Target Hoover Dam: 11 11 Revealed

The Mystery of 11 11 11
God Speaks Once Ye Twice

The USGS (United States Geological Survey) organization, has openly admitted they are removing earthquake data from publication.  In an article which has recently surfaced, the author writes “You are being lied to by the government, thousands will die, and millions will suffer“.  In the article he writes:

We are being lied to. The USGS “forgot” to include 10,000 earthquakes in the Canary Islands. They are deleting the ones in Arizona, but not the adjacent Lake Mead.Why. Why. Why. This is an explanation I once received: A geologist has reviewed the data and found it not to be a credible event.Then why isn’t the equiptment getting replaced? And you want to know something even scarier? They delete many EQ’s in other locations too. Seattle for one. Email them and ask them why they are deleting EVERY Arizona EQ near Hoover Dam. If you can’t find the email, I’ll provide it. Ask questions, Demand Answers.

What we are potentially facing is far more grim than that.   If you would like to read the article you can go HERE.

Also go here ( ) for a You Tube testimony of an individual who called the USGS in the Denver area and was told by a USGS representative that “they” are intentionally withholding earthquake data about the Canary Islands to prevent the “less intelligent” folks from becoming alarmed.

Praise Jesus I’ve finally been gifted with enough time to write another article.  Thank you all for your kind patience.  The Radio Shows have been a tremendous blessing, and many are giving wonderful testimonies as a result.  However, compiling the data for each show can be a “big job” and indeed it is challenging to accomplish all these things while also working “in the matrix”.  Glory to Jesus.

11 11 11 Occult Symbolism

While preparing for the radio show last night, the Lord showed me something absolutely amazing.  But first let me briefly point out some of the occult symbolism associated with this 11 11 phenomenon.

Without going into vast amounts of detail, suffice it to say here is a brief list of the symbolism associated with 11 11 11 (arguably November 11, of 2011).

  • 11 11 Magazine.  This can be found at  Here you will find a plethora of demonic deception associated with the concept of “ascension” which the “New Age” light-workers embrace as their movement into the “higher realm”  of consciousness.  Indeed they will “see the light” of Lucifer when they “transcend time and space” and join their “Galactic Federation of Light” fallen-angelic beings, such as their cosmic friends the Pleiadians. (Job 38:31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion? – Warning!)
  • 11 11 11 “The Movie” – The intro to the movie states “For many years the number 11 11 11 has been appearing to millions of people around the world.  It has become known as the 11 11 phenomenon.  On the 11th day, of the 11th month, a gateway will be opened.  Something is coming through”  (go HERE)
  • While Dr. Carl Calleman, arguably the leading expert on the Mayan Calendar, states that the calendar ends on October 28th of this year, some Mayan experts suggest it actually ends on December 21st of 2011 at precisely 11:11 UTC.  Who is correct?
  • The Ancient Chaldeans viewed the numbers 11 11 as meaning “at time of great trouble”.  Could this be a warning of “great tribulation”?
  • Leading New Age experts have been tracking the 11 11 phenomenon for many years.  According to most, there is a DNA encoding built into the human genome to trigger the 11 11 visions.  This is an encoded warning / awakening to the opening of the consciousness portal programed into us by our creators, the Annunaki “star gods” from the “Dog Star Sirius” (2 Thess 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work; 2 Thess 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie)
  • Christians seeing 11 11 11.  Many Christians are also seeing this 11 11 phenomenon occur.  Is this triggered by the DNA claim, or is this a warning from our Heavenly Father? (Job 33:14 For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not;
    In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed)

The Age of Aquarius

Each “world age” equals approximately 26,000 years.  Many believe, as I, that the final world age is upon us at this time.

Dan 12:1-2
And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. 2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

Now when you understand that the earth has been around for millions of years, and there indeed were civilizations of mankind long before Adam and Eve were “injected” into the East Garden, (think Atlantis and Lemuria here), you realize that this “time of trouble” that is coming is REALLY BAD!  There have been a number of “extinction level events” that have wiped out these ancient civilizations (and dinosaurs, etc.), so when you ponder the significance of this scripture in Daniel, it takes on a whole new meaning.  Glory to God.

This “Age of Aquarius” is more appropriately referred to as the “Age of Lucifer” or the emergence of the New World Order.  Our heavenly Father, as promised will cut the time short or “no flesh” would be saved.

Matt 24:22
And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.

 Aquarius is the 11th Sign of the Zodiac (the devils version of our Father’s paintings in the stars).  Aquarius is the “water bearer”.  As you can see from the image posted at the top of this article, an artist’s rendition of the “water bearer” takes on a Luciferian persona.  This is most appropriate.  But it gets much more interesting indeed.

HAARP Caused Hydroseismicity

YouTuber “Dutchsinse” has been posting endless videos about the use of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project, a Tesla-esque “ionospheric heater” and weather control technology provided by the MIEC; reptilian fallen-angel “star gods”, Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex).  He is almost certainly correct in most cases.  This weather control technology can cause amazing flooding and droughts, earthquakes and other nefarius events.  In fact, recenty Mahmoud Ahmadinejad publicly complained that the current drought in Iran was being “caused by the west“.

Here is a the definition of hyroseismicity:

“A new hypothesis, termed hydroseismicity, suggests that in crustal volumes with fracture permeability, natural increases in hydraulic head caused by transient increases in the elevation of the water table in recharge areas of groundwater basins can be transmitted to depths of 10–20 km and thereby trigger earthquakes.”

See “Hydroseismicity” here.

And in the James Bond movie “A View to a Kill”, the villain Zorin set up oil drilling stations all round the Hayward fault in California, in using a type of “shale fracking” technology which injects “water” into the earth’s strata to pump out oil.  The master plan was to weaken the earth’s strata around the fault and then detonate underground explosives to induce a cataclysmic earthquake.  At the 1 hour, 45 minute and 14 second mark in the movie it states:

“He’ll kill millions.  These green lights, they’re Zorin’s oil wells.  The one’s he’s been using to pump sea water into the Hayward fault”

Arkansas residents have been screaming about exactly this for many months now.  “They” have been drilling in the middle of the night using shale fracking techniques which indeed weaken the strata and can cause earthquake swarms.  Here is a You Tube video of a Town Hall where the residents are protesting.  Their homes are shaking and the foundations are cracking.  (Here)

The Hoover Dam 11 11 Warning

Indeed the “Twin Towers” were a representation of the occult “twins” Romulus and Remus (of the Capitoline Wolf fame).  The “wolf” represents the “Dog Star Sirius”, and the “twins” are human children suckling the dog’s teets.  This occult symbolism represents the 2 Thes. 2 “LIE” that “they” are our creators (the Annunaki).  Hence the “human” children suckle the dogs teets.  The destruction of the Twin Towers was a sacrifice of human lives to their “god” Lucifer.  The return of the Sumerian “gods” will usher in the “great tribulation” and begin the systematic slaughter of mankind.

However the Hoover Dam may very likely be the next 11 11 sacrifice.

Some time ago, Jonathan Kleck was given two prophesies by the Lord.  The first one clearly is the Lord warning of a “great wall bursting forth” and went as follows:

“And behold the great wall which holds back the abundance of the rivers, shall burst forth bringing the hand of the oppressor against you, for I have seen it. For mighty is the enemy which has risen within your own borders.”

The second one came a few years later:

“Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts, ” The man of two faces has been seen in the light… And as the coming of the Son, (sun) so shall he be revealed … So shall the darkness of mans heart be made manifest and the two shall become one … And in the misdt of their conversion shall the Holy nation be brought forth and from the darkness to light shall the salvation of the Lord come from above.  Stand fast that you may endure the wrath of the Lord and Fear Not as the Day Star rises within your hearts … For you are chosen to escape the darkness and the plague that encompasses the inhabitants of the earth …  They have chosen the darkness and so shall they be the children of the darkness… Stand Fast! The day approaches…”

Indeed the symbolism of the $50 dollar bill (praise Jesus for Jonathan Kleck’s Holy Spirit filled vision) appears to show what is likely the Hoover Dam.  You can see more detail of this by visiting Jonathan’s You Tube channel here.

While Jonathan is not 100% sure this is the Hoover Dam on the $50 dollar bill, he does believe the Lord has confirmed it for him.  After studying pictures of dams for many years, a recent old photo of the Hoover Dam revealed details that have not been obvious from other pictures.

But what’s REALLY amazing is in this photo shown below, for the first time, we see these obelisk-like pillars that come extremely close to looking like the two structures shown to the right and left of the dam in the $50.   And clearly the “new $50” (shown on the right above), depicts the dam breached and water flowing over.

Here is the old photo of the Hoover Dam showing these obelisk-like pillars.


Look at the picture shown above.  What do you see?  You see TWO TWIN TOWERS!!  You see …. 11 11.

11 11

Could it be that the Hoover Dam will be an intentional false flag attack by the forces of darkeness?  Let’s see what the Bible predicts will happen.

Also, here below is some amazing information about this occult symbolism from Jonathan Kleck:

Evidently there Much Much More

It appears there is much more than meets the eye regarding the occult significance of the Hoover Dam.  Here below is an angel (fallen angel) statue errected at the dam.  Not only does this artwork tie in an association to the “great pyramids” (through the artist’s commentary: Oskar J.W. Hansen) and the star system of Pleiades, (through a terrazzo floor, inlaid star chart plaque depicting the constellation) it furthermore completes the 11-11-11 paradigm by having wings spread  upward to represent the 3rd eleven in the 11-11-11 enigma.

Evidently this “angel” (fallen I maintain) represents the third 11 in the 11-11-11 paradox.  But more alarming is the occult significance of the associated plaque and creator’s statements.  This adds “tangible” evidence that the Hoover Dam has “occult” significance to the likeliness of a future false flag attack and the unfolding of the Revelation 12:15 mystery.  Never mind Roosevelt, a 33rd degree Mason and the approving authority behind the occult symbolism on the $1. bill with it’s “All Seeing Eye” of Lucifer, was the official “dedicating” this work on September 30th, of 1935.

Here are some links for your further investigation.

The Hoover Dam Fallen Angel

Oskar JW Hansen Data

More Information on this Enigma (Praise Jesus for Your Research Shane)

Check out this blog about how the sculptors art ties in.

The Birth of a New Man and More Demonic Symbolism

The 11-11-11 Fallen Angels (You Be the Judge)

Remember, the plaque and the language connect this all to the star system Pleiades and the Alcyone star.  These are the connections to the Sumerian “gods” and the LIE of 2 Thes. 2.

They are NOT our creators!

11-11-11 is all over this “wonder” of the world.

Alcyone Star Info

The Alcyone Star symbolism is shown on a plaque near the (fallen) angel statues at the Hoover Dam.  Here below is some information on the Alcyone Star:

Alcyone (η Tau, η Tauri, Eta Tauri) is a star system in the constellation Taurus. It is the brightest star in the Pleiades open cluster, which is a young cluster, aged at less than 50 million years. Alcyone is approximately 370 light years from Earth. It is named after the mythological figure Alcyone, one of the mythological Pleiades. It is known as 昴宿六 (the Sixth Star of the Hairy Head) in Chinese

Alcyone Greek Mythology Info

In Greek mythology, Alcyone (Ancient Greek: Ἁλκυόνη Halkyónē) was the daughter of Aeolus, either by Enarete or Aegiale.  She married Ceyx, son of Eosphorus, the Morning Star (ref.

The photo above is the Star Chart at the Hoover Dam.  This depicts the Pleiades Star system and the Alcyone Star.


The Dragon Attacks the Woman with a Flood of Water

Here below we will look at what our Father has shown us regarding a forthcoming false flag attack on the “woman” (the bloodline of Adam, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob).  I will insert comments in the scripture to help you understand how the metaphorical woman’s personal changes.

Rev 12:14-17
But the woman was given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent.

(Note: here the woman represents the Bride of Jesus Christ who is taken away to a place of safety for the duration of the great tribulation, or a time times and half a time, e.g. 3.5 years)

15 So the serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood.

(Note: Wow, so here you see our Father telling us that the minons of Lucifer, the reptilian shape-shifting freaks, will attack the woman with a flood of water.  Amazing.  Our Father is Amazing)

16 But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth.

(Note: here you see that the earth “helps the woman” by opening its mouth to swallow up the flood.  So apparently when this false flag attack occurs there will be an opening in the earth (earthquake and crevasse?) that lessens the destruction of the flood.

17 And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

(Note: here you see the dragon goes on to war with the “rest of her offspring”.  These are those who are “left behind” after the rescue of the Bride.  These are the “tribulation-saints” or “martyrs” of Revelation)

Summary in Jesus Name

All praise, honor and glory to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.  Praise and glory to our awesome Heavenly Father.  What a wonderful Lord we have to show us these things.

Elenin is apparently still out there and it’s closest approach is Oct 17th.  Will it be a harmess passerby or will something more come from this approach?  Will there be some type of debris field the earth passes through toward the end of October?  Could it “flare up” and become the Blue Star Kachina still?  Who knows.

Dr. Calleman says October 28th is the end of the Mayan long count calendar.  Do the “New Men of Knowledge” (Sumerian Annunaki “star gods”) return then?  Are they already here?  When does the massive global earthquake occur which the ancient Mayans said would happen shortly after the calendar ends?  Is this earthquake the Revelation 6:12 opening of the Sixth Seal, which is the “prelude” to the Trumpet Judgments?

Jesus comes like a “theif in the night”.  He comes like a “snare”.  It will be a complete shock and the Bride will vanish in the twinkling of an eye.  There will be NO TIME to react.  There will be NO TIME to change your mind and repent and prepare yourself for the “recuse mission”.  The “door” will be closed and the great tribulation, a type of “hell on earth”, will be your future.










Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

26 thoughts on “Target Hoover Dam: 11 11 Revealed

  1. Pretty thorough. Wanted to mention two other points. First, in the movie Evan Almighty, God commands Evan to build an ark because at the end of the movie, the dam breaks and the ark saves Evan, his family, and everyone who gets on board. Second, in the original Superman movie, I remember one of the main issues or problems being the dam breaking before superman tries to reverse time.

  2. After reading what you wrote I would like to ask what you think about some things I was told and saw in a vision.

    At the end of a conversation I was having with the Lord. I asked what do you want me to tell people?

    He said: Tell them I am coming soon, to repent, before the door closes.

    Days before that I saw four pictures very clearly in my mind. (when I was talking with the Lord)

    Do they make sence, I don’t know.
    1. A picture of “3” tall buildings (same size, all big)
    2. A picture of a star. (it was drawn on paper, looks kind of like the one above)
    3. A dog barking
    4. A woman coming out of an underground train station you see in big citys. (It was a big city)

    These four things shown to me were very clear pictures one after the other.
    Maybe it means nothing. I don’t know just thought I would see what you thought after reading the above and seeing the “star”. (comes real close to the picture I saw)

    Many blessing!
    Waiting for Him!

    1. Gosh I am sure it does mean something, but I’m not sure what. I can forward this to some other folks to see if it witnesses to them. Praise Jesus for You!!

    2. the 3 buildings may be the ones in London England (see link below)

      The illuminati card game talks about it and the picture on the card looks very similar to the Canary wharf building in London

      Barking dogs, according to Christopher Robinson
      @DreamDetective1 (Twitter) are terrorists. The bigger the dog the more dangerous they are.

      The lady exiting the underground can represent the underground subway system in England

      The star is most likely the top of the millenium dome in London (see link) the dome is also near the Canary warf buliding I mentioned above

      The London Olympic Games are this summer

  3. amazing find..
    Maybe this is of interest to you – far i ve looked into this, the author is right;
    indeed the ‘fallen’ have tried to imprint their rule over Earth into the stars

    by means of complex (sacred) geometry; to construct on Earth a mirror of the nightsky; and not only the positioning of the pyramids (as the video shows) has importance, but also the geometric construct of the pyramids, themselves.
    Now i doubt whether the fallen indeed have(had) ‘habitation’ on starsystems –
    but i think it is safe (and sufficient) to say , that it is their cĂłnsciousness what is
    ‘intergalactic’ – as opposed to the fallen-fleshy consciousness of man.
    ( compare Daniel 12, ‘..those who are righteous, will shine like stars’..)
    Man would never have been able to escape their as-above-so-below prison, but
    our Lord broke this imprint… and maybe He lets us ‘connect dots’ now 🙂

    the ‘dog barking’ could, in the context, be ‘sirius’ ;
    its in the constellation Canis (dog) , and represents isis/evil feminine.
    (see how pyramids interior points to sirius as well pleiades)

    …while your ‘woman coming out the underground station’ may represent very
    well ‘the (feminine) aspects of the Bride – what were imprisoned (by isis) 1000ds of years, and are about to set free by now’
    (compare this to the picture John found from ‘the man rising out of the water’:
    remember that, at the SAME moment in time, evil will arise, AS WELL as those who are His’ )

    ..maybe a flood could be induced, using that dam, as (occult) Ritual, John..?
    to ‘let happen in reality’ ( though on little scale) , so that they think they will
    evade (and anull) the réal meaning of the verses in Rev. 12: 15,16..?


  4. I had a prophetic dream from the Lord Yeshua back in may 2010. Very long so I will condense it. I came out of a motel where family members were gettingready in fancy clothes to go celebrate. I didnt have fancy dress with me so went out to wait for them. It was dark and I looked up to see stars. I looked over my left shoulder and said the seven sisters. Than looked and recognized orion. Then looked across to a football field next door. There was little children swimming in a warm trough of water. I was concerned because these kids were about 4 or5 years old. To young to be unsupervise in the dark. My thought was where are there parents. Then I looked back up at orion. Instantly the kids were around me asking what I was looking at. At that moment I saw a pinpoint of light appear and

    circle around the belt of orion 3 times and shoot off across the sky. I asked the

    kids if they so that but when looked down they were back swimming in the trough. I looked a little farther and there was the parents way off in the distance,
    leaning against a fence backs turned casually talking. Now what is incredible about this dream is I only new 2 constellations at that time. Orion and big dipper. Never new anything about the pleaides let alone that they were called the seven sisters. I knew the dream was from God so went to research what seven sisters was. I found out from starchart that in my dream pleaides was not in the right position. It should of been to the right of orion not the left. If anyone has a comment or possible interpretation,. Please comment.

  5. Klaren,
    ( if John permits)

    i do feel that He is showing you and Christine the same theme
    “.. the sweet influence of the Pleyades “.. book of Job could be, that these ‘seven sisters’ are reprezenting ‘7 feminine aspects
    of the Bride’ (compare ‘the 7 churches of Revelation – Rev. 3:1 tells ” Him Who
    holds the 7 spirits of God and the 7 STARS” .)
    The similarity between the 7 churches ( as 7 aspects of His Bride), and the
    ‘imprisonment ‘ by Evil from the 7 (feminine) stars of the Pleyades, is striking.

    the righthandside shows how the pyramid always is attuned to a polestar
    (there are several, in time, during the procession) , while the left side
    locks either onto sirius(canis), orion, or (in the past) the pleyades.

    (graph at half of the page)

    The pyramid is a resonator, designed by the ancient egyptian deity thoth, who declares he ‘originates from orion’.
    Thoths other names include Ninghiszidda(sumerian),
    Nebo(compare ‘Nebukadnessar’= son of thoth, and Thutmose = son of thoth),
    Agni (the early hindu 2-faced firegod, 7 rays, sitting on a RAM = Daniels Ram) , Janus ( chaldean doubleheaded god, 2 heads to can look into past and future, posessing the 2 keys to that – this is why our Lord states in Rev 3:7 “I open and no-one closes”- instead of janus), Metatron (from the geometric Cube = the geometric Spell(matrix) what is almost locked shut around Earth now) , Quatzalcoatl, etc.

    … your dream that ‘circled 3 times and than shoot off ‘
    may indicate that this diety will loose Its legal right to hold that place
    (..and, consequently, ‘ a star, falling on earth’ ? )
    And it causes that ‘the pleyades have changed their position’ ( are freed)..?
    – striking; a woman i trust dreamed about ‘an inverse pleyades’ also –
    and that was last week..

    .. we will marvel about how amazing patchwork He has worked, by connecting
    each of us’ history and present to all of Earth and the universe


  6. I think this is the best and most informative that you have ever put out… a very young age I was studying the Precession of the Equinox’s…..( 26,868 yrs)….I knew I was different than anyone else even at that age….little did I know what the revelation of all of this actually was……wow I had to be 80 years old to realize this……thank you and God bless you !!!!!!

    1. From the signs and signatures on candy wrap to the literal signs downtown Las Vegas, it’s any wonder that we’ve all been stupped into Satan is not real by hiding him right in front of our eyes. By 1987 I knew we were being lied too, by 1990 I saw how we were being lied too, and by 2012 I now know that I am not the only far-strung, far fetched ning nong all out at outfield. Jonathan is the man and it took him to show me how of what I all ready knew. Kia ora e a hoa!

  7. Well, this is fascinating, darkly, alarming, and so surreal. Not the facts themselves, surreal, this is to me from the reaction of all the people. That we the people have slept this long, paying no attention whatsoever to this, is what is surreal, and still, that we put up with the lying mouthpiece media which is complicit in the destruction of US every time, by their distraction, silence (perverse, studious SILENCE) while they know all about it (if they are not soul-less zombies, which some of them are, although smiling faces, they are lying, soul-less robots of the masters they serve. It gives me shivers to see them, hear them, their lies, continually. So I just refuse to. Blah blah, laugh, laugh, Michael J, perv this, and lisa that, Lindsey Lohan, who the f–k cares, when they are planning these things? They must think we are that stupid. We only are because we let them poison us and we allowed ourselves to be lied to by these enemies in government and religious high places. As you can tell, I am full of anger. I can only say, please forgive my bitterness. Thank you for listening. Please research this, it is their way to destroy us en masse, one more time. If nothing is destroyed, they will be invocating their demons and God on that day, (11-11-11) to be sure, that we are all initiated becuase of the high vibrational frequency of that number, times 3, (to Satanists, this is the first perfect number, symbolizing also the trinity of the Monotheistic God they serve, Satan) and since 11 stands for the twins, Rebellion, Chaois and Destruction, and Zeus the Water-Bearer (Aquarius) is the 11th sign of Zodiac, (plus he was a raping molesting child-snatcher and sadist, just like his devotees, have you noticed? Satanists and Muslims always do this, by Satanists, the Church hierarchy, as you know notorious for same heinous crimes against children, is included, whether Catholic, Protestant, Football Coach or Mormon child rapers, because all follow the SAME MONOTHEISTIC God/goddess/solar saviour figures) times 3 on that date, will be causing us all to be under an assault spiritually, mentally and physically as they make use of this in their ritual to the devil. It is all inspired long ago to re-instate the God of Sumer, ancient Babylon, and Egypt – these ‘people’, our leaders, are our enemies. Their God is not our Creator/s, and we must WAKE UP to their ways and take defensive action. Invoke Yah’s name, and pray to HIM in His Son’s (the Real Messiah) Name, which again, is his Father’s name, and speaks his Father’s words, not (unlike the Solar Saviour figure) his own (new) words. This is our only – ONLY – hope for rescue, saving, and deliverance. I didn’t touch on much, not much sleep and pretty ferklempt and scattered about this, but does anyone have any questions? 11 is their number for destruction. 3 11’s is bad for us, they will use it. Right now the scull ritual is going on, and will end on that day; who they are invoking and what they want to achieve is not for our good. Please, people use your knowledge that Yah gave to us. It is our only chance, tomorrow, this month, and next year at the evil God’s re-birth and the 26,000 alignment in the dark rift center of galaxy at 11:11 on 12/21/2012. It is all leading up to our forced submission to Lucifer/Horus/Zeus/Baal/Ashtarte/Ishtar/Jesus/Baal/Christ, the Solar Deity whose goal is to rule as Creator and Master of the Universe, and destroy us. Our enemy has been worshipped by us (only incognito for the most part), and by our leaders, with full knowledge of this evil. They think we are stupid. We have been, Yah forgive us and help your people now, it is the day of trouble. We call upon You, in Your Name (IAUE) for help, we repent of our apostacy and sins, nationally and individually. Please help and deliver us, for our children’s sakes. Thank You, Father Yahu.

  8. I am sorry for the length of that. In short, brace yourselves, prepare yourselves, while we cannot know their exact outcome for tomorrow, they are up to NO GOOD, for our destruction en masse, to create fear, trauma, and blood sacrifice to their beloved God/Goddess. If you are feeling weird or strange, nervous and unsettled, it is time to retreat, take hold of Yah’s word, promises, warnings and do what He told, and His Son Yahushua told us to do, repeatedly. Hide thyselves, as it were, for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast. Gather your children, loved ones who will and pray against the evil being invoked by them against our souls and spirits. And it would be, according to their own words and symbols, rites and agenda, a good thing, also, to travel away from the Hoover Dam area as these, their own signs, in our faces, mean only one thing: our enemy (Satan), thru our leaders, then and now, preparing to destroy many for power, and the glorious reign of Lucifer, thru Satan’s power. While 11/13 may doubtless also be used as ritual invocation of more destruction, and 11/22, (is there a November 31?, bad too if so) this tomorrow date of three elevens seems to be the thing they would really try to use, since it is Zeus’ number, and is Destruction and Chaos, spirit and initiation. Remember, portals, and initiation are opened via pain, pressure and trauma, and if done/executed on the right date, on a mass scale, it results in exponential/mass initiation for the sheer scale of the trauma/pain. Is this clear, or is it too sketchy?

  9. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I in finding this topic to be actually something that I believe I’d by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very broad for me. I am having a look forward for your subsequent post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  10. There’s lava beneath Lake Mead. That red area probably doesn’t indicate explosives, but lava that is connected to a very large system, running through the Long Valley Caldera all the way up to Yellowstone. It’s been shaking around that area lately, and the USGS quickly removes the “quakes” from their website. Their explanation for removing evidence of the shaking going on around Hoover Dam: they don’t record quakes that result from volcanic activity – lava movement.

  11. It may not be 11/11/11. That is way too obvious. Too hard to pull off.
    It maybe 11/11/2012 or the 11th hour of the “so called” last year 2012.

    It maybe 12/21/2012 @ 11:11

    This date is much more significant a for mythology flood date, everyone has been hammered with it for a few years now.

  12. wow !!! cool stuff. Listen, I have been having dreams and visions given to me by God my everyrthing!!! I will not mention all since it’s too much and I am press for time. However, I had a lot of dreams as a child of damns bursting and huge sunamin waves higher than the freeways and some skyscrappers downtown. I am now 49 years old and have had dreams and visions since I can remember. Had many, many rapture dreams and great disaster dreams. Water, giant volcanoes and earthquakes included. I see piles of dead people all over cities worldwide and some of the dead people are like coal, burned to a crisp. Had a dream of larger than life size tree with giant apples falling down and apples on tree all bitten. Two old ladies were scared and they said what was going on and I said Jesus is coming and I told them not to be afraid. There were huge dark clouds that looked to be very low and all the people were scared and crying out. The sky was a weird dark grey color almost black but it was during the day. A week later I read where apples mysteriously fell from the sky in the U K. A few days ago I had a dream of being told shortage of food and water. The following day I had a dream of hundreds if not thousands of mushrooms falling from the sky. Oh well, I have so many dreams and visions but have to go for now. May every soul find Jesus Christ and be born again because Jesus Christ our beautiful Lord and Savior is the only way to be safe. His lovingkindness will live in us through the Holy Spirit. My heart has been heavy for many years now but when I share it with my close family, most don’t want to hear it or laugh. Oh well, if God is for us, who is against us. Romans 8:31

  13. Check . Tge elites seens to be ready to bring the NWO in its entirety. 2015 will be far worst than the economic collapse of 2008. Catastrophes in the monetary world and NATURE. Maybe the visions and dreams many people are having of the big earthquakes and tsunami are soon to hit America west and east coast followed with war, possible nukes, and invasion and total economic collapse are to occur soon. Check out John Pauls Jackson perfect storm and headline vision/dream.

  14. Does anyone now anything about Syracusa and if it ties into above discussions? I heard the name said twice to me in 2005. I woke and the room was bathed in a light blue light with an ambience of incredible peace. A voice said ” SIRRĂ KUS twice. I did not see or dream anything. Any help from fellow brothers and sisters in Yashua Messiah will be welcomed. May His peace be unto you.

    This is what I could find out during the last 7 years. Paul spent 3 days there after being shipwrecked on Malta for 3 months. He arrived by Alexandian ship, the Dioskuri. (The Twins). ACTS 28:11-12.

    Syracuse was the city of the famous Greek mathematician Archimedes, who was reputedly killed by a Roman soldier whilst pondering a huge mathematical problem. The city has the second largest network of catacombs next to Rome. Christians lived there during persecusion.

    I have found that there is also a Syracuse in New York State which house Le Moyne College(Jesuit). They have a good (liberal) arts department, but they were of course founded after Hoover Dam was built.

    Syracuse has links to Blue Force International, a company specializing in global strategic defense. Their key personnel are ex USAF specializing in GIS and drones.
    Some are Knights of Columbus.

    Their daughter company is Blue Law International, a global agency involved in disaster relief, government policy and law, among other things.

    Apparently Blue Laws also denotes National Sunday Laws.

  15. I was awoke by the holy spirit in september of 2015. I am glad I was not to late! I have just recently started finding brothers and sisters. My wife was awoke at the same time and she has walked with me in this amazing journey! He has given me a drive for studying scripture and many other books that gave me information on the holy spirit and its truths. Before he saved me with his grace I was a full blown adulturer, angry, drug abuser and drank alchohol to get drunk, I also chewed tobacco and smoked cigerettes. The spirit made me drop my addictions without any cravings. I gave away my brand new thriving drone and media business and most of our electronics. Tvs, computers, furnature we dont “need” and followed guidance from the spirit to move from florida to west verginia where my mother lives. Most of my dreams consist of me preaching the good news to people but two of my dreams have been “underwater”. Usually playing and able to breath easily. In one of the underwater dreams myself and my wife where both in it and when we awoke discused how our dreams consisted of both of us underwater together and able to breath very easy and that it was a very relaxed atmosphere. Today I was preaching to a relative about the one world government plans hopeing to open his eyes by showing him the evils war against God “yahua”. I showed him that on a $50 bill has the dams on it and he says.. “Strange , I had a dream about the hoover damn breaking last night, ot was very vivid and I couldnt understand why I had that dream” he took the dream as just coincidence but I saw it as confirmation from the father. At the same event that very day, I was asked by another relative to head to the store to grab them some cooking supplys and they had given me a $50 bill for said supplys. Then another $12 dollars after this. Just thought to share this as today was when it happened and it was also the first time I have seen this information related to this hoover dam relation to prophesies. I see alot of occult stuff here and that usually has alot of backbone to it. Hope someone understands the addition $12 dollars I recieved.

    1. I had many dreams and visions from the Lord. When I was a child, I had many dreams of the dams breaking. I had dreams of 300 ft waves covering the freeways in Houston, Texas. I had a dream about Katrina before it happened. I also had a dream of seeing JK Jr dead under water in his seat before it happened.

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