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The Bear Nebula Dances
All the Angels in Heaven Sing

The “Bear Nebula” which is a small portion of the Carina Nebula, is evidently located in the same “Bootes” star system as Arcturus, and is reportedly a colossal “birthing place” of “new stars” in our galaxy.  Imagine that.  The “birthing place” for “new stars”.  WOW.  How BIG is God’s Universe(s)?  How small is our vision in comparison to our Heavenly Father?

Some folks don’t feel comfortable allowing their imaginations to soar and expand their understanding of our Glorious Victory through Jesus Christ.  It crosses their “comfort zone”.  They would rather stay anchored in a vision placed there from elsewhere.  That’s perfectly okay.  But I can’t help it.  I see Jesus in everything.  I look at the Hubble Space Telescope pictures and know we have only been told a tiny part of the story.  God created all of this.  Most of us cannot even look at a flower and see the depths of God’s glory.  Expanding the reach of our imagination into the Heaven’s is powerful.  I am so excited I can’t “see straight”.  That says a lot from an old Pentecostal guy that didn’t believe in “technological cosmic transport devices” only a couple years ago.  Now I am mesmerized by it all.  I really think we have underestimated God.

Contact Revelation

The discoveries and revelations as of late, concerning who the Bride of Jesus Christ is, have been powerful.  The “scope” of this reaches into the “Heavens”.  There is little doubt our tiny minds have compressed God into our little planet earth.  It’s written in the scripture but we can’t easily embrace it.  It is clear in Matthew 24:30 that God’s elect are scattered all over the heavens.  But we just don’t see it.

Yesterday I decided to take a little time off from “thinking” and let my spirit swim in possibilities.  I watched several movies to “take a break”.  In the movie Star Man, you see an alien vessel come to earth and crash, because we shot it down after inviting them here.  Ok.  Then you see this “alien” move out of the crashed UFO into an “energy Orb” transport.  Is anyone seeing orbs out there?  Then this alien creates a “host body” from a sample of DNA found in the house and creates a human host body to live in as it finds it’s way back to the rescue mission.  Oh I’m sure it’s all someone’s wild imagination.  Surely there are no such things as “energy Orb transport technologies”.  I’m sure there’s no way they can create “host bodies” from DNA and “dwell inside of them”.  Naaah.  And all this reptilian stuff is a bunch of poppycock too.  WOW.

Then you have the fingerprint of God and the Holy Spirit that shows up POWERFULLY in the movie Contact with Jodie Foster.  They nailed so many things down tight in that movie it’s unreal.  You have this scene in that movie where thousands were gathering together in large groups, (like in Roswell each year), to “sing praises” to the “aliens” and all sorts of astonishing horrible realities that some will surely see with their own eyes soon enough.  Very sobering indeed.  It even includes a zealous radical (supposedly God loving freak) strapping bombs to himself to destroy the Electromagnetic Wormhole Generation Device at Cape Canaveral.  Boy did that hit the nail on the head.  The world is going to go “APE” over all this stuff when it unravels soon.

But the single most astonishing revelation in the movie Contact, was that GOD’s existence was a repeating theme throughout.  In fact Ms. Foster’s character was voted out of taking the “electro-magnetic wormhole journey” because of her lack of faith in God.  There was an insistence that the person who went on this journey have an “open mind” to the existence of the Almighty Creator, prior to taking the journey.  However due to some unexpected happenings, she eventually went anyway.

And when she did, HER MIND WAS BLOWN.  As she travelled across the Galaxy and saw through the electromagnetic wormhole portal, she saw the MAGNIFICENCE OF GOD in his most BRILLIANT ART WORK.  It was breath-taking to see her utterly speechless as she looked in awe and realized how “words could not describe” it, while gasping for breath hardly able to talk.

Do you think that might be how we feel when we see the Glory of God’s Universe?  Do you think that’s how we might feel when we see how AWESOME the Heavens really are?

I do.

Inter-Galactic Yahweh God

The Lord of Lords, the “God of gods”, the great El Elyon, the Almighty Creator.  God of gods translated back to the Hebrew is Ya va El or Ja va El (depending on how you want to do it).  God is so utterly fabulous.  So beyond the scope of the far reaches of our imagination.  You have “Lord God”, or “YWHW Elohim” and you have “Yea sayeth the “Lord of Hosts”…. WOW  The Bible is utterly full of references to the powerful manifestation of God and Jesus “the Word and the Truth” that has been here since “before the foundations of the world“.  AMAZING.

The truly sincere Rabbis in the Hebrew faith, will only refer to GOD as “Ha-Shem” which means, “The One”, out of utter reverence.  Humbling indeed.  They will not even press a button on an elevator in Israel on the Sabbath to prevent “offending GOD”.  They have special “Sabbath elevators” that don’t have buttons.  Amazing.

For anyone out there that wants to begin understanding how “inter-galactic” and amazing our GOD is and how utterly privileged we are to be “Sons of the Almighty Father”, I recommend you expand your “context” to include “all of God’s creations” in every part of your understanding.  Otherwise I believe you are almost certainly not seeing the “big picture”.

I, for one, hope I never compress my understanding of our Awesome God, and Heavenly Father, into a “peanut brain sized container”.  He deserves us to reach out to our wildest imaginations and try to grasp how awesome our salvation through Jesus Christ truly is.  Otherwise we sell his awesomeness short and we will likely never understand the scriptures that refer to things like …

Matt 24:31

and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.


Galactic Alignment of the Ley Lines

“The pyramids are your enemy”.  This is one of the first things God spoke to my friend in Jesus, Jonathan Kleck.  And it’s no wonder.  Scientists and enthusiasts have been speculating forever, that the Pyramids are “intergalactic” communications systems of some type.  Oh sure they point out things like they are “aligned to the stars”, but as of late there have been statements made by various “friends of the Pleiadians” that these pyramids are located all over the galaxy.  WOW.

So evidently this Fifth Dimension vibrational “alignment” is far worse than any of us even imagined.  It appears we are talking about pyramids and demonic “ley lines” that interconnect across planets all over the Universe.  This is so utterly mind blowing that I cannot wrap my own mind around it.  To realize that the entire Bible was likely not just written as a roadmap for God’s future Son’s to find salvation, but is actually cosmic and intergalactic in scope, is … well ….

… very, very, humbling indeed.

Good Cop Bad Cop Earth Made Galactic Weaponry

Its mind “numbing” to me when I hear wacky things like “our military has created anti-gravity UFO’s” and they are stored in underground bases.  Well … not really.  Think about it.  Since when have we had any original advanced technology?  Tesla supposedly had contact with “extraterrestrial life”. Christopher Columbus was followed by UFO’s.  The Sumerians were living with these “space gods”.  INCREASE YOUR MIND SCOPE IN JESUS NAME.   I don’t know for sure,  but anyone who says that “our military” (or “Black Ops” in particular) engineered any of this stuff without the help of “visitors” from other “planets” is in serious need of additional research.  That may be what “they experienced” or saw from their perspective, but this technology did NOT come from earth.

There is going to be UFO wars all right.  Amen!  And some will seem as though they came from earth, that’s fine.  But they DIDN’T.  There is a huge “good cop / bad cop” inter-galactic war brewing and it seems clear that the Pleiadian “fallen-angel-demon-elohim” freaks are going to be “leading the charge”.  I don’t doubt for a second this “show” is going to become just that HUGE.  And frankly, I don’t want to be here.  It is possible there will be Pleiadians and Draconian ships fighting with “what appears” to be “earth origin ships” but NONE of this is truly “earth origin”.  Never forget this is a strategy that Hitler, Stalin and many more used to keep control.  They intentionally “pit” their own Generals against one another in waring factions.  Do you think that Lucifer is not as smart as Hitler?  Give me a break.

Other Intergalactic Takeover Evidence

And then yesterday I took a look at this You Tube video of Alfred Webre and Jerry Wills interviewing.  You can take a listen here:

Now I believe that Jerry Wills is some type of a “medical intuitive, teacher and healer”.  Evidently he has some type of power to heal (or so it is claimed).  Mr.Wills maintains that he was not born on this planet and I believe that is highly likely true.  He is nearly seven feet tall (6′ 7″) and has eyes that look (let’s say) “highly suspicious” to me.  He take 2012 very peacefully and makes no bones about it probably being bad.  And he gets regular visitations from his “Pleiadian” galactic brothers. 

But I did find it interesting that he did not say the “Pleiadians” were his forefathers.  I suspect that’s because his parents are likely “draconian”.  Only a guess though based on his “eyes” and “height”.

Mr. Wills maintains that “there are many earths out there” with “mankind similar to ours” all over the place.  NO YOU SAY!! CAN’T BE!  Yep.  But surely he must be lying.  Matthew 24:30 cannot possibly be referring to other “Sons of God” elect out there in the heavens.  Surely we MUST disregard that possibility.  Right?  We have a duty to keep our God in a 12 oz. aluminum can, don’t we?  God cannot be that spectacular.  No way!

21st Century Capital Warfare

This section had to have its own subtitle because the data presented here is so utterly unbelievable that I am speechless.  In fact it is SO HORRIFIC, that anyone who cannot see the “inter-galactic” nature of the “earth” takeover is definitely on an overdose of the Matrix “Blue Pills”.

In this astonishing presentation you will discover “Project Wormwood” has been established in Australia.  It’s no secret the US is soon going to be “toppled” as an example to the rest of the world to usher in the New World Order and the Denver Area is going to be setup as the demonic epicenter.  So Project Wormwood, in Australia, (among other things there), is focused on watching for Planet X’s arrival.  You don’t say!

It’s located near one of the largest VLF HAARP like arrays in the world and watches for incoming “cosmic bodies” such as G.119. Fascinating that it was established for the purposes of “Earth’s Defense”!   And evidently the CIA has officially announced support for now deceased author, Zechariah Sitchin’s position on the “history of mankind”, Planet X and “creation”.  Nice. 

Anyone ready for a nice cup of Holy Spirit OIL for their “vessels” yet?  I am!  Amen.

For more breath-takingly troubling and detailed information on these “inter-galactic” earthly takeover plans, see the following videos here.

21st Century Capital Warfare
(Part 1 through Part 6) here;

Revelation 12 Revealed

And then through a set of rather unusual Kung Fu Panda Jesus Filled “coincidences”, the Lord has a wonderful spirit filled Yeshua loving soul named Patricia contact me.  God Bless You Patricia.  Patricia’s testimony is so “mind shattering” that she has not been able to tell anyone about it thus far.  Now she will evidently be doing a show in Zen Garcia’s “” web site. 

Patricia felt powerfully led to call me on the phone after I started to write about “The Bride”.  She told me to “make no mistake” that the Holy Spirit was using me.  (Praise Jesus).  She “brain dumped” on me and told me the most utterly fabulous testimony I have ever heard.  Utterly supernatural.  I hope to share the radio show program information with you after she records her testimony on Zen’s show in the next few days.

Patricia witnessed to me that Revelation 12 refers to the Bride.  I was like NO WAY!  I noticed the reference to this “woman” metaphor being taken out of harms way and “fed” for 1260 days, but I couldn’t easily connect the entire paragraph to the “Bride”.  But that’s okay.  God has a way of taking me to the information when I get stuck.  And so He did Praise Jesus.

Yesterday ANOTHER Jesus loving wonderful person sends me their witness.  Her name is June.  June sends Tribulation-Now a comment under the “Arcturus Airlines” article.  She says that she knows for certain that we are fallen angels because she has done her homework.  And PLEASE try in the name of Jesus to understand the term ANGEL and Son of God are “one in the same”.  It’s a matter of semantics.  June tells me I have to go and take a look at  Ok.  So this morning I did.  And whatdaya know … there is the full answer the the Revelation 12 question.

Rev 12:1-6

12 Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun (symbolic of Eve), with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars (the twelve tribes of Israel). 2 Then being with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. (birth of Jesus’s bloodline e.g. Jesus)

3 And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. 4 His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth (some of these stars are US you and me). And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born (devour Jesus). 5 She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne (Jesus). 6 Then the woman (symbolic offspring) fled into the wilderness (raptured), where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there one thousand two hundred and sixty days (The “Bride” escaped and fed for 3.5 Years – the Great Trib).


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please understand that I do not agree or support all of the allegations made at the web site.  Virtually all of these advanced authors eventually “go off the deep end” in their speculations.  Make sure you are fully anchored in the Bible and measure everything against the curren canon.  This is the same case with Apocrypha and Pseuepigrapha, there are gems of truth laced with gnostic lies.  Be careful and email me at [email protected] if you get stuck.

Summary in Jesus Name

I used to constantly “keep myself in check” by beating around the bush about whether the Holy Spirit was working “through me” all the time.  But now things are getting really really amazing and the coincidences are …. beyond explanation.  It’s one thing to get an email confirmation now and then, its another thing to look at a couple of verses in Revelation that the entire world of Theology has speculated on seemingly forever, and have only a few hours go by before God leads me to the answer.

This is really something.  I find myself breaking down in tears regularly throughout the day.  No wonder God gives out his AWESOMENESS in tiny little spoon-fulls.  He knows we would FREAK OUT if he let us have too much of Yeshua Jesus’ wonder in a single “download”.  I would be in the corner of my bedroom incapacitated in awe if I got any more than I’m getting.  And I am CERTAIN I have little more than “no clue at all”.   Praise God for His awesome mercy and GLORY.

Please let this be some evidence that witnesses to your spirit on the SIZE of this situation we are being delivered from through the OIL of the Holy Spirit.  In Jesus name, be a WISE VIRGIN and make sure you are filled with the Baptism of FIRE.  Please don’t be here for all this horrible stuff that is coming upon this tiny little earth.  If you haven’t already done so, please read …

Oil in Your Lamp: The Plane Ticket Home here:

There is still time to get Baptised in the Holy Spirit and make sure you have PLENTY OF OIL.



Be Blessed in Jesus Name

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9 thoughts on “Inter-Galactic God

  1. Hi Johnny,

    I had and amazing coincidence today, or God was trying to tell me something. I was at work showing my workmates my ipad and how you can look at the stars in real time by pointing the ipad to the sky. I selected a star at random and it was the Betelgeuse star in the Orion Constellation,vwhich I had never heard of. I remembered the star because it reminded me of the sun.

    Tonight I was watching the news (in Australia) which was all about the massive category 5 cyclone (hurricane) that will hit Queensland tonight. The cyclone is huge and is nearly as big as the USA. There was also a news item about the snow in USA. I thought that maybe there is something to Planet X, although I am still skeptical.

    I decided or was lead by God to look at the website rabbithole2, which has information about planet x. The second article I looked at was about the Betelgeuse star in the Orion Constellation, which was the same star that I looked at on the ipad! the link below is for the article, which is about the Betelgeuse star being visible as a second sun.

    I am not sure what all this means. What are the chances of selecting a star at random, then reading an article about it and how it links with planet x and 2012! This blew my mind. Meanwhile I just finished watching the TV show V, where Anna (the Queen reptilian) is trying to find the human soul and kill it because it is the strength of the human race!


  2. Amen brother Mark. Praise Jesus. This is just one of the many ways God talks to us. There remains a lot of confusion over what "planetary" body is actually being seen as a second sun. Some say that Betegeuse is a "cover story" for a "brown dwarf star" that is picking up the reflection of the sun. Others say it is some different anomaly and that Planet X is actually not yet visible and is approaching from the Antarctic side of the earth and will begin to "light up" as it gets closer to the sun and while getting closer to the earth. One thing is for sure, people are definitely spotting things that are highly abnormal.

    Read Isaiah 24. In the NKJV it is subtitled as The Judgment Upon the Earth.

    Praise Jesus this whole ordeal is almost over. Make sure you have pleanty of Holy Spirit "OIL" in your Lamp. It looks like this planet is in for a rough ride indeed.


  3. I recently came across your website. I was so happy because I rarely find those who love Yeshua so much that causes my heart to rejoice as did you. It always causes such joy in me when others speak of Him with such love. I do not know if you have been to the following website which says some of the following but oh, so much more about who the Bride is. I had read before that the Bride comes out of the Church.
    Really good website about the Bride and the Bridegroom THE WEDDING OF
    THE AGES!!!!!!!!!!!! You probably have but I just recently found your website and it is so good to have so much to read.
    Much to see on her website. I hope it is ok to put this website and a little info here: FROM THIS:======I do copy and paste here: (hope this is ok).
    ====== Following this incision to remove one of Adam’s rib (a small
    remnant), God fashions Eve; thus, the wedding in the Garden of Eden is
    a prophetic picture of His bride, the church, who will come out from
    the body of Messiah, through the shedding of blood.
    Just as Eve was taken from the side of Adam (his rib was taken from
    his body), so the Bride of Christ will be taken from Yeshua’s body.
    Yeshua’s bride will be taken out from His body of believers from among
    those who are saved. She also speaks of the woman and who she is which is mentioned in one of the replies above.
    I have read others who also speak of how small is the Bride of Christ. I had been taught that all the Church was the Bride. I really believe when one actually meets and KNOWS Him they must run after Him all the time, no room for anything else to fill you as does Himself. I was in a coma Jan 1987 and family told I would die so much harm done to me as much allowed to happen to my body because I did not die, I lived.
    I had been a believer for many years.
    While in the coma, much took place. I did not know who I was, where I was, what had happened but He awakened me and told me, “I am the Lord, I am at the North and I am watching over you” and I closed my eyes again. Days later another visit and over these 25 years He has spoken to me from time to time and has been my teacher since a child. Mother died and we were not treated well by stepmother and our dad. Scripture says when your mother and father forsake you the Lord shall take you up. And He did. Baby sister was close to 3 and kept locked in a room with nothing while we went to school. All her toys taken from her, not fed and alone she would speak of Yeshua who would come and play games with her. I will be 70 my next birthday and so much He has taught me. He told me never to say I had been through anything but to say rather the Lord had brought me through many things. Due to the many mistakes by doctors and unnecessary surgeries with more than 150 hospital/Er/OR visits and my family told many times over the years to come as I was dying. Today they are telling me again that I am dying. He told me that the breath I breathe is His breath and that no one but He could take it from me. I know many do not believe in the secret Rapture but I do. Many no longer believe in this event. I have always prayed that He would not allow me to be deceived and He corrects me often. One of the reasons I love Him and there are so many is in Ps where He says He sits on His throne and does what He pleases and another whatsoever pleased the Lord, that did He. My favorite scriptures 2 which I put together: As the deer panteth after water in a land where no water is, so panteth my soul after thee. I have seen tears in His eyes when He told me there are those for whom no one has every said a prayer for. I am sorry for writing so much and if I told the things He has shown me and of the things He has done for me I should be writing for a long time. I received letters when I first came home from the hospital in Jan 1987 telling me if I would just repent of my sins I would be healed. I have been healed many times but not all as yet as things keep happening. I do not ask Him why about that or about anything. If He never did another thing for me, He has done enough. I trust His Will to be done in my life, scripture says: In everything give thanks for this is the Will of God concerning you. Sometimes we have to wait. It is a pleasure and an high honor to speak His Name and to wait upon Him. I love your website and I love your heart. He said, IF I be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto me. I would love to see a man not announce his ministry on a big sign but to see a man come out and say my name is not important but let me tell you about a Name that is.
    Now, I shall get to reading on your website as I am able. I am very ill at the moment and they tell me I do not have very long. You know whether I go now or later matters not, it matters to whom and where I go. I am so honored to be a part of the Family of God. He also once told me that there is no such thing as a small thing, everything matters, everything is important. Thank you for your website, it is a delight to read these things we need to know. I remember His telling me nearly 25 years ago to learn Hebrew things and it was wonderful. I so enjoyed learning the Feasts of the Lord and all the wonderful things I did not know. Enjoying a Passover Seder opened my eyes to so much more. Sorry, I keep going on and on. Thank you again for these articles. w

    1. May God richly bless you! Your testimony is incredible and your comment, such a huge encouragement to me in my walk with Yeshua!
      I pray He always meets all your needs and hopes according to His Holy Will.
      Thank you for sharing! I could have kept reading and reading!
      And thanks for telling us of your baby sister! It reminded me of a visitor I had in my room when I was about a year or so old… I thought it was Yeshua, too.
      I thank you again for sharing!

  4. I want to thank you for your reports. The Lord has been showing me many things since desert storm in 1991. I was shown this by his spirit in June of 1990 when I awoke early in the morning. He said to me this, Do you remember the war that was over the Euphrates river. I said yes that was a war between Iraq and Iran where 1 million men died from that war then he said there is going to be another war over the Euphrates river I want you to watch and one month later it happened. Then if you remember Sadum fired scud missiles at Israel and Israel did not respond. The Lord spoke to me again and took me to Zechariah 12:2 & 3 and began to reveal it to me and said I am going to cut his military in pieces, watch. So I did and I saw the U S missouri sail into the Persian gulf. He ordered his military equipment back to Iraq and the highway from Kewait city to Iraq was full of this military equipment returning to Iraq. The U S missouri opened up with all it had 16inch shells came out of her guns and it went on all day and night; 2 weeks later there was a special report on the results of the ship shelling the highway and I wanted to see it so the Lord spoke to me and said open you bible up to Zechariah 12 :2 and 3, so I did and had to put my eyes back into my head several times as every vehicle was torn to pieces just like he said he would do. Then he said to me this, from now on I want you to believe my word when I show you things to come, and I have. I see that you praise the lord as well as I do. A few months ago when I was praising the Lord He spoke to me out of Isaiah 42:8, so after I went and looked it up and thanked him for that verse. Then said read on so I did in verse 9 which reads, Behold the former things have come to pass, and I sto pped and said yes they have Lord and went to close the book and he said read on so I did and listen to what he said to me. New things so I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them and when he showed me that I broke down and cryed and worshiped him for half an hour. Then he said to me this out of Amos 3:7 The :Lord will do nothing , but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets and then he said this from John 16:13, He said when the spirit of truth is come he will guide you into all truth and he will show you things to come and he has come on the day of penticost and lives in you the hope of, when he finished that I spent the rest of the day praising the Lord Keep going and report waht the Lord is going to do and one more thing you are right about 2 Thessalonians 2:3 thanks for confirmation now I know that the Lord has spoken to me about the sasme thing and now in closing Look up for now you redemption is at hand for the Lord is coming for his church. Paul

  5. Hi John!
    One of the very best articles you have ever written, praise God!
    Thank you for the kind words and your work for the Kingdom on earth!
    I’ve been going through a lot lately and your article really got me going again after being beat up by the forces of evil… Even this morning!
    This piece revived me again as your others did before the radio program took off.
    It is astounding to try and see our Holy Father in the way you’ve described here and it truly made me feel better about everything…
    Make no mistake… He is coming very, very soon. I pray Jake, Shannon and I are found worthy to escape the things that are coming and to stand before the Son of Man! God knows we don’t deserve it at all, but I pray He has Mercy beyond mercy to take us anyway.
    Thank you for writing this article. It is wonderful to see how far God has brought you in this ministry of His and I truly look forward to more!
    God bless us all as He wills:-)

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