The Esoteric X-Files Problem

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The Truth is Out There
The Fallen Elohim WILL Be Discredited

My fellow “The Way” Jesus loving Christians, I am writing this article to tell you that I am on a mission in Jesus name.  I have so much information spinning around in my head that it’s quite hard to get a hold of what is important and what is “fluff” that needs to be “tossed”.  Our mission is to save souls for our KING.  That’s pretty much it.  And when you are “on the hunt” for some really difficult answers, sorting through the “baloney” and trying to pluck out the truth that will save people from the depths of darkness is not an easy task.  Our enemy has done a darn good job of hiding what we NEED TO KNOW in libraries full of mistruths and outright lies.

The Big Mission

It is my personal belief that the “big mission” here, has got to be to discredit those that intend to destroy the Kingdom of Heaven in the eyes of those who do not “really” know Jesus the way they should.  The gift of salvation is a bit more complicated than many of us may have been led to believe.  Many of us have seen people “go to altar calls” and realized that they “didn’t really get it”.  Pastor Pittman’s visit to heaven in the video series “Placebo” (see You Tube) indicated that less than 2% were actually making it into heaven and gave the impression that even HIS salvation was potentially at stake.  This is serious business.

I have written a number of articles that tried to capture this problem but it’s complicated.  Most of us, by now, understand that salvation is not simply the robotic reciting of repetitive words uttered in front of a church pastor.  Most of us know that it requires a “change” in “our spirits”.  We know it is not automatic and the sanctification process is extremely challenging and loaded with “dangerous pitfalls”.  But we know that many of those we have seen “go to the altar” didn’t really “get it”.  We know there is more to being “born again” than just reading a pamphlet.

Then to make matters worse, we have entered the final stretch of the “end times race”.  Paul, more than once (I believe) referred to his work as a type of “race” of sorts. (concordance please).  But now we are racing against far more than just “time to death”.  We are now racing against THE DISCLOSURE!  We are racing against the “strong delusion”.  We are racing against arguably “Planet X” and “sudden climate change”.  We are racing against the distractions of total financial collapse and the desolation brought on by the enemy wrapped up in a package called “The New World Order”. 

We are racing against the greatest LIE told to mankind in the history of the earth since YHWH breathed his spirit into Adam.

The fallen “Elohim” are coming here not only to demote Jesus, but to demote the Most High God, our Heavenly Father … YHWH.  The Great El Elyon.


Finding Diamonds in Cesspools

I have so many verses to share with you in regard to this challenge that I am overwhelmed.  Frankly I am a bit frustrated with myself for not doing a better job in keeping track of all this data.  It’s hard.  Much more to come.  But YOU know as well as I do, if I do a huge brain dump on you and recite verse after verse of complicated text it will likely confuse the reader.  This would do none of us any good and certainly wouldn’t save any souls.

So for our own sanity and hopeful success, I will try my best to “spoon feed” small tidbits of revelations to the reader over time.  This means you HAVE to hang in there with me because this is hard to accomplish.  There is simply too much legitimate Bible text that has been kicked out of our Bible by the pagan Nicean Councils in the name of “doing the right thing” and now we have little time to sort out the facts.  But there are endless mysteries that we all know about that simply have no reasonable answer except that we are not being told “the whole story”. 

Well guess what? We aren’t.

I have a number (a vast number) of books and texts that paint out the story but in nothing less than a confusing manner.  I have to fight my instinct to discredit the entire writing because I disagree with a portion of it.  In some cases, I am utterly convinced that the writings have extremely important and true facts within, but find lies woven within that cause me to toss the work and pray.  The problem here is sorting out the fact from the fiction.

The Truth is Out There and in the Name of Jesus I will help you find it with me.

The Ancient Aliens Series

If you haven’t invested in the Ancient Aliens series (season one) from the History Channel I strongly suggest that you do so as soon as possible.  It costs about $24 and it’s worth every penny.  Jonathan Kleck and I watched the second episode together and it spent a great portion of time discussing Akhenaten the 18th dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh.  This is the same Pharaoh that was depicted in the hieroglyph that had the “grey alien” having sex with a female component infecting our Adamic bloodlines.

The information put out by this episode was nothing less than alarming.  It was allegated that Akhenaten may have been “from another world”.  Gee … what a surprise.  Both Kleck and myself “blew a fuse” on that segment.  But that was the “tip of the ice berg”.  ORDER IT.

Other Sources

But believe you me, that isn’t the half of it.  I have tons of other sources that confirm the forthcoming delusion will be utterly spectacular.  “They” will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that THEY were here and CREATED mankind.  They will demonstrate and show so much archaeologically sound evidence that no pastor in any christian church will be able to stand up against the data.  Oh sure some will try.  But any “thinking man” with a bit of common sense will know that the evidence shown is indisputable.  There is only so much “good” that can come from a church that has been endlessly infiltrated by the enemy and made impotent by such ridiculous notions such as EARTH IS ONLY 6,000 YEARS OLD.


Doctor Francis Crick said “you would be more likely to assemble a fully functional and flying jumbo jet, by passing a hurricane through a junk yard, then you would be to assemble a DNA molecule by chance” over 6 million years of time.

Pre-Adamic Man (of some kind) is a Reality

Many of the people I have come to love, but will  remain nameless because I love them, do not agree with the concept of “pre-adamic” man of any kind.  Many of these same wonderful “alien-demon” hunters also believe that earth is only 6,000 years old due to very likely misunderstandings of the timelines associated with Genesis.

For those of you that are interested, there is a wonderful work called Genesis and Geology that you can search on with Google.  You will love the work.  It is the “tip of the ice berg” but it will get  you started and you will have NO DOUBT that earth is millions of years old. 

There is also work by Zen Garcia in a book entitled “Lucifer Father of Cain” that has a TON of outstanding research in this area.  I have trouble with many of Zen’s sources because they are “esoteric apocrypha” and I don’t necessarily agree with all of his findings but I can tell you I have had many discussions with him on the telephone and this guy loves JESUS WITH ALL HIS HEART!!

And then there is arguably one of the best sources of information out there.  His name is Ken Klein.  I “do not” agree with all of Ken’s conclusions but he has some fantastic data that ALIGNS perfectly with a ton of solid scripture and backs the “pre-adamic” man “like” problem extremely well.  In fact, one of Tribulation-Now’s strongest and most Holy Spirit filled contributors EVER, Loren … told me when he started to study Ken Klein’s information he was actually “TAKING NOTES”!  Please here me out.  Loren doesn’t take notes.  Loren never takes notes.  Loren is the one YOU take notes from!  “Get it”?  I hope so.

What is My Point in All of This?

Look.  The last thing I want to do is alienate (no pun intended) readers of Tribulation-Now.  But there is MUCH EVIDENCE that indicates that YHWH God assigned “Heavenly Personnel” to do things on His behalf.  I know that sounds too hard to believe but as the scripture begins to unfold your mind will be blown wide open.

The Ancient Alien series is already “front loading” mankind’s minds with information that substantiates “pre-adamic” man of some kind.  Call them “Neanderthal” man if you want.  But there are “man like” bones and fossils that exist in archaeological digs and are in museums that prove there is “man like” evidence already out there.

Never mind the Zechariah Sitchin evidence, and the Enuma Elish works and Sumerian writings that make it pretty darn clear that some type of “space gods” came down to earth and made some type of “test tube born” man like creatures to work for them (like the Pharaohs were notorious for doing).

We need to be able to STAND UP AGAINST the lies that these “fallen Elohim” are going to tell all of mankind in THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT at some point or another.

We need to be able to AT LEAST point to SOME scripture and show people that maybe, JUST MAYBE, there were some creational characteristics these “Elohim” may have been given to SEED THE UNIVERSE on behalf of the Almighty God our Creator the Great YHWH … the El Elyon …. the Most High God.

Because I can tell you straight up, that in the book “The Only Planet of Choice”, the fallen Elohim, the Council of Nine, that are admonished by OUR GOD, the Father of our King Jesus Christ in PSALMS 82 (read it please … read Psalms 82) … they have every intention of telling us all that YHWH is just one of the 24 Elders and never was the creator God.

Did you hear me?

They are not only going to demote our KING JESUS but they are going to demote Our Heavenly Father.

This is going to get down right dirty.  And we need to get smart really fast.

One of Tribulation-Now’s list members emailed me with some concerns (all valid) regarding my article from earlier today.  Here is my response.

A Letter to Linda

Well you are right on all accounts, particularly the part about being careful. Now that being said, we have a bit of a dilemma. Assuming (and likely so), the strong delusion includes the disclosure that these “minor gods” (Elohim) represent our creators, their intention will be to not only demote Jesus but also to demote YHWH God. There are hundreds of pages of books that I have started to unravel of all sources. A repeating theme is that these “Elohim” are the divine council of 9 and there is a single creator God and YHWH is NOT HIM. Unfortunately the information is spinning around in my head and I haven’t been able to stitch it together sufficiently enough to write an article that simplifies the concepts for the “common” Christian – which is an imperative or the effort will fail. This sadly will result in there being no “easy to read” single source where people can refer that explains the difference between the proof that these Elohim were in fact involved in creation activities sanctioned by God … but stepped out of line (in more ways than one).

It is my belief, that maybe, just maybe, with the help of God and some people He may put me in touch with, I might be able to show JUST enough scripture from the 66 book canon to establish the LIKELIHOOD that this allegation is more than just wild conjecture. Otherwise, these “gods” will eventually manifest here on earth (show up on CNN and Larry King Live) and explain (looking perfectly human) that they created us AND they will show that our understanding of Genesis is somewhat correct but has tiny errors in it that they can easily demonstrate are such. Once this feat is accomplished, Christianity at large (including folks such as those I dearly love like xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx,  xxxxx, “redacted” etc. etc.) will be at a TOTAL loss to combat those allegations since THEY all believe there is NO SUCH THING as pre-adamic man of any kind.

Unfortunately all of the sources of information that contain this data are buried within gnostic esoteric writings (on purpose) so that traditional Christians will turn their backs on the data. I do that myself. There are writings that are linked to the Rosicrucians known as esoteric christian writings (going back to Orthodoxy) that contain substantial pieces of the puzzle but are full of evil Kabbalistic TRASH.

We are basically dealing with an X-Files situation here where the Truth is Out there but the enemy has done such a fabulous job of trashing the data with their intentional lies that its very difficult to make the understanding easy.

This is the challenge I face with God’s grace right now. More than anything, if there is ONE contribution I can make to the Lord’s work, it would be to simplify the explanation of this “fallen Elohim” issue so that the average Christian can point to scripture and say THEY LIE!!

Sorry to brain dump on you but you caught me at an energized moment since there is tons of incoming Intel.

Oh and the “lots thing”. I come to find out there is even more scripture concerning “various ways” that God communicated with his prophets that were even beyond the typical “lots” thing. Never mind the Umin and Thumin mystery that most do not understand (not even me at all), but there are other ways. We are entering the very end of times and things are going to get weird. God is not going to stand by and let his people be “unarmed”. I suspect God will find ways to start talking to his people that make the common every-day “prophecy” stuff seem like “old hat”. Time is to short and God means business.

If I wasn’t experiencing this stuff myself, I wouldn’t believe it. Never mind the stories I’ve “heard”. Now its starting to “hit home”. I havent’ told you half the WEIRDNESS that is going on in my life right now. I pray it will be exposed in future articles and I’m sure on fire to get the information out to people so be sure to lift me up in prayer so the LORD can get me the “day job” thing that fits HIS WILL and allows me to work on this research and write the information out to folks so they can understand the movement that is happening behind the scenes.

Summary In Jesus Name

Most of the people we all follow (names withheld out of love) do not agree with the “pre-adamic” man “theory” but I no longer believe this is a debatable.  If you believe that God / Jesus created everything personally then please consider just this one verse.  I have many more to share.

Col 1:15-17

He [Jesus] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16 For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.


Please think about and meditate and pray on this verse.

If things were created “THROUGH HIM” and “FOR” him, then not all things were necessarily created by Him personally.

This is just a tiny tidbit of the information I (we) hope to uncover for you to help you be able to STAND against these lying principalities when they come here to earth to proclaim …



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  1. Over all creation–Through Him and for Him–
    I always presumed this refered to the angelic kingdom.
    That being said,you do present another interesting possibility.
    Can't wait to see what develops.


  2. In prayer tonight, and before I had read your article, the Lord gave me Psalm 82. When I read it I thought, Lord- that does nothing for me. (LOL- I know). I had been whining about being under attack and was hoping for some beautiful uplifting Psalm…. It was surprising to see you reference it.

  3. Ahh yes. Nope.

    Psalms 82 is not one of those uplifting Psalms. It is one of many verses designed to help us understand the functioning of the godhead and how "bad gods" can get in trouble (just like us) when they step out of line.

    WE WIN!

  4. Anonymous above. I humbly wonder too where it will lead. The Truth is out there. But those demon aliens are not bringing it with them.


  5. …so are you saying those of us who love the Lord Jesus were created by him and predestined…and those who reject him were created by these fallen angels so they will never say yes to Jesus?
    …and did these angels have the ability to not only make humans, but give eternal souls to what they made???
    …very heavy stuff… i pray for God's protection and wisdom to try to process what you are saying…i am a simple person who God has called to be his child…so please bear with my simple questions.

  6. Seemingly simple questions but actually surprisingly complex under the surface. Where to begin.

    First let me say that if you read a single article or if you read the articles out of order, you might get a bit confused here. This is because I enter articles AS I am learning.

    If you want some more information, please email me directly at [email protected].

    God Bless You

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