Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel, & God (Part Two)

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More Unavoidable Realities We Must Deal With
The Second Hardest Article Ever Written

First let me thank everyone for your response to the first attempt at the near impossible.  Your feedback on the first article has been nothing less than humbling and I wonder if I can continue to edify you with the same amount of success.  This topic is extremely difficult to tackle because it covers more than 6,000 years of a “total Satanic onslaught” of the human race and gene pool.

Daniel’s Strange Revelation

First let me begin this challenge by taking you to Daniel’s prophetic understanding of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  Since we are focusing on the “missing” details of traditional interpretations, let’s fast forward to the “meat” of the interpretation.

Dan 2:43

43 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay. [emphasis added]


In the interest of time, I must assume most readers have at least a basic understanding of the dream’s interpretation and how it described the various empires that would conquer the world throughout history in chronological order.  The progress of the prophetic interpretation walks you from the top of the “statue” to the feet.  Each section describes an era of an empire that has passed – except one.  The era that is “yet to come” is described by the feet.  This is partially seen in Daniel 2:43 above.  However in order to stay on topic, I call your attention to the words “they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave to one another”.

Now I do not pretend to be a learned Bible scholar in any sense.  But this phrase raises some serious questions that cannot be overlooked. Again I emphasize this prophetic event was pointing to the very “end times”.  Dare I say even to “today”!

  1. Who are “THEY”
  2. How is it that “they” are “mingling themselves” with the “SEED” of men?
  3. How is it that these “seed’s” do not cleave to one another?

Some possibilities you must consider is that “they” are “the enemy” since the prophecy of the “feet” is actually referring to the leadership of the forthcoming New World Order.  An even darker consideration is perhaps that “they” are not “human”.  Wow you say?  No indeed.  You see “they are mingling themselves” with the “seed of men” which clearly implies that they are NOT MEN!  Are you starting to get a chill down your spine?  If not, you really need to open your mind.  The fact is that our gene pool is currently being infected with seeds from something that is not human.  The evidence available on this subject is so staggering that once you open the “Pandora’s box”, this verse in Daniel takes on a whole new and very sinister meaning. In essence this is precisely what was occuring in Genesis 6 when the Bene Ha Elohim left their “watcher” posts, broke the will of YHWH God, and “infected” the seed of man creating “giants”.  Again that’s why YHWH God had every man, woman and child slaughtered over and over again.  It was “tough love”.  It was “demonic gene pool” pollution.

Num 13:33

33 There we saw the giants (the descendants of Anak came from the giants); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”


Why did David pick up 5 stones when he went to fight Goliath?  Because Goliath had 4 brothers and he wasn’t taking any chances.  Think about it.

Anak, Anakim, Annunaki

Also I point you to the word “Anak” in Numbers 33 above.  I strongly recommend you do a study on the Internet on a race referred to as the “Annunaki“.  A quick search on Google on “Annunaki” takes you to a Wikipedia article here:

Notice in this article the “supposed” Sumerian clay tablet expert “Zechariah Sitchin” is mentioned. Sitchin was debunked by Michael Heiser Ph.D. – a true expert on ancient writing here: 

Do you remember Zechariah Sitchin from the first article?  Remember, Arizona Wilder, the “Mother Goddess” saw Mr. Sitchin at one of the ultra-elite Satanic rituals?  In fact, she reports that there were “manifestations” of demons (she uses a different word).  What I can tell you is that “they” look exactly like these “Annunaki“. 

Another report of this same “manifestation” comes from a witch-doctor named Mutwa Credo (see here:  Evidently this “alien” life form has been manifesting in Africa for thousands of years.  However I warn you that this “alien” tripe is BUNK.  I guarantee you this much.  There is enough evidence out there to support their existence here on earth, but do NOT be deceived for a second.  THESE ARE DEMONS.  And they can infect the gene pool of humans and have indeed done so already.

I refer you to another article posted here on Tribulation-Now entitled:
Damnation from the Skies and warn you of the possibility of genetic tinkering that is potentially occuring through “chem trails”.  Please recall the “seeds do not cleave to one another” from Daniel 2:43.  These “demons” cannot easily “possess” or take control of the pure untarnished human being unless they manipulate their genes successfully first.  At least that is what “they” believe.  And it does explain why God had no mercy on those that had demonic gene pool infections in the Pentateuch.

As more and more Bible prophecy unfolds, it is becoming remarkably evident that there is much more “literal” meaning to some of this scripture than originally believed.  While there are still many who believe the hermaneutic prophetic “slider” still suggests most of the Bible is symbolic, in the last 100 years or so, many have come to realize that it is actually leaning to the “literal” instead.  What does this actually mean to us?  It means that Nephilim are indeed offspring of Bene Ha Elohim (minor gods that intentionally came down to earth to infect the seed of man) and not some bizarre twist of a “Sethite” interpretation that still looms out there for those who cannot accept the supernatural events told in the scripture.  The “Angel Theory” of Genesis 6 is NOT THEORY.  Period.  This also means we need to embrace this paradigm throughout all of the Bible and take none of our teachings for granted.  Particularly with the information that is surfacing in front of our eyes.  Particularly with a focus to what is being told by our “alien abductee friends.

Brace Yourselves!

Demonic Abductions

At this time I will point you to one of the BEST Biblical seminars available on this subject.  It is available to view for free at Koinonia House here:

The title of this presentation is “Alien Encounters”.  The presentation was evidently done over 5 or 6 sessions at a Roswell event that was focused on the “flying saucer” / “alien abduction” issue.  However this presentation was done from a “Christian” perspective by Pastor Chuck Missler and an associate.  He mentions his surprise that they “packed the house”.  You see, even the “abductees” know that something is amiss in the stories they are being told by their “captors”. 

Did you know that the same “alien races” will tell different abductees, different stories, about where they are from? Sometimes they say they are from one planet and then sometimes they say they are from another planet.  THEY LIE.  While this presentation does not discuss this fact, more research definitely does.

As you listen to this seminar, pay close attention.  At one point Pastor Missler explains that he once told the audience that if you were a Christian you could not be abducted.  But later had to recant!  In fact he received a telephone call from an influential member of congress (or similar) that told Chuck that HE in fact had been “abducted” and he was “in-fact” a Christian.  This shocked Mr. Missler because he had linked “aliens” to “demons” through his studies and had concluded this was not possible.  However, evidently after some probing, Chuck discovered that this person had “dabbled” in an occult related event of some type.  The conclusion of which you must be aware, is that Christianity alone does make you immune to serious demonic events – such as the “abduction” deception. 

But wait – it gets much more strange when you know the whole story.

Enter Doctor Karla Turner

Now it gets really weird.

Have you seen the movie “The Fourth Kind” yet?  I am not a movie goer since I am certain that movies are Satanic lies, distractions and deceptions in general.  Never mind the ABC mini-series “V” shows an alien race that 1) Looks human, 2) Are really “reptiles” and 3) Are supposedly our friends, but the BEST PART is that “some of them” are actually trying to save the humans from the “visitors”.  It makes me wonder if there is a hidden agenda behind such movies. No in fact, I am certain there is a hidden agenda behind such movies.

The “Fourth Kind” was a bit of a shock to me knowing what I know.  If you have not seen the movie it is definitely not a deception and did a very good job showing us the demonic in these abduction events.  Remember how people that are “demon possessed” will often levitate in their possessed state? It’s similar to how Voodoo Priests are able to levitate in front of witnesses while they are in their “trance”.  I found it fascinating (and very spooky) to see the scene in the Fourth Kind where the abductee began to levitate on his bed during the hypnosis session.  Are you starting to make the connection here?  Well here is another “connection” for you.  In the movie, they had a recording (remember this was based on a “true story”), of these “alien” life forms talking to one another in a strange language.  Guess what language that was. 

It was:


THINK! Sumerians, flying saucers on clay tablets, Zechariah Sitchin, Satanic ceremonies, world leaders, royalty and royal “blood lines”, and YES the appearance of “Annunaki” (Anuk) looking demons.  Now if that is not a “slam dunk” for you then consider this one last report from a book written by Dr. Karla Turner.

Masquerade of Angels
by Doctor Karla Turner, Ph.D.

First a little history on Dr. Turner.  She and an associate, Barbara Bartholic, are both experts on alien abduction testimonies and hypnosis experts.  Before I proceed, I can tell you that Dr. Turner died shortly after she went public giving testimony of her knowledge.  What is very common amongst those who are demon possessed or participate in Satanic ritual (or both), is that they often die of cancer at an early age.  According to John G. Lake, the famous Holy Spirit filled healer, virtually all sickness is caused by demonic spirits.  I will let you do your own study on spiritual warfare an draw your own conclusions on that subject – but this is very interesting to note.

Dr. Turner and Ms. Bartholic took the alien abduction investigation to a level that many hypnotherapists consider to be borderline unethical.  As the movie, The Fourth Kind demonstrated, when “alien abductees” are taken into a hypnotic state they remember things that scare them horribly.  In fact, it is amazing how thousands of these people all tell about the same events happening to them.  Their stories are very consistent. While Pastor Missler admits (as others do) that there are crack-pots in the group, the vast majority of their stories are remarkably coherent and very believable due to their consistency over more than 60 years of intense research.  But what virtually *all* researchers do NOT do, that Karla Turner and her associate Barbara Bartholic did, was take the “abductees” down to a DEEPER LEVEL of hypnosis.  Once the “abductee” was moved beyond the state of utter horror and moved into a deeper hypnotic state, their stories completely changed! 

You see – this is what is happening.  While we all have heard about “flying saucer” trips to other planets, and body part probing, THAT is only “part of the story” and an intentional part of the deception.  At this deeper level of hypnosis the abductee no longer sees “grey aliens” and medical equipment and syringes taking genetic samples (there’s that “gene pool” thing again), what they see is UNBELIEVABLE.

They see “Retilians”
They see what looks like “military personnel”

If you can stomach the ride, and you are strongly rooted in your faith in Jesus Christ, you may want to read the book entitled “Masquerade of Angels”.  I will leave you with this one tale from the story that is indeed astonishing but must be told to the Christian readers in this audience.

During one of these “abductions”, this 9 year old boy and his grandmother were going through some nasty treatment I will not discuss here.  Reportedly an “alien” entity that looked like an “Annunaki” was about to do something unspeakable to the boy.  The grandmother jumped in between the boy and this “demon” entity, and shouted “In Jesus Name you leave that boy alone!”  The entity cursed her out and stormed out of the room vowing to get even with her.

And I will close with Revelation 16:13:

Rev 16:13

13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.


One More Quick Thought

Do this one last thing.  Go out on the Internet and search on the term “Satanic calendars”.  Be diligent because what you will find is utterly amazing.  Amongst all these other “gods” such as Vishnu, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Isis, Horus, Apollo, Allah (the moon god), (and their “demon” buddies the “Avatars”) – here is what you will WILL FIND on a Satanic calendar that you will not find regarding any other “god” entity.

What you WILL FIND are “specific dates” throughout the year, which Satanist worldwide set aside.  These special dates are set aside for one purpose – To desecrate our loving Lord JESUS CHRIST.  They “hate” him.

The term “demon” simply means “ENEMY OF YHWH”.  Get it?

He alone is our Savior
And what he is saving us from “these days” is worse than you might ever imagine.

If you have not given yourself to the Lord 100% the Time is NOW


A Real Shocker – Even to ME!


Dear Heavenly Father, we ask that you continue to love us and shine your eyes upon us and give us your divine understanding and peace in these challenging times ahead.  We praise you for helping us to see that there is a way out, an escape from this darkness and into your loving arms.  Let this article help those who are lost and have no one to turn too.  Let these words bless those who have been through such things so they understand the origin of this evil and know you are the divine healer and the only true God that loves us more than anything we can imagine.  In Jesus name we pray, and Praise Your Holy Name – AMEN!

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  1. I really enjoy your blog. Weird stuff to be sure, but I have always known somehow that in the end times, the great deception would be that aliens would come to earth (or appear to) and discredit the Bible. I am delighted to see you use the proper name of our Creator: YHWH. I am confused however that you use the incorrect Greek name (Jesus) for our Savior, when Yeshua is His real name. My website is:
    and Part 2 explains it all pretty well. Anyway keep up the great work, and may YHWH bless you as a Watchman On The Wall.

  2. Greetings In Jesus and thank you for your kind words.

    Regarding your curiosity about me calling our Lord and Master, Jesus intead of Yeshua. I used to think this was important and have studied many lectures and read much on this topic. Even the Orthodox Jews refer to YHWH as "Hashem" (the One) as an act of respect.

    I spend many hours in prayer, intense and deep prayer with the Lord. It was impressed upon my heart that our Lord God knows we are talking to him. He "knows". Whether we speak Hebrew, Cantonese, Zulu, or whatever the language, Jesus knows our relationship is with him. For it is in our hearts that we believe in his omnipotence as creator of everything, that he came to earth in the flesh, was crucified, and rose again on the third day. It is through this relationship we bond and unite our spirits. Our reverence comes from our hearts. Our respect and love for him manifests in many ways. He is honored by our devotion to him, no matter was dialect or sounds we utter to address "His Divine Majesty" – The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

    Be Blessed in Jesus Name!

  3. I love your reports and agree with the majority of your findings, but I wanted to ask you about your use of the term demon. It is my understanding from scripture and other sources (Enoch) that demons are the disembodied spirits of dead Nephilim and not “fallen angels”. There seems to me to be a clear delineation between the two. Your thoughts? I also tend to agree with our brother “Awakened Man” and use encouragement to use Yeshua as opposed to Jesus. While I would agree with you that our Lord certainly knows to whom we are speaking, it occurs to me that I would rather my friends refer to me by my true name rather than a poor translation or nickname. 🙂

    1. Yes I understand. Amen.

      While I realize the true technical definition of demon is espoused by the writings of Enoch, I think we get tend to “confuse the issue” sometimes. Since people know what demons are, and have trouble understanding what a “fallen angel is”, I like to make it perfectly clear they are “evil”. This is best done by using terms that people understand, so I mix metaphors for the sake of clarity.

      Besides in my opinion, they are DEMONS. Enoch’s writings aside. If you have watched the Movie the Fourth Kind and studied the Grey Zeta behaviors … they are dog-gone DEMONS. Blood thirsty freaks from HELL.

      Ahhh I feel much better now that I have that off my chest.


  4. It is all so crazy. I have figured this stuff out by God telling me and here it is….all on your site. I KNEW the aliens were demons. I knew they had polluted God’s perfect creation. I knew the 4th Kind was true. I knew television was involved in the scheme. I knew the Vatican was evil. Sandy Hook woke me up to this being the time or I would have missed it all.

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