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The Sign of the Son of Man

We have definitely entered the Final Count Down.  It is with somberness of spirit and great excitement both, that I present the following information.

I spend hours of time on the telephone with Tribulation-Now “though-leaders”.  We talk about things like how we can strategically reach the churches.  I just got off the phone discussing television advertisement tactics.  Short 5 second blasts of shocking data spread across cost effective media circuits.

This is the Emergency Jesus Broadcast System 
Luke 21:25-28
“And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; 26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”


The Bangkok Bus Video
I just downloaded two critical video clips to my Droid X.  The impact of showing these video clips to someone is unspeakably powerful.  I have every intention of showing them to my old church pastor.  In fact we are discussing how we can get portions of these clips on US cable television ads.  Anyone who has a ton of money in the bank, would be indeed a Wise Virgin if you thought about contributing to this cause.  I don’t need to tell you how worthless your retirement income is at this point.  I’m liquidating my meager IRA.  It’s time to GO LIVE!
Let’s be about our Father’s business.  Contact me if you feel led to “get involved”. 
Here below are a couple snapshots of the Bangkok You Tube video.  If you have the ability to watch the video (link below), you will see a person on a bus in Bangkok.  The camera pans back and forth from the Sun to Planet X.  The size of Planet X is ALARMING!   The video is ALARMING!  I was so astonished to see this video, I got out of bed and immediately emailed the Tribulation-Now “list”.
This is undeniable PROOF that no one can disregard without being blinded be fear or demonic ignorance.



Here is the link to this You Tube video shot from the bus in Bangkok, Thailand.
Direct Link to You Tube
Link from Gateway to Heaven Web Site:

The Chinese News Report
Here below I present to you a snapshot of Nibiru / Planet X of a News Broadcast in China.  You will note, as with the Bangkok photos and video, there are no “chem trails” blocking the view.  The American public is not being alerted.  I believe this is because this is a war between Lucifer and God and the American Christian has MONEY.  If we have “money” and an understanding of BIBLE SCRIPTURE then we can do serious damage against the forces of evil with this evidence.

Since the Chinese people are not typically a Jewish or Christian demographic, the media speaks openly about this astonishing information there.  An empowered and wealthy US population is “their” greatest fear.  On a supernatural level, the IMPACT of the American Christian churches waking up at the last minute, and saving souls for Jesus Christ is HUGE.
Here is a link to the Chinese You Tube video of this news broadcast.
Download these To Your Local Computer Immediately
I cannot more highly recommend that you download these to your local computers and cellular devices as soon as possible.  The “google-goblins” are working full time to eliminate the evidence. 


Summary in Jesus Name
Using just the scripture from Luke 21:25-28 above, a print out of 2 Esdras 15, and a copy of these videos should be all anyone needs to save souls for Jesus Christ.  Not everyone will listen, but I’m preaching to the choir.

This is …

I leave you with a link to the soundtrack and lyrics to the song entitled … The Final Countdown, by the Swedish Rock Band, Europe.

Post Script:
Almost seems silly to go to that job interview tonight in Jacksonville.  Amen?
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13 thoughts on “THE FINAL COUNTDOWN

  1. Hi John. You just reminded me of this video titled, Armageddon, The Final Countdown. Thanks for the emails and keep the good work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Dear John,
    I am one of the very many people that have learned so much from you over the last year or so. My gratitude to you for your complete dedication to informing people of the truth cannot be expressed in words – thank you so much for sharing to those who want to learn. At times I check in on a website called Ronald Weinland. It seems what he preaches differs from you on some levels, but not one of the most important, and that is our time has run out. I wanted to share his thoughts with you for further confirmation that what you say is true.

    Your writings are educational and light-hearted when possible. I am one of MANY you have touched and taught…well done!

    Hope to meet you some day to thank you in person for teaching truth…

    Love to you and your family,


  3. John,

    The video of the supposedly Niburu, on the bus, is a good chance that it's just a reflection. If this was real, why not film it outside? Why aren't the other bus patrons in awe? We all need to get grip and show some sense of responsibility.

  4. Well the Thai people are very smart folks. I was in Thailand for two weeks. I really don't think someone on a BUS is dumb enough to film and pan back and forth between a reflection. Amen.

  5. Put me on you email list. I have been reading and researching you're work for almost two years. You empty you're cup time and time again and I love you for it, you have been an inspiration and an example. I even have my wife interested in it and that was pretty hard considering the vastness of it all. I love you're Spirit Filled Message, I know it sounds funny but it reminds me of my Mother who passed last July, she always did for others and always had plenty of oil. God Bless You for everything you do, you're work has certainly energized my spirit. If you ever need a shoulder my name is Gordon

  6. God Bless You Jordon. I hope to meet you at the Marriage Supper in Jesus Name!

  7. The video taken of Nibiru, Planet X, Comet Elenin (whatever people wish to call it) could not POSSIBLY be a reflection from the inside of the bus; especially given the video put forth by that Chinese news program. The news station is showing the same phenomenon with what appears to be two suns, so their video coverage completely debunks any theories that this is merely a reflection. Just sayin' …

  8. Anyone who has done any REAL research on this subject KNOWs this is the "Horrible Star" from 2 Esdras 15 and the Sign of the Son of Man. Amen.

  9. In the "bigger picture", the years approaching 2012 will probably become progressively more turbulent & catastrophic.

    Every +/- 3600 years our own sun's binary twin returns to our solar system. During it's last "lap" Santorini" (a.k.a. Thera) sank due to induced seismic activity on earth & the Israelites made their Exodus from Egypt.

    Three laps ago +/- 10,800 years ago, or +/- 11,000 years ago is when most historians date Noah's flood.

    Some of the best reference materials are produced by >

    Marshall's claims are corroborated by other reputable sources IE. John Moore (Global Warming's Cause), Robert Dean , Andy Lloyd , Patrick Geryl & others.

    "Nibiru" is just one planet orbiting an extremely massive brown dwarf that Any Lloyd calls "Dark Star" (a.k.a. Nemesis (Ancient Greek), "Wormwood" or "The Destroyer" (Biblical) & recently "Planet X"

    Jesus is inbound too! Which arrives first?

  10. From the perspective of being once an amateur astronomy buff, I don’t believe either video is “planet X”. I’ve largely dismissed the notion of planet X until I listened to one of Steve Quayle’s last broadcasts about a month ago. In typical fashion, Quayle did his homework and what he said sounded like credible information, and now “planet X” definitely seems plausible to me. My appeal to amateur astronomers: Have you spotted it in the night sky? Currently what are its coordinates? What’s its visible magnitude?

    Now, the reasons I don’t believe those videos:

    • If planet X was that close to earth that it would appear that bright or that large, that would be too big for even the controlled media to cover up. Everyone would know about it. Remember comet Hale-Bopp back in 1997 how that was quite visible in the night sky, and how it seemed like a lot of people knew about it back then.
    • The videos seem to have been taken days apart. In one video, the 2nd sun is quite far from the sun. In the other, it’s right next to it. Planets don’t move that quickly in the heavens. In fact, even the moon wouldn’t move that quickly across the sky within a couple of days.
    • The “twin suns” video is interesting, but more than likely some atmospheric optical illusion. I’m at a loss to explain how. However, it can’t be planet X. For one thing, both suns are the same apparent size. That alone tells me the image of the sun is being reflected somehow. Also, if it was planet X near the sun, it would appear like the moon right before it was about to eclipse the sun, and not another sun. Also, based on the assumption that planet X has a diameter of 5 times that of the earth, in this case it would be about 7,000,000 km from earth – very close on the solar system scale. Once again, they would not be able to cover that up.

    In conclusion, I tend to think on the first video one of the lights is a reflection on the glass (especially when the other passengers seem to be nonchalant about a “2nd sun” appearing), and the 2nd video is somehow an optical illusion – mind you – how I can’t explain yet.

  11. Anonymous Poster above,

    While I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts, as evidenced by the fact that I published them, I dont' agree with your analysis at all. No one knows for certain when any of these videos were filmed (the actual filming date). You also have parallax issues taht prevent cosmic objects from being seen at different times of the day, and seasons of the year. And then you have to factor in that Planet X is a Brown Dwarf with a surface temperature of -273 degrees F and MUST be in a precise location, in conjunction with every other earth tilt and solar system fluidity challenge mentioned above to properly reflect the sun light to be seen at all. Never mind the chem trail masking here in the U.S.

    I believe that Paul VonHelton is correct when he says "Sun Dog My A$$"

    Thank you for your post and be Blessed in Jesus Name.

  12. John,

    My wife and I just wrote you an email with some questions! Thank you so much for your teachings. Only the Lord knows how much we are grateful that we were able to hear your teachings! Please for humanity's sake, never stop what you are doing, for you are on the Lord's front line, helping and encouraging people into salvation through our Lord Yeshua! Thank you again!

    Trevor and Jennifer

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