Holy Spirit Weaponry
The Enemy’s Greatest Fear

I recently read a posting on a David Icke forum.  The contributors were considering what options they had when dealing with the emerging “alien-demon” threat.  In this particular rant, they were discussing the “intel” they had gathered from DVD entitled “The Reptilian Agenda”.  This DVD was a lengthy and tedious interview with the Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa.

Credo disclosed some options of resistance when dealing with these “annunaki”.  He explained that they could be easily killed with “teak” wood spears.  These forum folks were upset.  They basically had concluded that if their only option to fight these demon freaks was to charge them with “teak spears” they were all …… well …. F-Bombed!

Guess what ….. THEY’RE RIGHT!

You see, Mr. Mutwa discussed all aspects of these reptilian invaders the “annunaki”.  He explained they have been here on earth for a VERY LONG TIME.  And quite frankly I believe him.  The evidence is overwhelming.  It’s even in the Bible. As I recall, their images are chiseled into stone that carbon dates beyond the history of mankind. 

But in the grand scheme of things, these entities are DEMONS.  They exist not only in the “dimensional realm” but they also have existed (and do currently exist) in our “time domain” as well.  These entities are arguably the prime leaders of the Satanic Rebellion.  These “things” work with the Black Ops of all the leading governments of the world.  They are the “upper echelon” of Satan’s army intending to stomp mankind in their quest to destroy the seed of Abraham and wage war against our Heavenly Father, YHWH and his son Jesus, Yeshua.

Sound like a Star Wars adventure?  Yes it does.  Am I nuts?  Nope … I guarantee it. 

This is NOT the ABC mini-series “V” folks – this is really happening in Jesus Name!

When Does the Bride Get Taken Out of the Way?

So as things start to unfold in the “no-so-distant-future” what do you think you will “SEE”?  I believe it depends on when the “bride” is taken out of the way.  AND it depends on whether you “qualify” as “the bride”.  Quite frankly if you are absolutely sure you are part of that special group, I tip my hat to you.  AMEN and PRAISE JESUS.  I pray to the Most High and awesome God, we all are part of that blessed group. 

Because if you are NOT, you face some really creepy and dark times ahead.

And quite frankly, even if you ARE part of that group, there is no absolute guarantee your  “flight out” will occur before you have to face these things.  If you are a “pre-wrath” harpazo person, such as I – then you very well might want to consider your options.  And I am NOT talking about “teak spears”.

Climb Out of the Intelligence Rat Hole

I implore your common sense. Here is the problem.

We, you and I, all of us… just dont’ have enough time to allow ourselves to dwell in the “rat holes” of the enemy’s “intel” any longer.  We have to sharpen our “spiritual swords” and become Jesus warriors on a level never seen before in the history of Christendom.  Just as the Bible says, the Great Tribulation will be like no other time.  We must “rise up” with the power of our King Jesus using “spiritual weaponry” honed to strike back against such a challenge.

All Types of Jesus Warrior Officers

My ministry, which by traditional Jesus standards is highly esoteric, has led me to an amazing group of people that I believe God intended to be mighty warriors on HIS behalf. The most intelligent ones are those that HE intended to become formidable “intelligence officers” in his Jesus Power Army during the Great Tribulation.

The problem is that God allows us “free will”. Somehow, when we “dive down” into the abyss of hidden “intel” we have to anchor ourselves in our “road map” of divine power, (The Bible), and harness that “intel” by doing good and making sure our existence counts for something.   You simply MUST pull yourself back up “out of that hole” and work on your spiritual warfare skills.

Many of these super intelligent people, I believe, have been led to me by God.  I stopped chasing people a long time ago. I knew the Lord was “talking” to me when I felt “peace” after he impressed upon my heart that he would lead people to me.  And it appears, many of these people are his “spiritual army officers”. 

But anyone who knows anything about warfare knows, you don’t win a war with great intel alone.  You need offensive weapons.  You need the power of the Holy Spirit and DOMINION over darkness.

I knew I would be challenged by this breed of super-intelligent Jesus people. And it HAS been really challenging. Why? Because of the “Solomon Problem” (see the article here ).

These folks are unbelievably smart, but they lack one critical element in their psyche. These folks lack the DRIVE to pull themselves back up out of that “intel trap” long enough to DO WHAT JESUS TOLD THEM TO DO!

Jesus needs his prime “intelligence” personnel to focus on the greater good.

A Single Sentence Revealed Everything

As I sat there night after night, listening to the “Reptilian Agenda” DVD, I wondered if I would make it through the whole ordeal.  My wife complained she could not understand Mr. Mutwa and it was too tedious to listen to him any more.  She gave up in the first 30 minutes.  And if it weren’t for the grace of God, I wouldn’t have made it as far as I did.

But laced amidst the endless stories of this shaman’s hidden wisdom came a message that I might have missed.  This message was so subtle, I argue most would not have noticed it.  Mr. Mutwa explained, these annunaki are afraid of something in particular.  He said they “know” there is “something” inside of humans that threatens their very existence.  This “force”, they feared, would eventually “rise up” against them. 

This force … I guarantee you … is the POWER of the Holy Spirit.

These are DEMONS you see.

They know the Bible better than WE do!

They know what’s comin.

Summary & Wake Up Call in Jesus Name

This is why it’s so critical we all rise above any one particular source of information and measure all of it “humbly” against the inerrant Word of God. Personally I prefer to collect “intel” from as many sources as possible. From the darkest of the dark, to the wisest of the sages, and even the utterly ridiculed and esoteric.

Laced within these delusions are elements of truth. When “correlated” across all the disparate sources there are tidbits that match. Those tidbits are likely trustworthy. And even some of those tidbits are up for grabs when you factor in the Most High’s “Ace of Spades”.

This complexity is what drove me to write last nights’ article entitled “Taste Great! Less Filling!”….

Hidden in all this is a lesson to be learned. We are being robbed of doing what we were told to do by becoming too fascinated with the events unfolding around us. The “real” Christian community – the true Jesus loving saints of the forthcoming Great Tribulation, are a dangerous army of Holy Spirit warriors.

WE … are the ones “they” fear the most!
WE are their REAL ENEMY.

The talking heads are pawns.

When WE stop worrying about interpreting prophecy and start exercising our Jesus powers, they are in serious trouble and they know it.

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9 thoughts on “NO TIME LEFT

  1. John, with this article and the last, you are absolutely hitting the nail on the head!!! It is a scene right out of Daniel 11:32-35 where those on God's side will do GREAT exploits and some will join them by intrigue. Is is time to make sure we are familiar with God's armour and weaponry and the only way to do that is by actively using it and doing what He says. We will do GREAT exploits because, "Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world!" PRAISE JESUS!!!
    It is not about who is in the white house or the busy works that many chrisians do in thinking that they are bettering themselves or the church, or how much intel we can dig up on the other side. There is a MUCH BIGGER PICTURE going on with the "prince of the air" running around getting immature christians sidetracked and it is time to get down to actively walking in the spirit of God just like you said by being obedient to His Spirit only.
    Blessings to you In Jesus Name!

  2. AMEN Sherry

    We are looking at starting a Spiritual Warfare training mission here. We are looking at maybe starting a Webinar based S/W and intelligence group to "train" people to "strike back" in Jesus name.

  3. John, everything you said is very true.. It is time to rise up and to spread the Word of God and the message of forgiveness that has been ALREADY procured for us by our Father Yahweh through the substitutionary death of Jesus on our behalf.. This is the SPEAR that kills them (if you have an xtra teakwood spear, I would like to have one to hang on the wall!!! Ha Ha Ha) Let's get serious about setting some minds and hearts free in the name of Jesus Christ..
    I love being part of this forum. God Bless You John… Take Care,, JOnathan

  4. Yes, your last two posts have convicted me. Happy now?

    Even though I have never cast out any devils, over the last few years my study has gone from being future or prophecy focused to being kingdom and now Holy Spirit focused. It is leading me to be more active and less passive. Right now what that mostly means is developing a better relationship with the Lord through prayer. What that means for my future is hopefully more active service in the kingdom.

    A few years ago I read,

    "Mat 6:33 But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

    , and I realized, I had not been seeking His kingdom, I didn't even really know what the kingdom was. So I went looking. I found it. I'll share later what I found.

    Lately I've been looking at examples of the Holy Spirit or the Angel(s) of the Lord and how they interact with us on planet earth. It's spiritual warfare fundamentals. Not just looking at formal surface meanings but at the assumptions behind each word or action. A lot of it things you've been talking about.

    In reading Revelation it quickly becomes obvious that without a minute by minute walk with the Spirit you will not survive in the tribulation to come and even then you may not be spared if your death serves a purpose greater than your continued earthly service. All the normal rules of engagement are going out the window, the hidden war is about to come to the surface. What becomes obvious is that without the power of the Holy Spirit, you and everyone you love will be roadkill. It was this dawning realization of a dire need for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit that led me to your blog. You talked about the same need with the same sense of urgency.

    What I normally tell people when the topic of conversation drifts to these things, I ask them, does your church look like the early church described in the book of Acts? I don't think I've gotten a "yes" yet. Then I ask, why not? If they don't get the message from those two questions then it's going to take more than me yacking at them to get them to wake up. It's going to take a supreme spiritual need on their part to wake them up.

    I've felt convicted by your last two blog posts but in writing this email I realize that I haven't been completely passive.
    It seems slow but I'm getting there.

  5. The thing about these demons is that they seek to do their own will or the will of Lucifer instead of the will of the Almighty heavenly Father, as Jesus did even when soldiers were coming immediately to frame him for treason. Jesus said, "Not my will but your will be done Father in heaven". I think we should surrender our will to that of the heavenly Father of Jesus as well. Do not toil or spin; don't worry. Jesus has given us life and life more abundantly. Seek to do good for God and all of humankind therefore. To be led of the good spirit of Christ means we can defeat the giants who rebel and have daily joy in our lives. Ask the Holy Spirit and Spirit of Truth; ask Jesus, ask the heavenly Father what good they would have us to do. You who are parents, does it make you smile inside when your children come to ask you for advice? I think our Father in heaven feels this also.

  6. hi!
    i have been reading your blog for a month or so and love it. like you i have been delving for yrs into things that seemed 'out there" but i knew the Holy Spirit was leading me. i have reached many of the same conclusions that you have but have just been pondering them in my heart. like you, i appreciate the knowledge but we still have to do the work of the ministry we have been given.
    I left my career and have been on staff in a great church for 13 yrs- truly frontlines because we go out to the streets, feed the poor, set the captive free etc….we have a residential program for substance abuse etc for over 27 yrs, housing 130 plus women, men and babies. no govt funding because we won't water down the gospel- its all abut Jesus and His blood.
    I have the privilege of leading about 40 intercessors and i have been warning them about the things that are about to come on the face of the earth. our group is prophetic but still grounded because our covering is a pastor who is also an apostle. we have gone to inner cities here and abroad to reach out to the lost….planting churches.he is also open to the prophetic, unlike many pastors. he has a heart for the region, not just for our four walls.
    im not trying to boast on my church, i just want you to know that there are churches out there that are doing the work and training up the end time saints to do the work of the ministry.
    i'm saying all that to tell you that i agree with you that our only chance of making it through the days ahead is by knowing who we are in Christ- God knows and the demons know but the devil is counting on us being blinded to the authority we have been given! for years and years i have studied all the prophetic scriptures and i know much is still sealed and hidden but little by little things are being revealed- no one has the total picture and i am amused by those who are wrapped in their end time doctrine. but….i do know that God will fulfill every word in the bible!!!!!
    i also know that our best weapon we have as a child of God is to have a heart filled with the Father's love and forgiveness- there is nothing the enemy can do against that!!!
    thank you for your encouragement. the Lord is truly raising up an end time remnant army who are not afraid of the enemy and of losing their lives for the sake of the gospel.
    may the Holy Spirit continue to strengthen us and make us bold witnesses for Jesus!!!! "Lord, thank you for Your protection, Your Name, Your blood, Your Spirit and Your wisdom…. bless Your precious manservant and continue to uphold him in Jesus name!"

  7. this is all to true. That which is most feared by them is the power of Spirit. It is THE single most powerful weapon which can be used against them effectively. It is this element, above all others, which they continue to seek the means with which to diminish. For should the Spirit awaken, none shall have strength to stand against it. AND THEY FEAR THIS AWAKENING MORE THAN ANY OTHER ASPECT. In any degree, that the Spirit should manifest itself, is a fear they cannot ignore nor deny will be their destruction. Were you to observe a man of significant earthly power, one who commands assassins even, it would astound you to watch as he began to tremble, even salivate in madness as he was confronted by the power of the Spirit. So great would be the madness within him to have to admit the Spirit awoke despite all his efforts to supress it. This is no mild dialetic, it is truth. And they live on the edge of madness in all their efforts to twist the truth to confound us, knowing that the Spirit is one power which none can utterly control save the Lord himself, once it has been awakened.

    May the power and grace of the Holy Spirit reach through your work to all who now sit on the fence undecided. Know the truth of the Lord. Know that no other god will keep true to his word as the one True King and God above all gods.

    Yes I write with a blaring tone. Know this, the time of Lord will be as He spoke, the deception will be as great as we have been told, and woe to those who hold their own counsel and say, time waits for me; for the line has been drawn in the sand and the articles of war have been written; and the war is for the souls which are housed within us.

    Listen, to the power of the Holy Spirit. Hear the Word of God. At least do that much before you decide you 'know' enough to make a decision of which side you want to be on.


    Spiritual Warfare is the Key
    Dominion over Darkness is the Key
    Scripture is the Key

    Anything less is a dilution of our King's marching orders.


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