Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel, & God (Part One)

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Unavoidable Realities We Must Deal With
The Hardest Article Ever Attempted

As Christians we face a very difficult future in defending our faith, particularly when you realize what you will soon be up against.  This article (or perhaps series of articles) will be “laced” with TONS of information from MANY SOURCES because the topic is far to vast to sum up.  Perhaps this was by “extraterrestrial” design.  But first let’s be clear about the word “extraterrestrial”.  In the context of this article it simply means “not of the earth”.  It more accurately means – not of this “dimension”.  Before you read onward, be advised, I am not alone in trying to raise the flag on this topic.  Other well known Christians are beginning to step forward. (Chuck Missler, Tom Horn, Michael S. Heiser, Stephen Quayle, etc.)  Each time I “hint” at sources of information (of which you can pursue further study) I will leave behind “key words” and sometimes link you to other sources.  You will need to do your own homework.  But be careful because there is an ocean of information available and it is DEEP in lies and deception.

Let’s start with Zechariah 5:1.  The NKJV of the Bible refers to this as the “Vision of the Flying Scroll”.

Zech 5:1-3 

5 Then I turned and raised my eyes, and saw there a flying scroll. 2 And he said to me, “What do you see?” So I answered, “I see a flying scroll. Its length is twenty cubits and its width ten cubits.” 3 Then he said to me, “This is the curse that goes out over the face of the whole earth:


So I leave you with this verse to ponder.  What was it that Zechariah actually saw?  Yes God did write a curse on the object (Zech 5:3-4) but that is not the question.  Some translations identify this “object” as a flying “roll”.  The actual size is identified as 30 feet wide and 15 feet long.  Hmmm.  Why do you supposed the size of the object was important enough to mention? Why do you think God sent it across all the earth? Why was it “flying”?  Was it just one that God sent or was it a symbolic representation of many over time? If you are going to tackle this subject, particularly with scripture, you will need to really open your mind. (Think Acts 17:11) There are some really strange things that are about to be revealed.  Like it or not, you better start getting smart about this information now, or as a Christian you will be seen as a “real gullible idiot”.

 If it isn’t bad enough we have to contend with 1) dinosaurs, 2) earth’s actual age at millions of years, 3) carbon dating on archaeological finds, and 4) the Satanist Darwin and his lying “theory”, we will soon have to deal with this “UFO” nonsense.  Be careful here because I am not suggesting that people have not seen UFOs. I am positive there are millions of credible people who “think” they were abducted by “aliens”. But what I am TELLING YOU  is that they are not “flying saucers” coming from other “planets”.  In fact a number of sources indicate they are far more likely “inter-dimensional” in their nature.  They are objects that can “move in and out” of dimensions that we, as humans, are not able to perceive.

 Boy is this complicated.  I’ve known about this subject for more than 2 years but hesitated to attempt tackling it because of its complexity.

The Great Deception of God

Tribulation-Now has taken on a challenge of monumental proportions.  As I started this research I mapped out on a white-board, all the major topics associated with this forthcoming “great delusion” to be sent by God.  It included the New World Order, the Occult, Ancient Civilizations (Sumerians), Bloodlines of Satanic Cultures (Black Nobility, Templars, etc.), and with GREAT HESITATION even this UFO topic (and ultimately discovered they are all “linked”). Indeed that was my most difficult mental battle.  While like everyone else I knew all about the Roswell incident and watched the History Channel specials on UFOs, I just could not accept in my mind that I would have to face up to them as reality. What really blew my mind was Nostradamus.  That was when I actually “blew a fuse”.  When I realized that the final writings of Nostradamus had vivid prophecies of UFOs and cosmic battles I actually tossed the reading aside and stopped all of my research for several months.  While I know that Nostradamus was not a stranger to the occult and practiced alchemy and hallucinogenic drug intoxication, (common amongst oracles and “seers” of the Satanic world), I DID NOT think he was predicting “flying saucers”.  For me that was the last straw.

But instead it was the door that opened my unbelieving eyes.



2 Thess 2:11-12

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.


The Paradox

In fact, the Government has known about this UFO / alien thing for quite some time.  But here is the hardest part of the paradox you must get your arms around before proceeding.  Satan, the deceiver, is much more powerful and clever than any of us might imagine.  And the Almighty God (YHWH) and he are at war.  They have been at war for at least 6 thousand years (since Adams seed), and some argue a LOT LONGER than that.  When you understand that God is eternal, and there are allusions to time dimension “gaps” throughout Genesis, it provides for an understanding that the earth is in fact millions of years old and the Bible does not record every part of the earth’s existence since God created “light”.  Keep in mind, during the end-times KNOWLEDGE increases substantially.  Welcome to some of that knowledge but be warned … time is short.

 You MUST understand the enemy’s tactics. The single most important TACTIC you must understand is the nature of the occult world.  All the occult groups use a pyramidic structure of “hidden knowledge”.  Only those “invited” into the upper echelon get to hear the whole story.  And only the tiny group at the very tip top get to actually “talk to Satan” and hear the “master plan” live and in person.  Each level (or degree) of these groups get told a “little more” as they (or if they) progress to the next level.  The rest are all given lies.    This means that every group of Satan’s army has a different “degree” of information.  So ultimately they are ALL DECEIVED.  Depending on who you get information from, it will be different.  Many who think they are “at the top” don’t know the half of the story.  So in any occult group, be it the Illuminati, the Masons, the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Rosicrucians, the Brotherhood, the Jesuits, the Vatican, the CIA, Israeli Mossad, the MI6, the U.S. Military “Black Ops” – you NAME IT – there are millions of people who are “involved” but have NO UNDERSTANDING of the master plan.  Only the ultra-elite know.  The very chosen few.

(So you ask me … “How do I know”?  Two reasons.  The Holy Spirit of God in me and THREE YEARS of intense research down every dark alley of the enemy’s territory.  Hundreds of hours of lectures (at least a Ph.D.) I have more than $2000 dollars worth of books, lectures, DVDs, testimonies, etc. from every subject available.  And the method of ‘triangulating’ this research is what I refer to as the “Venn Diagram” method of study.  You keep and open mind and study the material from all the unrelated sources.  Satanists, New World Order, History, Mythology (which actually has more truth in it than you might imagine), Government Black Ops, Ancient Egypt, UFOs and alien abduction testimonies, AND GUESS WHAT?  They ALL have information that “intersects”!  They all have information that “correlates” and agrees on certain topics.  They all point straight back to the YHWH God and Jesus Christ.  Shocked?  Yep!  Me too – that’s why I am trying to write this article).

This is not only a war against the Jews and the Christians, but in fact a war against all mankind.  Satan does not like humans.  We are made in YHWH’s image.  In fact God has a master plan for all of us (who successfully pass this test on earth) and Satan doesn’t like that either.

Tough Love

Since the “fallen angels” (that’s a mis-interpretation by the way) of Genesis 6 that “raped” women of their choosing here on earth and gave birth to “Nephilim” (giants, men of great stature), Satan has been hard at work attacking the integrity of the human’s gene pool.  THAT IS WHY God sent his people into the land of Canaan to slaughter men, women and children.  This is not an issue of God being duplicitous in his loving nature.  This has to do with a concept we have all forgotten about.  Its a concept known as “Tough Love”.  Tough love says that sometimes you love your wife so much that you are willing to KILL the rapist in order to STOP her from being raped and killed.  Don’t you see?  God loves us so much that he will do ANYTHING to save us from this raging battle of human destruction. He doesn’t want us to burn in Hell for eternity.  That’s why he sent his son Jesus.  By removing “SIN” from us sacrificially in the “spirit world” he provided a means to protect at least SOME of his creations … his greatest love.  Us.  That took the WIND out of Satan’s sails.  He is the “great accuser”.  (Refer to Job).  Satan points his finger at us and says “LOOK THEY SIN” knowing that God cannot accept sin into his heavens.  By giving us a chance to escape the extraterrestrial consequences of sin, God gave us a divine escape route that leads to “another dimension”.  You have to think PAST your meager earthly existence and try to grasp the concept of spiritual eternity before any of this starts to make sense. 

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

– J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director

You see, even J. Edgar Hoover has some information.  But it is doubtful that he had all of it.  He probably knew about the UFO / alien stuff.  He probably knew about the “upper echelon” of the “elite” that are planning to conquer the world and create global government.  I would not at all be surprised if he knew about the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) where they are reportedly keeping “various alien species” and experimenting with “human babies” captured through fake “child adoption” fronts and born into Mind Control (see the book “Tranceformation of America”) and Satanic operations through undisclosed births (to the tune of millions used in Satanic sacrificial ceremonies).  Who can guess what he knew? Who can guess how much any of them know.  But if you knew what I know, you would be ASTONISHED.

My Tough Love

So I share with you my personal battle with “tough love”.  First read Ephesians 5:11-12.

Eph 5:11-12

11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. 12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.


Note verse 12.  “It is a shame to even speak of those things which are done of them in secret”.  I have struggled with this verse for more than a year now and it has prevented me from telling you what I know.  However I relate this verse to another verse in the Bible that tells of “vain repetitions” in prayer (Matt. 6:7).  This is tricky territory scripturally. One one hand we are told to “reprove” them.  We are told to be “watchmen” on the wall (Ezek. 33:6) and we are told by Jesus to be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves”.  If we are to be “wise as serpents” (devils, e.g. Satan’s demons), then how does one accomplish this without studying the enemy?  How does one “reprove” evil if one is not able to identify evil?  What if the “Watchman on the Wall” knows that “aliens” are demons and has information that demonstrates this to other Christians?  You have a moral obligation to report it.  We have to use Jude 1:23 to “save with fear” pulling them out of the fire.

Jude 23

23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.


I believe there is a balance of spiritual common sense that must be applied to this guidance.  What I will NOT DO is speak of their actual “practices” (the Satanists) except to point out what you MUST know to be aware of the vastness of their evil plot against all of humanity.  I will NOT speak of “evil incantations” and their “grimoires” (books of magick) that are used to conjure up demons etc.  I only mention them to point out there is MUCH information that found its way into my library that I have destroyed.  It is pure evil and it is to be aggressively avoided.  That is where I draw the line. 

But REPROVE I WILL In Jesus Name!

The Queen Mother, The CERN Accelerator, & Dimensional Demons

To keep you interested I will close this article on this “connected” set of findings.

The title of this article (in the link below) is:

‘Something may come through’ dimensional ‘doors’ at LHC

This subject just recently got huge exposure because Stephen Hawking, a world renowned physics scientist, exposed his thoughts on inter-dimensions related to the CERN Accelerator.  You see the CERN Accelerator has been seen as HIGHLY controversial.  The reason this monstrous particle accelerator was supposedly created was to find the Higgs “boson” particle which is also known as the “God particle”.  It is controversial because physics experts worry that should the collider actually “hit” a Higgs boson particle, it could “poke a hole” in the earth’s separation between other dimensions.  That is what our Hollywood minds would see as a “Star Gate”.  And guess what comes through “Star Gates”?  Yep – “aliens”!

Oh but it gets much stranger when you have dug as deep as I have.

It turns out that the Queen Mother of England invested several Billion into this CERN accelerator.  But why?  Is she a great lover of physics?  Nope.  As a matter of fact, an Illuminati defector (by the fake name of Arizona Wilder), tells a much darker story of the Queen Mother.  Ms. Wilder was bread from birth to be a “Mother Goddess”. There are only 3 of them allowed on the earth at one time.  A “mother goddess” is the absolute Grand Master of Ceremonies during Satanic rituals with the “ultra-elite”.  While I am keeping back the “abominations” part of the story, I can tell you that the Queen Mother, many world leaders, many world Royalty, many members of the Bilderbergers, many famous scientist (such as Zechariah Sitchin) and many U.S. congressmen and presidents, have attended these ultra-elite Satanic ceremonies.  There are endless books written on this subject as well.  But none as revealing as Ms. Wilder’s testimony.

I leave you with these questions to ponder:

  • Why would a Satanist leader want to build the CERN accelerator?
  • Why did Princess Diana tell her best friend the Windsors were “reptiles”?
  • Is it possible, maybe likely, these “aliens” are demons?
  • Why did Ronald Regan suggest to the U.N. we all need to get along in case of an alien threat?
  • What is the act of “perfect possession” that Father Malachi Martin spoke of?
  • Why did the Vatican recently tell us we may have to accept alien life as one of God’s creatures?
  • If these “aliens” are actually demons from another dimension, are they not similar in effect to the “sons of God” or Bene Ha Elohim from Genesis 6:2 that came down to earth, raped women, and created giant offspring that filled the earth and came back after the FLOOD?
  • Why did God bring the flood in the first place?  Why was he disgusted with what happened to the seed of man that he should want to destroy all of mankind?

The list goes on and on and on.

The Satanists are preparing to open a Star Gate and bring more of their “buddies” through the dimension (that God has trapped them in) to join them here on earth in this cosmic battle.  God is about to bring a flood of FIRE to destroy them all.

In the trappings of ancient Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek, there lies a wealth of hints in the Bible about these things but our minds glaze over it in ignorance.  Just use your concordance and search on the word “cosmic” or “heavenly hosts” and ponder it for a moment.  There is so much we don’t know and there is so much we will have to deal with very – VERY SOON.

May God Bless and Keep You
May God Shine His Eyes Upon You
May You Seek the Gift of the Holy Spirit Earnestly




(perhaps more to come)



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66 thoughts on “Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel, & God (Part One)

  1. Incredible information Johnny B. I pray whoever reads this as a Christian will take it to the Lord in prayer. Thank you Jesus that Christians will have DISCERNMENT in the coming times. Wow I just noticed "CERN" in discernment. God Bless you Johnny B.

  2. I know how you feel when stepping in the part of the Bible and the dark side of modern human life. It is very scarey to offer any thought or attention to such dark forces. It is not what Christians have done up to now.

    But it is what we must address now with all that was hidden but that is coming out in the open to confront Christians. We must trust that God will protect us from this evil as we expose it for the purpose of warning other Christians. That is the season we are living within – like it or not. You would be nuts to like it!

    Deliver us from evil, Lord, and use us to your highest purpose to protect and deliver the souls of your people from evil's plans, confusion and attack. Lord we pray that all of your people may be kept holy in your sight and spirit until Jesus returns to defeat evil on earth.

  3. What an amazing article. You've perfectly described my journey through the maze of information, and lies. Remembering that the most powerful weapon we've got available to us as Christians is the power of prayer. May God continue to bless you through your journey.

  4. Could this paral opening in the CERN accelerator the the opening of the abyss mentioned in Revalations that brings forth the "locust"?

  5. Nice! So far, you've put into words what I've been thinking for awhile. I stand on my porch at night and look at the stars, and tell my daughter that if we did see a UFO, it's really a demonic spirit traveling. That's what they are. And the bilderberg and bohemian grove assemblies, how can one contest that those aren't satanic? Really, good job pulling it together so far. Thanks!

  6. John, Right on I have been studying Chuck Missler, Steve Quayle, Tom Horn and others on these subjects, You left out crop circles ?
    I've been blogging at
    regarding Nephilim, Wormwood, Mark of the Beast and the Assyrian Anti-Christ.Keep it coming. Jesus saves !!! steve

  7. I co-host a paranormal radio show and have written 39 paranormal books-most notably books on Steven Gibbs, inventor of the Hyper-dimensional resonator(HDR) unit which can be used for time and interdimensional travel. Steve has constant harassment as someone very powerful does NOT want this knowledge in public hands! There is a stargate in Iraq and this is the reason for the Iraq wars!

  8. Excellent start!! I know you are on the right track and your caution is appreciated. There are many millions that need the truth you are getting to.I pray that the Holy Spirit guide, instruct, reveal truth and protect you in this endeavor.

  9. "Queen Mother" did what????!! where's the link to more info to support?

  10. Once I saw you lump LDS in your occult list I knew you yourself have been deceived. I dont pretend to have the same degree or level of knowledge that the Prophet of my Church has, but I am indeed aware of my Heavenly Father's plan, and my Savior Jesus Christ's role in that plan. You warn of the traps that you have fallen into yourself.

    1. Latter day saints were originated by the same occult groups as the Jehovahs Witnesses and both derive from the same occult origins. Keep searching and praying for truth my friend and the Lord and his glorious truth shall set you free. Be blessed in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

  11. Among that $2000.00 in material do
    you have a copy of the Protocals
    of Zion or maybe some historical
    research into Zionism, the Jewish
    led, communist murder of ten's of
    millions of Russian Christians or
    maybe info on the true identity
    of these Ashkenazi Khazar people
    posing as God's chosen?? I have researched for 33 years, would you like to see my Library??

  12. Yup, this is all true…anyone who thinks these "alens" are anything but demonic is deluded…God bless all who read,see,and hear!

  13. Chris, open your mind. I have researched this subject for many years now. I was not a religious person in the begining. I am now !!!!. It takes years to connect the dots.
    If you get to much information to fast, You may have a mental break down. You need to know what it is that you will be fighting in the very near future. Once you start to understand, it will empower you to be brave and stong. They want you to fear them, That's their power.

    Gods speed Chris

  14. In quoting the paragraph :

    "The Satanists are preparing to open a Star Gate and bring more of their "buddies" through the dimension (that God has trapped them in) to join them here on earth in this cosmic battle. God is about to bring a flood of FIRE to destroy them all."


    Watch the 1986 movie "Howard the Duck" – it portrays this scenario exactly.

    The movie got bad reviews, but when I watched it in its original release, I KNEW EXACTLY what it was portraying!!! And that's because the Spirit bore witness with my spirit.

    This movie is not a "Christian" movie. It is secular, with secular material in some places. But if you are bold enough, and the Spirit has given you permission to watch it, then watch … and learn!

    And that will be just for starters …

  15. Madbul the abyss can not open untill it's time as to when the star falls with the key i'd say pretty soon. Good info of course the sheeple will bleet, on my own I have researched the same thing and do not see any faults in your presentation. Tony

  16. I cant believe that I have finally found someone else who has studied these facts relentlessly. I have done the same for about 15 years and have come to the same conclusions. Praise our Heavenly Father for gifting you with the knowledge and the ablity to share it with our Brothers and Sisters. BE VERY CAREFUL though! Satan will put so many obstacles in your path that you will get discouraged from time to time. The HOLY SPIRIT will be with you….AMEN

  17. @chris,
    It is a fact that the LDS is deceived.

    You have been brainwashed. Do, please, research the true origins of Masonry, the name Hesus Christos, etc. You will find nothing but pagan ideology (yes christians, your religion was born of paganism, sorry to break it to you)

    May want to look into why you call the Most High a pagan title such as "god, lord" etc. He has a name, it isn't god, and it isn't Jesus.

    The image of the cross is nowhere in the scriptures, if you find it, and are told by the scriptures to worship/wear it like the Egyptians (who worshipped the sun, and many other pagan gods) do, go ahead and quote the passages that tell you to.

    Christmas. Do i need to even go here?
    Easter.. lol

    What about the Sabbath? Does anyone follow the law (as you are told MANY TIMES by the messiah that you MUST TO BE SAVED) anymore??

  18. Could someone please explain the theological weak link that allows Satan ACCESS to "the daughters of men" in the sense that Steve Quayle Implies, without directly violating the quote "free agency" of man. Obviously if man opens the door himself, then that was his own poor decision. But in many of these discussions there seems to be this implied notion that otherwise good Christians can be violated at will by malevolent beings? If this is the case, it would be truly disturbing, and then where would that rate God's power and His ability to control things on earth relative to Satan's?

    I believe that man may indeed be able to somewhat part the veil by dabbling in evil or taboo areas. Inadvertently broadcasting your personal address by dabbling in the occult or related activities can be akin to making a phone call that is then caller ID -eed by malevolent beings, and once that occurs, a door is opened that is then very difficult to close.

    Secondly, while I respect the intellect of Stephen Hawking, ANY intelligence sufficiently advanced to traverse the universe at greater that light speeds, or inter-dimensionally, would have ABSOLUTELY ZERO NEED OF RESOURCES OR MANPOWER OF ANY KIND FROM ANY OTHER PLANET IN THE UNIVERSE PERIOD! The idea is infantile and totally absurd. The research in "Cold Fusion" over the past 13+ years is now beyond reproach in credibility. Many of the labs involved have discovered elements present that were NOT present before the reactions begin. Transmutations are occurring at room temperature, and without radiation. The several elements present are transmutating into other elements.

    Now give me a break, just imagine what an intelligence 200 years ahead of us would be capable of? Let alone 2,000 or 200,000 years ahead of us, whether they were benevolent or malevolent! Resources and energy would be the least of their needs. Their spiritual and intellectual desires and interests may me another matter altogether.

  19. Chris, has it ever occured to you that you are the one that has fallen into a trap?

  20. I have read so much about all of this for the past two years, doing my own research as well and feeling that the Holy Spirit has led me to this the whole time. There is a wealth of info out there for people if they would only open their eyes and hearts to it. I have been guided to the same information and I am glad that you are sharing all of this on your blog for people who are willing to consider it. Bless you for your efforts……….

  21. Great conclusion as I agree with most of everything you said minus the fallen ones(demons)raping human women to mess with the gene pool. It's simple: Sons of God doesn't only mean angels. It is any being that is part of the kingdom or who accepts God. Sons of God are righteous humans. So, righteous men who were giants, because before and after the flood humans were taller or giants ,of renown fell to worldly idolizing women. But that isn't the point here. The offspring also became tyrants or men of renown.

    I have been studying all of what you said for more than 2o years now with my own experiences in believing false prophets, aliens, ghosts, you name it. I guess you could say I took a bite of the forbidden fruit and almost became of a subscriber of the esoteric kind. Humans have an insatiable lust for the unknown and the Mysteries. Just like our first parents.

    Then I learned about Gods word. I am glad I was able to journey along the path of dark side as one with an open mind to be able to see, but only after I accepted the truth of Gods word and His Christ. My journey began with the Philadelphia Experiment which then lead me to everything else and you are right. Every level and aspect of the dark side do converge at a common point. Satan, his demons and his human agents are tying it up all together for the culmination at the very near end.

    All of these levels of control and deception, misinformation and disinformation, from Tesla to Aleister Crowley to Area 51 to the conspiracy within the UFO community/groupies to mind control to Jesuit control of the rest of the pyramid below them to the control and eventual destruction of our natural foods and crops to holograms and haarp. There is a total onslaught on the human's mind to such an extent I don't think 'truthers' even know how much and how secretive they are being attacked. The only safe haven is God's Word. Its a refuge for it is the Spirit of God that seals us from all of this.

    But please folks, don't disregard the truth about the Mark being a future enactment of Sunday Worship on all mankind.

  22. Just think about it: Morality is at an all time low. The world is dying and being misused and abused as it is spun these days. The common theme is unity already as promoted by the UN and the Vatican. They are already discussing a National Day of rest as we speak. Religious leaders are saying the earths calamities is God's wrath because we humans are destroying it and ourselves because of our global and pandemic effects of sin and a people who are ignorant of a God who created them. Never before has this happened. 5 years ago Sunday dialogue was unheard of because of the pluralism supposedly would keep a Jew or a Muslim or a Buddhist from accepting a christian holy day as a uniting bond due to differences. But not anymore. All you have to do is Google the phrase: The "Sunday Law" and your eyes will be opened further to much more astonishing truth for at the end of the day it will be about which God you will worship. Yahweh on His appointed day OR Lucifer's substitute and counterfeit.

    How and when you worship will ultimately "identify" you or mark you with what system you agree with. Yahweh's or the fallen angel's through the revived roman papal empire in America as foretold in Revelation.

    Again Google: Sunday Law, Blue Laws in Colonial America, Blair Bill of 1888, The Mark of Her Authority.

    God bless and Maranatha!

    Son of Nun

    It is time for thee to work, oh Lord, for they have made void your Law. Psalm 119:126

    From my studies, there will be a spiritual Hegelian Dialect of heart stopping proportions to get the world under one banner.

    In the end it is about worship and the only way the Beast will enforce everyone to accept the Mark of the Beast or her authority will be through enforcement of legislation for this is the way a "system" makes anyone or the masses 'obey'.

    Sunday as a National/Global Day of Rest is already being promoted and currently legislated as the Universal(Catholic in Latin)day in which we all "Christians", New Agers, Pagans, whatever, have to reconsecrate as a day of rest in order to "reconnect" with relationships, community, world, and God. And in that order, ironically, because the spin on this is not religious, rather a secular rest day. But create the right moral crisis and before you know it the "sheeple" will be calling for what the false religious leaders and politicians, and the vatican are already pushing: Keeping the Sun-Day sacred.

    I urge all to research for yourself. The Sunday law is here my friends and I wish all of you to come out of Babylon the Mother of Harlots and her daughters, corrupt Protestantism that still keeps Sunday as admitted authority from Rome. For it was they that transferred Sabbaths solemnity to the first day-the Sun-day.

    1. Accept the one whose faith is weak, without quarreling over disputable matters.

      One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind. Whoever regards one day as special does so to the Lord

      So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves.
      Romans 14:1, 5, 6 and 22

      With all due respect, the only law I will ever honor is the greatest commandment in the Law given by Christ:

      “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ALL the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Matthew 22:37-40 (emphasis mine)

  23. You are doing exactly what's expected in these last days. The Bible is but a guide to the supernatural.
    I have spent the last three years studying as well and came to the same conclusions. The last month making videos with the vast amount of knowledge I have gained with the help of the Holy Spirit. Please spread the truth without shame.
    With the synchronicity of events and subjects covered in our media of every venue, it's not hard to reason why we need to connect with one another in spreading the truth.
    Steve, Stan, Chuck, Michael, Patrick Heron, are authorities on these subjects but we need to be an 'understudy' so to speak. Humanity's future depends on people like us.
    To be spent in the fire is to be cleansed. Oh, they can kill our body but not our soul/spirit if we are have a personal relationship with God.
    What really sad is there are so many people who go to these infiltrated churches every 'sun'day and think they are safe. The delusion is in the doctrines of rapture.
    These so called ascended masters are fallen angels and are coming to scalp your souls if you don't know the truth!

  24. It appears that many have forgotten how steeped on inter-dimensional experiences we in the western civilized world are. Interdimensionality is in itself a cognitive perception. It manifests to our senses under the guise of influence. In remoter times, and at present in remoter places, such influences as the changes in weather, the moon's phases, or the planetary influences, have all colored man's perceptions, and suggested to his cognition the possibility of interdimensionality. A simple walk in the woods, or perhaps even a park, has the potential to awaken a sense of iterdimensionality. As interdimensionality is a cognitive perception, it's observation depends entirely upon the sensitivity of the perceiver. Probably the most intrusive sense of interdimentionality, and in a most negative aspect, are present in environments of carnage and slaughter; such as battlefields and places of pagan sacrifice. However, groves and even simple gardens have an interdimentional quality. From the ancient monoliths, to contemporary Zen gardens, man has shown a propensity to reproduce environmentally a sense of interdimensionality. Since the advent of the present technological era man has made a leap in interdimensionality. At one time the American family once sat poised before the family radio, to experience the sense of another dimension. The theater, television, and perhaps even a ride in an automobile, have the potential to deliver an interdimensional experience. The most common interdimensional experiences of today's moderns are technologically induced. In more remote times interdimsional experiences were the result of more naturally occurring phenomena. The modern man is so immersed in technological interdimensionality that he would appear to be, for all intents and purposes, absolutely jaded in respect to their perception. Perhaps in the future we will witness a war between these benign and naturally occurring interdimensiional perceptions, and the more artificially produced technological ones, that are so alien in nature; and so detrimental to the psyche.

  25. "The Lord be with you"…

    I would like to mention a few things.
    First, thank you for sharing your research as it seems your intentions are good. You must feel it is your responsibility to let people know of the coming horrors the souls on this earth will face.

    The Lord told us that the truth will save us, and its hard even for todays Christians to know the truth with all this deceit(satan and his elite followers) that surrounds us and blinds us. Well, the truth is the word of God, the Bible he left us to live by. Even today the many versions of the Bible were rewritten by members of the elite (illuminati) to 'little by little' take us further away from the truth.

    Please pray even before reading the Bible for the truth that every one of us needs to enter the Kingdom of Heaven that the Lord prepared for us.
    God gave us the only most important emotion we need, LOVE. Every other emotion is from another source… since there is ONLY good and evil, you dont need to look far to know where it comes from.

    *My point of this reply*
    Therefore even the fear of the thought that one is responsible for everyone else is not right. Reading your article made me think you may fell this way. Fear derives from sin. We fear God because we know we are sinners.

    Its good to know the truth yes… but we are all responsible for ourselves. When you think about it, we have the most power above everything. God gave us 'Free Will' which gives us the authority to choose our path. Its amazing just to think that we hold the end result for our individual souls. Thats why we shall fear no evil. People are afraid of death when they should understand that death is just the beginning. We cannot change what will happen. we just have to make the "RIGHT" 'free will' choice. When we do, we will not have the need to anxiously await another natural disaster or war or read all these 'end of times' articles getting more scared.

    If you fear death, your soul still needs to repent. Read the Bible and Pray.

    May God Bless you All.


    1. You make a convincing point, but if you feel that way, why do you find yourself scouring and reading the “Tribulation-Now” website?? Its probably the same reason the rest of us are here, we yearn for truth, and the more truth we have known to us by God the more chance we have at not being deceived and earning that eternal salvation we all desire. Yes free will is ours which God granted to us by his loving grace, but were all in the same boat here and those of us that are here on this website “know the truth”, some more than others, but this is where our free will is guiding us, because like you said, we are all sinners and we all wish to be saved. We can sit, research and be diligent day in day out and spread the truth to others in the hope that they will be saved, or we can sit back, watch the grand prix, go to work everyday and waste our time and money on useless gadgets, forgetting this is even happening….
      My search for truth and my relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is key before anything in this world and in building on these i can only hope and pray that i have enough love inside my heart that the lord will grant me salvation come what may.
      Bless us all in the name of Jesus. Amen

  26. I agree with everything you've said except when you list Mormons as an occult group. I'm Mormon and I don't understand what everyone has against us. We fight this battle in the name of Jesus Christ just like you. So what's the deal?

    1. There are so many denominations declaring that they are against the powers of evil in Jesus’ name, so what makes you as a Mormon more convincing in his beliefs than a Jehovah’s Witness, or a Presbyterian, or a Methodist, or a pentecostal, or an evangelical, or a catholic, or a orthodox or any other christian fellowship of christ?
      Jesus Christ has a church among all nations receiving the truth on a daily basis through God’s Holy Spirit and to be a part of Jesus’ church, all you need is Love for God, Love for your Neighbour and Love for the truth all binded by the Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. His true church is not a congregation of fellow mormons or a Kingdom hall….
      May the Lord God in Heaven open your eyes to the truth and grant you, grace, mercy, strength and knowledge, in the name of our loving saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen

  27. I can confirm 100% of what you wrote. My study has been since 1988. To undertand we must must must abide in James1:21KJV.

    Also we must realize that as Paul wrote in 1Cor4:1-2KJV musters of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God MUST be faithful.

    And finally realize we are saved by the Faith OF Christ not our feable faith in Christ. See Eph3:12, Gal2:16 KJV etc. It is a GIFT lest any man should boast…

  28. I just came across your article and website. Excellent!

    How would you like to have known much of this stuff for over 30 years, and have to keep it all bottled up inside? There's only been very very few Christians that I have been able to share with in what I've learned over the years – the rest will say "it's of the devil" and turn away from the truth.

    If you feel led of the Spirit to contact me, drop me an email, and maybe we can even talk on the phone. I'm sure I have some more info to blow your mind with …

    God bless,

    Sent directly to me by an awesome disciple of Jesus in South Dakota – Praise Jesus!

  29. To the anomymous person who wrote the above message about the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – I say yes I have studied them and understand their deception and truths which are unfortunate and utterly evil. But it is not God's truly Chosen people who wrote them. Instead it is an intentional attack on them by those who would call themselves Jews but are not Jews e.g. the Synagogue of Satan. Email me at [email protected] if you want to discuss further.

  30. a good study. To the Mormon people who ask why Christians say what they say – study your faith. Momons say Jesus is the brother of Lucifer. Christians say Jesus is God. The Mormon church has many beliefs that the Christian church disagrees with:

    The book of Mormon is more correct than the Bible, (History of the Church, 4:461). We disagree – the Bible is inerrant.

    Jesus and Satan are spirit brothers and we were all born as siblings in heaven to them both, (Mormon Doctrine, p. 163). We disagree – Jesus is creator of all things and is God.

    God used to be a man on another planet, (Mormon Doctrine, p. 321; Joseph Smith, Times and Seasons, vol. 5, p. 613-614; Orson Pratt, Journal of Discourses, vol. 2, p. 345; Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 7, p. 333) – We disagree God is outside of time and was never on another planet as a man.

    there are dozens more and this is why we believe Mormonism is a cult. Our hope is for all people to discover the truth.


  31. Ever since I (together with passengers on the plane) saw the huge "mother ship" UFO hovering over the city of Phoenix in the late '80,s, I have researched the UFO mystery in dozens of books, TV shows, articles, etc., and have come to the same conclusions that aliens are demons sent to deceive and take over, if they can. But the last chapter says that we have victory in Jesus. Amen. Liz

  32. What is the most revealing for me is that I came to many of these same conclusions (as in your article) without any of the sources you mentioned.

    My first source was an aunt who was very involved in her church and in reading her Bible. Every time UFO's were mentioned she would say, "That's probably how they're gonna explain all the people who disappear during the end times." Now, I'm not saying she was right, but she did get me thinking about the UFO phenomenon in a light completely different than mainstream Americans.

    Bryan T. Huie was another major source as I strove to understand demonology, nephilim, fallen angels and the devil. IDE Thomas' book "The Omega Conspiracy" was something I read early on. I don't side with everything from his book, but I believe he came very close to what is going on.

    These along with others led me to believe that the UFO phenom was most probably extra-spiritural mixed up with government hijinks. Then I heard about Steve Quayle, who in turn introduced me to Tom Horn and Stan Deyo (and others). I loved Tom's Book "Apollyon Rising" by the way.

    I like the way the blogger told us to "do your homework," because this indeed is a massive conspiracy. I'm fond of stating to people, "There aren't thousands of crazy conspiracies out there, there's only one." We as Christians should be well aware of that conspiracy. Not one of us has all the answers. We need to digest as much of the information as we can, check it constantly against the Bible, and pray ceaselessly. This has been my formula for decades.

    I still do not have everything figured out. I doubt that I ever will, not until the end and the return of the one and true Christ and Savior. But I feel the things stated in this blog are very close to truth. It's hard to work through all the lies and deception. It's hard to deal with entities who's every word is a lie. But I also believe that God wishes us to know the truth.

    I hate to say it, but bring on the end. Nothing would make my heart sing more joyfully than to see the devil's endgame in play. That will be the harbinger of Glory and the Divine Rulership which shall surely follow: Heaven descending to set things right. Only through the persecution and the final judgment can we have the peace.

    I have lived a rich life compared to so many others upon this earth. I would suffer persecution for my God and my Savior. He did so for me, before I even knew Him. Big words? Indeed. But I have a very good idea of what's ahead. The seal of God is upon my forehead. His sign is upon my doorway. The Spirit of the Lord dwells within me and within my wife and within my home. I should fear the things which come, but I do not. I fear the Lord in Heaven. May His judgment find me pure due to the shed Blood. This same I pray for us all.


    If you email me personally at [email protected] I will send you a copy of an email with some guidance I put together for another brother in an email. I tried to post it here but there are some technical issues preventing it for some reason. Perhaps later I will dedicate a post specifically to address these concerns. The topic is VAST but fully confirmable to anyone with an open mind.


  34. Interesting how you post only those who stroke your ego or those with minor disagreements that don't have any subsance to their argument.


    Substance is a matter of judgement. I don't publish uneducated material that causes intentional misleading division to the subject at hand. I don't publish rubish like references to drugs.

    If you have something you feel I may have missed that is worthwhile – then resubmit it by all means. Last night I was up from 3AM until 7AM answering a deluge of emails to help people out with their constructive contributions and thoughts.

    It is quite possible I just missed your contribution. On the other hand I have a duty to make sure this web site remains clean with educated and constructive conversation and I will indeed keep it that way.

  36. I am a spirit-led born againinto CHRIST JESUS christian. I too have been researching these matters for nearly 3-years. You are right to say it is a confusing mix of truth and deception, ( and qwe all know who the author of confusion is)! I am coming to the same conclusions as yourself and i fear less and less as I come to these conclusions. The studies I have done have sent me clinging to my LORD and SAVIOUR in whom there is nothing to fear.
    The interesting point to me after reading you material and the material of many others is th fact that THE LORD by HIS SPIRIT is leading many of HIS OWN into these truths. HE IS PREPARING HIS CHURCH for what is inevitably close at hand.
    I recently came to the conclusion that he wants us to act as the body he created us, in the spirit to be. Some are eyes, aome are ears, some are hands, etc. We all have a part to play in theend and with prayer and hearts to HIM, we will accomlish for him what he intends.
    Thankyou, for your faithfulness..

    1. You have said it!
      I couldn’t agree more with all you’ve said.
      I find it amazing how this scary info actually gives those of us in Christ, peace and comfort as I have been experiencing as well, because the world is only more terrified, the more they hear, and reject it an run away.
      My mother has been saying the same about the Spirit bring his people together into the truth.
      I have been contemplating if I have been doing my part being actively part of the body of Christ and since I am a caregiver for my terminally ill husband and mother of 2 adolescents, I sometimes fear that my service to God is too confined to the walls of my home and confines of my family unit while I want to be part of the Body. What you said made so much sense and gave me peace and the realization that I am part of the mouth as I am seeking the truth and am constantly driven to tell my family and extended family all that i have been putting together and uncovering i am thankful that this site came to me to help me further my quest and give me more purpose in the body of Christ.
      I Thank the Holy Spirit for your words and for leading me hear to a Body of believers that truly seem to be part of the Head, to hear, understand, think, and tell the rest of His Chosen People.
      Christ Be with You

  37. I would like to encourage everyone to go to youtube and watch the "Eye of the Phoenix" documentary. I believe Tom Horn sells the book on his web site. I also have been on a mission to find the truth about things.

    Please do read the Bible and also read the other ancient writings that were not put in our Bible. Remember Constantine and his council of Nicea decided what was to be our Bible. This man drowned his wife and killed his son. I have trouble with that. King James, please research this man too. Stunning stuff.

    The Vatican has 50 miles worth of writings, most our eyes will never see. What right do they have to conceal any writings.. I don't know if I will find the whole truth, but I will not stop searching. One day it will be revealed. I think most people don't realize just how slick Satan is. It's truth and lies mixed so you have to do your research.
    Put not your trust in any man, just look to our Creator.

  38. For a thorough study of the origins of our Bible / Bible integrity (textus reciptus vs. the Latin Vulgate)look for a Walter Veith presentation – part of the "Total Onslaught" series. His notions about prophecy interpretation are distorted and based on purely a symbolic Hermaneutic – so avoid that stuff.

  39. J.B. Walter Veith is a seventh day adventist.
    You first say for a thorough study look at his presentation and then go onto say his notions are distorted ? Which analysis is correct ?

  40. Someone suggested my recommendation for a Walter Veith study on the Bible and its origins was confusing. Not really sure why. All Bible teachers have something to offer even if some of their interpretations may not be "on the money". Professor Veith does an excellent study from his Total Onslaught series DVD # 213B "Battle of the Bibles". It explains remarkable historical detail about how the Bibles were created and distorted over time. He even explains some history about the King James and how the Spanish Armada was sent to war with England over its creation (from the Catholic side).

    Where Professor Veith, who is indeed a Seventh Day Adventist goes "South" is on his interpretation of "PROPHECY!!" not History (pay attention please). He also has an excellent study on how the Catholic Church has secret symbolism worldwide on their alignment with Islam which truthfully you will see happen in the near future.

  41. All I have to say is: Lets all be Bereans!
    …study to show YOURSELF approved!

  42. J.B., Is the USA Babalyon in last days bible prophecy ? Is Obama the A/C ? How does a community organizer tell Germany to bail out Greece ? How does a muslim tell Israel to give Jerasulem to suicide bombers ? Something is very wrong with this presidency.

  43. According to David Hunt, in "The Woman Rides the Beast" (book), the 7 hills are associated with Rome and the woman is the Catholic Church and its idolatry associated with Mary. I know he is correct. Once I thought that the US might be the great Babylon, but now I am certain it is instead Rome and the Vatican. Stay tuned. And Jesus be with you!!

    1. I use to think no way is Obama the anti Christ but now I really do. Remember all the people fainting when he ran for president? I can feel evil when he talks on TV and when he said they got Osama I knew it was such a lie. They just want to bring the terror threat up again like in 911.

  44. This is exactly what the holy spirit showed me. And that the "Tower of Babel" was and is a star gate for dimensional travel, like the CERN. And up from the pit arise the devil and his angels. But take heart those like Elijah, and Elisha, with Gideons army, thru prayer (war prayers); will swing super-natural weapons and bring down strongholds. Not by force, or by might, but by his holy spirit! Victory is already ours in the future, we just have to get there.

  45. Amen Brother.

    This "test" here in this "illusion" is to become as much like Jesus as possible. This means "transforming" our thoughts, and our behaviors, into a "spiritual" realm and engaging a total change to our "frame of reference". All things are spiritual. We need to rise above all this and become Elijah-like. FEAR NOT! I love those words. We have so much more to look forward too. FEAR NOT and PASS this TEST!

    Be Blessed in Jesus Name!!

  46. Admin;

    I would like to say thank you and God bless you brother Admin for your research. To all my brothers and sisters in CHRIST, I love you.
    This was the same type of research written by others that brought me to JESUS CHRIST, Praise GOD!!! You are doing an outstanding job Admin, keep up the good work. May our Lord bless you all.

  47. Wow! I sent a you a email earlier today now that I’ve read part one I am in total agreement with you on this. The world is being blindsided be the media, politics etc….
    I wish you could tell me more about how all this connects in more definition but I understand there are is lot of info out there and only so much time! Please keep posting!
    Bill Schnoebelen has been a source of info for me although I don’t see eye to eye with him on some things but thats ok as long as he has the blood of Jesus applied to his life that’s what matters.

  48. My son , Clint made me aware of some of your work . I have been studing my Bible for 30 years , exactly as long as he is old. The last 5 years very diligently , & I personally can share , that I new nothing of your work , except a few words from my son the last 2 weeks , & after reading this lengthy article, I don’t doubt any of it ! Of course I cannot corroborate any of this that is not scriptural. I do want to hear more , & assume that I will again , be so very disappointed with some of our previous Leaders when I understand they were not what I thought the were ! I tell All my Family , Friends ,& customers Dailey , that we all should be Praying for the Best , & Preparing for the Worst ! We have an important Presidential Election coming & our Very Rights of this Constitutional Republic are at stake ! We should be like Jermiah , warning the People to turn from False gods & Repent & Turn to the one & only True GOD who has the ability to Save !!! Whatever comes our way , we need to Discern & Know that GOD knows our Heart & we will be Judged , some to everlasting Life & some to everlasting Damnation !! Please all who have ears let them hear what our Lord & Savor Jesus Christ tells the Churches !

  49. I love this artical, i did not even know christains, would have the courage o put something like this on the internet. I think you are AWESOME for doing this. But one other thing, i read you artical about the wormholes and some thing abot the petroglyphs, but what does tha mean?

  50. Good work, have researched and discovered most of what you said over 20 years ago. Everyone thinks I am crazy. I am not a born again Christian, so don’t judge me as going to hell as most do. I am Orthodox Christian and have my own personal relationship with Jesus, and am not impressed when Born Agains tell me if I don’t join them..then hell awaits. Evangelists, Penticostal, Seventh Day Adventist’s etc have all told me the same thing. I don’t understand how they can judge my own Relationship with my greatest love with Jesus Christ, My Savior? Can someone tell me why?

  51. I have only read a mere iota of the information you are blessedly putting forth here and am comforted that I have been actually on the right track, these past 6 months that I’ve been connecting the dots of the moder, popular, famous, “what’s in now”, spiritual,denominational, evangelical, Roman Cathotholic, Political, Gullible human rights denouncing,Esoteric World that started with finding about who the Freemasons are, then B.Franklin and the lot of Founding Fathers of this nation made to usher in the Beast, then do I even need to mention the U.N., Lucis Trust, Age of Aquarians, Automatic writings,Catholicism and the opularity of “ghost”hunting and aliens. It has been amazing to see how clearly it all (so far) has led every time back to the same people with the same agenda wether they know it or not but ultimately, the one who does know and is probably laughing at all his minions while he still can; Satan of course. I did pick up on Christ as well. It’s interesting to read your connecting it all to him (not as the source obviously but the target) and so far, I have mainly picked up the Satanic thread and am so frustrated at how obvious it is and how much this world loves to remain blind and deaf as Christ lamented, fleeing from any sign of truth.
    Pray for me as I try to bring my family of believers into the fold of truth that they have been welcoming thus far, though my daughter does love to roll her eyes at my new “consiracy theorist” thinking. I pray that they will see that it’s the thinking we are called and commanded to have. I look forward to reading more. Thank you for your work as a watchman blowing the trumpet for The Lord.
    Your sister in Christ,

  52. God has hidden our family from destruction for centuries. I did not understand why or what I am supposed to do until recently. God has been instructing me and in turn I asked him to instruct other believers. I am puzzled as to what my role is but I need to tell people that the lambs book of life and all the promises in the Bible are real. Until recently I use to think that I should keep silent. Unfortunately, every time I came forward people thought I was crazy. Then, had published the 72 attributes of God according to the Kabbalah. Then, I realized all these 60+ years it was God’s spirit. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Son of Man. Why I am saying this is because I don’t want people to be deceived. At the present time Germany is using chips to identify people. This will be done in America to receive “shelter, food, etc”. Instead of running ALL Christians and Jews should go to their churches/synagogs. If you live in the “boon docks”, seek 15 to 20 believers to pray and praise God. Moses had prep or emergency bags with all important paperwork (birth records) 3 to 5 days of clothes etc in it. You don’t have time to do it then. March to June is the biggest time to watch. Make sure you put the armor of God on and test the spirits. The Nicene and Apostles Creed is wonderful. Know who you worship and why-Jesus is the only way. Praise and celebrate God’s power-Never complain. Love one another!

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