Swift Luck Greens FEMA Camp

Shown here is the March 2009 Homeland Security released aerial photograph of the Swift Luck Greens Maximum Security FEMA camp in Central Wyoming.

Reportedly this document was “accidentally” released and remains available on the Internet today.

As you can see this FEMA camp includes the following features:

1. Perimeter Wall, complete with Razor Wire facing IN – TO KEEP PEOPLE IN

2. A three story prison barracks (not altogether unlike those built for Auschwitz)

3. Supply Rooms

4. Leather and Rubber Workshops (keep your high-school “shop class” skills honed)

5. Entry Gate (complete with Red & Blue List signs and the saying posted “Work Shall Set You Free”

6. Shoe Making Buildings (forget L.L. Bean folks, you can wear your own Handy-work)

7. Designing Unit (unclear but it may be where you design clothes for the next Victoria Secret show)

8, 9, 10, etc. Guard Towers and other areas.



Awwwww Heck Folks, you don’t suppose the United States government would allow this to happen do you?


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5 thoughts on “Swift Luck Greens FEMA Camp

  1. Auschwitz wasn't an "extermination camp,it was a work camp that had AG Farben utilizing prison labor for production(I assume that the company didn't want to exterminate their workforce).
    Also,if the Germans just wanted to "kill the Jews",why would they bother to shave the prisoners heads?
    Why bother tattooing them?
    I have been to Germany 5 times,they are an extremely efficient bunch of people,had they wanted to just kill all Jews they would have done so in 3 days flat!
    There would have been no Jews in this country walking around with tattoos…
    Enough of his fairy tale.

  2. Greets Anonymous. This is a huge topic with thousands of books tackling it in great detail.Auschwitz was indeed a forced labor camp. IG Farben (and many other companies) took advantage of that labor as depicted in the movie Schindler's List. And indeed IBM was the company behind the tatoos. These tatoos had encoded information on the person's likeliness to be a useful worker.

    However the darker side of this is that Auschwitz was one of 5 horrific death camps. The ovens were in fact used to burn people alive in many cases. There are eye witness accounts of stretchers with restrainment cuffs to hold people down as they were slid into the oven. More deep dive research futher indicates that the Zyclon gas was used for incapacitation and not death, otherwise large scale revolts would have ensued as the unwilling were taken to the furnaces.

    Also – it is important to note that it was not only Jews but other nationalities killed as well. It is estimated by many sources that used detailed lists kept by the Nazi's themselves that the actual numbers of those killed in the camps was closer to 18 million. Twice as many people exterminated by the Nazis were not Jewish.

    IN FACT, those TRULY responsible for the killing of the Jews were actually Jews. It would take you about 6 months of hard study every night to confirm this for yourself. I can provide you a lot of literature to support this. The Jews that were slaughtered in WWII were the Khazar Jews that were not true bloodline Jews and make up more than 80% of so-called Jewish population of the world (then and now).

    So in a nutshell it was the sinister control of the Rothschild dynasty and associates (Sephardim Jews – e.g. bloodline Jews from the Tribe of Dan and Naphtali) that murdered millions of the "converted" Jews of Khazaria known as Ashkenazim Jews.

    There is much to unravel and understand and nothing that meets the eye is what it seems.

    I refer the reader to a solid, accurate and surprisingly complete history of this Luciferian plan from Egypt until today by watching "Ring of Power" or ordering the 4 DVD set.


    It will make you smart and you don't even have to crack a book.

    God Bless

  3. Another says these photos are of a prison camp in NORTH KOREA that have been tagged with an NHS logo. If the US had a concentration camp, do you think we would be manufacturing SHOES? Leather and rubber workshops? Sounds like rather primitive manufacturing. I think this country is into things a bit more modern. Start looking around to see if you can find any American-made shoes. Oh, and see if this thing shows up on Google Earth as you pan over Wyoming.

  4. Yes I have heard from several people that this camp is a deception.

    We are all subject to such deceptions.


  5. Dudes. That is Kyo-hwa-so No. 1 Kaechon. A North Korean "re-education" camp. Here are the coordinates if you want to put them into Google Earth etc 39° 42′ 29.8″ N, 125° 55′ 23.8″ E I'm not saying these "FEMA camps" don't exist, but that's definitely NOT one of them.

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