Is Pre-Trib Rapture Part of the Great Delusion?


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Warning: This is meant to generate “thought” not to create division!!

If you apply the principle of “quid bono” (who benefits?) to your analysis of all potentially controversial topics and possible conspiracies (think Issachar), it can often identify a possible “hidden agenda” and “who” might be behind it (the agenda). Moreover, further analysis of such “conspiracies” invariably indicates the “popular” belief is most often the incorrect belief or the intended “counter-intel” belief propagated. Many who propagate the incorrect belief are well meaning good people unwittingly misled.

While I firmly believe you must keep an open mind to all possibilities when dealing with challenging subjects, (always keep your relationship with Jesus strong and close), some undeniable issues surface when I apply the above principles to “pre-tib” vs. “some-other-trib”.


Consider the Following Points:

1. God sends a great delusion that has the potential to deceive even the elect

2. Rapture (harpazo) positions have a tendency to divide the church

3. Pre-trib belief frees the Christian from having to face the unthinkable, becoming spiritually unprepared to “pass the test” of Tribulation

4. Imminence can indeed extend past the seating of the Antichrist (Apollyon)

5. Whistleblower evidence has surfaced a possible plan to create a fake rapture (search on project Blue Beam and chem-trails, barium and high field of view holographic displays)

6. If pre-trib does not happen, many will be horrified, feel God abandoned them, could lose their faith, turn away from their beliefs

Quid Bono? Who benefits?
Is this not a war between YHWH and Satan?

—Be Spiritually Prepared for EVERYTHING

Embrace – 2 Timothy 1:7 / Phil 4:7 / Eph. 6:10-18

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4 thoughts on “Is Pre-Trib Rapture Part of the Great Delusion?

  1. I do believe in a Pre-trib Rapture. The reasons for that belief are many, but the bottom line is this: If there is, in your mind, no pre-trib rapture, there is an awful lot of scripture that must be dealt with that show that this is indeed what will happen…God bless you in your studies…

  2. I am keeping an open mind on this and doing quite a bit more study. It's not that I don't believe in the rapture at all, it is that I am not 100% convinced it happens before things get really bad. Perhaps I am currently leaning toward "Pre-Wrath" rapture but I have a lot more study to do before take any particular belief to heart. One thing is for certain – its important we all be spiritually prepared for anything. People make mistakes in interpreting prophecy and only God knows for certain who is right

  3. pre trib rapture scripture cites are all taken out of context, twisted,
    and even treated to allegory, the same way heretics always handle

    Matt. 24 and 2 Thess. chapter 2, read in context, that’s all the verses
    before and after the ones you are interested in, RULE OUT A PRE TRIB

    you people confuse tribulation (persecution against the church) with
    the wrath of God. Not the same thing.

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