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If you take a moment to step away from your tiny spot on Earth, you should try to view the World from above. Look at the whole thing from your mind’s eye in the heavens. Are you visualizing this yet? You should. Because here is something you should see.

You should see a beautiful Earth. Fabulous proof of YHWH’s unbelievable power. But what about the inhabitants of the Earth? What do you see about them? Let’s look at the people on Earth from the viewpoint of the El Elyon (The Almighty, Most High). Let’s look down on the Earth, with a cynical eye, and with the mentality of a company CEO, and assess who the Lord’s spiritual army is likely to be.

First to set the stage, the Earth’s current global population is 6.7 Billion. That’s a lot (unless you compare it to the money recently stolen from the American people). The bulk of this global population is arguably in and around China; which most likely has nearly half of it. A result of oppressing people is an increase in children. Go figure.

When you are looking for God’s end-times army in this mess you must be superficial and make some concrete judgements. (Remember this is a CEO assessment). This method does not consider the “little guys” or the people who don’t “know any better”. In order for this to work you have to think like a business manager. And yes you can argue the Lord is planning a revival which will convert all the fence sitters and ill trained, half-baked Christians to suddenly “snap-to”. I suggest that while this is quite the likely scenario for SOME of the “Christians” of the world, it is highly unlikely for the VAST majority.

Following this established paradigm, what do you see?

Let’s look at the most likely candidates first. This would be those Christians labeled as “evangelical”. Even Wikipedia’s article on Evangelical Christians strongly suggests the term is too broad and includes those that do not meet the most lose of definitions.

“While most conservative evangelicals believe the label has broadened too much beyond its more limiting traditional distinctives, this trend is nonetheless strong enough to create significant ambiguity in the term” – Wikepedia

Using this very lose categorization, the article states the current percentage of people that are considered to be “evangelical” in the US is 26%. So ruffly 78 million people in the US are potential candidates.

Now I am going to tell you straight up that I suck in math. It just doesn’t come naturally to me like everything else does. But I understand those great in math can be challenged in other aspects of life so I will take my mixed bag. That said, keep me honest, it appears that 80 Million is only 1.3% of the global population. But lets be fair. Of that 80 million how many are going to “fall out” in the coming times? How many would have their faith completely uprooted if something unbelievable happened? Something along the lines of the great delusion.

I believe that the “purified Church” will be those that see fantastic things occur, utterly devestating Christianity’s foundations on a global level and HOLD FAST. These [Acts 2:2-6] “spirit-filled” ELECT do not have even a second thought about their Lord Jesus Christ. The know beyond a shadow of a doubt what they are seeing is a demonic manifestation on Earth in what appears to be flesh and blood (and actually is). They KNOW.

What percentage do you think makes the cut? I submit that 1.3% quickly diminishes to about .05% But the actual numbers are not important to make the point.


The point is that when you look down on the Earth and see the Billions of people it should strike you that the vast majority of them are not even Christian in any sense of the word. And the default “Catholics” in most countries cannot be counted on the side of Christ because they will be “drawn into” what ever direction their great “Leader” takes them. And I can promise you that the Papacy (and the army of Satanist standing threateningly amongst them) intends to take them all straight to Hell. The other pagan religions of the world are not amongst the counted either. So we are left with the “remnants” of the “Evangelical” category, however loosely defined. This is the epicenter of what God is currently working with.

This “remnant” of Christianity, these who are blessed of [Acts 2:2-6], those that cannot have their faith shaken because they have witnessed the power of God FIRST HAND in their lives – these are the “NEW ELECT”.

This extra-special group of Christians must all be pulled together and united in the spirit of the Lord. We must help to educate all those around us and help them become “elect” and full of the Lord’s POWER. We must get as many people baptised in the Holy Spirit as possible. We must help those who do not understand what this means to REALLY understand it.


Tell people what is going on in the world. Tell them about the FEMA Camps, and the forthcoming martial law concerns. Show them the global empire of the Anti-christ is being constructed right in front of their eyes. Show them we even have language in our new eugenic Health-Care bill to accommodate “micro-chipping” the entire population.

Those who do have eyes to see and ears to hear


Glory be to God! Let’s get this revival underway!

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