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The other day my wife asked me if we were going to put up a Christmas tree this year.  Last years’ Thanksgiving and Christmas was a bust.  In fact I pretty much ruined the entire Holiday season for her here at the house.  Don’t get me wrong, we did drive up to Pennsylvania to enjoy other people’s decorations.  But last year I was too immersed in taking a stand against the paganism that has infiltrated our holidays.  After all, that’s the right thing to do … right?

However, over this last year it occurred to me that it is not possible to take a proper stand.  Lucifer’s army has so thoroughly permeated our lives that the only way you can avoid it is to leave the planet.  Short of hijacking one of those Stan Deyo Top Secret anti-gravity space buggies, I’m not sure how you intend to pull that off. 

The counterfeiting and symbolic stamping of “Property of Satan” is everywhere.  From the sodas and wine bottles to the clothing our children wear, right down to the logos painted on our neighborhood church signs, there is Satanic symbolism and “alien-ware”.  There are grey alien heads and demonic anagrams every direction you turn your head.  These freaks have literally “marked their territory” like dogs.  There is no question, the earth is the devil’s domain.  He can have it. 

I await the KING.  And the King is coming to Kick some Ass.

Putting Down the Binoculars

November 9th has passed and no off-shore nuke … PRAISE JESUS!!  GLORY BE TO GOD!!  I have a number of theories about why nothing happened.  It falls into the category of “Calling Audibles” as I believe the enemy does.  But most of us have to admit, we were expecting something big to happen.  From the ATM interruptions that occurred on Sunday morning, to the mysterious missile shoot in Los Angeles … we were watching.

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if the military industrial “cabal” took a shot at one of those Federation of Light “earth avengers” with that rogue missile.  It wouldn’t surprise me a bit.  If fact I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if the whole November 9th “false flag event” was thwarted by those ever-so-friendly Pleiadian galactic intercessors.  Lucifer is just that clever. 

If you study the Bolshevik revolution, the Chinese revolution, even Nazi Germany, you will quickly note that it is a common “modus operandi” to pit your own “top dogs” against one another to maintain control within your own ranks.  From Lucifer’s vantage point, I would not at all be surprised to see the Council of Nine waging war against the semi-earth-bound Reptilian Black-Ops “cabal” in order to set the stage for a forthcoming battle.  Of course, 99% of the earthlings would be none-the-wiser, and the Federation of Light people would look like some really “cool cats”.  And the alien-demon factions probably have no idea they are technically on the same side. 


But what good would it have done us anyway?  Let’s say we guessed November 9th correctly.  What then?  Do we all hand out T-shirts that say “I Warned You!” or “You Coulda’ Had a V-8!”?   What exactly is our goal in staring out the window with our binoculars?

It’s time to put down the binoculars for a little while and give thanks to our awesome God for mercifully saving the lives of those who “might have died”.


Taking it Back in Jesus Name

I take back my holiday in Jesus Name!!  In fact I take back my LIFE in Jesus name.  I refuse to allow this evil to infiltrate MY LIFE and my family any longer.  I don’t care if “they” hijacked everything Holy and good.  I am TAKING IT BACK!!

This year I have cleared out my front living room.  This year I am setting up a VERY LARGE Thanksgiving Day table.  This year I am decorating with NO GUILT. 

The main difference is that I am going to make absolutely sure that the NAME OF JESUS is splashed everywhere you look.  No more shall I get “hung up” over the “dates of  Christmas” being inaccurate.  No more shall I get “hung up” over the music being played.  I am not going to fight back by becoming a “stick in the mud” this year.  Instead I am going to fight back by MAKING EVERYTHING JESUS.


In fact, I might even print out a case of 8 1/2 x 11 pages with …

And Paste them Everywhere!!

If Alex Jones can put Obama Joker Posters all over the United States, than we can put “Property of Jesus” posters all over the place. I am going to “take back” Jesus’ property and stick these signs everywhere.

One thing is for sure, I am going to make sure that the NAME OF JESUS is all over my home.

I am NO LONGER going to pout in the corner and sulk like a beaten dog!  This world was created by YESHUA / YAHUSHUA MESSIAH … JESUS CHRIST and by DAMNED I am taking it back.

I am going to put down the binoculars, play silly games with the family, roast chestnuts on the fire, and drink rum spiked egg nog.  But every time I tip my head back to take delicious swallow of that “pagan nectar” I will say …


Summary in Jesus Name

Let’s not forget the “reason for the season”.  Let’s try to remember to put down the binoculars once in a while and enjoy this awesome opportunity to “make a difference” for Jesus Christ.  This year I am going to join Metropolitan Ministries.  Here in Tampa they need “Prayer Warriors” and pastors to lead their prayer tents.  I LOVE THAT.  I am going to make a difference in someone’s life.  I am going to feed the poor and help the underprivileged just like my KING told me to do.

Let’s not forget the real reason we are here on this earth.

Let’s not forget to enjoy this time and give GOD THE GLORY


…. be blessed IN JESUS NAME

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3 thoughts on “Forgetfulness

  1. Thank you so much for this. I, too, have been confused as to Lucifer's plan. Is it actually his plan to get us to stop celebrating Christmas by saying it's all pagan tradition and then everyone has a humbug attitude instead of getting wrapped up in the holiday spirit. I could listen to Christmas music year round. There's no prettier songs than O Holy Night, Silent Night, and others. You have the right attitude, praise Jesus in it all!

  2. Heh, funny how alike we are sometimes. I wanted to strangle and punch all stuffed santas I could get my hands on last year.

    When I bought a glowing star to hang in my window, I searched the stores to make sure I avoided pentagrams and hexagrams, and so I finally found a 7-pointed star, wich is Gods number of perfection. Hah! Take that, satan! Jesus said he is the bright morning star, so this star represents HIM!

    As for gathering and celebrating on the 24. or 25. Im pretty sure Jesus appreciates that we gather to remember him and in his name.

    There should be no reason why children cant enjoy gifts and be marry in remembering Jesus on this day,


  3. Wow, I'm with you Brother! Funny, I have been thinking the very same things this year. I can only hope it is from the Lord, and not from the enemy. I was lead to read Galations this week. I got so lost in it, it was as if I was reading it for the very first time. Thank Him for His grace and mercy! Nothing I can do in the flesh can save my miserable soul. I just pray that after this life, I will stop sinning completely and spend a glorious eternity with my Savior, forever – Amen? Yes, Amen!

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