Until All Hell Breaks Loose

When Will These Things Happen?
The Luciferian War Scenario Builds 

When will the war with Iran start?  Will the war with Iran be nuclear?  What about martial law?  What about the prophecies of global earthquakes and massive flooding / tidal waves?  When will the Bride be “rescued”?

And where does “disclosure” fit into this equation?

These are the things I think about constantly.  I get no rest from the mental scenario analysis.  Few sources take into consideration all the variables.  Some sources focus on the Sumerian “gods” returning.  Other sources focus on the forthcoming war with Iran, China and Russia.  Other sources focus on “martial law”.  And again, other sources focus on “disclosure”.

All of these forthcoming events fit into a complex puzzle and must be woven into consideration.  All of these forthcoming events need to be measured against the Holy Bible.  They are all related.  They all play a vital role in understanding what is about to unfold.

Before we proceed, let’s look at the variables and players in these scenarios.  I argue we cannot leave ANY of these out of the analysis.

  • Major prophets such as Dr. David Owuor from Kenya
  • Visions and dreams from our Father’s leadership team like David Wilkerson
  • Visions, dreams, and word from the Lord spoken through regular people
  • The forthcoming Iran War, Russia and China’s part, news reports from both sides
  • Extraterrestrials here on earth, e.g. the MIEC (Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex)
  • Extraterrestrials “out there”, e.g. the Andro-Pleiadian “fallen angelics” (and more)
  • Extraterrestrials “coming here”, e.g. Annunaki / Sumerian “gods” from Nibiru
  • Massive motherships warring in our solar system seen around the sun on SOHO
  • Chinese troops already staged in North America and NorthCOM troop buildups
  • Reports from whistle-blowers / insiders often heard on Project Camelot and Avalon (see the recent Sanchez interview here)
  • Reports from “Illuminati defectors” turned Christians such as Svali and others
  • Andromedan and Pleiadian “channelers” information streams

Each one of these variables must be analyzed differently.  The principle of “who benefits” (cui bono) must be applied to each group (and each consideration) with a keen eye on who is running the show.  Does Lucifer’s team benefit by a certain scenario unfolding, or does “our team” benefit?

This is, without a doubt, a war between Lucifer and our Heavenly Father.  We are, without a doubt, the PRIZE.  We are, without a doubt, “caught in the middle”.


Considering the Pyramid of Understanding in Analysis

Many readers will often make the critical mistake of considering certain sources to be incredible.  Instead of analyzing the data like a military intelligence officer, considering the motivation behind the source, we simply toss it aside.  This is a huge mistake.

In each organization of any size, there are good people and bad people.   Arguably the higher you ascend into the oligarchy, the darker and more sinister the players become.  This variable needs to be considered when analyzing the data.  And to make matters even more complicated, sometimes those relatively close to the top, are STILL kept in the dark on the most critical data.

For example, there are still those out there who believe the forthcoming UFO wars will be a deception.  This is FALSE.  Many of these people base their belief on testimonies from folks like Von Braun and Dr. Carol Rosin.  Sadly they never considered the fact that Von Braun was lied too.  This deception of a deception has filtered through the UFO researcher community like wild fire.  Most of the best Christian UFO researchers have bought off on this nonsense.  You can read one such article from Henry Makow here.  Or better yet, simply search on “Von Braun UFO deception” using Google and you will be busy for hours.

Remember this means that NOT ONLY do we have to accept that some sources of information at the lower echelon of the untrustworthy organization are in fact, trustworthy, we also have to realize that questionable sources near the top of the organization might have been intentionally lied too.  Wow.

This is MOST unfortunate.  This leads to the awful notion that we are dealing with “fallen angels” trapped in a “near earth”  or “inner earth” existence.   This trains the tricked to believe that extraterrestrials and UFOs will somehow be “faked”.

The reason “disclosure” has not happened yet is because “they” are waiting for their reinforcements to arrive.  God’s “holy watchers” (ref. Daniel 4:13) are keeping them back. (ref. 2 Thess. 2, “what is restraining”)

100% of all this information will be tossed aside when MILLIONS of these things (Luke 21:26) descend upon the earth in an all out war upon the citizens of the world (ref. 2 Esdras 15, Joel 2, Micah 3).  ANY time the Bible refers to “flying armies from the North” or “chariots” “flying like the wind” we are dealing with EXTRATERRESTRIALS.

It is so unfortunate that people, even good researchers, don’t look at all the information.  Look at the SOHO photographs!  Look at the huge motherships warring with one-another in the solar system.  There are enormous intergalactic space craft all round the sun.  Those are just the ones we can see.  This indicates there are potentially tens of thousands of them all over THIS solar system.

All the data must be analyzed.

Here is one such example.  Note this particular YouTuber suggests that NASA removed critical images on 11-11-11.  Was the sun being used as an intergalactic wormhole “portal” on this day?



Also see the YouTube channel of “BeePeeOilDisaster” here.


The Underground Military Base Nuclear Attack Example

Recently there have been a lot of claims that Deep Underground Military Bases have been under attack with nuclear weapons.  Admittedly I find this implausible for a vast number of reasons.  For example, the USGS has published a report on underground nuclear testing (from 1968) and its effect on seismic events in the surrounding areas and faults.  Their conclusion indicates that past underground nuclear tests in the west, did NOT result in any noteworthy seismic events (minor earthquakes) even in fault prone regions.  See here for more information.  These atomic bombs were many times a magnitude more powerful than any of these “suitcase nukes” or “micro-nukes” that are supposedly being used in these DUMBs.

Never mind the fact that “above ground” Top Secret military bases are practically impossible to penetrate.  The underground bases use ET technologies for protection.  The sensors they use make the “naked body scanners” at airports look like WWII radar.  The compartmentalization of these facilities is astonishing.  Biometrics are used at each passageway.  Cameras and scanners with real-time alerting are watching every breath that is taken; listening to every “heart beat”.  The “Star Trek” tricorders have NOTHING on this technology.

The only plausible explanation I have heard regarding such claims, is that God’s “angels” are involved.  If this is true, then anything is possible.


When you apply the principle of “who benefits” to these claims something doesn’t add up.   Since we know that our Heavenly Father is going to destroy these bases anyway eventually, then what would be the purpose of destroying them in advance?  I do concede our Father might be angry at the abominations occurring in these awful places and these claimed attacks might possibly be “pre-emptive” strikes.  That makes sense.

However the real travesty of these reports is that the Galactic Federation of Light is “claiming” victories and recruiting more deceived “light workers”.  Every time there is a “claim” of an underground base attack, people like David Wilcock and Alfred Lambremont Webre start claiming a victory.

See …

Andromeda Council: East China Sea 6.9 quake – undersea reptilian base destroyed

This is absolute BALDERDASH!!

Again, “light workers” are being recruited FASTER than new Christians are being led to Jesus Christ.  This is all due to these unfortunate claims.


The Martial Law Example

I constantly receive “alerts” about pending martial law.  While these alerts are noteworthy, the fact of the matter is that these alerts have been coming out in force now for more than 5 years.  Many great Christian “watchman” ministries have relocated to different parts of the United States in hopes of escaping these events.  In some cases they sold their homes and moved their entire families. (sigh)  Some of them “ran for it” during the Deep Water Horizon event.  Admittedly, even I had gone to U-Haul with the expectation of flight.

That’s when the Lord woke me up and I wrote the article:

Running from the Kingdom

In fact I have intentionally left my “fearful” articles published on Tribulation-Now so people could see the spiritual growth and peace that happens once you stop hoping for survival and focusing on JESUS and the Kingdom (ref. Luke 12:31, Phil 1:21).

I have come to the conclusion that the “Bride” of Jesus Christ will indeed be “rescued” before “all Hell breaks loose”.  The fact of the matter is that many good Christian watchman groups do not understand the rapture and the Bride.  Sadly this will likely mean they will be “left behind” and ultimately become “Tribulation-Saints” (foolish virgins, ref. Matthew 25) waiting for the Matthew 24:30 “rescue of the elect” which happens AFTER “the tribulation of those days” (ref. Matthew 24:29).

The point here is that “martial law” will happen, but NOT NOW.  The “evil cabal” cannot afford to lose control of the masses.  We outnumber them by something like 6.9 Billion to one.  They are waiting for their “reinforcements”.  They are waiting for “that which restrains” to be taken out of the way (2 Thess. 2:7b).


Nibiru and Planet X are Major Players

Pay attention closely to this following statement.  There is a reason why Nibiru / Planet X is the MOST COVERED UP EVENT in the history of mankind.

The Nazi’s wore a swastika.  The swastika is a “Black Sun”.  The Denver Airport runways are laid out in the shape of a “swastika”.  The “Black Sun” is Nibiru.  They “worship” the Sumerian “gods” from the Dog Star Sirius.  Rex 84 was in preparation for the GREAT TRIBULATION.  FEMA Camps, FEMA coffins, Martial Law, NorthCOM, …. ALL of these things are in place for the “Great Tribulation”.

The rapture (rescue mission) of the Bride of Jesus Christ happens PRIOR to the Great Tribulation.  We are dealing with a PRE-WRATH rapture.  The forces of evil know this.  The 6th Seal (global earthquake and comets, ref. Revelation 6:12) will occur just prior to the Trumpet JUDGMENTS.

The Bride will be GONE.

The evil cabal and the MIEC (Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex) with the governments of the world, will blame the missing people on the ETs and UFOs.  But it will be GOD’S ANGELS that took them.  Many of the children will be taken too (1 Corinthians 7:14).  This is why the TV series “Falling Skies” has “front loaded” the American public with this notion that ET’s are after our kids.  This is all part of the Luciferian lie.  This is all part of the forgery.

Important Note:

If you are still here after a large number of people are taken / reported missing and the governments of the world are blaming extraterrestrials and UFOs …


Never mind what the remaining churches will tell you.  It’s time to “buck up” and prepare to be martyred.  Praise Jesus you get a second chance.  But remember you are NOT a martyr if you die in an earthquake.  Remember you are NOT a martyr if you die with the other 2.25 Billion that die by the end of the 6th Trumpet.  You have to be put to death intentionally by the forces of evil by proclaiming Jesus Christ as LORD.


Prophets of our Heavenly Father and Visions / Dreams

I depend powerfully on the prophetic dreams and visions of our Father’s people to maintain my train of thought in these confusing times.  Here below the prophet Dr. David Owuor (one of the few we should be listening to right now in my opinion) is postulating on when the rapture of the Bride would occur in relationship to the forthcoming war with Iran.

Remember!    Dr. Owuor has NEVER been wrong.  I don’t give a dang what you read on the Internet.  Every decent “man of God” out there has lying disinformation spread about their work.

Dr. Owuor is given vivid dreams and visions (prophecies) from our Heavenly Father all the time.  This has been going on for years.  In 2009 he was discussing the possible scenarios associated with the “rapture timing” as it relates to visions he was given about a forthcoming “nuclear” conflict with Iran.

His determination (not a prophecy but an analysis), was that the rapture of the Bride will occur PRIOR to the war with Iran.  You best pay close attention to this if you expect to be prepared to “escape all these things which come upon the earth” (ref. Luke 21:36).

Moreover it is imperative we also listen to “the sheep” of our King Yahushua Jesus Christ.   Our Father is speaking to the most amazing people and the information correlates PERFECTLY.  You really need to clear out your burned in unbelief from “other teachers” past estimations and open your mind with a humble and contrite heart (which our Father dearly loves, ref. Psalms 34:18).

Here below is the word from our Heavenly Father given to a lady by the name of Charity.  Pay very close attention to what she says.  Not only does she confirm the rapture is about to occur, but she refers to it as a “rescue” and she says it will happen prior to “wrath”.  Amen and Glory to Jesus I have been begging people to hear this for a very long time now.

Pay especially close attention to her warning toward the end of this video.  If you are not imminently prepared at all times, living a sin free and holy existence, …. watch out.

“No More Time”


Summary in Jesus Name

I wish there was some way I could teach everyone all the wonderful things I’ve learned since I’ve opened my heart to the work of our Heavenly Father.  The deception is so thick and the information out there is absolutely rife with 1% truth mixed with 99% falsehoods.   And sadly there are SO many great Christians that have made up their mind and are “preaching and teaching” things that have not come true in the past and won’t come true in the future.  If we don’t humble ourselves and throw away the teachings of other people and look at the information ourselves in prayer and PRAISE, we will NEVER see the trees of truth hidden in the forest of confusion.

And our greatest enemy is OURSELVES.












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Author: John Baptist
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25 thoughts on “Until All Hell Breaks Loose

  1. God Bless you John! Yep it is mind boggling to say the least is definately a understatement. I am right there with you. The good need is God will take care of us. He will only give us what we can handle. Funny I keep telling the Lord this is enough I don’t think I can handle anymore truth. Especially where he has me I know strategically placed in this work area I am in. Right smack in the devil’s den. So sad what people can’t even see. I keep thinking wheat and Tares. Soon He tells me soon! It is so hard not to get all caught up in all the bad stuff while watching and warning others of the lateness of the hour. Sometimes you have to sit back and wait. He loves us all and is proud of us. He never said picking up His cross would be easy. I feel like Jesus sometimes -to love one another but then hated by many. Weird combo. Keep up the work. Thank you for putting the pieces of the puzzle together for me and my pea sized brain. It helps me put it all together. I love how supernaturally the Lord places people in our lives for a reason and a season.
    Love In Christ, Crussell

  2. Study chemtrails and nanotech particles infusing your body and brain from nanotech saturated food that can cause effects that simulate ANYTHING. Mind control via nanotech (neurotech) is causing what you claim. The issue is to get governments to recognize the below :

    Neurotech Update : Human Rights Charter on Mental Privacy – Original Article – December 2011

    Combined with colluding citizens as below :

    You will hallucinate and corroborate all that they want you to. Email if you think you know otherwise.

    1. Thats all great information but if you don’t get yourself right with Jesus now, and purify your heart through Jesus Christ, I guarantee you will be sorry. Get off this demon infested rock now and become a wise virgin (Matt. 25). Let’s get outa here!!

  3. 1thess5:2 the day of the lord cometh as a thief in the night.luke 12:40be ye therefore ready for the son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not.matt 13:30 first he will seperate and gather the tares.the son of man came as a thief in the night sept 30 2011 at the last trumpet.he is judging between the wheat and tares at this time.the tares will be removed.he will then bring ,set up ,his kingdom here on earth for 1000 years.his coming and revealing are two seperate events john.

    1. HOWEVER you must be very very careful. The separation of the wheat from the tares happens AFTER the Bride is Rescued at the end AFTER the GREAT TRIBULATION. This is the number one place people get confused. The rescue of the Bride happens silently and its a big surprise. The rest happens LATER. God Bless You. Be ready NOW.

  4. Praise GOD and again I say praise GOD !
    Then thank Jesus, pick up the cross, die to self and tell others. May the holy spirit abide in us at ALL times! We all receive bits of information, tiny portions of the immense reality. … made in is image and yet his ways are not our ways, his mind is not our mind.

    Spiritual warfare and evil above and all about, oh yes !

    The timing of Iran warring w/ nukes and how fast ‘no more time’ is …?

    Great article… great points!
    Most especially the Jesus as Lord and Savior NOW and the humble and contrite heart.

    Amen and may God help us to stand against the evil one, his legion, and the deceived.

  5. I just discovered your website recently and are very happy to get all the info you publish, since I had a lot of questions about how things stand in connection, especially regarding the ufo stuff and all diffirent types of aliens, now I understand better. Yesterdaymorning after watching the videomessage from that girl saying no more time, I descided to go in a prayer and fasting for 10 days to prepare myself as good as I can and beg for the power of the Holy Spirit to deal with some issues still in my life, makes me cry, for example I am still smoking!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone out there I hope the Lord puts on your heart to pray for me because I want to get my life in order with God, live a holy life that glorifies only and only our heavenly Father and His Son our Lord and coming King Jesus Christ and I want so much for the Lord to use me in any way He wants for the time I’m still here, this is my desire, and that my loved ones will be saved by the blood of the lamb. Thank you for all the good work you do, also Jonathan Clerk, God bless you all and keep you safe.

    1. Ohhhh God Bless Your Heart. Boy can I relate to the smoking challenge. I am going to Walgreens to get more “PATCHES” this morning. It is SOOO hard to quit those darn things. I know exactly how you feel. Keep up the good fight. Get ALL the sin out of your life and KEEP repenting. Sadly even those who do not suffer from such a tenacious plight will believe they are sin free when they are NOT. We MUST repent for even sins we do not know we are committing. Plead with our Father for Help. Plead with our Father for his MERCY. We have to get off this rock NOW. PRAISE JESUS.

  6. John, I found your link through Stan Deyo’s site yesterday evening. After three hours I finally had to go to bed. I try as hard as I can everyday to prepare myself for the rapture. I have never heard it called the rescue before, but it fits like a glove.
    Two quick comments. If Dr. Owuor is correct about a pre-Iran rescue and the article I read on Rapture Ready is correct about the meeting of Jewish leaders this past Sunday where they were told that by the end of March Iran will have 4 to 5 nukes making a strike too risky due to radiation, then we may be home for Christmas. Praise God.
    While I am trying to prepare myself, as I write I have tears in my eyes not wanting to leave my wife of 40 years behind to face what comes after alone. She like so many say they are believers, yet she never seems to have time to spend with the Lord. I know it is my responsibility to lead my family in a life change in Christ, I’m afraid I have failed my Lord and my family. If I push to hard she runs the other way. I don’t dare tell her what I really think about the urgency, I had hoped to have enough time to lead by example but it looks like I need to change strategies. Do you have any suggestions?

    As Lord Jesus is my mighty fortress, may he bless you all.
    Chris Lindauer

    1. Without a doubt what you are facing is what many of us are also facing. I assure you that I receive emails on this very topic virtually every week from different people. Since we aren’t talking about basic salvation here, there is little doubt your concerns have merit because the “bride” is a very special group. Many of us are in constant prayer that we will be found worthy to “make it”. You have NOT let anyone down. There is only so much any of us can do. My wife left me over my dedication to the Kingdom. We are instructed to seek first the Kingdom NO MATTER WHAT. The scriptural guidance applies to our families and there is a reason for the reporting hierarchy that is laid out in the scripture. As the family leader, the wife and children are told to FOLLOW YOU. If they do not submit and follow you this is NOT your fault. All you can do is pray for them. Perhaps God will have mercy and bring them along.

      Yes I have been using the term “rescue mission” for a very long time. I wouldn’t be surprise if I was the first person to coin the term. I started to see the rapture as a type of “light speed” rescue at the last minute because I realized how HORRIBLE the Great Tribulation would ultimately be. God is truly rescuing his bride from the most horrible time the earth will ever face.

      Yes Amen I too have come to the conclusion that it is highly likely we will be “rescued” off this rock possibly prior to Christmas this year. I am not a believer in attempting to set dates even when using Hebrew Feasts and other calculation. I believe God is at War with Lucifer and there is a fluid dynamic involved that prevents the rescue from being disclosed in advance or calculable from any “earthy” means. When God “blows the trumpet” the time is instantaneous and there will be NO WARNING. None. If Jesus said he didn’t know, then NO ONE KNOWS period. Will it happen before Christmas, I don’t know, but I give a lot of credit to Dr. Owour’s understanding of visions given to him by our Father and “IF” the rescue goes down prior to the Iran conflict as he believes then our “Time is Up” and we have to spiritually prepare to leave very very soon.

      Keep praying God Bless You
      We have to make it off this rock
      Its going to get REALLY REALLY BAD SUPER FAST.

      Praise Jesus

  7. i completely agree with the main message of repentance.but i sense a few short comings in not understanding the full volume of the scriptures.Word tells us your kingdom come,your will be done,where?on earth as in heaven.where does his kingdom come?where does word tell us he will prepare a table?word also tells us not to add or take away.let YHWH be TRUE.and every man a liar.Who’s name is FAITHFUL and TRUE?even so i have a few things against you.Remember your first love.Repent.

  8. thank you John for this post, and the previous one

    ..it is a wearing out game, ‘It’ plays with us. Like in the rapture-card of the ill.card stack, ‘ i ll make them wait’. Each week, other distractions come along – be it the constant edomite drumbeat of ‘iran’ ( all this is controlled oppositions) , be it nationwide alerts, etc.
    … and yes i agree with you, sadly many virgins fall asleep again, or cant bear yet again another fake alarm… – and it this causes more pressure on those, who dó wait

    never, ever, It has been so vile, as the past timeframe.. The veil is starting to break down, tear.. its like another Consciousness is about to flood into this reality ; one, what is so intrensic evil, and the soul is so powerless to it, … this incoming Consciousness is like wrapping a dark cloak around the soul, making it impossible for her to even *find* Him

    Yes i trust Charity. No i dont, at all, trust this black Dr. And maybe those ufos around the sun are ‘plasma balls, emanating from a filament’.
    biut that is not the point

    …sata* will do anything – literally anything – to get our ATTENTION to things, which are beside the point. Attention = belief = energy , and he will steal it.
    By misdirecting it. By creating events – be it the EU crisis or ‘iran war’, whatever –
    all created BY HIM ; and where a souls attention is focussed at, will add energy to that cause

    …please help us… please ask Him to come .. come to us…

    ..it is the Bride, He will change… – to make her help and support the multitude, who realized too late that they were deceived, when the tribulation starts…. – dont fall for all those false explainations, about ‘the church vs israel’, etc… they are all lies… – it is YOU, who reads this, and who feels that He tugs you, whom He will change… to can ‘walk through the fire’ ( Isaiah)… – to gather His souls, soon, who

    i beg you – dont let your attention be distracted by all Its lies and created events

    …ask Him to come down, now
    – if it ll take any longer, we ll be dead before that


  9. – i m not sure if i m allowed to respond on what Chris wrote, John, but it touched me very much

    .. yes i started to notice, that those, who do wait, get opposition, in their closest circles.. as Chris wrote, or like John has, it got even so bizarre, that those who *should* be the most close, are frantically going the other way…. almost like obsessed

    ..there is, imo, no other explanation as that its ment ‘ to die to oneself’.. die to thinking one could save another… die to believing one could change anything… die – as Revelations tells, ‘.. those, who didnt love their life ‘, about the 144.000

    ..but please dont forget… that even when we die.. die to our own love… our own controlling… He is just and very sweet… – He will give us, as Bride, another, new kind of love… for all the stubborn… for all those He chose, but who are trapped… and He will use those of us, who hurt now, to change us, and we will help all those other souls which He chose


  10. When is the ressurection? At the Rescue mission or at the second coming?

    1 Tess 4:16,17:
    “For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.”
    According to this passage at the rescue mission…

    Won’t the ressurection be very eventful in itself? Every believer who ever lived coming out of the ground? This event will overshadow the dissappearance of the living believers? How will they explain this? Sure, they will blame the rapture of a mass UFO abduction, but what about the ressurection? I feel this should be discussed more, since i’m having difficulty fitting it into the picture…

    1. The problem is that people tend to “blend” the Matthew 24:30 collection of the “remaining elect” with the rescue / rapture of the Bride. Notice here in 1 Thess. 4:16,17 it says “we who are still alive”. Now while that’s NOT conclusive, it sure seems to me that’s referring to the fact that most of the ‘elect’ will be dead by then. This sounds clearly to me like this is AFTER the tribulation of those days (Matt 24:29). The “Bride” is pulled out at light speeds and it will happen while noone is paying any attention. I don’t know what you mean about “the ressurection”. Email me at [email protected] if you want to provide a verse and take a second look. Again it is extremely difficult to be certain if the “rescue mission” will be something that people notice or somethng that happens extremely fast (in the twinkling of an eye). The most common mistake is that people mix the “Day of Christ” (see KJV 2 Thess 2) with the “Day of the Lord” which are two different events as far as I’m concerned. Some visions and dreams seem to indicate the rapture might include some activity in the skies but we shall see. Praise Jesus.

  11. John, Praise the Lord in Heaven that I found your site a few days ago. Can you give me any more info about Dr. Owour which my spirit tells me is the real thing. Even though I search the internet daily I have never heard of him. Is it because nowhere can I find him taking any credit or that if you go to his radio site that is just full of clips and free information there is nowhere to donate money.
    The chances of our leaders repenting and changing their ways or our Pastors giving up preaching the gospel of prosperity are slim and none. Pastor Young at one of the largest Baptist churches here doesn’t want to give up his helicopter, how would he get to all four campus’s each Sunday morning.
    Preparing ourselves to be found worthy has got to be number 1, yet how can you expect to be found worthy if you are only concerned about yourself. John you must feel the same way, why else would you have this site. It’s said to say but it looks like the USA has become mystery Babylon write before our eyes. We all must repent for letting that happen.
    Thank you for stirring my spirit, God Bless.

  12. I didn’t want to post this because it was in my local language, but i think i should anyway.

    Yesterday morning i was in prayer about the message from Charity: “No more time”.
    I repeated it out loud a few times so i could show the Lord i heard the message – as if asking what should i do now?

    Then i went for a drive in my car. At the corner of the first traffic light i saw the newspaper seller, holding up the morning’s paper. I got a holy fright!!

    “There’s no time…”
    The last two words was obscured by his hand. The full title was “There’s no time to mourn”. Maybe I’m just looking for things that isn’t really there…but still, the way it struck me the first time, it had to mean something. Jonathan Kleck showed that we shouldn’t ignore these little things in his youtube series “Communication with the Lord”.

    1. Amen Praise Jesus that’s is FOR SURE! What does that mean exactly … “No Time”… we cannot be sure. But there is no question whatsoever that it means we must be 100% imminently prepared for anything including the “rescue mission”. God Bless You for sharing this. Praise Jesus for you Peter.

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