WWIII Events About to Unfold


Abridged and Combined Prophetic Timeline of Events

Here below is a high-level list of events that have been confirmed through various, and in many cases, multiple sources (both prophetic, and evidenced via world events).

Remember the Psalms 83 war, Isaiah 17 (Damascus), and Ezekiel 38 and 39 are all part of the FOURTH SEAL (Behold a Pale Horse / World War III).


  • Libya Nukes Israel (Psalms 83)
  • Other Nukes (Missiles and Ground)

Israel -> Iran?
North Korea -> USA
Russia -> USA?

  • Financial Collapse (Third Seal Global Scope)
  • Chemical, Biological Attacks
  • Disease, Riots, Chaos, Mayhem, Starvation
  • EMP Attack (USA and Israel)
  • Horrible Winter (Sixth Seal, mega-quakes, comets, “sun turns black”, three days of darkness)
  • Final Harvest, Glory Light upon the Saints
  • Final Nuclear Destruction (Babylon the Great USA, 2 Peter 3:10, 1 Thess 5:3, Rev 18)

A Slightly More Detailed Breakout of Events

Here below is a slightly more detailed breakout of these events.  Again it is not fully possible to establish this list with any great certainty but it appears these events are all on our immediate horizon.

NORTH KOREA TURNING POINT: N. Korea attacks USA & South Korea / Nuke Ed Dames
US ATTACKS SYRIADaniel 11:44-45 Prophecies
FALSE FLAG EVENT: California-New York City Nuke Event(s) / Mega-quake / Martial Law
ISRAEL ATTACKS IRAN: Israel WILL attack Fordow Facility (Tactical Nukes)
THE THIRD SEAL: Financial Collapse, Starts in USA, goes global (Isaiah 19, Shmita year, Sept 2015, ref. Rabbi Cahn)
ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE : “I Shall Silence Mans Machines?” (Godshealer7); and Vision of Maurice Sklar (and more)
OBAMA RATIFIES PEACE DEAL – TD Hale nuclear destruction of US while Obama is President, Earthquakes, Tsunamis
Puerto Rico Comet / Earthquakes Go Global – Ripple Effect Outward / Comets / Tsunamis
THE SIXTH SEAL – Three Days of Darkness / Joel 2 / Isaiah 13, Psalm 91
FINAL HARVEST – Latter rain, manifest sons of God (short duration of time)

For more detailed information and supporting prophecies go HERE.

Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

5 thoughts on “WWIII Events About to Unfold

  1. thanks so much for still posting. i have also discovered ur facebook! i dont fool wi other facebooks much. you know. – as i am sure most of u here u can just feel-the judgement coming. every other person i know-doesnt know any of this. no eyes to see. no clue that the awful thing they are feeling and push away from is gonna be all in their face in das. or weeks. i liked in recent posting-the darkness will come look for you. how are people coping at all wi/out Christ? i dont see how they are making it at all. again -stay on net and post! alot of us are alone in the knowledge that it is all ending. you help. trust me!

    1. I see!! But most of my Christian brothers and sisters don’t want to even acknowledge any of the just blatant in all of our faces signs of the End are here! They say just focus on Jesus, which I am in 200 percent agreement and I will do or go where GOD needs me.. I also read in the word that knowledge and to be alert so that you may not fall asleep. So I see that first and foremost I need to put on the full armour of GOD but to also be alert and ready. Are we not suppose to prepare at all? I am asking because I feel like we all need to be ready to be self sufficent if not for us for the ones that are not Raptured. I would like to join or start a group wherever needed in the US. Teach people to survive when they refuse to take the mark and what options if any available to them depending on what HIS will is. I am praying for his wisdom and guidance. I am ready to travel for the first time in my life is needed. It’s unreal and exciting at the same time:) I am 38 and never thought after reading all 16 books of Left Behind and studying Revelations that I would be living it 5 years later!!!! Praise you Lord Jesus and fill your people with your plan to finish this! Let us all not put your name to shame but glorify you in all ways even die for you!! Light the flame In your church so cups overfloweth so that we may be back home with you Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is Lord, the way , the truth and the life! Let’s show him our dedication and hearts aflame for HIM! Amen. Love to all of you out there hearing these words! Be strong and do not fear because He who is in is is stronger than He who is in the World!:) Over and out! Gregory Michael

      1. If half of the A-List prophets are correct, THIS is the final year of normal life in the US. We need to draw closer through prayer on our knees and be ready to go out into the streets to lead people to Jesus. Forget about survival we are LEAVING this place and we are not from here. GLORY TO GOD.

  2. I have only one misunderstanding.Is it sure that Libya nukes Israel not Liban?Because Liban and Libya are 2 different countries.Libya is a country in northern Africa and Liban is a country next to Israel.

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