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Aliens ARE Demons

So a picture is worth a thousand words?  Well this picture is worth an Encyclopedia set from A to Z. 

To many of us it’s no big secret the UFO community is rife with deception and counter-intelligence.  One of the most amazing finds in my research was when Bill Cooper revealed in his book “Behold a Pale Horse” that Budd Hopkins was a paid CIA counter-intelligence specialist.  Now Bill admitted he could not confirm it on paper, but Cooper’s instincts were keen and he enumerates a number of reasons he emphatically drew that conclusion.  Money talks.  And when you are working in an area which the Black Ops people want you “on their side”, they will make sure you “take the money” and do what you are told.  Period.

But here we see Mr. Jacques Vallee sitting side-by-side with Anton LaVey.  More on Jacques in a second.

Anton LaVey is arguably one of the most infamous Satanists in the world.  He founded the “Church of Satan” in California and was well known in the Hollywood crowd.  If you do ANY sort of research on LaVey, you will discover a number of stories associated with his influence and antics.  Evidently the Church of Satan has branched out since Mr. LaVey’s death and can be found in a number of major locations across the country.

But what is even more astonishing about LaVey’s operation is that they NOW make no secret about their affiliation with the “Council of Nine”.  The Council of Nine are “Elohim” that were kicked out of Heaven by God during the Luciferian Rebellion.  You can read about such minor gods in Psalms 82.  When you read Psalms 82 you should take special care to note that GOD is Angry with them.  God makes it clear he is going to PUNISH THEM like sinful men.

Here is a paragraph from the Church of Satan’s web site speaking about this “Council of Nine”.

The Council of Nine, following the dictates of the Nine Unknown, was established throughout the world. Many significant writers have obliquely referred to this mysterious cabal—Shakespeare, John Dryden, Talbot Mundy, Richard Johnson—an archetypal formation which is reflected in the nine members appointed to sit in positions of absolute authority on the United States Supreme Court. The new Age of Fire had been inaugurated, and though the ceremony on Walpurgisnacht, 1966, was a highly personal, private one, LaVey would soon feel the tremors it was to produce.


The Only Planet of Choice

There is a book written entitled “The Only Planet of Choice”.  In fact there is an entire web site dedicated to “The Only Planet of Choice”.  Phyllis V. Schlemmer is the author of the book and she worked closely with some other nefarious demonic individuals mentioned briefly at the end of the article on Tribulation-Now entitled:

ELF, GWEN Towers, ELF and The Nine here:

Please take note in Ezekiel 28 there are references to the 9 gem stones by YHWH God – The MOST High.  This is Lucifer’s Ephod.  The number 9 is extremely significant to these freaks.  The number 3 divides evenly into 9.  Three is extremely significant to these freaks.  This is why the Talmudic version of the Menorah has NINE candlesticks.  This is the version of the Menorah found in the WHITE HOUSE!

Are you starting to make the connection here?

According to the paragraph shown above from the Church of Satan, “The Nine” have been around influencing people on earth for a VERY LONG TIME.  But it’s worse than that.  You see “The Nine” are the Big Cheeses of the Luciferian Rebellion.  “They” are the “department heads” of the “demonic onslaught” against man.  Lucifer is in charge as the CEO, and “The Nine” are the Board of Directors.  Get it?

But think about this!

The title of the book from this demon infested divinist Phyllis Schlemmer, is very appropriately entitled “The ONLY Planet of Choice”.  Don’t you see?  Think about this for a minute.  There are BILLIONS of planets.  Why would EARTH be the ONLY planet of choice?  This is not some contrived marketing ploy by Ms. Schlemmer and her cohorts.  This is what the NINE said to her.  Earth is the only planet “they” are interested in.  Why do you suppose that is?

I will tell you.

Earth is the most beautiful planet in all the Universes.

Earth is a decaying version of the original Garden of Eden.

Earth is the place where God put His most prized creation, MAN who was created in His own Image.

Man was put here to mature spiritually, and learn God’s wisdom on His terms, and eventually “rule and reign” with Jesus.

Earth is the Only Planet of Choice because …


And “they” have every intention of taking it back.  “They” have every intention of destroying man’s opportunity to “rule and reign” with Jesus.  God is at War.  We are expected to STAND spiritually and help God win this war by bringing as many “worthy” men (and women) along with us to Heaven.  We are bringing along to Heaven, Jesus’ future Kings!  Get it?


Lucifer and his “Council of Nine” are not just promoting and teaching the demonically infested about the “nether world”, they are teaching about ELF and mind control.  They are involved in everything evil.  They are running the demonic show.

What is Jacques Vallee’s Big Lie

If you have read Tribulation-Now’s article series entitled:

“Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel, and God” (see all parts)

And the subsequent follow ups entitled:

“The Alien Demon Agenda” (see all parts)

You will discover my “learning experiences” through this shocking journey of discovery.  It’s important you understand that I started all this Tribulation-Now “stuff” as a researcher on the New World Order.  But I started to make connections over my study of 6,000 years of the earth’s existence … whoops did I say that?  I mean, millions of years of the earth’s existence.  Ahh that’s better.  Phew.

One of my first shocks was to discover Pastor Chuck Missler.  I remembered Chuck Missler from watching numerous DVDs on the New World Order.  Chuck often shows up as a contributor and is always amazing.  THEN I find out that Chuck has this series posted on his web site called:

Alien Encounters

This is a 5 hour lecture done by Chuck and a Dr. Mark Eastman.  It is absolutely a required study if you hope to have even the slightest clue of the “basics”. 

But Chuck, like all other Christian researchers and experts STOPS SHORT.  Everyone has their limitations on what they are willing to accept as “possible”.  Chuck insists, with great precision, that UFO buggies are 100% inter-dimensional.  They are “transportation” vehicles that allow these “demons” to move through “time space” portals.  He insists they could not be from other planets.


Maybe I will change my mind at some point and eat crow.  In fact over the last half decade of study, I have had to eat so much crow I now need to go on a serious diet.  BUT this “inter-dimensional” theory simply doesn’t “cut the mustard” when you continue your research.  Chuck is awesome but his focus is “exegesis”. He is a master theologian and Jesus filled Bible expert.  The very fact that he had the courage to speak on the UFO phenomenon at all caused him to lose his entire Church congregation.  That ought to show you how OPEN MINDED Christians are in general.  Because of this lack of “open mindedness” many of these unfortunate “christians” will apostasize during the “Great Delusion”.

Me?  I’m already packing my bags.  I’m not missing any of this unless I get taken out by a Russian Nuke or beheaded in a FEMA camp.

Back to our ever-so-trustworthy buddy Mr. Vallee.

Chuck mentions Jacques Vallee as a reliable UFO researcher.  You see Jacques Vallee came to the conclusion that these things were likely “inter-dimensional” as well.  This concept satisfied Chuck and he grabbed a hold of it like candy for a baby.

Maybe they are inter-dimensional only.

But that doesn’t explain why God talks so much about Pleiades, Orion, and Arcturus in the Bible.  That doesn’t explain why these reported “space buggies” have been seen by credible “whistle blowers” on “the Moon” in great numbers.  That doesn’t explain why there are hundreds of You Tube videos showing thousands of them circling around in earth’s atmosphere near the space shuttle.  That doesn’t explain why there are hundreds of reports of “them” crashing on earth.

That doesn’t explain why the United States government continues to spend millions on Space Defense.
That doesn’t explain why Ronald Regan warned about invasion from other planets when talking to the U.N.
That doesn’t explain, why General MacArthor’s most CREEPY speech ever to the West Point Academy was in regard to their preparation to protect the “earth” from an eventual inter-galactic WAR!!

Listen Here!

(Thank You ESPEN!!)

MacArthur SAW the “alien-demons” with his own eyes.  Truman saw them with his own eyes. 

When God kicked the 1/3 of the fallen angels out of the 3rd Heaven, he kicked them ALL OVER THE PLACE.  They are inter- dimensional AND they are inter-planetary.

We are surrounded and THEY dont’ want US to know it.

I present to you the article entitled:

Attempted manipulation of UFO manifestations


By Professor Pan

From an interview with Jacques Vallee by Jerome Clark (FATE magazine, 1978):

Vallee: I think that’s exactly what we have to do with UFOs. We have to do something that will cause them to react. And I don’t mean building landing strips in the desert and waiting out there to welcome the space brothers.

Clark: But what do you mean?

Vallee: I hesitate to be too specific. I’m speaking, as I’m sure you understand, of the attempted manipulation of UFO manifestations.

I know a little something about that subject. And I’m about to go out on a very long, creaky limb by telling this little story. In the past decade or so, the bizarre nexus of UFOs and the paranoiac has emerged from the dustbin of Ufology, thanks to pioneers like Vallee, John Keel, and a rapidly growing group of researchers (see references at the end of this article). In some ways, the UFO/Occult nexus has become a cottage industry, and has occasionally broken through into the mainstream. But when my particular incident occurred, Ufology was primarily entrenched in the “nuts-and-bolts spaceships” extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) camp.

But on with my particular piece of this puzzle.

In early September of 1990, I spend a few days at Ocean City, Maryland, a resort town on the Atlantic. I went to the beach with a few friends, and we passed the time making sand sculptures. Since I was reading a lot about UFOs at the time (it was the 90s, after all), I sculpted the head of a prototypical “gray” alien in the sand, with his arm raised above his head as if waving hello.

A couple of weeks later, I returned to Ocean City for the weekend. One evening, I had a very vivid dream about a television panel discussing UFOs. One expert was a Phil Klass styled skeptic/debunker, another was a Jacques Vallee-type, the third was a Stanton Friedman nuts-and-bolts ETH proponent, and the final panel member was a raving paranoid “the lizards in their underground bases are eating our children!” conspiratologist. The panelists bantered back and forth until the paranoid guy started ranting: “They’re cooperating with the government! They’re stealing our children and the government knows it! The Men in Black are demons!” The other panelists chuckled and rolled their eyes.

I awoke from the dream, disturbed. I seldom had dreams related to UFOs, and this one was particularly realistic. I found that my thoughts kept returning to the dream throughout the day.

That evening, at approximately 7:30pm, I decided to take a walk on the beach with my girlfriend. It was a very clear, starry night, and we were the only two on the beach. My girlfriend walked along the surf, while I lingered away from the water. I looked down in the sand and saw what looked like a humanoid face sculpted in the sand, though part of it had been obliterated by footprints.

I remembered the alien head I had sculputed in the sand weeks before, miles from the spot on which I was standing. Just another synchronicity, I thought to myself.

I looked up into the starry night, thinking about my dream and the face in the sand. I said, mentally, If you’re out there, now is the perfect time to show yourself. I guess part of me secretly wished something would appear, but I certainly did not expect anything to happen.

I walked closer to the water and joined my girlfriend.

A few minutes later, she pointed to the sky. “What are those?” she asked.

Two orange-red blobs of light were bobbing up and down next to each other far above us. When I looked at them, they shot off across the sky (over the ocean), flying erratically — almost playfully, changing direction frequently. At one point, they merged, flying as one unit, then split apart again. We watched them, stunned, until they vanished on the horizon amidst the light pollution from Ocean City’s boardwalk.

“Oh, my God,” I said, over and over, as we followed them. I couldn’t say anything else but “Oh, my God.” I was simultaneously awed and frightened. When the lights disappeared, we both returned to the car and drove home, elated but also unnerved by what we had seen. I can only think of a couple of theories to explain what happened.

One is that I was part of a lucky train of coincidences, a chain of synchronicity — sculpting a face of an alien in the sand, dreaming about the UFO panel, stumbling upon a similar face in the sand weeks later, asking for an appearance, and getting much more than I could have imagined.

The other possibility is much more intriguing, but raises all sorts of troubling questions. It suggests that UFOs are a multidimensional phenomena (bending time and space), that they interact with human consciousness on an intimate level, and that they can potentially be summoned. Far more frightening is the possibility that whatever it is, it observed, drew upon, or manipulated my consciousness, my dreams, and my perceptions leading up to the sighting.

If it wasn’t for my girlfriend sighting the objects first, I would concede the possibility that it was a hallucination. She knew nothing of my silent request to show me something, and pointed out the objects before I saw them.

One of the foremost researchers into the fringes of Ufology is my friend who goes by the name of Blue Resonant Human, or Brother Blue. Although he dropped out of sight in the late 90s, his prodigious postings to USENET made him a Net celebrity, and his unconventional (and funny) writings made him the object of scorn of hardnosed skeptic and harebrained new ager alike. One of his missives is archived here. I will pull out some pertinent bits, but I strongly recommend reading the entire article.

Here he quotes Jacques Vallee:

There are certainly occult groups that claim they can invoke or evoke beings that do some of the things that UFO entities do. I’ve looked. I’ve contacted a number of those groups…

Robert Anton Wilson describes meeting Vallee in his excellent Cosmic Trigger:

“Where do you think they come from?” I asked.

Doctor Vallee gave the Gallic form of the classic scientific Not-Speculating-Beyond-The-Data head-shake. “I can theorize, and theorize, endlessly,” he said, “but is it not better to just study the data more deeply and look for clues?”

“You must have some personal hunch,” I insisted.

He gave in gracefully. “They relate to space-time in ways for which we have, at present, no concepts,” he said. “They cannot explain to us because we are not ready to understand.”

I asked Grady McMurty if Aleister Crowley had ever said anything to him implying the extraterrestrial theory which Kenneth Grant, Outer Head of another Ordo Templi Orientis, implies in his accounts of Crowley’s contacts with Higher Intelligences.

“Some of the things Aleister said to me,” Grady replied carefully, “could be interpreted as hints pointing that way.” He went on to quote Crowley’s aphorisms about various of the standard entities contacted by Magick. The Abramelin spirits, for instance, need to be watched carefully. “They bite,” Aleister explained in his best deadpan am-I-kidding-or-not? style. The Enochian “angels,” on the other hand, don’t always have to be summoned. “When you’re ready, they come for you,” Aleister said flatly.

Crowley and LAM

Crowley also figures in one of the seminal (ahem) incidents in this murky, bizarre field. The most discussed episode is Crowley’s alleged contact with an entity known as LAM (illustration above) as part of his “Amalantrah Working” — an occult process designed to facilitate “the establishment of contact with non-human intelligences.”

Instead of rehashing this story here, I will point the reader to this article. Googling Crowely and LAM will yield many variations of what is essentially the same account.

The concept of UFOs as egregores is also worthy of exploration. The following defintion is excerpted from Gaetan Delaforgem’s article in Gnosis:

An egregore is a kind of group mind which is created when people consciously come together for a common purpose. Whenever people gather together to do something and egregore is formed, but unless an attempt is made to maintain it deliberately it will dissipate rather quickly. However if the people wish to maintain it and know the techniques of how to do so, the egregore will continue to grow in strength and can last for centuries.

An egregore has the characteristic of having an effectiveness greater than the mere sum of its individual members. It continuously interacts with its members, influencing them and being influenced by them. The interaction works positively by stimulating and assisting its members but only as long as they behave and act in line with its original aim. It will stimulate both individually and collectively all those faculties in the group which will permit the realization of the objectives of its original program. If this process is continued a long time the egregore will take on a kind of life of its own, and can become so strong that even if all its members should die, it would continue to exist on the inner dimensions and can be contacted even centuries later by a group of people prepared to live the lives of the original founders, particularly if they are willing to provide the initial input of energy to get it going again.

I offer this information as food for thought, not because I can assert that it is truth, or even partially true. But I cannot deny my own experience, which has convinced me that, at least in part, the UFO phenomenon interacts with humans on a psychic (i.e. non-physical) level — the level of dreams, synchronicity, and consciousness.

Summary in Jesus Name

These freaks are after Our King Jesus.  They are after “US”.

Become born again and give yourself to Jesus RIGHT NOW


A special thanks to Kenneth for this awesome find.

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3 thoughts on “HIDING THE DEMONS

  1. One reason that "Chuck, like all other Christian researchers and experts STOPS SHORT" in dealing with the UFO/demon paradigm is because traditional teaching of the Bible's Creation Story supposedly only specifies the creation of "angels", plants, animals, and then Mankind as the only "life forms".

    Traditional teaching of the Creation Story includes the Luciferian rebellion, occurring sometime after Adam and Eve are created.

    Traditional teaching, however, does not include the "Gap Theory" (a missing period of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, wherein the Luciferian rebellion and the outbreak of the "war in the heavens" actually occurred – NOT sometime after Adam and Eve were created).

    So traditional teaching does not provide for the existence of any "life forms" other than what is directly specified in the Creation Story.

    And this satisfies those who believe that, "If it's not in the Bible, then I don't believe it!"

    Without the Gap Theory, one will never arrive at the full truth of the UFO/demon paradox, and thereby, will be held hostage to their disinformation campaign against humanity.

  2. Assuming the Gap Theory is true, then Genesis 1:1 holds a "key" to unlocking many mysteries within the Bible, as well as events unfolding today.

    "In the beginning", the Godhead created multiple "universes" (what scientists now theorize as "multi-verses" – it's been in the Bible all along, scientists!), each populated with a smorgasbord of "life forms", from the most advanced life forms, known as "angels", to the lowest.

    In being true to His nature, God the Father saved His best for last .. as He rolled out His blueprints for the creation of ..


    In short, Lucifer, his "board of directors" (the Council of Nine), and those shareholders beholden unto Lucifer (the lesser "angels" and other intelligent life forms under his dominion) didn't like the "deal" that God was proposing, so they rebelled, and an all-out "war in the heavens" ensued.

    One third of the Original Creation "fell" to the rebellion and war.

    We can see some of this devastation in Genesis 1:2 – "and the Earth became without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep".

    Verse 2 is the first time we encounter "darkness". Isn't it interesting, that this "darkness" would be so soon in the "Creation Story"?

    Within this "fallen 1/3", picture planets being "blown", star systems ravaged, black holes being created out of the sudden vacuum of imploded stars, life forms and their DNA being "blown to bits" and scattered all over the place.

    But not all was devastated. Some life forms obviously survived. Some good (perhaps), some bad (for sure), and some ugly (really ugly).

    Since there were multiple universes, this "fallen 1/3" cut across the lines of separation of some of these "universes", wherein some of the "beings" were trapped within a trans-dimensional existence, some trapped within what we perceive as solids (such as rocks), some trapped on far away planets of far away star systems, perhaps cut off from "the rest".

    In understanding the above scenario, it is likely, then, that not all "UFOs" are "demons", and not all "demons" are "UFOs".

    There are some UFOs that really are from "out there", as well as some that are from "inner earth".

    There are some "demons" (traditionally known as "fallen angels") that really are from "out there", as well as some that are from "inner earth".

    And that God did indeed create multiple life forms other than "angels". But even within the "angel" classification, there is much variance in form and function.

    If the real meaning of Genesis 1:1, and the Gap Theory, is not understood, then one will never arrive at the full truth of the UFO/demon paradigm.

    And if that be the case, then when the real "bad boys" show up during the "alien invasion" (the serpents and scorpions that Jesus referred to), then you can plan on your "consummation" by these beings, because you will be totally defenseless against these most exalted and powerful of the Great Fallen Ones, that make "demons" look like choir boys.

    BUT ..

    "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." – Rev 12:11

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