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The Key to the Holy Spirit
The Key to the Atonement

Attention all believers!  This is a CALL for PAPERS!

Have you ever watched the dynamic that happens in the scientific and engineering communities when they know they have figured something out but need help “making their case”?  This dynamic is what is referred to as a “Call for Papers”.  This “call for papers” is when the scientific community reaches out to their “body” of experts and says “please submit your papers on this topic”.  They then use the collective knowledge capital of the group of experts to draw impenetrable conclusions.

The “true believers” of Jesus Christ need to STAND and take back our faith from the deception of the infiltrated and impotent church.  We are being systematically disassembled and doused by lies and misconceptions.  The power of our FUEGO is being stripped from us by lies leading to unbelief.  Our fire, our “fuego”, is the Power of the Holy Spirit.  And indeed this POWER ONLY COMES from the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” spoken of in Acts 2:2.

After the Atonement EVERYTHING CHANGED.  After Christ cleansed us of our sins, everything changed.  When Christ sent down the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:2 – EVERYTHING CHANGED!

Do not let the Power of the Holy Spirit be quenched.


The Most Important Verse

I believe that during the challenges we face in the coming years, the MOST IMPORTANT verse in the entire Bible is Ephesians 6:17.

Eph 6:17
And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

I maintain the Bible is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  We simply do not grasp the importance of certain scripture.  Ephesians 6:17 is the key to understanding what happened during Pentecost.  The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is the KEY to everything that is associated with the Power of Jesus Christ and the Heavens manifesting their power here on Earth.

THIS IS PRECISELY WHY a significant portion of “christianity” has been castrated with this LIE that the POWER of the Holy Spirit and Pentecost died with the Apostles.  THIS is the the most horrific mistruth of our entire existence!  THIS single factor alone will lead to the death and millions of Christians that otherwise might have been able to STAND in the face of this Satanic Onslaught but instead will be marched directly into Gas Chambers!

The Sword of the Spirit

Did you ever notice the “Sword of the Spirit” in Ephesians 6:10-20 is the ONLY reference to an OFFENSIVE weapon in the entire Armor of God?  Imagine if you were a soldier at war.  Imagine if you put on your feet shods, and your breastplate, your helmet and held your shield firmly.  What would you be able to accomplish in battle with only those items?  The ONLY thing you could accomplish with only those items is “extending your survival” a little longer.  That’s IT.  Nothing more. 

You could NOT fight at all.

Without the SWORD you cannot STAND.  And the KEY to the entire ARMOR OF GOD is to STAND!!!

Eph 6:11-13

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.


The Systematic Stripping of POWER

We must not underestimate our enemy.  But indeed we have.  We must take back the power that was given to us and STAND. 

I call your attention to the story of Simon Magnus.  Remember the Bible is an understatement.  You simply must grasp this concept to have a proper frame of reference.  Simon Magnus, or “Simon the Magician” was a sorcerer.  But you see, he was not just any sorcerer.  No sir!  He was an extremely well known and POWERFUL sorcerer.

Remember Jannes and Jambres?

2 Tim 3:8-9

Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, disapproved concerning the faith; 9 but they will progress no further, for their folly will be manifest to all, as theirs also was.


Jannes and Jambres were the “sorcerers” that went head to head with Moses as he and Aaron were sent to “set the captives free” from the Pharaoh.  Recall for a moment some of the amazing things they were able to accomplish with their POWER.  They had AMAZING power.  They could turn water into BLOOD.  And that wasn’t the half of it.  Do not underestimate the power of a “sorcerer”.

Moreover, Simon Magnus, was also a sorcerer.  But Simon Magnus watched Paul the apostle in ACTION!  What happened?  Remember that Simon Magnus was so overwhelmed with Paul’s POWER that he went to Paul to get that power.  He was willing to pay big money for that power.  He wanted it really BAD.


And NOW Look at US

How pitiful most Christians have become.  We have enormous factions of Christian religions that have sprung up with a DOCTRINE of utter failure and weakness.  It would take me an entire article to list the groups and “religions” that have existed (and emerged) since Roman times, that have rendered us completely impotent and castrated us of the POWER of the Holy Spirit. 


I maintain with utter assurance from the Holy Ghost that EVERY SINGLE CHRISTIAN during the apostles walk on the earth had the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I ensure you that you are also to have that power today!  I insist that this is the KEY.

It is the attack on this power that has rendered our swords not just “dull” but indeed non-existent.  Many of us simply do not have a sword at all.  We must seek the sword and sharpen the sword with the word of God.  Without the sword you cannot stand.  Without the sword you will NOT get the warning from the Holy Spirit to avoid the enemy and you will be led directly to your demise.

You will not be able to COMMAND the Spirits of Evil to LEAVE IN JESUS NAME!

Much Confusion Dominates

Another challenging subject is this lie that “sin” holds us back. Those of us that are cleansed in the Blood of Jesus Christ and get forgiveness of our sins through the Father whoart in Heaven HAVE NO SIN.  This subject is laced with confusion amongst the believers and it futher renders us impotent through deception.

I just read an article from Tomorrow’s World. They are a seriously confused group. They pointed to Romans 3:23 (we all have sinned and fell short of the glory of God) as a reason why people were being tortured for Christ.

That is a LIE

Last night I had to toss away a Rebecca Brown book on Spiritual Warfare. While her first book was excellent (“He came to set the captives Free”) her second book “Prepare for War” is full of folly and misconceptions about our PAST SINS being the reason why we are under attack from the devil.

This is absolute nonsense, lacks an understanding of the Christ’s Atonement and the major CHANGE that happened to us after we were given the POWER of Christ to live inside of US.  For this reason alone I am absolutely certain that Rebecca Brown never did receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  (I could be wrong but I don’t think that I am.  And if I am wrong – she never learned how to use it properly)  Those of us who have experienced this AMAZING POWER know as a fact that it makes us like JESUS and we can CAST OUT DEVILS AND HEAL THE SICK.

We have been given the power to DO IT OURSELVES.  There is no room for unbelief.  We don’t have time left on earth for this nonsense.  We need to seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit now while we still have time. 

It is the KEY to our survival. 
It is the key to everything.

God is at WAR

GOD is at WAR. The book of JOB is part of reaching this understanding. GOD does not punish.

GOD sets limits on punishment

God does not control what SATAN does, but he PREVENTS Satan from crossing certain lines. AND it appears some of these dynamics of God’s LIMITATIONS were lifted after the Atonement.

It seems to me that AFTER the atonement, AFTER GOD sent his Holy Spirit down to LIVE INSIDE OF US (as a replacement for Jesus’ existence or POWER, here on earth), GOD expects US to fend for ourselves to some degree. He expects US to call down his power and TAKE DOMINION.

We are “buns in the oven” being prepared for a Heavenly Position in God’s army under our King Jesus Christ.  Get it?  We are being TESTED for the sake of Jesus’ future kingdom in the Heavens. Everyone needs to shake off the folly of this earthly existence and understand we are FIGHTING FOR ETERNITY. 



I need to call this dynamic out to the believers so they do not think they are convicted of past behaviors and understand by the power of the Holy Spirit we are EXPECTED to fend for ourselves with the HELP OF GOD.  WE must CALL DOWN the power of the Heavens to assist us. WE must take what is rightfully ours and DO what we were told to do. 

God has changed to “rules of the game” since he gave us HIS POWER TO US through the Holy Spirit that lives INSIDE US.  God no longer sets the same “Job like” limits on Satan’s influence. Instead he gave us the POWER to put limits on Satan OURSELVES.  God will help you, IN THE NAME OF JESUS HIS SON, but he EXPECTS you to take control and dominion over evil.

The Three “I AM”s of Dominion

I give you the THREE “I AMs” of DOMINION

  1. I am the SON OF GOD
  3. I am the SERVANT OF MAN

We are empowered.  We are the brothers of Jesus Christ and “we” are the “Sons of God”.  We have the power. This power comes from the Holy Spirit.  This power is given to you through the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”.

We are the Master of the Devil.  We take dominion and render his power of no effect.  We use the power of Jesus given to us through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to take charge and dominion over the forces of evil.

And last but absolutely not least is “we are the servants of man”.  We are here to FEND for our fellow man.  We are here to fight for the “human beings” survival.  We were created in God’s image to fight for his most beloved creation and bring as many souls along with us to Heaven for Jesus as is possible.  It is our duty.  It is the reason for Christianity. 

Be Blessed in Jesus Name

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