Correlated Alerts Nov 6 – 9

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Shorter Than We Think (Part II)
November 6 – 9 Correlated Alerts


Greetings and good morning in Jesus Name.

Here below is a short list of the “major” indicators that November may be a nasty month for Overcomers. Since my article “Shorter than We Think” the list has DOUBLED.  In the last 24 hours 3 more critical items have been added

(thank you Deb and Kemer and EVERYONE!!) 

This is not good.

Either “they” will “adjust” their plans due to the exposure those like “us” are causing (which I doubt) or they will move forward.  The other possibility is that “something” is in fact going to happen but the “Mid November” pointers are off (or adjusted out) for some reason.  So if it doesn’t happen today or in the next several days, it does NOT mean it will not happen … it simply means they have adjusted the “schedule”.

But first, here is a reminder of the Jonathan Kleck $10 bill prophecy.

The Jonathan Kleck $10 Bill Prophecy

Behold the hand of the oppressor has been lifted against you. Out of the sea shall come fire and smoke and a devouring wind [nuclear explosion]. Waters high as the walls of Jerusalem, shall cover the city by the sea and great shall be the destruction of that city.

And behold the great wall which holds back the abundance of the rivers, shall burst forth bringing the hand of the oppressor against you, for I have seen it. For mighty is the enemy which has risen within your own borders.

(As of 07:11 Hours, November 6, 2010, Eastern DaylightTime, United States)

1.  Lindsey Williams WarningsGlobal War and Financial Collapse

2.  The Above Top Secret PropheciesThere will be a day/week which will shock the world in this year 2010

3.  Steve Quayle’s AlertsFederal Marshal gun surrender, Military Ramp Up, Bank Holiday warning (Nov 9?)

4.  WebBOT ProjectMid November Peak Activity with confirmations

5.  MIAMI The Next Point on the PentagramSymbolism pointing to calamity in Miami (You Tube)

6.  The Jonathan Kleck $10 Bill ProphecyOff Shore Nuclear Detonation and Tidal Wave / Damn Breaking

7.  The Simpsons CartoonMushroom Cloud Explosion, Surveillance Cameras, Clock showing 11/6
(or 11/9 with upside down 6)

8.  Obama Trip to India Largest Movement of US Leadership and Equipment in History

9.  Glenn Beck Radio ShowForthcoming Catastrophic Event and Recommendation to Stockpile Food

10.  Nuclear Preparation DrillKings Bay, Jacksonville Florida – National Level Exercise

11.  Clinton Strategist – Mark PennObama needs Oklahoma City Event to Reconnect to Voters

Atomic Monster
Disaster! This is an Instant Attack to Destroy any Coastal Place. It does not require an action. Its Power is 16 against a Huge Place, 20 against any other Place, but 24 against Japan or California. If the attack succeeds, the Target is Devastated. If it succeeds by more than 6, the target is destroyed. Or play at any time to give +10 to any attack to destroy the Robot Sea Monsters or the Nuclear Power Companies

A Prayer for the Saints

Dear Heavenly Father,

In the Name of Jesus, OUR KING, we pray for the divine protection and your mercy for the saints. Father God, we know there are difficult times ahead and we expect there will be “wars and rumors of wars” as there have been thus far. Lord, we know what Jesus said in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13 will come to pass. We excitedly await your return. But Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask that you “intercede” on these demonic plans and spare the pain of those who belong to you and others you know should belong to you. If it is YOUR WILL we ask you stop the enemy from their evil deeds. Either way, Father, we ask for your loving mercy for all those who love you.

IN JESUS NAME we pray…. – AMEN




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  1. hmm, is this really it? many things indicate that it might be so. Maybe we will know before the end of 2010. In any case, agape and maranatha,
    whatever happens, God allows, let us seek his face and repent from sin, this is still mercy and repentance phase, judgmentphase has not yet started. May Jesus bless you all

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