The Solomon Problem

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Do We Over-Think Things?
Perhaps to Our Own Demise?

When one soul searches the fall of man and the implication behind the “tree of knowledge” suggesting that “knowledge itself” is in a sense perhaps our “enemy” – it raises a number of questions. A vast number of questions.

For example, how is it that the “wisest man in the World”, a man whom God picked as David’s son and subsequent King, one of the most righteous and Holy rulers of Israel to ever live, would ultimately end up “apostasizing” from God in the end? This suggests on a simple level that he ate too much from the “tree of knowledge” and became engulfed in possibilities he should have avoided.

In fact when one applies this principle to *all those* who have walked too far down these pathways (even perhaps Lucifer himself), it starts to unfold a pattern; one that ultimately leads to their demise, indicating there could be a point of no return – one which God steps in and says “ENOUGH!”  You could even refer to this as the “Tower of Babel Syndrome”.

This would explain why the study of Kabbalah was forbidden for many years because too many “seekers” of this divine knowledge went too far and were found dead for no good reason. Funny how now Kabbalah thrives and caters to the lower and remarkably ignorant through it’s sale of silly pink string bracelets to the forever poisoned rich and famous. These are the dead that walk the earth and are revered by the mesmerized unfortunate.

This also sobers me when I realize that we are to have the mind of a child to realize the power of Jesus and to understand God and benefit by what he offers. This is an innocence. Is it possible the innocence and open mind of a child begins to overlap in its characteristics when compared to an intelligent person who has a similarly open mind but spiritually recognizes there is a “point of no return” and that they must STOP.

For example, a small child will accept there is an Angel hovering just in front of them. But that same child will not walk through fire to reach that Angel because mingled in their innocence is an “instinct” of sorts. One could even argue a child has a level of spiritual “common sense” that is lost through knowledge which can lead to unbelief and eventually sheer stupidity. Fascinating to see how one could progress from “child like faith”, to unbelief, and back to “child like faith” again as their spirituality grows amidst an open-minded approach to the unfathomable.

Much of this type of  “advanced thinking” (perhaps “extraterrestrial” or maybe “extra-Biblical) data that can be gleaned from Michael Tsarion’s series “Origins & Oracles – Atlantis, Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation”. This is a 5 DVD lecture that covers it all and is absolutely unreal in its thoroughness.  But it can be damaging to one’s faith in God and Jesus Christ if he/she is not fully anchored in their allegiance and loyalty.

While Tsarion (and David Icke for that matter) fully embraces the body of knowledge supporting planetary wars, broken up planets, asteroid belts, Tiamat, and hidden alien races fighting to “escape” the trappings of planet earth due to loss of their original technology (the whole Zechariah Sitchin belief system), he FAILS in one critical area of understanding. He (Sitchin, Icke and the whole lot of them) fail to understand that the Bible itself is “extraterrestrial” in its origin and this is proven through the mathematically impossible relationships between the Hebrew word sequences that map perfectly to one another through the different gospels. He (and they) fail to understand that YHWH God is the creator, and that WE are his prized possession under attack by “the enemy” AND that he will protect us (those who love him) at ALL COST. Even if it requires him to wipe out the earth and start again. Which is apparently going to be the case. My hope is that we humans “pass the requisite tests” appropriately so we can “graduate” to the dimension we were intended to graduate (and with some rewards / inheritance).

A Mind of a Child

Which begs this final question. Since Jesus told us to have a mind of a child, and told us to “go, preach, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils; freely ye have received, freely give” (Matt. 10:7) – THEN could we be missing our instructions? Should we be putting forth EQUAL effort to “doing” what he instructed and *exercising* our spiritual power? Should we be learning divine healing (as I am right now), and learning spiritual warfare (as I am right now)?

I worry that my tendency to be “like Solomon” might make me miss out on what should be rightfully mine in the future Kingdom because I did not do what I was told, did not exercise my Jesus powers, did not gather people to bring along, and instead failed to be a proper “disciple” using “discipline” to do BOTH with *equal* enthusiasm and want.

Are We Missing the Point?

Are we “studying too much”?  I don’t want to be like Solomon. I want to be like Jesus. So my “tree of knowledge” is at war with my yearning to walk this existence with the mind of a child, cying in joy as I see people healed before my very eyes. I want the reward on the other side and I believe to get that reward we have to do what we were told to do.

I wish I was free to go into the battle field for Jesus and join a mission like David Hogan’s in Mexico / Central America. Maybe I will some day, somehow … maybe right here in my own town.  David Hogan doesn’t even know the word “Tiamat” but you can bet that when he rises up in his new spiritual body – Yeshua will have three words to say.


Oh and if you find the time, please take a look on Youtube at David Hogan’s testimony and tell me what you think. Not just what you think but “how it makes you FEEL”?
It makes me cry. It makes me feel like I am missing out on so much.

Faith to Raise the Dead
One last thing about David Hogan before you watch this. This was filmed (I think) about 10 years ago. Since then, there have been testimonies that surfaced that Hogan, through his faith, is actually moved from “place to place” being able to preach to people in different parts of the area through divine “transportation” of a sort. Naturally the ignorant accuse him of being a lunatic. But I ……. BELIEVE.

And remember this:

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


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2 thoughts on “The Solomon Problem

  1. As we are born again, we are spiritual infants, in dire need of the comforting milk of the gospels. As we grow spiritually as we are learned by the holy spirit, both trough scripture and communion with him in the spirit, we are able to also eat meat and bread (Give us today our dayly bread….)
    However, when we reach spiritual puberty, many go astray from the father, rebelling and doing their own thing (christianity, doing church OUR way, instead of HIS way).

    Lets not divert from him by naming and claiming (it), but rather as HE leads us. If he wants you to have the gift of healing, then he will provide.

    All that failed at the grace of God rebelled at some time. Let us not.

  2. Following the voice of God is paramount and we have to remember who is in charge.


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