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Complexity Fails
Simplicity Works

As I brush away the tears from my eyes, I will attempt to present to you the “meat” of the Lindsey Williams “Prophecy Club” DVD set.  I have seen all the web site commentary out there and quite frankly could give a flying flip about what any of them have to say.

Through the 3 hours of his testimony I’ve learned NOTHING.  I figured that maybe he has some insider information from these “Elite” demon possessed freaks on what was coming our way.  And maybe, perhaps maybe, there is some golden insight on what we will see in the next 2 years.  Perhaps his insight will give you some warning as to the timeline we face and what is certainly in store for us all.

But I tell you from the bottom of my heart, that after 3 hours of listening to this information, it was NOT the warnings that made any difference.  NO.  It was the testimony he gave regarding the PEOPLE he worked with in the past.  It was the SIMPLICITY OF SALVATION. 

We are so unbelievably entangled in this wicked nonsense about everything and anything that has NOTHING to do with JESUS.  What is the “true name of God”,  (who cares – he looks into our hearts!),  should we follow the Sabbath (who cares – Tetelestai in Jesus name).  Is it the Temple Building, or is it the Temple Body (who cares – its about Jesus).  Why do we let ourselves be sucked into the demonic discord associated with everything that has NOTHING to do with saving souls for our KING?

The Williams Timeline

The following is the Lindsey Williams timeline / data from his $99 dollar prophecy club DVD.  And by the way it is NOT copyrighted and he encourages people to give it out for free.  If you feel strongly about seeing it for free, then you can email me and I will see about getting you a copy.

This is paraphrased with embellished language to get you to the “jist” of his statements.  I simply do not feel there is any divine purpose in beleaguering the points he is making.

The following points were made regarding the “Elite’s” Timeline for our demise:

  • Within the next 2 years we will have war.  The war is not simply about IRAN.  The war is intended to be global.  Iran is merely the catalyst.  Israel is a puppet in making it happen on their timeline.
  • The war they intend to orchestrate will be intentionally global in nature, no one will be left unaffected by it.
  • As a result of the war, nearly everyone will be working for the government.  In one way or another, your company will become a worker for the Elite through the control grid.  Think General Motors by force.
  • You will become so broke in the next two years you will not be able to “rebel” against them.  You won’t have enough money to feed your family, let alone go to some lame and forgotten “tea party” meeting.
  • Gasoline will stay at $2.65 or so a gallon until the war breaks out.  It could be a while so you best go to Yellowstone while you still have a shot.
  • Gold and Silver will soar in value.  But he rightfully warns that it is not that these values are soaring.  Instead these are true indicators of the fall of paper money.  Warning – this means the end of money as we know it is very near.
  • Pastors and churches are already completely owned by “them”.  The 501c3 and the “Faith Based Initiatives” have been an utter success.  The churches are 100% insolvent and are already fully cooperating with Homeland Security.
  • Homeland Security is collecting information, through the churches, on their congregations.  The pastors, in the name of “doing what is right” are soliciting their congregations to “tell all” on paper.  This is Nazi Germany in progress.
  • Nine Banks (think about the occult significance of this number) will be all that will be left standing in the next two years.  They will prevent you from withdrawing your money by setting limits.  If you have $10,000 in the bank, you will only be allowed to take out a small amount of it and there will be a time set before you can take out more.  It will be a stranglehold on what you can live on.
  • Your safe deposit boxes will be confiscated.  You think you are hiding your “secret stash” in safe keeping… think again.
  • Bankruptcies will soar far beyond the current levels.  It will happen slowly.  Not like Alex Jone’s contributors suggested in the years past, but instead over the next two years in an almost invisible way.
  • Inflation will be unbearable.  You have already seen how your Ice Cream boxes have shrunk to tiny containers.  This will continue to happen but you will hardly notice.  All the food will get less and less in the containers and the prices will inch up.  If you don’t record the numbers you won’t notice until it’s too late.
  • There will be a substantial increase in Hollywood’s contribution to your mind’s understanding of “things”.  The ABC mini series “V” is an understatement.  Williams said you will see many more movies that are key indicators of what is “to come”.  He mentioned the “Extraterrestrial” word. Amen!
  • Airport and Travel Security will become even worse than they are now.  Beyond “Naked Body Scanners” and road blocks.  Watch out.
  • Youth Corps, such as Americorps (the Brown Shirts) will become king and take on a whole new meaning.
  • ALL people will be required to do government service and pass security checks.  Those who do not pass the security checks will probably be “dealt with” (my addition).  Mandatory service.  Hard work, not licking envelopes mind you.
  • Chipping was mentioned. Brainwashing was mentioned. ‘SS” Nazi stuff was mentioned.


And the final coup des gras, was GUN CONTROL

This is why the Japanese did not bother to attempt invasion of the American mainland during WWII.  Too many people had guns in their homes. 

The final coup will be to take way the GUNS.  We have been watching Alex Jones freaking out over the gun control issue and wondering why it hasn’t started yet.  At least not on a large scale.  Yes they have been practicing for 10+ years.  Yes the lizard-like Hillary has signed away American gun rights to the United Nations.  But the BIG ONE is reserved for the final blow.  They will wait until war had devastated the country.  They will wait until we cannot feed our children.

Then they will take away the guns.

First by offering money for guns.
Then by force.


  • The Talk Show Hosts
  • The alternative media sites
  • Then Red and Blue Lists
  • Then Chipping
  • Then Guillotines

They have not forgotten.

It is “WE” that have forgotten.

But what is it that WE HAVE FORGOTTEN?



I wonder sometimes why I feel led to buy these DVDs?  After all haven’t I figured it out for the most part?  I’ve known about all this planned “order ab chaos” stuff for the better part of a half decade and arguably for more than 15 years.  Did I think that Williams was going to “knock my socks off” with some hidden mystery of the global takeover plot?  Perhaps I did!  Maybe I did.

But the most VALUABLE part of that $99 dollar investment had nothing to do with the “Elite’s” global agenda.  It had everything to do with what put me into tears.

At the very end of the third DVD he told a story of a fellow on the Alaskan pipe line project.  This guy was the “unsavable sort”.  He was a leader.  He was a drinker.  He was a story teller.  He was the most admired guy in the entire operation.  And they knew if only Jesus came into this man’s life that all the others would follow along.  So they prayed.

And prayed.

And prayed.

And eventually this one amazing bear wrestling, beer slamming, cussing, womanizing. man-leader. came to realized that nothing else mattered but JESUS!

This one man, told all 400+ of his subordinates that they MUST attends Williams worship sessions. 

And hundreds of them were led to SALVATION THROUGH JESUS CHRIST


I do not care what you think you are an expert on.  It means nothing in the eyes of your Heavenly Father.  You might think you have it all figured out. 



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6 thoughts on “Warnings from Williams

  1. Amen!!! Division and Discord come straight from hell, lifting Jesus up so that all may be drawn to him comes straight from God. Which do you think we should invest our time in?

    Thanks for all the time you spend on this ministry. God bless you and give you wisdom, insight and discernment, but most of all, love.
    Nancy K.

  2. I teared up also at the end there. His series is all out on youtube, last 1,5 hours here:

    I recommend watching it. Jesus bless

  3. Great post! The warnings have been declared, by pastors, economist, and good old Christians like you and me! I tell my friends all the time and most won't listen. I keep trying though. Jesus Christ is our ONLY hope, not gold, not hording food, not listening to our government, not our homes, not our bank account!

    Jesus Christ will take care of his flock. I believe supernaturally we will be taken care of until it is our time!

    God is in control, that is the base of my faith I trust in. We as the church have the ultimate protector!! And in the end, WE WIN!!

  4. Hi John!
    Last night I went to bed with the TV on like I always do…normally in the past I have had no trouble falling asleep but within the last couple months that has not been the case. But last night was different because along with the tossing and turning and getting up and laying done…I was getting a terrible migraine to boot. So at bout 6 a.m. I got up and decided to make some coffee, sometimes that helps (not the best remedy but any remedy I would have tried at this point).

    So I shut off the TV and padded into the kitchen, filled the coffee pot with water and poured it into the coffee maker…as I was doing this I realized…the migraine was almost gone! The simple act of turning off the TV had somehow stopped that migraine. So of course now I went to the computer and tried looking this up to see if anyone else had experienced it before or if I was just the victim of coincidence (which I don't believe in).

    I went to YouTube and in the process of looking for that I was sidetracked more than once with final time being when I found a treaty between aliens and the government on a site where a lot of links where no longer valid because they had been removed. Now I felt sleepy so I headed back to bed. Once there my mind started flipping from aliens to illuminati to the gulf and I realized I was like a damn TV set! I closed my eyes and started talking to Jesus and I visualized my self sitting next to him on the top of a beautiful mountain…and I drifted to sleep!

    When I awoke…my first thought was from now on I am ONLY looking at God and Jesus the majority of my time. We are to watch…we are not to become obsessed or allow them to over take our joy or peace EVER! Whatever happens God and Jesus have it all in control and I need to be listening to them, dwelling on and in them and doing what ever it is they want me to do! I made that decision and then came to my computer to look at my emails and here this was!

    I LOVE when synchronicity happens and we all get the same message LOUD AND CLEAR from Holy Spirit…don't you? Praise Jesus for the glorification of God our Father who will NEVER forget us…he has us carved in the palm of his hand!!! God bless!


    I am in the same exact boat. More and more as I see what is going on around us I realize the solution is so simple.

    It is all about wanting our awesome King to come and rescue us out of here.

    Its all about wanting to bring everyone we can along with us.

    I can't wait.


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