Tearing Down Strongholds

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You Don’t See It?
Who cares … Just Do It

Somehow we all have to “let go” of this “seeing is believing” nonsense and become the spiritual warriors that Jesus intended us to become.  Lately I’ve been bombarded with questions like “what do I do if this happens?” or “how do I get started?”

The truth of the matter is this.  We simply cannot allow ourselves to get caught in the traps associated with having to see immediate results.  This problem is something that gets in the way of our success as doers of Jesus’ commands.  If you think about it, we tend to need feedback all the time.  We assume no progress is being made when we don’t get immediate results.  And we think that just because the results we got are bad, or different than we thought they should be, we didn’t do any good.  Both of these concepts are misconceptions.

Amazing Testimonies, Supernatural Results

There are so many testimonies out there, its impossible to discredit them.  It’s fascinating how many “Christians” will be doubtful of divine healing until they witness the results in person.  As a teenager I was taken along with my mother from one healing convention to another.  In the beginning of such services you can watch the “doubting Thomases'” in the congregation. 

People are called from the audience usually by their “sickness” but sometimes by their names.  At first it’s easy to think that it might be staged.  Most of the time someone in the audience is identified by their ailment, and you hear a “shout of joy” not too dissimilar from the winner of “The Price is Right” game show.  There’s a lot of energy in the air.  People are looking around, people are crying, people are praising Jesus. 

Some still don’t believe.

But after awhile the “stone faced” people start to soften up.  They begin to realize there are simply too many people being affected for it to be staged.  While it’s no big deal for 5 or 10 people to be “planted” in the audience, it’s strategically impossible for the multitudes being affected to all be “in on the game”. 

And while most of the time those who claim a healing are simply “tearful testimonies”, there is always that series of undeniable events that defy rational explanation.  Inevitably something happens that just “blows your mind”.  It’s one thing when a person’s scoliosis curved back “snaps” audibly into place and they cry out in amazement and tears, its another thing when a sick cancer patient who is barely able to sit straight in their wheel chair, gets up and starts walking around and jumping about.

But What About the Unseen Affect

The unseen affect of prayer, healing, and spiritual warfare may be the most dramatic of all … but we can’t see it.  The only time you hear about it is when someone speaks up, and much of it you will never see OR hear about.  Many of us believe that prayer was the reason “this or that” occurred.  But if we had any idea how POWERFUL our efforts have been in the unseen world of the “demonic”, we would spend far more time “DOING” than just watching and listening.  But we simply don’t “see it” so we “think” it probably didn’t make a difference.  Arguably that is the greatest single travesty of a “so called” believers existence.

The number of testimonies out there in regard to this “unseen” dynamic are too numerous to count.  We have to embrace the “Johnny Appleseed” paradigm and just “throw seeds everywhere”.  But you have to use a logical strategy and not make a complete ASS of yourself.  You do no one any good by making a scene in a public place so the rest of us have to suffer by virtue of your “show boating”.  There are hospitals full of sick people that would be overwhelmed with joy if you stopped by to lay hands on them.

I will leave you with two testimonies of the unseen for this thought, but I have so many there is simply no time or space to share them all.

Unseen Testimony # 1

I was praising Jesus with all my might as I was leaving the parking lot of a supermarket.  A man with a motorized wheel chair was riding along the sidewalk on the other side of the road.  He had a little boy dancing about his chair as he somberly road along.  It was strongly “impressed upon my heart” to stop my car and pray for that man.  When you “get” such a feeling you best pay attention.  Ignoring God is not a good plan if you expect to live a reasonably trouble free life.

I pulled my car nearby the man and rolled down my window.  I said to him briskly, “Sir would you allow me to pray for you?”  He stopped his wheel chair and looked at me for a moment and said “sure”.   I walked over to him and explained that I needed to lay my hands on him and he agreed.  I read the following “alive” scripture out loud to the gentleman.

Mark 16:16-18

He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. 17 And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”


Then I asked him what ailed him.  I needed to know what I was dealing with in order to “cast it out” of him and “command” the sickness to heal.  This was between me, possibly the demons, the sickness, and the POWER OF JESUS in me.  Nothing else mattered.  The man was a victim.  The sickness is / was the enemy and it needed to be destroyed in Jesus name.

He told me what was wrong with him.  He said “I have cancer all over my body”.  And I froze momentarily realizing I was facing a most difficult situation.  But I went ahead and did what Jesus told me to do.  The man didn’t jump out of his chair and yell “Hallelujah I’m healed”.  He simply said “thank you” and started to move down the road with his little boy by his side.

Where is this man today?  I don’t know.  Is this man recovering?  I don’t know.  Was the reason I was supposed to pray for that man because of the effect it had on his little boy?  I don’t know.  Did I do it anyway … AMEN PRAISE JESUS I DID.

Unseen Testimony # 2

Curry Blake testifies during his Divine Healing training DVD series that he and one of his friends went to a nearby “place of nuisance”.  It was a local bar that was the epicenter of Sodom-esque behavior like no other in his town.  He pushed himself to the front of the very long line and took “holy oil” and consecrated the building to Jesus Christ.  He placed a small dab of the oil above the door, and on either side, and said “In the Name of Jesus I consecrate this building to you LORD GOD”.  People thought he was nuts.  He walked away, got in his car, and went home.

Two weeks later the bar closed.


I highly recommend, if you haven’t done so already, you get with our Message Board’s “Loving Overseer” and associate administrator “Aaron”.  Never mind the “Mount Ebal” story from the Old Testament and the Rabbinical explanations behind it.  Never mind the fact that his name is Aaron which means “the exalted one” in Hebrew.  But if you haven’t heard what has been happening to his sick body as he has been helping us with this ministry, you have got to email him and hear this story … it is SHOCKING.  Jesus is taking the blessings he is pouring out on his sheep, and bouncing them “right back” on Aaron’s body and effecting a divine healing “process” that is nothing less than miraculous.

You can reach him at this email here:
[email protected]

Your “work” must “Bear Fruit”

Pastor Chuck Missler, in his training series on the principle of “Inheritance” suggests, and rightfully so, our greatest disappointment in Heaven will be when we realize what “we COULD HAVE done” … but didn’t do.  Don’t forget you have to stand before your King, who was severely beaten nearly to death and hung on a cross, while your “work” is tested by fire.  What this means is your work must “bear fruit” in order to pass the test.  For example, if you took someone to the altar to be saved and they said the sinners prayer but didn’t establish a relationship with Jesus and never really “loved him” then your “work” did not “bear fruit”. 

1 Cor 3:9-15

For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, you are God’s building. 10 According to the grace of God which was given to me, as a wise master builder I have laid the foundation, and another builds on it. But let each one take heed how he builds on it. 11 For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

12 Now if anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, 13 each one’s work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one’s work, of what sort it is. 14 If anyone’s work which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward. 15 If anyone’s work is burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire.


I know that’s a harsh reality to face, and I have had “panic attacks” realizing how little I have done for our King, but the opportunity you have before you today is AMAZING. We simply can no longer afford to just sit around on our duffs studying prophecy, debating “time lines”, watching You Tube videos, reading books, and publishing articles (like I do), and hope we get a “win” here or there.

We must DO what Jesus told us to do.

Grab Your Orgone Supersoaker and Teak Spears!

As this “alien-demon” threat continues to emerge into a more sinister reality, many people are considering alternative spiritual warfare / physical warfare “methodologies”.  The use of the term “physical” only applies to the “esoteric” concepts of technological “energy” fields and possibly the use of whacky things like “teak spears” for reptlians. 

While many of us are wondering what bizarre secrets Thomas Horn might have woven into his forthcoming book, we probably need to take some pause.  For example, while there is “no question” that “orgone energy” has scientific merit if you study the material and papers, the POWER of the Holy Spirit is a “proven” means to rid yourself of the enemy’s affects and must NEVER take a back seat to alternative possibilities.

If you believe you will be here on earth long enough to come face to face with some of these “manifestations” then you probably need to consider all your options.  But quite frankly if you do not “stir up your spirit” and magnify our Holy Spirit Jesus given power, then I suspect when your “orgone supersoaker” runs out of water, you will be in a “hill of crap”.

Move Your Bum!

Let’s briefly examine what God is saying to Moses and the Hebrews in Exodus in chapter 14.

Ex 14:15-16

15 And the Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward.



Moses was God’s “right hand man”!  Moses and God were like “buds”.  They hung out together.  They talked together.  They planned things together.  Moses even had the nerve to get God to “change His mind”.  But wait a minute, I thought God never changed!  But he does.  God fundamentally doesn’t change but he darn sure can “change his mind” if you talk to Him.  And look what God, the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE(S) says to Moses his “pal”, his “main man”!

Let’s take another look at that verse with a 2010 spin on the meaning.

Ex 14:15-16

15 And the Lord said to Moses, “You BIG CRY BABY MOSES, what is your MAJOR MALFUNCTION?  You tell those people I HAVE CHOSEN, to GET A MOVE ON!”

(New John Baptist Translation)

Now in the grand scheme of things, what do you think this means to you and I?

Got a guess?

Got Milk?

Whoops I mean … “Got MEAT?”


So what have YOU done for God lately?  Hmmmm.  It’s time to get busy.  While God has predestined and chosen many of us there are arguably thousands if not millions of people that he has had trouble reaching.  It is our DUTY to capture those people’s attention and “nudge them” in the right direction.  You don’t want to have their fate on our conscience when all hell breaks loose.  You need to start “planting seeds”.

But what else can you do?  Well think about what Jesus told you to do.  Go, Preach, The Kingdom of God is at Hand, Heal The Sick, Cleanse the Lepers, Cast out Devils.  Just DO IT.

But how?  What can we actually do without getting arrested or fired from our jobs?

Okay – here are some ideas.  And do NOT THINK for a moment that these efforts will have no effect.  That is an utterly ridiculous notion if you claim to be a follower of your KING, Jesus Christ.

  1. Organize prayer meetings and stop with the “nebulous” unfocused prayer nonsense.  Call me crazy, but it sure looks to me like these vague “prayers for our country” are not having any affect.  Instead why don’t you target your prayers.  Pray for the children in bondage in the DUMBs to be freed.  Pray for God’s wrath to directly thwart the specific efforts of the New World Order.  Direct your prayer power at the enemy.  Take them DOWN in JESUS NAME.  GET ANGRY.
  2. Look for an opportunity to “lay hands” on someone and pray for their healing.  Spend a little money on the Divine Healing Technician training program offered by John G. Lake Ministries and learn how to COMMAND the power of Jesus to heal someone.  Quietly ask someone in a Walmart if they would mind if you quietly pray for them.  You will be amazed at how many people are THRILLED you offered.  And the “unseen” effect can not be underestimated.
  3. Target Demonic Strongholds – Get yourself some oil and ask our Heavenly Father to bless that oil in the Name of Jesus our King.  Go to a demonic stronghold and “consecrate” that building to Jesus.  Give that structure to Jesus and his work.  Find yourself a Masonic Lodge.  Go consecrate the building to your KING.  If you are afraid to walk up to the front door to put holy oil there, then put the holy oil on the entryway to the sidewalk, and on the corners of the property. 

The effect of these efforts on a grand scale can be utterly amazing.  The possible effects on the demonic world are FABULOUS.

Think about this amazing testimony.

While I cannot remember the specific radio talk show, a Christian spiritual warfare specialist was being interviewed.  During the interview a Satanist called the show.  He explained that he was a high level priest and told the Christian he was delusional and had no power.  The Christian simply answered as follows:

“In Jesus Name, I command your powers to have NO EFFECT”.

The Satanist laughed and called him an idiot.   He hung up the phone.

Before the radio show had ended, believe it or not, the same Satanist called back freaking out and demanding his power be returned to him.


Folks, think about this.  Can you imagine what a fabulous advantage we have by living in the “end times” for real?  This is not a false alarm.  Those of you reading the information on this web site know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are “just around the corner” from some unbelievable events.  We are not the church of Thessalonika imagining we missed Christ’s return.  We KNOW it is time.  We KNOW it’s the SEASON.  How can you plan on facing your King Jesus Christ and look him in the eyes and have NOTHING to show for him.  I implore you to get creative and start DOING THINGS. 



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6 thoughts on “Tearing Down Strongholds

  1. John, great sermon, once again…God bless you and your ministry, brother.
    I would like to testify to your admonition to pray specifically, such as praying for the children in DUMB bases. I felt the urging of the Holy Spirit in this past year to begin praying for ALL the children in this world who have been captured and abused by the forces of evil, for ALL the children that are being sexually abused, for ALL children, for all children who have been targeted for sacrifice because our God is large enough and powerful enough to handle such a prayer. He knows every little boy and girl who suffers and He is able to deliver them. I figure that if my prayer effects the release of even one little child, it is a grand victory for Jesus Christ.
    I would encourage each of us to ask God for grand visions, for the faith to pray for mighty acts of power, for God is able!
    Just like your seed-planting and your prayers for the man in the wheelchair, I do not know that I will ever find out how my prayers have much effect, I will leave that up to the Holy Spirit.
    Meanwhile, time is short, and the body of Christ needs to be busy doing the Father's work.
    Thank you, John, and all the rest of the Trib body, for your wonderful posts. They are truly a blessing….
    Nancy K.

  2. Not a day goes by I wish I could do this work full time. Nothing is more awesome than helping other people and seeing the results, but it's also wonderful doing things meaningful for Jesus even when you don't immediately see the results.

  3. FANTASTIC! This message needs to be preached daily from every church in christendom. We have people like Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Gerald Celente all seeing something big and wicked coming, but what hope do they give against so great an enemy?
    You are correct in revealing the false message of a rapture that will take us all unscathed to heaven before it gets real and very dynamic here on terra firma, and I pray for those who have deluded themselves into thinking this. We must be teaching folks that to live is CHRIST and to die is gain, and only because of HIS work ON the cross and HIS resurrection and the power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT!
    I agree with you that we are livng in the times spoken of by the prophets, the apostles and our LORD, when he will revisit us and gather us to HIMSELF. I cannot express enough my gratitude toward your efforts to equip the saints. As our predecessors proclaimed I thank GOD all the day long because of you! SHALOM debra

  4. Its funny, as I was thinking about going over to the Shriner's International Headquarters down the road from here and consecrating the building to Jesus, I thought about taking a Bull Horn and Commanding the Devils to be cast out in FULL VOLUME. But then it occured to me it would do Jesus not good if I got Baker Acted as a result. But I intend to do it without the bull horn as it will have just as powerful effect.

    If your angry about the things these "freaks" are doing to this world and the people … then damn their demons into the abyss they came from in Jesus name.


  5. I don't really remember how I found your site but am glad I did.

    I am a spirit filled intercessor so am enjoying (and learning) lots on your site. As I read yesterday the story about the spirit filled brother on the radio who had a satanist call in, I loved the simplicity of that prayer t, "In Jesus' name, your powers have no effect". So powerful!

    Last night as I was going to bed I added that to my prayer. OMG! Immediately and I do mean, immediately I saw a blacked cloaked demon standing on the outside of our house looking in thru the window, saw a poisonous snake strike out against me, and several snakes get stirred up! Loved it! God let me know they heard that prayer and had to obey. I saw them leave.

    It struck me how much we carry on when a simple prayer would suffice.

  6. Thanks for your interesting article. I agree that prayer and speaking truth are key activities in our day. I've been feeling a need to help organize a men's prayer meeting.

    You mentioned strongholds. There are mental strongholds in the Christian community which keep people from seeing how the Neocons have completely conned most American believers. For example:

    "Hugs were exchanged at the Billy Graham Library during the signing of Bush's new book "Decision Points" released 9 November 2010…"


    May there be a new spiritual awakening and may the Lord bless your work!

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