Is Allegiance to the State of Israel Misplaced?

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I believe I have figured it out.

I am studying “Israelogy”.

  • Satan’s Army is indeed controlling much of Israel’s & the U.S. policy if not all of it.
  • Satan’s Army is behind the establishment of the State of Israel
  • Satan’s Army is in fact doing things like 911, and enraging the Palestinians 
  • In fact they are doing all these things including getting ready to bring in their Antichrist



“God’s Holy Name”


The Key is THIS


… now I get it.

Part of the deceit and lies throughout history and the twisting of God’s Word is to “trick” the church into believing that “Israel” is NO LONGER PART OF GOD’S PLAN.

After this study (its very complex) I will attempt to simplify the findings and write another article.



Questions about Our Allegiance to the “State” of Israel



While there is no question that “Israeology” is missing from traditional thinking and theological teaching, when one studies the origins of the establishment of the “state” of Israel, he learns that the country of Israel was planned by Satan’s army (e.g. the Rothschilds, et. al.). Further study indicates the Star of David is yet another misleading symbol that tracks back to the star of Baal (see “The Six Pointed Star” by Graham). Moreover study of the Masonic Order (of Lucifer) demonstrates a significant preoccupation with the success of Israel as a nation for the promotion of their “god” (in “god” we trust).



Is it possible our infatuation with the “State” of Israel is yet another diversion? (diversion of appropriate prayer?) While I really don’t think that watching Israel is misguided, this is a point worth considering. I submit it is possible, if not highly likely, that while Israel are “God’s chosen people”, the establishment itself is likely corrupt (still having the “Iron Yoke” of Babylon). No doubt an important point for the Issachar watchman to consider. But this questions our (born again believer’s) necessary allegiance to this establishment during these troubling times.


Grace & Peace


Yours in Christ



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5 thoughts on “Is Allegiance to the State of Israel Misplaced?

  1. I praise the Lord for both of your insight and understanding of these issues.
    However what I was really leading you to was to think more about where we place our prayer. Ambigous prayer for the "state" of Israel ultimately leads to little gain. Ambiguous prayer for anything leads to little gain. Our collective prayer for the will of God and the "saints" or perhaps the "remnant" may instead be in order. Remember God has an army of Cherubim and Angels (chariots of fire) that have a job to do and can work according to our prayer on his behalf but if we pray for "nothing in general" then we get "nothing in general". At no point in scripture did anyone pray for Babylon even though God "used" Babylon to redirect Israel to a greater understanding that arguably did not work for many in the long run. In fact many Jews here in the U.S. (the learned ones) believe they still have the "iron yoke" to deal with from as far back as those from Babylon. Remember that those that did not benefit from the atonement are still technically under the law.
    The other question that surfaces to those who truly understand history, and know about the results of the Syrian captivity, is … who is the remnant? Some argue that the Edomites (remember "God hates Esau" – use your concordance) mixed thoroughly with Israel after the Babylonian captivity. Then there is the study of the Khazarian Jews who indeed were never Jews from the original seed of Abraham. Many of us who think we are not from Jewish decent are indeed actually Jews but have no idea we are. So the question that begs to be answered is "who is the remnant"? Is the remnant simply the misguided orthodox Jews who are actually of Khazarian decent many of which are actually Kabbalists? Are the Jews who practice the beliefs of the Talmud which is rooted in evil teachings part of the remnant?
    But at the end of this confusing set of questions is the bigger question. How do we use our Power of the Holy Spirit, during these dark times approaching VERY soon, to channel the power of YHWH's army to do good on behalf of the "saints". Surely we can have a desire for Israel to prosper in light of Jesus' plan for their ultimate redemption, but where do we place our targetted prayer power?
    I argue if we truly understand the forces of darkness that we fight against, our prayer power should be targetted to only the "saints" and the "remnant" (whoever they are) for protection from the filthy forces of Satan's army. And as unfortunate as this is, Satan's army includes those who run the "state" of Israel and are influenced by the Satanic New World Order and the military industrial complex of the antichrist. Solomon's 3rd temple, the throne of the "mack-daddy" antichrist, is being built right now (the vessels and the contents). I predict the forthcoming war with Iran will result in the destruction of Al Aska Mosque (Dome of the Rock) from a U.S. or Israeli false flag missile attack and lead to the actual ground breaking of the 3rd Temple for their "god" Apollyon (Rev 9:11). The CIA, MI6 and Mossad are instruments of Satan's army and times are very close.
    Make sure your prayer counts. Make sure you are praying for the RIGHT side of this war between God and Satan.
    Be BLESSED and I will see you at the Marriage Supper Table!
    Grace & Peace
    Yours in Christ

  2. The truth is that the Jewish faith and Zionism are two very different philosophies. They are as opposite as day and night. The Jewish people have existed for thousands of years. In their two thousand years of Divinely decreed exile no Jew ever sought to end this exile and establish independent political sovereignty anywhere. The people’s sole purpose was the study and fulfillment of the Divine commandments of the Torah.
    The Zionist movement created the Israeli state. The latter is a persuasion less than one hundred years old. Its essential goal was and is to change the nature of the Jewish people from that of a religious entity to a political movement. From Zionism’s inception the spiritual leaders of the Jewish people stood in staunch opposition to it.
    To this day Torah Jewry remains forever loyal to its faith. Zionists want the world to believe that they are the representatives of the entire Jewish people. This is false! The Jewish people never chose them as their leaders. The Zionists have deceived many well meaning Jewish people via terror, trickery and false propaganda. They have at their disposal the use of a nearly universally subservient media. Whoever attempts to criticize them puts his livelihood and, at times, his very life in danger.
    However, despite the media blackout and easy resort to terror the simple truth remains unrefuted and irrefutable: ACCORDING TO THE JEWISH FAITH AND TORAH LAW THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE FORBIDDEN TO HAVE THEIR OWN STATE WHILE AWAITING THE MESSIANIC ERA!

    1. Amen. I forgot I had written that article … Oh soooo long ago. What you have written is indeed the truth. It’s all about the Abrahamic covenants and our Father’s will for the original olive tree. Praise Jesus. God’s Will Be DONE!!

  3. Wow! This stuff about the nation of Israel is so confusing! Obviously there are no easy answers. Almost everyone in the Evangelical and Charismatic Christian world, including the vast majority of 20th century Bible teachers, have been keying on the state of Israel since its re-establishment in 1948. Surely this must somehow be a prophetic bellwether for End-Time events. And indeed, it certainly appears that something supernatural happened to re-establish this nation. However, the fact that they have no king, but a prime minister and president is a very curious thing. They are also pretty much “hand-in-glove” with the US and Great Britain, so that certainly makes the legitimacy of their leaders extremely suspect if not totally false. Is it likely that the satanic forces, knowing well the ancient prophecies regarding the Jews being gathered from every country to which they had been scattered in the latter days, and Israel being re-established again after almost 2000 years of the Diaspora, have set up another counterfeit deception to try and muddy the waters for the elect of God? The obvious answer would be yes, but if so, what is the present location and state of the true nation of Israel? God’s covenant with her is most assuredly still in force. It cannot be otherwise. The physical location can be nowhere else. The error of “Replacement Theology”, the idea that the Christian Church has replaced the physical nation of Israel, is an obvious alternative, but is heresy based on God’s everlasting covenant with His chosen people. If not little Israel under Netanyahu and Peres, then to whom do God’s promises apply, and how will they be fulfilled? I am so wary of rejecting the nation of Israel for she is the “apple of His eye”. Any conclusive answers that make sense?

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