HAARP Induced Floods Precursor to New Madrid Quake

A View to a Kill Unfolds
Flooding Connected to the New Madrid Earthquake Threat

Over the last 6 months or so, a number of alarming reports have surfaced regarding the potential for a “false-flag” New Madrid event unfolding.  I summarized many of these warning signs on the article entitled …

Aggregated May Threat Analysis here:


The Flooding / Levee Connection

Quite frankly I did not connect the flooding to the New Madrid earthquake threat until just today.  And it is most unnerving.

There have been a vast number of You Tube videos released by Mike Beckham at http://www.youtube.com/patrioticspace and Dutchsinse’s channel here: http://www.youtube.com/dutchsinse regarding these threats.  They warn of a number of events indicating the New Madrid earthquake will almost certainly be the next huge “false-flag” event.

However the flooding part didn’t seem related to me.

While there is little doubt that HAARP like signatures have been seen in the weather patterns across the New Madrid region for quite some time, Mississippi flooding is not all that uncommon with major snow falls and major storms adding “insult to injury”.

It was most baffling to understand “why” the Army Corps of Civil Engineers would insist on blasting the levees while local governments were pleading for them to reconsider.  See the article here entitled “Spillway expected to flood Louisiana towns“.  However they went ahead with their plans anyway based on the assumption that possible future river cresting would place undue stress on levees downstream and threaten major population zones.  Okay.

However when you research “soil liquefaction” associated with “mud slides” and other geological events such as earthquakes, it becomes clear that, while earthquakes cause soil liquefaction to occur, the opposite is also true.

When the soil structure is sufficiently weakened by water seeping into the ground, particularly when exacerbated by “construction related activities such as blasting“, the “liquefaction phenomenon” sufficiently weakens the earth around the supporting fault structure increasing the risk of an earthquake occurring.

See the article here by the University of Washington’s Civil Engineering Department entitled “What is Soil Liquefaction“.

So not only do we have what appears to be HAARP induced storms and flooding at an astonishing level, but we also have levees being “blasted” back to back.  In fact, I have received a number of reports indicating that the amount of explosives used to detonate these levees is excessive.

So there is much scientific evidence to indicate that massive flooding, when combined with “blasting” causes “soil liquefaction” to weaken the strata which supports the structure surrounding the earthquake fault.


The Problem of Hydroseismicity

Another contributor to Tribulation-Now, Athor, sent in this data associated with hydroseismicity and how it contributes to this horrific situation.

As I did more google research I started to stumble on the terms used by academia to describe what I was looking for.  The main term that geophysicists have coined is hydroseismicity.  I was intending to find evidence that supported the idea I described above, which is merely a load-induced earthquake phenomena.  What I found was a bit different but definitely related.

Here is a definition of hydroseismicity.”A new hypothesis, termed hydroseismicity, suggests that in crustal volumes with fracture permeability, natural increases in hydraulic head caused by transient increases in the elevation of the water table in recharge areas of groundwater basins can be transmitted to depths of 10–20 km and thereby trigger earthquakes.  “http://geology.geoscienceworld.org/cgi/content/abstract/15/7/618

What we are looking at is higher ground water pressure at greater depths providing lubrication and starting energy for an earthquake that is prone to earthquakes.
Here is an important quote:  “…the Hydroseismicity hypothesis is predicated upon the existence of connected deep fracture permeability –from the surface to hypocentral depths.”   http://rglsun1.geol.vt.edu/HydroseismicityHomePage.html
Hydrofracking is completely man-made but definitely linked to what is going on, it can speed things up for sure.  Soil liquefaction is a surface phenomena and it will make things very bad at ground surface in the event of an earthquake.  HAARP can add untold amounts of energy to the system.

I did find some load-induced earthquake evidence though …


The earthquakes mentioned in this paper seem to have nothing to do with deep fracture permeability.  From this evidence it seems prudent to still consider my original contention that the addition of large volumes of water to an area can by weight alone help cause earthquakes.


“A View to a Kill” Illuminati Warning

In the Jame Bond movie, “A View to a Kill” the villain setup oil rigs around the San Andreas fault.  A quote from a scene in the movie at the 1:45:14 mark states:

“He’ll kill millions.  These green lights, they’re Zorin’s oil wells.  The one’s he’s been using to pump sea water into the Hayward fault”

The pumping of water into an oil well is known as “hydraulic-fracturing”.  It is also known as “shale fracking”.  You can read about this highly controversial process on Wikipedia here:



Residents Complaining of Late Night Drilling

For well over a year now, local residents in the Arkansas area, in the vicinity of the New Madrid fault epicenter, have been complaining to local officials about late night oil drilling.  As reported in previous articles here on Tribulation-Now, reports have even included phone calls to the Coast to Coast AM radio show claiming that “drill bits” were pulling up “lava” and were melting.

Shale Fracking, or hydrofracking methods, have been employed in the New Madrid fault zone now for a very long time.  Many believe this drilling activity has increased the frequency of the recent “earthquake swarms” in the region.

This “shale fracking” process increases “soil liquefaction” and significantly weakens the underlying fault structure increasing the likelihood of an earthquake occurring, as depicted in the movie “A View to a Kill”.

The missing link in the movie was an underground explosion.  If that were successful, the San Andreas lake would flood into the fault region and kill millions.  It is estimated that a major seismic event in the New Madrid fault zone, would potentially cause the Great Lakes to flood into the Mississippi.

Do not forget the Deepwater Horizon event has ruptured the earth’s strata under the Gulf of Mexico and cracked it like an egg shell.  Do not forget there are large fissures in the earth’s surface in Michigan as of late.  These are all CONNECTED EVENTS!!

This may be why FEMA ordered “Underwater Body Bags” in the GPO in January (see the article entitled:

HAARP, Planet X or New Madrid NLE Drill?

This article gives a vast number of alarming details associate with these events that seem to all be linked together.

Also see the article here entitled:

Birds, HAARP and New Madrid

This article discusses the Digisonde HAARP triangulation sensors and their positioning to ensure energy focus on the New Madrid epicenter.

Also please keep Mike Beckham and Dutchsince in your prayers and thank them for their hard work uncovering the vast majority of this data.


HAARP at Full Power May 12 and 13

Here is a supporting data of HAARP at full power as seen from the Induction Magnetometer at the University of Tokyo.

Also here is a supporting You Tube interview with this data being presented on a radio show.  This individual indicates that HAARP was running for several hours at full power prior to the Japan earthquake, and similarly prior to the Haiti earthquakes.  This person is now warning that HAARP is hammering the New Madrid region.

Interview Claiming HAARP at Full Power on New Madrid

Here is a direct link to the Induction Magnetometer site in Tokyo:


The $5 Dollar Bill Imagery

Jonathan Kleck sends me a text message today with lots of exclamation points.  It says …

Ok … Big Revelation!!! $5 bill lookout here it comes!!!

Evidently when Jonathan produced the “JustAMessenger” video series he did not know what the imagery was on the folded $5 dollar bill.    However today he said he knew for certain.  The imagery is a levee with water flowing over.

Until I understood that “flooding the region” combined with large explosive “blasts” would substantially increase the “liquefaction” process and weaken the New Madrid fault measurably … it didn’t make sense.

Now sadly it does.


Email Alert to the Tribulation-Now “List”

The following is an alert that was sent out to the Tribulation-Now email list members a few hours ago.

ALERT: They Are Preparing to Blow the New Madrid
Folks, for months now a number of You Tube videos and articles have surfaced indicating immense concerns about a False Flag event causing the New Madrid fault to explode into a huge earthquake, resulting in the Great Lakes draining and splitting the United States in two.  These things have been prophecied for years.

There are also a number of articles in various media outlets that indicate the New Madrid Event would trigger World War III as it would be used as an reason to attack the United States.  Also remember the vision Matthew Park had on a ballistic missile being shot off on May 21st.

While it is impossible to be sure about the timing of these events, here are some indications.

It appears they are going to blow the New Madrid fault.

  • On the back of the new $5 bill there is an image of a “Levee” being overflown with water.
  • Oil wells have been drilling endlessly late at night all around the New Madrid and Arkansas area for well over a year
  • Earthquake swarms have been shaking the region for nearly a year
  • The oil wells are using “shale fracking” (hydro fracking / water injection techniques) which weaken the soil
  • Shale fracking causes a type of “liquefaction” to occur
  • HAARP has been causing severe storms on top of the snow melting to produce the flooding
  • The additional flooding saturates the soil, increasing liquefaction, and pressure
  • Demolitions, large explosions, lead to additional soil liquefaction and increased pressure

“Earthquake shaking often triggers this increase in water pressure, but construction related activities such as blasting can also cause an increase in water pressure.”


In the 007 Movie, A View to a Kill, the villain drilled oil using “sea water injection” (shale fracky / hydro-injection) methods all round the San Adreas fault to losen the sediment and cause liquefaction thus weakening the fault.  This can be seen at the 1:44 mark in the movie.
Add the GPO (FEMA Government Purchasing) orders for underwater body bags, 7 million plus emergency blankets, food rations, the levees being blown up using extremely strong (arguably “excessive” explosive levels)

The NLE 2011 begins Monday the 16th focusing on the New Madrid event

It appears they are going to blow the New Madrid


The $5 Bill shows the levees being overrun with water as a precursor to this event taking place.  Jonathan believes he has received confirmation from the Lord on this, however timing remains a mystery.


New Madrid Earthquake Drill in Denver

This email was just sent in to Tribulation-Now by Cheryl who lives in Denver.

Last month they had a drill in Denver and other communities along the front range.
Municipal Airports, hospitals, and all first responders participated.
They did the drill at 5am, so I wasn’t up to see the chaos.

The purpose of the drill was to prepare for receiving evacuees Arkansas after the New Madrid Earthquake.

I did a search to see if other cities were having the same type of drill.  There were 10 states participating in the great shake out but no cities were having drill for receiving new Madrid earthquake victims.

Denver Metro area is ideal to evacuate victims, especially those in need of medical care because we have numerous hospitals fairly close to all the municipal airports, so I can see why they chose this area.  It would also be least likely to be hugely impacted from new Madrid.  They wanted to coordinate care responders to be at airports ready to receive victims being flown in, they wanted airports ready to be receiving numerous incoming flights, have ambulances and helicopters ready, etc.

Interesting to me was that it was specific to New Madrid Earthquake Victims, not just in case of any national emergency, but to Arkansas & new Madrid.

God Bless and peace be with us all!

Summary in Jesus Name

There is no better time to get yourself right with Jesus Christ and repent of your sins NOW.  The scripture says “it rains on the just and the unjust”.  And if indeed this event does unfold, potentially millions will die.

Make sure you are right with the Lord Jesus Christ.








… Be Blessed in Jesus Name


Author: John Baptist
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