Aden Star Gate Warning

Who’s Messaging Us?
The Wilton Windmill Crop Circle

Crop circles have been a fascination of those who study the UFO phenomenon for a long time.  And oddly there’s been a bunch of disinformation dollars spent in an attempt to persuade the public they aren’t really cosmic at all … but instead fakes.  If you talk to the average person on the sidewalk and mention crop circles, you will discover the disinformation campaign has been “highly successful”.

However crop circles continue to appear each year.  Today many brilliant thinkers are attempting to decode the messages hidden within many of them.  I find it rather remarkable that you find a good number of them showing DNA strands and other “Trilateral Commission” like insignia.  When applying the principle of “Quid Bono” (who benefits) it brings up a number of questions.

Who is messaging us and why?  What would be their motivation?  Are more than one “inter-stellar” group of entities involved?

The image shown here is a collage of crop circles across the world.  Indeed you see everything from super-spirograph looking symmetrical patterns to what appear to be floral designs.  Many of these are reminiscent of the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex symbols still seen today on barns along route 81 in Pennsylvania and other places.

In the middle left of the image it is clear you see a “sperm-like” design.  Elsewhere you can spot the fleur-de-lis symbol which is displayed prominently in occult designs and blue-blood royalty symbolism of the “reptilian” variety.  Indeed is it seen just about everywhere.  It shows up on T-Shirts, almost as frequently as grey-alien heads do.

The fleur-de-lis symbol is the occult symbol of Nimrod.  For more information on this troubling dynamic you can read the article here.  While the author, David Icke, is unfortunately one of the many deceived by the New Age persuasion of Luciferian “cosmic ascension“, his research is extremely thorough and I have been able to back his findings through a vast number of unrelated sources (including Christian ones as well).

Warning of the Triple Helix Threat

However many other crop circles paint a more mysterious and troubling intergalactic picture.  In fact many of them appear to clearly illustrate DNA strands and other messaging of a cosmic nature.

Here you see a crop circle that clearly depicts what I call the triple-helix threat to mankind.  If one were to purchase or rent the television series THRESHOLD, you would see an excellent multi-part movie that depicts earth being infected by an alien race.  This infection spreads through food supplies and even water.  At one point in the movie you see where a number of affected humans start walking around like mindless zombies, being controlled somehow.

When you understand the DNA infection dynamics associated with “E Pluribus Unum”, (or the “making of many into one”) and the Luciferian concept of the “All Seeing Eye”, and you correlate that with the concept of the creation of “Fit Extensions” such that “they” can infect the human race with “their” genome, it all starts to snap-together in a very dark way.

Combine this across the board to all the Luciferian concepts.  The ancient Pharaoh, King Akhenaten, was famous for collapsing the worship of many gods into the worship of a single god.  This is precisely what is happening with the ecumenical religious movement today.  Indeed it is believed by many, that Akhenaten was a hybrid of the “star gods”.  These would be the same “men of knowledge” the Mayans expect to return in 2011 (yes 2011 not 2012).  In fact, the Mayans believed that when the new “men of knowledge” arrive, they would usher in a “new global order”, or one might refer to it as a “New World Order”.

The concepts associated with this “fit extension” alien-demon possession paradigm are touched upon in the article entitled “The Alien Demon Agenda – Apotheosis” here.  I recommend reading the entire article series from the beginning as it will unfold a number of alarming concepts that will make you WANT to get off this planet and be with the King of Kings, Jesus Christ, more than ever.

The Wilton Windmill Crop Circle Warning

By now it should be no surprise that “star gates” appear to be opening across the globe.  Never mind the fact that Thomas Horn, has tackled this subject most excellently in a number of his books including the Ahriman Gate.  And he backs most of his postulations with Bible scripture which makes them excellent study tools.

A vast number of reports have surfaced claiming that there is a Star Gate located in the Gulf of Aden near Yemen.  While many might consider taking these reports with a grain of salt, when you realize how close we are to the Great Tribulation, and the likeliness it may begin with a UFO invasion, these reports should be seriously considered.

In fact many reports have surfaced claiming that extremely large “motherships” have momentarily de-cloaked when moving through the Aden Star Gate.

For more information on the Aden Star Gate reports click here:

Gulf of Aden – Project Stargate

And now would be a very good time to read the article here on Tribulation-Now entitled: Wormholes and Intergalactic Troop Buildup here.

The Crop Circle to Aden Star Gate Symbolism

Last evening brother Ricky came through again having stumbled across a You Tube video created by “5T4RSCREAM144“.   Evidently this individual not only stumbled across a sizable concrete etching  near the Aden Star gate on the nearby shore, but he was able to determine it matched perfectly with the Wilton Windmill crop circle.

Here you see a snap shot of the circular ground etching on the shore line of the Gulf of Aden taken from Google Earth.  The coordinates are 14 00 51.58 W and 48 21 23.18 E.

As I watched this You Tube video unfold, my jaw dropped open.  Immediately I wondered WHY?  What would be the point of an “alien race” making a crop circle that matched the Aden Star Gate location etching?

Here you see a snap shot of the original Wilton Windmill crop circle.  It’s easy to see how close this crop circle is to the image etched in the ground near the claimed location of the Aden Star Gate.

Evidently this crop circle not only matches the etching at the Aden Star Gate location, but it has binary encoding that supposedly matches some mathematical equation.  A vast number of web sites discuss this encoding and it’s meaning.

Not to far down the road from this Wilton image (about 8 miles) is the alarming grey alien head crop circle which was accompanied by another binary type encoding disk image.  According to the research done by this web site, the encoding on the grey alien head crop circle says ….

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (damaged word). There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. conduit closing (bell sound)

So who is this warning from?  What is the point of his warning?

When you apply the principle of “Quid Bono” to this message, there are only two possible answers.

The New Agers would tell you this warning MUST be coming from their Pleiadian cosmic family.  And in fact that could be true when you realize the Pleiadian Luciferian lie is that “they” are trying to warn the earth’s civilization about the evil cabal made up of grey aliens, reptilians and black ops teams running our global government.  So this cannot be ruled out as it would certainly support the “lie” associated with the New Age cosmic deception.

It is critical for the reader to beware that a number of highly credible authors have researched tens of thousands of “alien abduction” testimonies (much under deep hypnosis as in the movie “The Fourth Kind”) and discovered the Pleiadians are actually “taking orders” from the “greys”, and the “greys” are taking orders from the Reptilians (e.g. a form of the Draconians, from the Star System “Dracos”).

Are you stitching this together yet?  For more information on this amazing data you may consider buying the book by Maximmillien de Lafayette entitled “UFOs, Aliens’ Impregnated Women, Extraterrestrials And God” here.  I just noticed this book is showing up on Amazon for around $729 dollars.  That’s utterly ridiculous and I didn’t pay that much for  it so you should be able to find it for less.  It is absolutely astonishing to read from a Jesus filled open-minded perspective, as long as you don’t take offense to the fact that Lafayette doesn’t believe in Jesus.  But he does an excellent job pointing out that the Bible is full of “cosmic references” and indeed HE IS CORRECT!

The Final Aden Crop Circle Match-up

Finally the You Tube author goes on to demonstrate that the Wilton image fits perfectly over the Aden Star Gate etching.

He / or she, spins the extrapolated imagery around to demonstrate how close the imagery fits.  And in fact, it is almost as perfect as possible, considering sand storm erosion effects that have certainly deteriorated the Aden Star gate etching over time.

So what would be the point of this crop circle being exactly the same as the Aden Star Gate etching?

It didn’t take me long to realize that someone or something was warning us this Aden Star Gate was the “real deal” and that this Star Gate is not some Thomas Horn fiction hypothesis.

Summary in Jesus Name

In the Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels articles, when read along with Intergalactic God, I do the best I can to open the reader’s mind to the possibility that our existence here on earth is not simply due to Eve eating a piece of fruit.  You can read the book by Zen Garcia entitled “Lucifer Father of Caine“, to get you started on some of these advanced concepts.

Or you can just read the Bible yourself and ask yourself questions like:

  1. Is the entire human race going through all this trouble because one woman ate a piece of fruit?
  2. Why did the two angels that visited Lot’s house in Sodom avoid those who sought to do them harm?  Why did they have to strike blindness on the would-be attackers?  Why didn’t they just “fly away” or dematerialize into a heavenly escape realm?
  3. What the heck are “chariots of fire” anyway?
  4. What are the “flying fiery serpents” mentioned in the book of Isaiah referring too?
  5. Who created dinosaurs?
  6. Why is there no reference to the “man and woman” created in Genesis chapter one having a “living soul” breathed into them as Adam had in Genesis 2: 7?
  7. Why are “gods” (elohim) told in Psalms 82 by YHWH God that they “shall die like men”?

In the book by Lafayette mentioned above, on page 114 it says:


The final extraterrestrial race to be examined due to their significance are the Arcturians who are described as once having seeded the earth with their members and presumably peacefully coexisted with other races.  According to Andrews: “In antiquity this planet was divided into sectors among four different groups: Blonds, Grays, Large Lizard-like beings from the Capella system, and beings from the Arcturus system”.

Andrews goes on to describe the Arcturians as currently playing an observer role in the current battle between extraterrestrial groups over earth and her poplulation.  Collier describes the Arcturians as also being one of the races interacting with the earth and that they are “trying to help”

According to the contactee “Adrian” the Arcturians are the extraterrestrial race most responsible for crop circles.

Make you wonder doesn’t it?

It does me.



Pray Every Day to be Found Worthy
to Escape All These Things which Come Upon the Earth


And Is Saving Us from Much More than We Realized








And please never forget …


John 14:6

Jesus said to him,

“I am the way, the truth, and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through Me.






Author: John Baptist
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  1. Where did these other creatures come from, did God Yahweh create them How much power does Lucifer have? Iv’e always suspected that Lucifer has beeen playing with genetics and cellular manipulation elsewhere than Earth and this dimension. I would like to know more as to what the enemy’s wiles are.

    I know by the Holy Spirit in me that Jesus came to get us the “Hell” off this planet until He comes back with the Angels and bride. I am so very grateful and thankful that He chose me and my wife. He is pure and holy Love, King of KIngs, Lord of Lords. Praise be to Him, forever and ever.
    I have had some very interesting experiences with Angels speaking to me as a small cjhild. I was on the verge of death many times through very bad Asthma, and I was so sick, suffocating for four days that I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to give up my ghost, but I was taken to the edge of Heaven, and I bleieve it was Jesus telling me that I must return, for I am to be a soldier,. and that there would be suffering in my life, but a soldier was one who suffers for the welfare and protection of others. It is an honor by God, and a assurance of being one of God’s chosen. I was told of Heaven, but was not allowed to enter. I asked (the child that I was), if there were toys in Heaven. I was told that toys were not needed, and there is a far greater joy than anything else. I had never felt such care, protection, perfect love, beyond words could ever express, and I knew that this came from my true Father. I still remember this experience, and will never forget it. I was told that I would be able to enter the Kingdom when it would be my time. Later on, some weeks or months had past and Satan, came to me in a macabre and forboding way, and I heard him stomping towards me rythmically, and each step was getting louder and heavier, He was telling me that he is coming to get me, and destroy me. His voice was terrifying. I remem bered the first experience with God, and I was confused and frightened. I thought God had forsaken me, and all of a sudden hreeAngels came to my aid, and a fourth one who was either a high Angel , or the Lord Jesus, and rebuked my attacker, while the three others stood guard over me. The one who chased away my attacker came to me and told me that He will never harm me, and that he (the high Angel) would always be my protector, and not to ever fear Satan, that the devil is a liar and deceiver. I was told that He will never come back to me. All these things happened when I was two or three years old. I always as a child, been reviled and bullied, by classmates, as so has my wife been. We both always have had a different outlook and sense of the evil in this hellish World, but we never fully knew why, until we understood God’s Word, but we always felt a special connection to God. I believe that there are genetic differences (seed of God) and seed of Satan. So many”Christians” are so misled by the fake evengangelical Satanic controled churches. I have been a part of one, and Jesus showed me the truth.It is an abononation, and desolation. Praise God Jesus, The king is returning very soon. I have lived on this Earth for three score and seven, and have seen and known many lives that God has given me to learn wisdom and to be able to verify how this World has been under the devil’s control, and how humanity has changed in this time period. It is happening at “lightning” speed. We all should pray, as Jesus instructs us..”Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and I will add all these things unto you”.”Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, for Thyne is the Kingdom, The Power, and the Glory (Jesus), AMEN…We must not live for this World. We must seek God and His KIngdom to know it. Thank you, keep fighting the good fight! God will bless you…

  2. The article is wonderful and I enjoy reading your take on all the evil insanity around us in these last days.
    The disc with the binary code seems to me to be a replica of a computer disc. It is partitioned like a cd and it would be interesting if one could decipher it. I believe it is evil.
    However, it also reminds me of the star chart from ancient times, perhaps from Babylon or? Pieces of the original were missing but it was shown on History channel and featured in one of either Z Sitchens books or from one of the other authors of these things.
    Many of these crop circles look pa dutch, sumerian/babylonian, Egyptian and Roman, among others. It would be nice to fully understand the symbology but maybe its better e dont?
    Thanks again for the article and keep fighting the good fight! Your writing really inspires me to seek out the things of God more and makes me thankful for the mysteries of God!

  3. I put a negative sign to see what was on the otherside of the world -14 00 51.58 -48 21 23.18 and I was shocked to see a land shaped like a demons head…

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