Wormholes and Intergalactic Troop Buildup

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Spirals are Wormholes
Expand Your Mind and View the Evidence

This morning in Jesus Name, I will try to present to you some information which is challenging to grasp even for myself from a “historical sense”.  Quite frankly I haven’t spent enough time on this one subject to develop any reasonable expertise.  In this case I am referring to purely the “historical” component.  The “wormhole” part is not too difficult for most people to embrace.  It is the history behind the appearance of these “spiral-wormholes” that is nebulous at best.

And DON’T FORGET these “spirals” are found in extremely old “petroglyphs” warning of global calamities and horrible flooding complete with “devil like” creatures pointing to them and people fleeing into the mountain tops. 

You can see these petroglyphs and much more pertinent data at www.rabbithole2.com/video.htm

Ancient Aliens and Ages of Time

Ancient alien research tends to go back to times that “predate” earth as we know it today.  This delves into the times of “dinosaurs” and arguably before YHWH God “breathed soul and spirit” into Adam in Genesis 2:7.  This topic is one of much debate amongst those that speculate therein.  It includes the notion of “world ages” and “thunders” and implies that “spirit breathed” man on earth, is only a small part of the overall existence of this “age or aeon”.  It further implies and argues that these prior “ages” may have included vast civilizations and intergalactic travel during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The exact timing of such “existence” is speculative at best.  Most advanced researchers, (even those who do not believe in our King Yeshua Jesus the Messiah, and our God YHWH or Ya va El / God of Gods, e.g. Our Heavenly Father), indicate that a global “flood” happened around the “times of Noah” and definitely destroyed virtually all (but not 100%) of the evidence. 

Dinosaur bones are everywhere.  The earth’s strata and crust shows geological evidence of all sorts of anomalies and times arguably from millions of years ago.  The period of Genesis One alone could include all these “millennia” revealing only a symbolic representation of these “aeons” at best.  This is extremely evident when studying Genesis 2:4 which states:

Genesis 2:4
These are the generations of the heavens and the earth, when they were created in the day of the making of Yahweh Elohim’s earth and heavens.

Here you see a verse which SHOULD have been the conclusion of Genesis One but was not.  This is most unfortunate since the reader tends to close out their notions of the “ages” of creation at Genesis 1:31.  That’s okay.  Again the primary purpose of the Bible is a roadmap to “salvation”.  Hopefully we are able to “at least” wake folks up to understand that the forthcoming intergalactic onslaught is targeting their “souls” and spiritual existence. 

Going after people who are already “technically saved” (e.g. in the churches) is almost certainly a waste of precious time at this point.  In fact I would argue many of the “so-called churches” will eventually become the worst enemy of those who do indeed understand what is happening when “all Hell” breaks lose here on earth.

The Spirals are Wormholes

Many of us have speculated that these “cosmic disturbances” seen as “spirals” (such as the infamous “Norway Spiral”) might have been “star gates” or perhaps “wormholes”.  Well I am absolutely positive they are space craft moving into “light speed” and entering a type of “wormhole” created by this event.

Average Scientists are Waking Up

Many scientists are beginning to wake up to the notion, through Quantum particle physics, that we live in a “light-based” spectrum that is held together through electro-magnetism.  Physicists were recently “mind blown” to discover that a single “light particle” was present in two different physical locations at the same time.  This destroyed the notion of “light speed” and jettisoned the theories into “time dimension” portals instead.  When coupled with the “proof positive” research behind the “Tesla-Alien-Esque” technologies of the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project (and others), it reached a point where the “Black Ops / Reptilian” entities were even presenting their known sciences through movies like Contact with Jodie Foster.

Science Fiction is Science Fact

Of course the average human “on-looker” sees this as creative science fiction, when the Scientologists and upper echelon of the “elite” and Illuminati see it as obvious FACT, considering the average Christian and Jew as being “sheep” led to the “slaughter”.  And indeed, many shall be.  So sad.

Here is the video of this “intergalactic space craft” swinging downward toward the earth’s surface and then shooting up into the atmosphere creating a wormhole and multiple “sonic booms” as “light particles” swirl and expand into a luminous light “spiral”.

If you have a good sub-woofer on your computer sound system, I recommend you turn it up loud so you can hear this “jaw dropping” effect as the craft “breaks into” the other “dimension”. 

Here is the direct You Tube Link:

Key Snapshots of this Event Unfolding

Here I will include some key snapshots of this event unfolding for those who struggle with viewing You Tube videos.  A good friend of Tribulation-Now, Steve, has a link that will allow dial-up users to download and view You Tube videos for free.  (Steve would you send that link to me and I will forward it out to those who need it?)

You will note in this picture that I did not attempt to hide the fact that I superimposed various images of this “space vehicle” as it swung down from the sky and circled up into atmosphere creating the side effect of this light-speed “vortex” or wormhole.  It was easier to show it to you this way then adding seven pictures to this article.

Here is a link to the web page that was sent to me which includes this video and more.

Intergalactic Troop Buildup

The forthcoming intergalactic war is spoken of in great detail in 2 Esdras 15.  The references include language about “dragons” that fly in “chariots”.  Can you say “Chariots of Fire?”.  Interesting.

2 Esdras 15:29

Where the nations of the dragons of Arabia shall come out with many chariots, and the multitude of them shall be carried as the wind upon earth, that all they which hear them may fear and tremble

Don’t forget that the Books of Esdras were in the original 1611 King James Bible and later removed by the pagan filth that wanted to keep the sheep heading directly into the “slaughterhouse”.  Amen?  And don’t forget the Angel the was “delayed” for 21 days when coming to give Daniel the news about the end of the Babylonian captivity.  This “cosmic entity” was referred to as the “prince of Persia”.  Wow.

Here is included a video entitled “*ALERT* Space Vehicle *ALERT*” posted on You Tube at this link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvG0xKSaHOo

And here below is a zoomed in and enhanced image of this space vehicle which appears to be extremely large when compared to the nearby image of the Sun which is is hovering near by.

Here is this “intergalactic space craft” shown nearby the Sun of our solar system in the upper right of the screen prior to “zooming in”.

When you consider the size of our sun and the distance in relationship to this “space vehicle”, you suddenly realize this “craft” is extremely large.  This isn’t just a “mother ship”.  Indeed this is a Bahama Mama Mother Ship!  It is HUGE on a level that the movie “Independence Day” didn’t come close to capturing.

More Ships Hiding Near the Sun

I have already done articles in the past that capture the fact the folks are using 3rd Generation Night Vision Optics to watch UFO Wars in the earth’s atmosphere at this time.  Here is a link to a Coast to Coast AM show with the pioneer of this new “fad” named Ed Grimsley.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yn47UJ4sOA). 

All you have to do is search on “UFO wars” in Google or You Tube and you will find tons of this stuff.  These people are investing well over $3,500 dollars into these optics and cameras.  They gather in large groups to watch and film live UFO battles taking place in our atmosphere every night.

Who do you think are involved in these fights?  Could it be “The Federation of Light” verses the earth based “Black Ops” UFO’s of the reptilian fleets made by our friends at Boeing? 

Or could there be MORE to this story?

For your intergalactic enjoyment, here I have included a snapshot and video link of many “space buggies” that believe they are hiding around the Sun’s emissions.  Of course as you will see, when leveraging the UV imaging systems and some photo-enhancement technologies, for those with eyes to see, their hiding spot is not so effective.

Here is the direct You Tube video link:

Summary in Jesus Name

I didn’t used to think that “Chariots of Fire”, and “Clouds of Heaven” were references to intergalactic and dimensional travel technologies but now I do.  While I put NO LIMITS on the power of our Heavenly Father, it seems we have been bamboozled by ignorance and misinterpretation of symbolism for a very long time.

As Zen Garcia of FallenAngels.tv says often, “there are underpinnings of truth” in all ancient writings, and oral traditions” of all civilizations both ancient and modern.  Of course the challenge will always be to stay focused on Yeshau Jesus our Messiah as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, knowing behond a shadow of a doubt WHO’S SIDE YOUR ON!!

I will leave you with these verses to consider.

2 Tim 4:3-5

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. 5 But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.


What is your ministry?  Are you a disciple for Jesus, or are you just hanging out waiting for Yeshua’s “rescue mission”?  Have you downloaded these videos of Planet X and started showing “the Lost”?  Do you tell the person at the 7-11 to “Be Blessed in Jesus Name” after you pick up your morning coffee?

I do.  Praise Jesus.

We really all need to start planting as many “seeds” as we can.  Praise God for each and every one of Tribulation-Now’s contributors for sending out the “global intelligence” as it comes in.  I tip my “Heavenly Hat” to everyone who is doing their best.  Praise God for all the watchmen of the world.  The church “goers” are not going to listen.

There is a reason why God said “I shall separate the SHEEP FROM THE SHEEP”.


And most of all …. BE BLESSED IN JESUS NAME

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16 thoughts on “Wormholes and Intergalactic Troop Buildup

  1. You say it Genesis should have ended at 1:31, but I argue it should have ended at Genesis 2:3, because 2:4 there is a different narrative and it's not God who's speaking but Lord God.

  2. Well that might be possible. The important thing to grasp is the fact there are "generations" of the earth and the heavens, or multiple world ages that were summarized in 2:4 by Lord God Elohim or YWHW. Amen.

  3. Yes. Project Blue beam is covered extensively in older articles here on TN. It is likely that the Rapture of the Bride (the real one) will happen JUST prior to a huge calamity and the true Bride will be gone and counted as part of the dead. The rest of what's left of the church will not believe the rapture happened at that point and will be sitting ducks for Blue Beam.

    If you keep reading more articles, particularly from January through today, you will see this timeline captured.

    Amen? Praise God for you. Be Blessed in Jesus Name.

  4. "I didn't used to think that "Chariots of Fire", and "Clouds of Heaven" were references to intergalactic and dimensional travel technologies but now I do."

    Read Ezekiel chapter 1…
    "does God & kingdom fly a saucer ?"
    Their is so much to learn and we should not put our minds in a religious box otherwise it may be blown away…book of Enoch is also a good read.

  5. Just an FYI, several years ago a particular logo became very popular in Europe. It was on everything from ice cream shops to clothing to major events. It was that same swirly circle you see in the top photo on this page. No kidding – that sign was plastered on EVERYTHING in Europe. I remember being a bit weirded out by it, because it really was like seeing stylized “6”s all over the place.

    1. Indeed as well you shoud have been. To the devils army and minions, this is just one of many occult symbols that warns of the forthcoming “Age of Aquarius” (Age of Lucifer) the time of the Sumerian “gods” returning on Planet X (the Black Sun of the Nazi Swastika). God Bless You. Jesus Christ is the only saving grace. To live is Christ to DIE is GAIN (Phil. 1:21). Glory to the King of Kings.

  6. JB…as always…as superb post! As already mentioned…I’ve been studying all this myself…for many years. When I first heard of the Spiral over Norway…my first thought was a “wormhole” also…just like the movie “Stargate.” Isn’t it also interesting how, in that movie, they were deciphering “ancient hieroglyphs” to figure out how to open a “Stargate?” Ancient civilizations (Atlantis & Lemuria, for example) knew of these things…as they too had access to the advanced knowledge of the “aliens/fallen angels.” As we “Watchers” know…the Illuminati uses Hollywood (one of their written rules…to “publish” their hidden truths, in secret ways) to teach these things…as “science fiction.” I also found that verse (as in many of your other posts) in 2 Esdras fascinating…& it made the verse in Daniel, regarding the “Prince of Persia,” finally make sense. As a child…I was told that Michael literally fought a “Demon”…who was “assigned” duty over Persia (princes & powers of the air)…in a one-on-one combat, for 21 days. However, as an adult, this never made much sense. NOW…it makes total sense! This is why I’m so baffled as to how most people (especially Christians) can’t see ALL this? The scientific explanations of all this make so much more sense than the “fairytale” stories that we learned in Sunday School. Amen?

    1. Im pretty sure that daniel 10 is reffering to the Medo-Persian empire and the fact that alexander the great followed him as the next ruler of a major kingdom. As you’ll notice daniel 11 then tells us about the roman empire which directly follows on from the greek empire. Daniels vision is that of the statue of precious metals depicted as ruling empires. ending with the 7th and final attempt at the revival of the Roman empire as the toes which is iron mixed with clay. Although i agree there is a lot in the bible in refernece to a forthcoming alien agenda, im not too sure that Daniel 10 lines up with either book of esdras. If im mistaken. Please inform me as i would like to understand better. God bless you in Jesus’ Mighty name. Amen

  7. I have been doing a lot of reading online about end times, Rapture / Sudden Destruction. I have come across the History’s channels spin on achent alein tech. I believe that what we are seeing now is the begining of the end for Satan, and His Fallen Angels. War has eruped in the heavens and they are being cast out. They have no where to run but here, thouse we see more UFOs. Some will land effentually because they will have nowhere esle to go. The mighty army of our God is driving these Devils and demons right toward us, just as plained. They will have nowhere to go and no where to hide. They will be put down, caged up and thrown into the lake of fire forever.

  8. Great post!!!!! Was just talking about this. Great to see it broken down in written form with visuals!!!! Also, please keep in mind that it is very important that we study and follow the word and not religion. Some of the things I have believed all my life are not scriptural. The rapture for instance is not mentioned in the Bible. The Bible states that it won’t be until the return of Christ that the dead in Christ will be raised first and then the living in Christ. We will suffer through the tribulation and continue to spread the true gospel. And I do believe there will be a possible Blue Beam hoax. When the elect are not taken up, many will lose faith or doubt. So regardless of what you believe, just know that we must be prepared to endure to the end.

    1. Actually the rapture IS IN FACT mentioned over and over again in the Bible. Just because the actual “term” rapture is not spelled out in black and white does not mean there is not a rescue mission of the Bride of Jesus Christ. 2 Thess. 2 refers to it as the “Outbound Departure”. The words are not “falling away”. The words are “apo” and “stacia” which mean “outbound departure”. The FIRST FIVE Bible translations ever written (prior to the King James) correctly referred to it as the “OUTBOUND DEPARTURE” and the word “rapturos” is actually used in the LATIN TEXT. The Church of Philadelphia is delivered from the HOUR OF TRIAL (e.g. The Great Tribulation) that comes upon the whole earth to TEST THOSE WHO –> DWELL UPON THE EARTH. Get it! PRAISE JESUS. See the article “Preparing for the Outbound Departure” and “The Elect the Bride and the Tribulation Saints” for more information and may God Bless You with the wisdom to avoid being a “foolish virgin” (Matthew 25)

  9. I wanted to say thank you again, John. I too, agree that in this coming great deception many “christians” will blindly follow lying wonders and fall victim to false prophets, and, as a result, be led straight to the slaughter house. I also agree that some of these same “christians” will be our worst enemies. I’ve been researching these type of subjects for a few years now, with scatterbrained and disorganized, disconnected, and false conclusions. I am so blessed to have come across folks such as yourself, Steve Quayle, Tim Alberino, and others to really help me to dig deeper and connect the dots. I’m searching scriptures and praying for discernment, so I may rightly divide the word of truth. I truly have compassion for those who have been misled and a strong desire to seek and find the TRUTH, as well as a zeal to spread it to the lost. Thank you so much and PRAISE GOD!!!

    P.S. The link to that website is some instrumental music I recorded in 2014 that I think oddly fits the subject matter. Just thought I would share.

    Thanks again,
    Josh Young

  10. I was just looking up September 23, 2015 as I had never heard about this date. I only became aware of it through news sources and a flooding event that happened in Utah. The people were hoarding food for 9/23/2015. I DID have a dream in the beginning of July, 2015. In that dream I saw for a short vision a map, not of any Earthly map I had ever seen either. AND, I instinctively knew it was galactical. Under the map and why I visit this site… were two clockwise spirals that ended at 9. These two spirals were directly under the map and were exactly similar to this picture. A dark person was standing behind me and said “I am not ready for you yet”. I was not afraid of this figure. I woke up not afraid but calm. I do have COPD and have some extreme episodes of not being able to breathe well. Anyway, it was a dream. I shared this dream with three people. This dream was so real. And the other item that I can share about this dream is that the map and spirals were in fact…. glow worm in color, very vivid.

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