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Obsession to Peace

A SPIRITUAL TRANSITION – (Seen In Articles Here at Tribulation-Now)

I just realized something quite amazing.  If you look at the right side margin of the Tribulation-Now web site (about half way down), you will find an index of articles going back almost a year.  They will be listed by date.  If you take the time to look at the topics from the oldest to the newest you can actually see God working in my life.  This transition is one which the Bible says will happen to those who draw closer to him.  In fact what you see is a transition from “Fear to Praise” and one from “Obsession to Peace”.  I find that utterly astonishing and nothing less than entirely supernatural.  There is absolutely no question the Lord is causing this transition to occur.  I welcome it.  Indeed the lesson to be learned is one of GREAT VALUE to all of us in these dark time ahead.

When you open the doors that I have opened and research thoroughly the enemy’s movement, you realize there is but one escape route.  The most common questions I get from those I council is “What should we do?” “Should we buy guns?”  “Should we store food?”  The answer is simply – “None of the Above“.  If you look for a worldly answer, you will get the intended worldly result.  

The Escape Route

I will spare you the knowledge I have of why such worldly pursuits will do you no good at all.  My mission is no longer one of fear but one of peace.  While this does not mean that Tribulation-Now will stop posting articles related to the enemy’s movements (Ezekiel 33:6), what you can indeed “take to the bank” is that the enemy has already put into place a thorough plan of total control and destruction.  If you store food, the enemy will take it away. If you grow food in your back yard, the enemy will come and destroy it. If you hide in the woods, the enemy will find you.  If you buy guns, the enemy will kill you and your family.  For each of these scenarios I can prove to you that the enemy has instituted laws and the means to ensure you have no “escape route”.  BUT FEAR NOT!!  This is actually the BEST PART.

The escape route is not worldly. Manna comes from heaven and is a result of peace, praise, and trust. You “overcome” by doing what the Lord has told you to do a THOUSAND TIMES by his own divine Word – The BIBLE.  The secret lies within the thousands of stories, parables, and idioms.  The answer is not to be found here in the physical but instead lies within the spiritual.  God, YHWH God, will take care of everything.  But I warn you!  If you do not establish and exercise that spiritual relationship and (as Paul said) “stir up the spirit” within you – it won’t work.  If you let the news and events in the world instill fear into your spiritual existence, the “accuser” will point his finger at you and tell God – “SEE!” The “accuser” will take advantage of your weakness and YOU will lead to your own “worldly demise”.  Do not let this illusion trip you up.  This is all a test of your faith.  GIVE IT UP to the Lord Jesus.  Take the peace that is yours already and know the manna will come.


I strongly recommend you get the book entitled “He Came to Set the Captives Free”.  I have bought three of them.  One I sent to my sister, the other I lent to a friend (wink), and I just recently bought another one to read for the third time.  The lessons to be learned from this book are crucially important especially now.

The book tells the true story of a medical doctor (the author of the book), who was led by the Lord into town that was filled with practicing Satanists of “The Brotherhood”.  They are for real, they do exist, they do practice and you might actually work right beside one of them during the day. 

During one event described in the book, this highly empowered Satanic cult leader by the name of Elaine was sent on a “seek and destroy” mission on behalf of their organization.  (Many murders today are done by such groups but you often do not get the full story from the police or the news because the members are often highly influential government officials, military, and law enforcement).  This murderous mission which Elaine was sent to do included finding and killing a family which spent their time leading members of the local “Brotherhood” cult to Jesus.  Her job, with her fellow Satanists, was to go to the house in the middle of the night and “get rid of the problem”. 

Elaine and her team of evil doers brought down their most sinister Satanic powers and embarked on their mission of murder.  As they approached this lone house, in the middle of the night, the house was SUDDENLY SURROUNDED BY GLORIOUS WHITE ANGELS ARM IN ARM.  The murderous Satanists used all their hellish powers to penetrate these glorious white angels but simply bounced back in disgrace and amazement.

Then, (to my utter astonishment), one of the Angels said to Elaine in the sweetest most loving voice she had ever heard “Why don’t you come to Jesus?  He gave his life for you. He loves you.”  Amongst this vicious hatred, in the middle of a dark night on a journey of murder, these Angels not only protected the Lord’s people as they slept peacefully, but they tried to explain to the Satanists that Jesus loves them.  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

If you think I am a fool for believing this story, I pray for your soul in Jesus Name.  This type of thing happens all the time and we are too stupid to realize it.  READ A BOOK.  Try the Bible perhaps.

(Your Transition Awaits You)

Matt 6:6-7

6 But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.


These days, I believe more than ever in (and am striving for) a continuous, spiritual existence with God – amplified through continuous prayer and praise all day long. I found myself becoming lost in a deep spiritual / emotional connection with the Lord through such prayer. Once the peace engulfed my spirit during a deep praise with the Lord starting at 3 AM and lasting for about an hour. I heard a symphony of voices praying from my spirit into heaven. That peace followed me into work that day and lasted until nearly mid day. Naturally the enemy, which resides within the earthly spiritual realm, battered my mind to the point where I wondered if I was not going insane with the feelings of peace and worldly disconnect. But then I thought to myself, how can that be? If what I was feeling was not of God then where did it come from? Because we are but a “breath” passing through a world of vibrations of sound which are nothing but a persistent and stubborn illusion amidst God’s glory. The Lord told me the peace I felt was actually the reality and my “coming back to earth” was the unfortunate illusion we all must survive – in order to do His will (on earth as it is in heaven).

I hope you can join me in my effort to “supplicate” (deep prayer) and earnest continuous praise with the Lord all day long. We need to “exercise” and “roust up” our faith in these challenging times and take advantage of his peace of mind – which is a side effect of continuous praise and singing to our Lord. I believe he loves us so much, that we probably don’t even have to ask for our needs if we only would give him the continuous honor he so desperately seeks from his greatest and most wonderful creations.  Us.

Knock down the cloud of evil that surrounds you and open the door for the glory of his love and conquering, healing, energy – so it miraculously enters your life – so his blessings will naturally flow – and your earthly needs will be automatically fulfilled.  Fulfillment of your needs are but a mere side effect of what he wants for you anyway.

-In Jesus Name

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8 thoughts on “THE ESCAPE ROUTE

  1. Fnatastic, these are the same conclusions and results I have been coming to with the LORD's leading. The more I dig into the end-game scenario, the more peace I get from our LORD that HE alone will be our sustenance. Thankyou for your faithfulness….

  2. Dear Anonymous I sure wish you would email me at [email protected]. I would be blessed to get to know you.

    Thank you so much. I have become more spiritual since this work began than ever before in my life. I'd love to hear more.

  3. Dear John, I know that fear anger shame keep us from the peace of God. I have been dealing with this. I am going through a very trying time in my life. I know that the fire is going to get hotter. I am thank-ful for this in my life because I am dealing with these three and have had wounderful results. My faith is being tested in prepration for what is comming. Thank-you for your words of encouragment.

  4. When God says we draw closer to him through difficulty he isn't kidding. When he says our trials are for our own good – he isn't kidding. When you SEE how amazing the "prize" is for drawing closer to Jesus – you will FREAK OUT! This earthly existence is utterly trivial and nothing else should matter to us but being worthy to move on to the "next level". We are SO LUCKY (Blessed). Thank you for writing me.

  5. Hi John,

    I stumbled onto your website, however, several years ago in the early 90's I had already bought and read all of Rebecca Brown's books. I was born and raised Catholic by very devout parents who are good, God fearning people. I always felt out of place and by the time I was 18 was reading my bible on my own and questioning alot of things Catholic to my parents dismay. I have on and off been reading and studying the bible since the 80's. Last year I started reading alot about the Nephlim, fallen angels, history of Egypt, etc. Everything seemed to make sense to me and I have been hooked since then to learn more. To hear me try to explain my beliefs to friends I know I sound like a crazy person. Thank you for your website, I don't feel like I'm alone in my beliefs anymore. The more my eyes are opened the more I think most people are in big big trouble. I did start stocking up on food, haven't bought a gun yet, live in California but recently have begun to feel like why am i doing all this survival preparation, aren't I supposed to trust in the Lord and have faith? I'm still undecided about the survival mode, I'm sure God doesn't want us just doing nothing and waiting on him to supply everything right? I mean that parable in the bible about the bridesmaids waiting for the groom and some of them not being prepared with enough oil….doesn't that tell us that the foolish ones only hope for the best and do not prepare for the worst possibility? What do you think?

  6. Sorry for the long delay answering this message. There is a balance here on earth if your survival instincts are UNSELFISH! Hiding in a mountain is foolish. If you want to "survive" (God bless your earthly heart) then do so for the Glorification of Jesus and not because you think you are doing yourself some good. It's all about balance, but God isn't interested in your earthly fear. He will help you survive if your heart is in the right place and your intentions are HOLY. In that case stashing some gold may be in order or moving to a location might be smart. But if you intend to hide from the forces of evil you only prolong the inevitable and for no good reason. The ONLY reason to survive is the GLORIFY GOD and save souls for Jesus.

  7. This is a fresh perspective as aware Christians and non-Christians prepare for the coming storm. I have always thought of preparation in terms of when Daniel was second to Pharoah over Egypt. God showed him tough times were coming. He saved up grain during the times of prosperity, and for the following seven years (!?!) of famine in the lands, they survived off that grain and prospered(Gen. 41-47). To your point, it worked out to the glory of God… it was not just for selfish purposes. Still, is food preparation 'unbelief'? We may not all have the faith of Isaiah. It may vary from person to person.

  8. Yes agreed.

    BUT many will not have the resources to have food stock. AND the NWO will confiscate stored food under the "no hoarding" laws. Plus any good Christian must share their food with the hungry.

    FAITH wins the battle every time.
    Chariots of Fire

    Mana from heaven.

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