A Vision of Our Future

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The Sanctuary
A House Filled with Love

I value utterly, every person’s email.  For it is through your questions the Holy Spirit leads me to the answers.  I tell you from the bottom of my heart, that I am not writing these articles by myself.  There is no way I am the lone author.  I simply don’t have that in me.  I look back on these articles in amazement and “tear up” because I know I didn’t write them.  When I started this website all I wrote about was hellfire.  Now I write about what God wants you to know.  This is the “sanctification” process at work before your very eyes.  Anyone can write about current events, but only the Holy Spirit can write about “encouragement” in dark times.

How do I know?

I usually plan my next article in advance.  I usually stew on it for a couple days praying about it and PRAISING JESUS constantly.  This article was not the next article I was going to write.  Nope.  I was led to this article through the Holy Spirit and because of two email questions that Jeff and Angela sent me, (both members of our email List). 

I “feel” things strongly.  When I start writing the next article I know, as I start typing, it is the one I am “supposed to write”. 

The Effects of Praise

Yesterday on my way to work I was feeling stressed out and my mind was starting to become fearful.  I looked around me and realized “nobody knows”.  Nobody knows what is going on.  I wondered if it was just a matter of time before the next “big event” was going to occur and what I would do.

I combat that feeling with Praise! (combat is the key word) Praise opens up the heavens and allows an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to encircle you like a “force field”.  I pressed CD # 6 on my player.  It was “I love you Lord, and I lift my voice, to worship you, oh my soul, rejoice”.  I sang it OUT LOUD to the Lord directly.  But strangely I felt compelled to press CD #2 all of a sudden.  It was a relatively new CD I had added recently.  And then “GOD IS IN CONTROL” started to play.

Then I remembered.  God is in control. 

That event changed my entire day.  That event led me to write the article last night.  I sat in my office, by myself, with my hands raised in the air in PRAISE singing a victory song to our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.  When I wrote that article entitled “God is in Control” it came from GOD.  He leads me somehow … he takes my hands and helps me write.

Does the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Guarantee Protection?

Well no that wouldn’t be fair to say. We cannot forget that ALL the disciples and members of the churches (or should I say “home fellowships”) in Pauls’ time were Holy Spirit Baptised Jesus people. And all but one of the disciples were slaughtered (murdered, hung on crosses, beaten to death etc.).  And the only one who survived (John) was dropped into a vat of boiling oil (but miraculously survived) and was later banished to Patmos where he had the vision that led to the writing of Revelation.

But whats even more sobering is the “millions” of Jesus filled believers that died at the hands of the enemy for the hundreds of years to come.  We live in remarkably peaceful times in comparison to those days.  But things are going to change.


Maybe you will struggle with this concept but I hope the Lord speaks to your heart.  Basically this is how things are going to work in our future.  Indeed this is how things work EVEN TODAY.  Remember, just because we are not being actively persecuted here in the United States right now, doesn’t mean Christians aren’t persecuted every day in other countries.

Those who make the biggest sacrifice for Jesus are the one’s who are at the “head of the line” in Heaven.  Those are the people who will get the best “jobs” in Heaven.  But they have to be “Holy” sacrifices and not frivolous in nature. In other words, grabbing a gun and killing Satan’s army soldiers gets you NO BROWNIE POINTS.  Blowing up an abortion clinic only strengthens Satan’s army and allows other innocent Christians to suffer for your failure to follow Jesus’ instructions which are to LOVE ONE ANOTHER.  But if they take you away, and you proclaim Jesus OUT LOUD in front of everyone as your “Lord and Savior”, you go to the front of the line in heaven.

Being Wise as Serpents and Gentle as Doves

If you follow Jesus’ superseding commandment, to Love one Another, then the “gentle as doves” part comes naturally.  I pray every day the Lord gives me the gift of Love so that I can look at every person as a soul for Jesus.  This is a very important transition you must undertake to become the person that Christ needs you to be in the forthcoming dark times.

You are already half way there to being “wise as serpents”.  Being wise as serpents means understanding the enemy and being ever watchful of their plans and movement.  Knowing the enemy’s tactics so they don’t catch you “off guard”.  Well congratulations.  You are half way there!

The second half of being “wise as serpents” means that you understand the culture and you WATCH YOUR STEP.  Paul’s understudy, Timothy, got himself “beaten to death” by pagans that he “reproved” aggressively in public outside the church of Ephesus.  What is the lesson to be learned here?

Timothy had a mission from the Lord.  He let his “passion” for Jesus get in the way of his common sense.  YES he got a first class ticket for one of the best jobs in Heaven, but might he have done more for Jesus by “wisely” figuring out another way to “get through” to those pagans celebrating in the street?  I don’t know for sure, but maybe the Lord would have preferred he find a different way.

We need to be clever.  We need to use the enemy’s tactics to gently “persuade” people to “come around” to a deeper mind set.  This is a very hard thing to do today because you have 1) people who think they know something, but know absolutely nothing, and 2) new age spiritualists who DEFINITELY know something but are being lied too by the enemy’s demonic army and 3) devoted Satanists.  And make no mistake.  If you think you do not have a devoted Satanist attending your church or sitting near you at work… you are kidding yourself.  They “walk among us”.


Making it to The Rapture

On the other hand, SOME will make it to the “end”.   It is likely we are all going to become what some refer to as “Tribulation saints”.  God gives his protection, for the longest period of time, to those who are working “perfectly in his will” and “listening and doing” what he says. Keep your emotions out of this war.  This isn’t about sustaining your existence here on earth, its about making your existence count on behalf of gathering souls for Jesus’ army in Heaven (peacefully). We are a graduating class of chosen “spirits” that will be given awesome jobs in Eternity.

Making it to the rapture (harpazo, rapturos) is going to be a road I’m not sure I want to travel. If the Lord sees what I am doing is helping other people and gathering souls for his army, then maybe he will “make me stay”.  But quite frankly I wouldn’t necessarily wish that on my worst enemy. God bless anyone who wants to stay in those dark times.

We need to be prepared for whatever the Lord God Almighty wants.  We need to know, with all our hearts, that the end result  is far greater than the present. It will do you absolutely NO GOOD to “hold out” until the rapture comes … in hiding. That is NOT our mission. If we hide, we contradict our divine instruction and orders from the Lord God. We MUST help people and lead them to Jesus.

The House of Love on the Hill

We are those who live in the house of love on the hill.  We will be the place people come for help.  And the Lord will bless us through our giving.  We will HEAL their babies in Jesus Name and they will bring us food.  We will hide them from the enemy who is seeking to “take them to the FEMA Camp” and the Lord will make “Manna” appear in our back yards.  This is a war with a mighty spiritual enemy, and we win it with ONE MAIN INGREDIENT …….FAITH.

The recipe for FAITH is as follows:

1 cup of scripture
1 cup of prophecy
1 cup of wisdom
1 cup of divine word
1 cup of healing
5 cups of praise!

You Need to Practice Hearing God’s Voice

I recommend you go once again to Andrew Wommack’s web site and get the FREE teaching on “How to Hear God’s Voice”.  Listen to it MORE THAN ONCE.  I am on my third time through it and I will listen again and again.


Only those who love God with all their hearts and learn to hear his voice (Through the Holy Spirit), will be doing what the Lord wants them to do.  This is the key to surviving and “thriving” in dark times.  It does not guarantee you 100% protection but it definitely guarantees you a ticket to the “front of the line” when it REALLY counts.

Start thinking of ways that you can “help people”.  The next time you leave a restaurant with a doggie bag, find a homeless person and roll down your window.  When you give them the bag of food, be BOLD and tell them to BE BLESSED IN JESUS NAME.  You might change their life forever by saying that simple phrase.  The last time I said that to a lady in a line at CVS, she was flabbergasted. She smiled and said “yes, and I believe!”  People need to be reminded … especially NOW.

The next time someone is sick in the hospital ask them if you can come and pray for them.  Get the book entitled “Heal the Sick” by Charles and Frances Hunter and learn how to COMMAND the healing power of Jesus to come down on a person and heal them.  STEP OUT.   People will look at you in amazement!  They WANT YOU to pray for their sick mother.  They WANT YOU to pray for their sick baby.  And when that person is healed in Jesus name you will CRY LIKE A BABY in joy.  There is no better feeling on the face of the earth than the feeling you get when you realize you actually made a difference in the Name of Jesus!

The Sanctification Process is Slow but Powerful

Through praise, you become automatically sanctified.  It just “magically happens”.  Praise is the key.  You will become hungry for things.  Hungry for scripture.  Hungry for divine wisdom.  Hungry to help people.  This process turns you into a Son of God, and Brother of Jesus, and leads you to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (if you don’t already have it).


The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not any type of guarantee!

It is an “engagement ring”.  It allows you to become “eligible” for attending the Marriage Supper of Jesus Christ after this is all over.  Never forget that when Paul was talking to the church of Galatia in Galatians 5:19, he was talking to “spirit filled” Christians and warning them not to behave certain ways.  Your behavior counts.

Post Script:
Where do you think I get the pictures for these articles from?
You must admit they tend to be amazingly appropriate.
I close my eyes, and the Lord puts words into my head and I type them into google and look what happens!
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9 thoughts on “A Vision of Our Future

  1. God loves us and there is no thing, nothing we can do about it.
    As dark as these times are, and they will become worse, we must remember that God promised a great end time global revival! We are made to sit together with Christ in the heavenlies. We as born again Spirit filled Christians, are more powerful that we dare to believe.
    Jesus said that He has ALL power in heaven and earth, therefor YOU GO, and make disciples of ALL nations!
    What is God doing in this generation? Seek Him and His invitation to do your part. He will give you the ability to do what He has called you to. If you are His child, you are called.
    God Does have everything under control. let us be about our Fathers business.


  3. Your "Look at your dogs expression" photo gave me a much-needed laugh! God bless you Steve!

  4. Thanks Kevin, I can't help but try to find some levity in all of this now and then. It makes me laugh too and my dog looks a lot like that one 🙂

  5. Thank You; Johny B. God is in a good mood. Seek Him with all you have. Ask Him to be glorified in you today. Then go for a walk and see what He does.
    I did that and got a word of knowledge. A buy waring a green shirt with a sore left knee.
    I met the guy an hour later, prayed for him right there, and Jesus Healed him instantly!! People around were amazed, as I told them Jesus loved them.
    Who needs a picket sign when we are filled with POWER from ON HIGH.

  6. PRAISE JESUS. I would like you to be a member of our email list. Would you write me at [email protected]. All addresses are kept in BCCs for privacy. God Bless You!!

  7. Our father who are in heaven,
    Hallowed by Thy name.
    Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,
    On earth as in heaven.
    And give us this day our daily bread.
    Lead us not into temptation.
    Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, now and forever more.

  8. I am in awe at the articles I'm reading. I feel as if a veil has been lifted from my eyes. God is so AWESOME. He has delivered me from drug addiction and a host of other things. I only live to serve him. Money used to be my God, now it has little signifigence in my life. I store my treasures in heaven. The end times can be pretty scary, but if HE is for us, who can be against us. we must get as much ass we can out of sites like this because one day soon they will be outlawed. Wisdom and knowledge are crucial to the coming days ahead. We as christians will be hunted and killed liken animals. We must remain strong and unvavering. I'm ready for anything. Oh lord deliver me. God bless all and praise jesus name.

  9. Praise the Lord Chris! Overcoming is the key. Einstein said the difference between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. Make your ILLUSION count in Jesus Name!

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