectly with what sounds alarmingly like an “alien abduction” of some kind complete with “whirring sounds”, “wind everywhere”, and being “sucked up” mysteriously into a sort of “vacuum” with a “peaceful feeling”.

Twenty years ago if I had heard that, I would have shrugged it off and said “Oh that’s interesting”.  Now I am thinking NO WAY!!  This confirms virtually all of the things the Lord “of Hosts” has led me too as of late.  I strongly believe it is very likely, our Heavenly Father’s “Sons of God” elite fighting “angels” take on “host bodies” and move through the dimensions and worm-holes at the speed of light.  It all makes sense. 

Never mind, Matthew 24:30 where it says:

Matt 24:30-31

30 Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.


Please, in Jesus name try to understand this.  YHWH is the “Lord of Hosts” … get it?  What is a “host”?  It is a “host body”.  We are extremely unique in the smorgasbord of “life forms” in the Universes.  We have the “spirit of the Living God” breathed into us at our “conception”.  For those of us who pass this test on earth, (the elect, the Bride of Christ), we will be gathered up.

Never mind it is very possible the “sign” of the “Son of Man” is actually “Planet X”.  Never mind that “clouds of heaven” are almost certainly “Technological Transport Devices” that protect the angel’s “host bodies” from the elements of space. And what the “heck” is a “chariot of fire” anyway?  Forget about the story of Elijah’s “calling up”.  Wow.

Yes there certainly is a 3rd Heaven and Eternal Realm where GOD, the Most High, God of God’s, Lord of Lords, and great El Elyon resides.  AMEN!!  But when they are in “spirit form” they cannot “interact” with us in this dimension the same way.  There is a “noteworthy” difference.  This is precisely why JESUS was NOT recognized by the Apostles after he was raised from the dead and returned to them in their presence.  But we haven’t figured it out yet.  That’s why!!

And my understanding is probably no more than “embryonic speculation” at this point.

And HOW COME “the angels” gather the elect from the “FOUR WINDS”?  How come, the angels “gather the elect” from “ONE END OF THE HEAVEN TO THE OTHER?”

Is it possible there are “other planets” like earth out there going through a similar thing?  The scripture doesn’t lie.  We are the ones who compress the scripture and magnitude of God into our tiny little peanut brains.  Not GOD.

Paula’s Email to me this Morning:

So anyway my sister reads the “Arcturus Airline” article and feels led to share a scripture of caution with me.  This is wonderful.  She loves me and wants to protect me.  Praise Jesus.

Hi John,

Please read Ezekiel 13:3 and 13:17, Don’t get mad at me I love you. I haven’t read this whole chapter yet lately and don’t remember what all it says in the chapter and I don’t mean to take it out of context, So I will be reading this too.

Love Sis

My Response to My Sister:

No Paula I’m not mad at you silly. People are being saved by the Blood of Jesus like crazy and everyone wants the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Everyone should be weary of the False Prophets. But the true false prophets are those that preach itchy ears doctrine and pose like christians when they are not christians. Those that are standing in our mega churches today, are the same liars that were standing in the church of Thessalonica, that Paul had to rescue.
But the best part, is that we are going to be raptured before the Great Tribulation so it doesn’t really matter. The unfortunate part, is that if you dont’ have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, you are not qualified to be the Bride of Jesus Christ!!
God is speaking to me like never before. Once you figure out how important the Holy Spirit really is, THEN, it all snaps into place. I have people from all over the world that are screaming “bravo! Praise Jesus”.
This is exactly the kind of revelation the Bible was talking about in the end times. It’s all about Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I even have a church elder (a large church) that is now one of my best friends from Pittsburgh. He has been showing his Pastor this stuff and his pastor is becoming “on fire” again for the Holy Spirit and has agreed that they will all start laying hands on each other to be Baptised in Fire!!


Right after I responded with the email above, I opened the next email in my inbox.  It was a response to the Arcturus Airlines article:

Christine’s Testimony and Response to “Arcturus Airlines”

Please read this carefully.  Pay close attention to what Christine is saying here.  This is PROOF.  And remember for each person that takes the time to write, there are likely ten others that have had the same experience but don’t write.

Another GREAT posting John! I am so thankful for your help with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The gift of tongues is really amazing. Kind of strange at first, but I am thinking and praying in English, but speaking in a completely different language. It is amazing! I cannot wait to get off this rock either!

Prayers sent…




Trudy’s Astonishing Confirmation

And if THAT was not enough confirmation for you, then LOOK AT THIS!

Hey John,

All I can Say is WOW! Just finished watching Jonathan’s new videos and once again WOW! What a rush of information! By the way, I did reread the articles (a few times)and have a much better understanding. Heehee!

Just wanted to drop a line and share with you the experience I had while watching the videos.

From the time Jonathan revealed the G20 skull comparison to the very end I had the weirdest sensation. At first I thought I was blushing because of shock but the feeling did not go away, it just intensified. The skin on my face felt like it had sunburn, in fact its still burning. Sounds freaky I know but for about a year now my ears, on occasion, have been doing the same thing. I think it happens when the Holy Ghost is present. I feel it at times in prayer and when a hear a word that shoots strait to my spirit. Anyway…

About Jonathan’s coffee shop experience. I think you named it a revealing. I have been thinking about that a lot. My husband and I had a similar experience (I think) last summer with a neighbor. We were driving past her house and she was standing out in her front yard. This cute blonde morphed into the most horrific thing right before our eyes. When she turned to wave at us her face was not her face. She had dark,dark black circles under her eyes, black lips and a mouthful of nasty teeth. Not being funny but she looked like a zombie. My husband lost his breath, hit the steering wheel and then screamed, “Did you see that!!!”He had to pull around the corner to compose himself and then slowly drove back around to double check her. She looked normal again. It was a trip! That was not the last time I experienced a face change but that was DRAMATIC.

Random sharing I know but my heart is still pumping fast! I also wanted to say that it was wonderful to finally sort of meet you!! It was a real treat!! Bless you for all your long hard hours of work as always!



Summary in Jesus Name

Don’t get lost in the doctrine and get left here to deal with the Great Tribulation.  I don’t care about the timeline.  Anyone who cares about anything but serving Jesus our King is MISSING THE POINT.  It doesn’t matter if you want to believe all angels have wings and long blonde hair and mysteriously appear in a halo of light.  That’s perfectly fine.

But missing out on the most wonderful gift that God could give us lowly souls, is a TRAVESTY.  Look at what’s happening here.  LOOK!

Joel 2:28-29
“And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams,
Your young men shall see visions.
And also on My menservants and on My maidservants
I will pour out My Spirit in those days.

God is liberally handing out “rescue mission” tickets off this alien-demon infested rock.  God is going to destroy this planet.  He will create “new heavens” and a “new earth”.  You do NOT want to be here.  It’s going to get really bad.


Don’t miss the Marriage Supper. 
It will be AMAZING!!
Be Blessed In Jesus Name

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2 thoughts on “Look At What’s Happening!!

  1. HI John

    Great work brother I am speechless on your last article. I but one question can explain what speaking in tongues is all about – is it speaking a language say like – English is your first and only language then for some reason you start praising and worshiping GOD say in spanish? thankz and GOD bless you.

  2. You can read about the Holy Spirit "Gift" of speaking in tongues in 1 Corinthians 12-15. There it talks about all the gifts but speaks in detail about speaking in tongues.

    Here is my down to earth explanation. Some people like to call it an "angelic prayer language" or just "prayer language". The purpose for it is to allow the Holy Spirit to "pray out" to God, from within you, particularly when you are "without words" of your own. I find that when I am in extremely difficult situations and under stress, that I sometimes find myself speaking in tongues, throug the spirit to God but I don't even realize it until later.

    It is also used for prophecying. So there is an associated Gift called "the interpretation of tongues, which allows either the speaker himself, or another person, to interpret what was said for the edification of those around him (or himself).

    Now yes the demons can "speak in other languages" too. So a Satanic infiltrator in a church, particularly those who join a board of directors, will often "fake" having the gift by speaking through their internal demons in another language to fool. But this is something you won't typically ever run into.

    Tongues is a private communication channel of prayer through the Holy Spirit "in you" to the Heavenly Father. It is a fabulous awesome manifestation of God that proves to the person, and people around him (in controlled circumstances) that the Gift of the Holy Spirit is certain and real.

    For more information on this Gift, you can see my article entitled "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit". There are additional resources in that article you can "listen too" for free teaching.


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