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You Have Your Scientology
We Have Our “JESUS-tology

I am so grateful for all of you.  I don’t even want to go to work any more.  All I want to do is reach out and help all of you.  We have so many wonderful things in store for us and to be tormented by this nonsense here on earth is a demonic travesty. 

I am sick and tired of Satan’s army thinking they have the upper hand on the Almighty God.  They “steal” everything from him.  Lucifer has no original ideas.  His minions come up with these amazing plots of global destruction and they are going to “get theirs”.  If you have an electronic concordance, or can go to and search on the word “laugh”, you will see that our GOD, the Almighty Yahweh, will laugh in their faces.

Scientology My A$$

So they think they have it all figured out do they?  They think their knowledge of the “Orion Wars” and the star systems of Pleiades and Orion has us befuddled, do they?  They think their vast knowledge of “illumination” and “flying saucers” is going to make us fold …they are WRONG!  I am here to tell you, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, people are waking up!  As God said in Amos and Job, NOBODY knows these star systems as he does.  After all – HE created THEM!

We’ve Been Robbed!

Our Bible has been pillaged.  And God will have the last laugh.  In my studies I am finding that the most knowledgeable teachers understand the significance of the Book of Enoch.  But it’s not just that book, its others as well.  Whether or not they are “canonized” by some “yo yo’s” who think they were given the right to discern the spirit on “our” behalf is beside the point.  What’s really important to know is, that in JUST the Book of Enoch alone, we are missing TONS of important facts.  Elijah and Enoch were the only two “regular people” who were taken up to Heaven in a supernatural way.  You might even say, they were the first two to get “RAPTURED!”

So if you wish, we can call this “extra-biblical” information.  But I argue, since Elijah and Enoch are most likely the “Two Witnesses” in the Tribulation, that maybe … just maybe …. this is not extra-biblical – but instead BIBLICAL and we’ve been ROBBED!

The Work of 30 Years

I present to you a synopsis of the work of 30 years of research.  This research is from a blessed brother in Jesus Christ, who through a wonderful saint, and a home Bible fellowship, received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I tell you that I have spent many late nights with this wonderful Jesus loving brother on “Skype” listening and recording his insights of deep learning.  And I admit, I have had times where I “freaked out” and told him I thought what he was saying was “crazy talk”.  But the Holy Spirit calmed me down and we have become good friends.  While I still reserve some ideas regarding his most controversial thoughts,

I present to you, a wonderful insight on our LORD’S CREATION.

Brother Loren Speaks to You In Jesus Name


If you feel led, please include the following that I have written in one of your future articles, as a “from the horse’s mouth”, so to speak. I have written it as though speaking to “the audience”, so when I mention “you”, I don’t mean you, but the person who will be reading it.

In The Beginning

God’s Plan A from “In the beginning” – well within Genesis 1:1 – was for Mankind to rule and reign with His Only Begotten Son and First Born, as Priests and Kings over ALL that the Godhead had created (the multiple universes, with smorgasbords of life-forms within each universe – all created in complete perfection and Godly harmony within Genesis 1:1 – the “original” Creation).

(And science has just somewhat recently proposed the possibility of “multi-verses”. The Word of God has revealed the realities of “multi-verses” all along in plain black-and-white! If only scientists, and others, would read and study the Word of God, they would be Light-years ahead of the “traditions of men”!)

Lucifer – the First Created and the Living Ephod (nine stones inlaid in gold, Ezekiel 28:13) before the Throne of God – didn’t like this plan, because he would have to “let go” and “lay down” all that he was, and all that had been put under his charge, unto this proposed new and last creation by the Godhead – Mankind! – which was to be the one Creation, and only one, to be in the EXACT “image and likeness” of the Godhead – Father, Spirit, and Son – as the Godhead’s only and direct “seed line”, for the benefit of “the Son” as the “First Born” of many who would be “born” thereafter.

So, over the course of time (the Bible gives no specified time duration), Lucifer turned from God, rebelled (Isaiah 14:12-14), and convinced and/or coerced 1/3 of the created life-forms across the multiple dimensions/universes to follow him, rather than follow God.

“And there was war in heaven”. — Revelations 12:7

One out of many of the results/outcomes of this war, was :

“And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” — Genesis 1:2

The Earth, which had been made into a showcase planet, for the creation of this new “Mankind”, had been laid waste, and was made void of life. And the “darkness” of the rebellion and war had further extended itself into the expanse (the deep) of Creation.

Although God had been taken by surprise by this act of rebellion and treason – because rebellion, treason, and darkness had NEVER existed before (within the original Creation of Genesis 1:1), not even in the most remote recesses of God’s infinite imaginations! – He didn’t just lie down and “take it” from Lucifer and his armies. Nor did He say, “Ok, Lucifer, you can have your 1/3, and I’ll keep my 2/3s”. Nor did God take on the attitude of “what will be, will be.”


In the 2nd verse in the first chapter of Genesis, we find that “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters”.

What happened?

The Spirit of God MOVED!

The Spirit of God TOOK ACTION!

The Spirit of God went forth into this newly formed/created “darkness”, and of death and of destruction, to DISCERN it – because this “darkness” HAD NEVER EVER EXISTED BEFORE! .. AND, this “darkness” had the “appearance of light”!

It had to be “figured out”.

And this the Spirit of God did, and later returned (again, no time period is specified) to the Father with a full analysis.

So what was the Father’s response?

On what has been called the “First Day of Creation”, which in reality was the “First Day of Restoration” of the fallen 1/3, God “spoke” and God “performed”!

“Faith without works is DEAD!” — James 2:20. This is true .. EVEN FOR GOD!!!

Had God not SPOKE, the “war in the heavens” would have continued unabated.

And what did God say?

“Let there be LIGHT!” — Genesis 1:3

And His Light shined into the darkness, reaffirming His sovereignty over that which had never existed before, and had rejected and rebelled against Him, and had fallen away, through the very “free will” that the Godhead had endowed and gifted them with.

God Separated the Light

And too, had God not PERFORMED (works), the “war in the heaven” would have continued unabated.

And what “work” did God perform?

He SEPARATED His Light from Lucifer’s light (darkness)! — Genesis 1:3 And “separation” is an act of JUDGMENT!

The First Day was not of Creation (as in the traditionally taught Six Days of Creation), but of JUDGMENT !!!

Restoring the Fallen 1/3 and More

God could not have “restored” the fallen 1/3 without FIRST .. JUDGING IT!

And so, God then proceeded to restore the fallen 1/3 into a “working condition”, but not yet a “perfect condition”, as it had been, but will be once again at the end of Revelation (Rev 21:1).

Talk about FAITH! God BELIEVING in His own Word and Purpose, that through the ensuing thousands of years of time – against ALL odds – that the fallen 1/3 would be brought back under His full possession and made ANEW – as though the “war in the heaven” had never happened!

So God proceeded with the remaining Five Days, and with His plans for the creation of Mankind – Adam and Eve – on the Sixth Day of Restoration.

But there was now a MAJOR difference between God’s original plans for Mankind within the original Creation of Genesis 1:1, and the existing realities of the restored fallen 1/3.

Instead of just the Tree of Life being in the Garden of Eden (as had been planned within the original Creation of Genesis 1:1), God had to allow the existence of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil to reside in the Garden, too.

Just as God the Father had to come to His decision, on whether to accept or reject the “darkness”, likewise, Mankind (Adam and Eve) – created in the Godhead’s EXACT “image and likeness” – would also have to eventually come to the same “valley of decision”.

So God came down in the coolness of the evening to commune with Adam and Eve, with direct face-to-face fellowship, teaching, and the imparting of wisdom.

Whereas knowledge can be learned quickly, the wisdom behind that knowledge can take longer to master.

The serpent, who was also in the Garden, knew where God was heading with all His teaching and imparting of wisdom unto Adam and Eve ..

To the FULL REVELATION of the MYSTERY OF INIQUITY that was inherent within the “forbidden fruit” of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil ! …


To the FULL MASTERY of Adam and Eve over ALL that which had rebelled against God and had fallen away ! ..

Including, over Lucifer/Satan and all the “life-forms” (serpents, scorpions, beasts, overlords, demons, etc) under his dominion !!!

So, the serpent worked OVERTIME to seduce Eve in the partaking of the “forbidden fruit”. Again, there is no time period specified as to how long this process took. But we can safely assume this “tempting” took some time to erode away against the direct teaching and imparting of God unto Eve (and then later, Adam).

So Eve “Fell”, and then Adam.

God’s hopes were once again dashed. His heart was once again torn – even more so. He wept (just as His Son would later do so when on Earth).

Yet, God the Father had a plan .. for the Redemption .. for the Restoration .. and for the Resurrection .. of Mankind unto His intended Plan and Purpose .. to rule and reign, as Priests and Kings, over ALL that the Godhead had created ..

That Would Involve His Son …

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” — John 3:16

“Whosoever believeth in him” are the ones who will inherit Creation! and “rule and reign” with the Son!

“In the beginning” (Genesis 1:1), it was God’s intended Plan and Purpose for ALL Mankind to be partakers of this inheritance.

But because of the Luciferian rebellion and war, wherein those life-forms of their own “free moral agency” rebelled and warred against God and His Kingdom,

And later, because of the decisions made by Adam and Eve, whereby all Mankind was thereafter subjected to the same sin, rebellion, and war, not only of their original flesh-parents, but also the spiritual originators of sin, rebellion, and war,

It became necessary for each person – from Adam and Eve on down – as a free moral agent, to make up their own mind, their own heart, on whether to …

“Believeth in Him“!

By doing so, a person is redeemed from sin and death, restored unto Life Eternal and ALL the promises and inheritances of God, and, when resurrected, to be made FULL and COMPLETE … as was meant to be “In the beginning”!


It was God’s ORIGINAL DESTINY for YOU – YES, YOU, THE PERSON READING THIS! – to rule and reign, along side His Son, as a Priest and a King, over ALL that the Godhead had created!

ALL the dimensions ..
ALL the universes ..
ALL the smorgasbords of life-forms within each …

Now, as we face the Gulf oil geyser, with the prospect of millions of people in the Gulf area dying directly and/or indirectly from that demonically-inspired disaster,

And as we face the imminent war against Iran, with again, the prospect of millions of people in that Gulf area dying directly and/or indirectly from that demonically-inspired conflict and war,

Millions of souls hang in the balance .. millions of souls .. that if, just if, they could GRAB HOLD of these TRUTHS of what God had intended for as their ORIGINAL DESTINY ..

and what God intends for them to RESTORE that ORIGINAL DESTINY unto them ..

Through HIS SON !
Unto “Whosoever believeth in him” !
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


Humble yourself, and ask Jesus into your heart, and into your life, and to forgive you of your sins .. no matter who you are, what you’ve done .. Jesus will forgive you, and He will enter your heart and life, and the Redemption and Restoration Processes will begin.

All the goodness that this Earth has to offer – the best of the best – is NOTHING compared to what God has in store for His Children.

“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints” — Ephesians 1:18, NAS

In fact, read the entire 1st chapter of Ephesians .. and then,
RECEIVE your inheritance through Christ Jesus!

And most of all…


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15 thoughts on “JESUSTOLOGY … IN YOUR FACE!

  1. I only have one comment. It appears that brother Loren is stating that God is going to restore Lucifer's 1/3 of the angels to sanctified status. I have seen nothing in the Bible that says that–it states that the lake of fire is reserved for them, along with Satan, the beast and the false prophet. So to me, this is crazy.

  2. AWESOME and Thank YOU Chris for sharing your concerns! This is EXACLY what we are here for.

    I forwarded your thoughts to Loren for some clarification because I too struggle with some of these concepts. I'm sure there is an explaination that will help clear this up.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!

    Be Blessed In Jesus Name!

  3. Sure don't want a repeat of the age of sin in heaven or the earth made new. Marie

  4. Amen to THAT!

    My wife and I were talking in the car the other day. When I reminded her that we are "in the flesh" in the "Millennium" and God reinstitutes Levitical Temple ritual and animal sacrifice again she was like "NO WAY!".

    I have always been troubled by the end of Revelation and the fact that God let's Lucifer back out again – Even if for a short time.

    This implies those of us who are being "tested" for graduation here on earth are only going through "bootcamp" and graduation actually doesn't occur until *after* the millennium.

    My wife was like "No Way" I do not want to go through this again!!

    I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled.

  5. @ Chris and all :

    You are right. The "lake of fire" is reserved for Lucifer/Satan, the beast, the false prophet, and the fallen 1/3 of the "life-forms" that rebelled along with Lucifer and warred against the Godhead eons ago – long before Mankind was ever created.

    ".. everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels" — Matthew 25:41

    "And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are .." — Revelation 20:10

    These "life-forms" have commonly been named as "angels", but the common understanding of the term "angels" does not take into account such life-forms as serpents, scorpions, beasts, overlords, etc, or even "the greys".

    The term "demons" has been used as a "catch-all" term to mean "fallen angels". But there were more than just "angels" that fell and rebelled against the Godhead.

    Also, there were those life-forms that were innocent bystanders in this "war in the heavens" and either got decimated or got wiped out entirely.

    And then there were what we would consider as "inanimate objects" – planets, stars, even entire "systems" – that got impacted, and some wiped out as well.

    The Luciferian Rebellion and subsequent "war in the heavens" took a huge toll upon Creation. In fact, 1/3 of the original Creation was impacted in one way or another.

    And it is that 1/3 that God "restored" during the "Six Days of Restoration" (commonly believed and taught as the "Six Days of Creation"). As is noted in Genesis, God proceeded with His restoration process for the Earth, as well as, on Day Four, the greater light, and lesser light, and the stars and planets that had been impacted by the war.

    .. continued below ..

  6. However, God DID NOT "restore" Lucifer and the "fallen ones" to their original positions. But then, neither did God perform a "final judgment" against them right then and there – but deferred His "final judgment" of them for a later time (towards the end of Revelation).

    In his rebellion and subsequent war, Lucifer attempted to become his own "self-made" being and to create his own "self-made" reality. By doing so, the results, as well as in how God responded against the "darkness" and in restoring the fallen 1/3 back into a "Godly working order", was anything but what Lucifer had intended and aspired to.

    Since then, he has always attempted to discover, and then to harness, the "God particle"! in order to completely undo all that God had done in confining Lucifer and his fallen ones within the parameters of the fallen yet restored 1/3 of Creation.

    (Note: As we can read in Job, Lucifer/Satan was allowed to enter before the Most High, and to make accusation against Job. But none of the other "fallen ones" were allowed to enter before the Most High. This is because, Lucifer had been the Living Ephod (nine stones inlaid in gold) before the Throne of God, and as such, had been in the unique position to enter before the Most High, even after he had rebelled and had been removed from Heaven proper.)

    Of all that God had restored of the fallen 1/3, there was yet a "portion" that God did not restore, but "prepared" it and maintained it in the perfect fullness of the outcome of Lucifer's attempted "self-created reality" – the Lake of Fire.

    The Lake of Fire is the true reality of the "self-made reality" that Lucifer had attempted to create in his warring aspirations to be "like the Most High".

    The Lake of Fire is the ultimate destiny for Lucifer/Satan, the beast, the false prophet, and all those who have rebelled and warred against the Most High God.

    Yet, such a destiny was never meant to be for those of Mankind, but to rule and reign, as Priests and Kings, with the Only Begotten Son of the Heavenly Father and of the Holy Spirit, over ALL that the Godhead had created.

    Unfortunately, there will be those within Mankind who will not embrace their Original Destiny but will join the "fallen ones" in the Lake of Fire and will eventually be sealed off from the rest of Creation, including from the fully restored and renewed 1/3 .. "a new heaven and a new earth" (Rev 21:1).

  7. To be sure, what has been presented as "Original Creation – Original Destiny" is very complex. Yet, when the "big picture" begins to emerge, the Scriptures literally come alive in new dimensions never before perceived. Even the life, times, and parables of Jesus take on this higher wisdom.

    If anyone has any further questions, assertions, doubts, debates, over what has been presented, please let me or John know, so that these issues can be addressed as best as possible.

    Thank you.

  8. @ Chris and all :

    You are right. The "lake of fire" is reserved for Lucifer/Satan, the beast, the false prophet, and the fallen 1/3 of the "life-forms" that rebelled along with Lucifer and warred against the Godhead eons ago – long before Mankind was ever created.

    The Lake of Fire is the ultimate destiny for Lucifer/Satan, the beast, the false prophet, and all those who have, and have yet to, rebelled and warred against the Most High God.

    Yet, such a destiny was never meant to be for those of Mankind, but to rule and reign, as Priests and Kings, with the Only Begotten Son of the Heavenly Father and of the Holy Spirit, over ALL that the Godhead had created.

    Unfortunately, there will be those within Mankind who have not nor will not embrace their Original Destiny but will join the "fallen ones" in the Lake of Fire, which will eventually be sealed off from the rest of Creation, upon "a new heaven and a new earth" (Rev 21:1).

  9. This comment bothers me "Although God had been taken by surprise by this act of rebellion and treason…" God is not "taken by surprise" by anything.

    Isaiah 46:10 saya: Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

    God did not adjust His plans to Satan's actions. God's purpose, plans, and actions are bigger than we can ever ever begin to fathom. Nothing happens with out Our Father's foreknowledge.

    And this one: "God's hopes were once again dashed…." No no no! Again, what does the word omniscient mean? He knows every thing! God put in place the plan of Redemption to counter the fall of Adam and Eve and all humanity from the very beginning.

    John 1:1 In the beginning was the WORD and the and the WORD (Jesus) was with God, and the Word was God.

    God was most likely disappointed and saddened by the effects of the choice Adam and Eve made, but hopes dashed?

    I hope I'm not being overly simplistic or missing the author's intent and meaning. Please clarify if you think I'm off base here.

  10. Blessing to you John. I would like to add my perspective to the article, in that if a mormon were reading it they wouldn't blink twice about reading the words "Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour," and believing that Jesus can save us through our faith in Him. They think that is what they already believe. What is missing in all of that is . . . . . .. you HAVE to believe that Jesus is who He SAYS He is! ! He says in scripture that there is only one God. There is none before Me and none after Me. I AM the only one. It does NOT say that Jesus is the brother of Lucifer, which is just a side note to a mormon.

    A mormon will tell you that he is saved because he DOES believe in Jesus, and that Jesus is their Saviour. They also believe that Jesus is a brother of Satan. They will say "what is the big deal about receiving Jesus as my Saviour? I already DO." They do not get the fact that Jesus is God in the flesh. He is the Godman.

    So what I am saying is that a mormon would read your entire article and agree completely with it, even tho their belief system does not align with truth. Is there a way to convey to readers who first visit your site, that we believe that Jesus is who he says he is: that he is God in the flesh? (one and the same).

    If they could just get that concept it would create a whole thousand new believers!

    Thank you again for your Pastoring. You are the first place I go to every day.

    In His Love, Brenda

  11. Brend you touched on the real purpose of this article. Many religions will be "hoodwinked" into thinking this "alien" thing is really from the "Most High".

    This is tricky subject matter but much needed because soon they will be unleashing these darn ufo aliens upon us and trying to tell people that Jesus is part of the UFO master plan.

    Stay tuned, if we live long enough to see this (on earth) it is going to get really strange and only those versed in these dynamics will be able to "speak" to the lost.

  12. I am going to try to condense…
    The " in the flesh " people are the ones who will make it through the Tribulation…not us Believer's now. And we are now being conformed into His Image and Likeness, and when we see Him we will be as HE is ! I even understand that to mean,now… as we see Him by revelation, it actually is conforming us to His Image. But the final translating of our physical flesh will be when He comes for us. Now whether that is pre,mid,or post, at this point isn't an issue , at least to me.
    He, Jesus, is the first born of many…and the many is us. He is the second Adam …also, we will rule and reign with Him…flesh cannot do that. So all this in the flesh talk is just so fleshy ( : . Come on guys, we got to wake up to who Jesus said we are .I mean , I totally get it that we need the Holy Spirit to continually wake us up so to speak, and give us all Revelation. You know ,a spirit of wisdom and revelation ! ? I agree, it is there in Ephesians, and let's not forget what our Lord prayed for us in John 17 !
    The Lord IS first coming To the Church, and then Through the Church to do the " Greater Works than these "!
    Keep Loving One Another,

  13. So you think there is absolutely NO CHANCE, that those who are "taken out of the way" in their supernatural bodies, might … just might … be transformed back into new bodies in the flesh for the thousand year millennium? Or just maybe that the traditional understanding might be somewhat lacking? Seems odd to me that "some" would be in the flesh and others in transformed bodies of some kind. Really doesn't make "sense". I will keep the jury out on that one. Be Blessed in Jesus Name.

  14. " So you think there is absolutely NO CHANCE, that those who are "taken out of the way" in their supernatural bodies, might … just might … be transformed back into new bodies in the flesh for the thousand year millennium?"
    Yes I am saying the same thing as you are…transformed mortal flesh, taking on immortality …just like our Lord was/is/and has now. He ate w/ the disciples when He appeared to them .Why would He do that!? I believe we shall have perfected,translated bodies,( like the Lord's ) but by flesh I mean, no sickness or aging (ug )or earthly temptations.We shall be like Him !

    " Or just maybe that the traditional understanding might be somewhat lacking?"
    Surely you jest? ( : Me ,Traditional ? … jeezzzz, this is never talked about by most I have known in over 31 yrs.! I am coming from long ago studies,and of course, some current downloads too…. good for my brain tho…

    " Seems odd to me that "some" would be in the flesh and others in transformed bodies of some kind. Really doesn't make "sense"."
    Yes, it does….we the true Body will be ( fully ) transformed. The one's that make it through the Trib. will be regular people. Yes, every knee w/ bow and tongue confess, but they are not the Church. They will have extended years for sure b/c of no enemy, but how could they have transformed bodies like us when that is a promise only to the Church ? Who is satan going to tempt when he is released for a season ? It could not be us b/c that would nullify our Salvation and make all of this a lie and futile >: ! Wouldn't it ? There are fancy terms for these people groups that I have heard once or twice, but I am a simple person and just like to have the Lord show me these things per my pondering and studying, and sometimes just asking in childlike ways. I truly am not saying I got all this either.The older one gets the more one learns,and the more you realize how little you truly know. I love to learn and grow and find out more about the Lord. He is revealing so much these days it is awesome and beyond my usage of language ! My reason for commenting is that I have thought about all this for years, and find it so interesting!!! So it is very cool that you wrote about it and shared what Loren wrote. Thanks….
    "I will keep the jury out on that one."
    I think that is wise…The jury is out on most things except the Lordship of Jesus.We are being changed and transformed, into His image and Likeness…from Glory to Glory… so sometimes we can look at all this and just be so excited. There is always more…He is the author and finisher …I remind myself of this often these days so not to worry or stress over the sometimes overwhelming voices/info/doom out there. Labor to enter into the rest and all…
    I appreciate the conversation, and wow, someone who actually communicates with such humility and honesty.
    Stay well, and keep your eyes and ears ( spiritual ones ) open .
    There is so much going on and you are in the Gulf correct ? Did you see the post by Daffodil on watchers ? I w/try to send it to you.I think I saw an email address somewhere . I just found you last week and have come back almost every day to read . I have been quite touched by your words… like talking to a friend… or brother ( : Now isn't that refreshing ! ?
    Isaiah 54:17


    Thank you for taking the time to write all this awesome detail on these ideas.

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