2011 Geological Cosmic Possibilities

The Dots Keep Connecting
Swiss Franc Confirms NASA Elenin Plot

Well Glory to Jesus – just when I thought things might be calming down a bit.

INCOMING!  Praise God!  A special thanks to Kari, a Tribulation-Now email list member, for finding this information.

According to the keen eye and research of a person by the name of John Gorman on You

Tube, who goes by the channel name “atlanticobr”, the Swiss 10 Franc currency note shows a graphic that precisely matches the September 26th, 2011, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab’s C/2010 X1 (Elenin) plotting graphic.  Evidently it accurately depicts the cosmic alignment, right down to the location of the individual planets.

Not only does this video show this alarming “coincidence” on the Swiss note, but Mr. Gorman ALSO goes on to mention that the Mayan’s predicted that December 24th, 2011 was the actual “end of the age” according to their calendar.

To watch this amazing video presentation for yourself.  See:

07º – NIBIRU or ELENIN – The next events by Captain Bill


What Exactly Did the Mayan’s Predict?

Here is a transcript from a portion of a television show called “In Search Of” staring Leonard Nimoy from 34 years ago.  The title of the episode was “Mayan Mysteries”.

It states:

“The Ancient Mayans, men of knowledge, conceived their time on earth, their cycle of civilization, to be 5,200 years, beginning their calendar August 12th, 3113 B.C.

They predicted, that on December 24th, 2011 A.D., a cataclysmic earthquake would terminate their cycle of civilization.

New men of knowledge” would then appear to fight the forces of evil, and lead the people, to create a world government.

If the Mayan “men of knowledge” were right, in just 34 years, we may learn the answers to some of the ancient Mayan mysteries.”

What if the Mayan’s didn’t actually specify the date of the earthquake to be December 24th exactly?  What if the earthquake was part of the overall prediction of the “end of the age” and the appearance of the “New Men of Knowledge” was to occur on December 24th?  Is this possible?

For this thought exercise, let’s identify the Mayan predictions clearly.  Let’s use some “fuzzy math” and assume at the “end of the age”, the following events would happen.

  1. A Large Global Earthquake
  2. Star “gods” from UFOs would Appear
  3. The Star “gods” would Usher in a New Word Government (NWO)
  4. They would arrive “officially” on December 24th, of 2011


A False Flag Version of Armageddon

Now that Bin Laden has been officially eliminated (tongue in cheek), the global news media has been full of reports associated with potential retaliation.  The word “nuclear” has surfaced more than once.  Some reports suggest that Pakistan, a significant nuclear power, is the next target of the “Empire”.  And just as many reports suggest that any aggression taken against Pakistan would be met with strong retaliation from the Chinese.  There’s that “Chinese” word again.  Hmmm.

And dont’ forget the “offshore” nuclear event shown on the US $10 Bill to Jonathan Kleck (see the Jonathan Kleck video page here)

Consider the possibilities.

Most people who have studied false flag events over the last 100 plus years, would agree that virtually every war was started by the “forces of darkness”.  This is how the Rothschilds built their wealth in the first place.  Without going into a long history lesson, what if WWIII was yet another “false flag” operation intentionally started by the “evil ones” again?  How could this be used by Lucifer’s army to coordinate the “take down” of mankind on a global level and meet the additional objectives of the New World Order?

How could this be done in such a manner as to dump down the entire “kitchen sink” all at one time?  There is no question WWIII is going to happen.  Nostradamus’ predictions of WWIII included UFOs.  Albert Pike, the head of the Illuminati North American operations predicted WWIII in the 1800’s.  What about the FEMA Camps?  What about the “Mark of the Beast”?

How do you get the entire world to “think” that the “fake Jesus” is the REAL JESUS?

If Lucifer’s war criminals know that there is a cosmic alignment in September of this year, and they coordinated a NUCLEAR based war starting WWIII near or at the same time …

Would not the bulk
of the quasi-christian world
think that war was


Fake Jesus Arrives on His Fake Birthday

In the midst of all this horror, with nuclear devastation and cataclysmic earthquake damage on a global scale, Jesus Christ arrives on his very own birthday to save the day.

Except, its NOT Jesus.  It’s Sananda, the Omegan Pleiadian version of Jesus.

He’s the one whose picture has been painted all over the world in artwork by the very pagans that have been planning to perpetuate this lie for thousands of years.

Sananda, Maitreya, and the whole bunch of these lying Pleiadian star “freaks” have been coordinating this strategy now by channeling their lies through the unwitting “Light Workers” of death (and false “love”).


Summary in Jesus Name

There has been a tremendous amount of confusion associated with Elenin and this NASA Labs plotting graphic.  Is Elenin really a comet?  Is it intelligently controlled?  If it is a comet, where are the pictures in the astronomy magazines?  Does it have interstellar UFO cosmic crafts of destruction hiding in its tail?  Could Elenin be a clever disguise for Planet X after all?

What IF this cosmic “body” called Elenin, or Nibiru, or Planet X, or Wormwood, or whatever, does cause a planetary line up to occur on September 26th (or thereabouts)?  WHY would this imagery be shown on a Swiss Franc?  Is this mere coincidence or is the “confirmation“?

If this “alignment” in mid September causes a global cataclysmic earthquake to occur, and a nuclear WWIII event explodes, complete with a UFO event of monumental proportions, would it not turn the world “upside down”?  Would it not cause the 2 Thess. 2 “falling away”?

And the in the “dust” of this horror, as the dead are still being pulled from the rubble, “New Men of Knowledge” appear from the “heavens”.  They include a loving kind man named “Jesus”.  He can heal the sick.  He tells everyone to love each other.  He is a miracle worker.


I leave you with just one more amazing tidbit of new incoming intelligence.  On 5 Doves, a woman, named Deborah,  made a post.  Her You Tube channel is “Debieblue“.

She was noticeably excited and even a bit alarmed.  According to her post, there was some type of escalated cosmic war taking place at this time around the Sun.

While I have seen the astonishing still pictures of enormous intergalactic space craft and motherships around the corona of the Sun before, I don’t believe I have seen anything like this.  Deborah was kind enough to respond to an email inquiry from me earlier today to provide us a link to her HD version of this video.  Download it now before the “google goblins” take it down on some trumped up violation.

You be the judge.



Here is another one.



for an






Be Blessed in Jesus Name

Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

4 thoughts on “2011 Geological Cosmic Possibilities

  1. I used to think he would come claiming to be the Christ, but take a quick look at 2 Thess. 2:4

    Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

    Instead of coming as the son, He is going to claim he is God the Father!

    I believe the false prophet will claim to be the son.

    1. Unfortunately, 100% of our current understanding of Bible prophecy is about to be shaken and destroyed. Even the advanced Christians think that UFOs and “aliens” are interdimensional demons. This is a terrible mistake. Joel’s army are “Mantis like” creatures created long ago by Lucifer. The armies “from afar” are located in OTHER STAR SYSTEMS. By the time people realize this is true, it will be “too late”. The metaphors in the Bible have been referring to a threat in the cosmos for thousands of years, and until NOW, people have not had the maturity and knowledge to understand this is REAL.

      I grieve for those who are stuck in the notion that all this stuff is coming from the earth.

      ITS NOT!!!

  2. Regarding “Joel’s Army”:

    Joel 2:20 – But I will remove far off from you the NORTHERN army, and will drive him into a land barren and desolate, with his face toward the east sea, and his hinder part toward the utmost sea, and his stink shall come up, and his ill savour shall come up, because he hath done great things.

    “Northern” in Hebrew is “tsaphown”, which is a noun meaning “Northern” or “from the North”. It’s usage can be found in Jeremiah 15:12.
    However, in Joel 2:20, the word “Northern” is translated from a slightly different word “tsĕphowniy” , which is an adjective meaning “Zephonites”. Instead of describing a place or location, it is describing the army itself as being Zephonites.

    I don’t claim to know where Zephonites come from, but I’ve never met one!

    1. I cannot more HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend everyone stop speculating about where these armies are located and read John W. Milor’s book “Aliens and the Antichrist” so you can grasp the metaphor in the Bible associated with “alien entities” and “cosmic armies”. Search on “Aliens and the Antichrist PDF” on the Internet … its free and it will be the best investment of time you have EVER SPENT understanding what causes men’s HEARTS TO FAIL (Luke 21:26)

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