The Arrival

Focusing on the Big Picture
A Recap of Approaching Threats

The 1611 King James, when originally assembled, included the books of Esdras (and many more).  Regular readers of Tribulation-Now probably see me bringing these books up over and over again.  Unfortunately it appears that most people are so distracted by all the “goings on” across the world, we quickly forget about the “big picture”.  It’s easy to do.

While there is no question we are facing some “ugly” times ahead, for those of us watching for the return of our King Jesus Christ, it’s reasonable to consider staying watchful of those things which are mentioned specifically in the scripture.  And even while watching such things, one might also consider prioritizing those prophetic events in the order of their likeliness to happen first.

For example, we all know that eventually there will be the “mark of the beast”, right?  So if you wanted to be “watchful” and “wise” about all the threats that abound in our immediate future, would the “mark of the beast” be the best choice?  Likely not.  The mark of the beast is “down the road” a bit.  There are other more imminent threats on the horizon.

Do You Plan to Be Here?

The other thing you may want to consider is, “Do you plan to be here when it happens?”  If you choose not to believe in the “rescue mission(s)” (e.g. rapture(s) ), then fine.  But to assume you will be alive even up to the point mentioned in Matthew 24:30 would certainly be foolhardy.  Matthew 24:29 says “Immediately after the tribulation (Great Tribulation) of those days … “.  Do you really believe you will survive that long?

I assure you it is “highly” unlikely you will survive that long.  Even if you have a deep protected bunker built, the cosmic technologies that will be used to find a kill people, will easily be able to spot your hide out.  Simply put … you will almost certainly be killed.  And if not then, you will be beheaded in a FEMA Camp.  Take your pick.  And the only way you will be able to refuse “beheading” is if you “take the mark” (chip), and renounce Jesus Christ.

Never mind the natural disasters.  Never mind the “false flag” disasters.  Never mind the Great Babylon burns in a single day.  (Hint: Yes the United States IS the Great Babylon).

Survival on Earth Should be Your Last Priority

I have written many articles of “hope and encouragement” to help people understand that we are NOT to be worried about survival here on earth.  We are to be spiritually prepared to re-unite with our King Jesus Christ.  This should be our number one goal.  It should be the number one goal of your children.  If you are hoping to survive, you have your priorities out of order.

Never forget, Jesus said, “It rains on the just and the unjust” (ref. Matt. 5:45).

Hoping and praying to be found worthy to escape all these things which come upon the earth (Luke 21:36) through one of the “rescue missions” is  a wonderful thing, however hoping to “live longer” and surviving the Great Tribulation is … well … (shaking my head).

And remember, Luke 21:36 would not be written in the Bible at all, if there was no possible way to “escape” all these things (e.g. be rescued by God’s angels).  So for those of you who suggest this is some type of “escapist mentality”, I recommend you start reading your Bible again, because you missed some really important facts.

To get you started, I recommend reading the article entitled:

The Elect, The Bride, and the Tribulation-Saints

And also consider the article entitled:

Multi-Phased Rescue Mission

A Quick Review of Emerging Concerns

At this time there are a number of emerging concerns that are taking our attention away from the big picture.  However in all fairness, none of these concerns are small by themselves.  They are nothing less than alarming.  If my estimation is correct, these slightly smaller concerns will eventually play a horrific role in the Great Tribulation.  And arguably each of them merit their own discussion.

One of my personal challenges as an article writer, is what do I write about?  Do I write a separate article on each of these events unfolding?  And what about the articles I’ve already written on this material?  Do I repeat myself in a new article with emerging data, or do I link to the old articles in hope that people will realize these things have been unfolding for YEARS now?  I struggle.

Let’s tackle some of these issues in short bursts.

The Chinese Takeover of America

It’s first important you understand that the United States of America (US) was never founded on “Godly” principles.  That was sadly a convenient cover story.  The US was founded as a corporation known originally as “The Virginia Company”.  The official declared day of establishment was exactly the same date that “Adam Weishaupt” was named the official head of the “Illuminati” by the Rothschilds in 1776.

And again, it was the Rothschilds that ultimately established the State of Israel with the “Star of Baal” (Molech) in their flag in 1948.  Indeed it was the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers that established Marx and eventually Stalinist Russia through the Bolshevik Revolution.  Indeed it was “Wall Street” (through these devil worshipping freaks) that funded and established Nazi Germany.  And again it was these same “entities” that funded and started the Chinese Revolution of 1949 and later.

These events are all linked.  I don’t have the time to explain all the details.  It would take hundreds of pages and many citations to help you understand this has all been planned for hundreds of years.

If you want to take a primer on a small part of this information, I recommend you watch the documentaries entitled “Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings“, and “The Eye of the Phoenix“.  In only four hours of watching these works, you will begin to “get your feet wet” on the depths of the deception.  All the material in these works is verifiable with little research.  And in this case, the producers, are actually knowledgable Christians.

The Plan of the Chinese Takeover is Long Lived

Remember that “God hates Esau”?   Do you?  Do you know that Esau is basically a reference to the color “RED”?   Why is it that the “Reds” are also a reference to both the Russians and the Chinese?  Have you ever considered that?

The Illuminati cosmic demon worshippers of Lucifer, have been practicing for a very long time.  Nazi Germany was a “practice session” for things to come.  The FEMA camps are indeed “death camps”.  Russia and China are the ultimate epicenters of the eventual enslavement of mankind.

The bulk of the earth’s population is NOT in the United States.  We are a relatively small country “per capita”.  However we carry a HUGE “bang for the buck” as a “sacrificial lamb”.  By toppling the United States first, the rest of the world will cower in horror.  The ultimate goal of “population assimilation” will be trivial once the “Great Babylon” is destroyed and under the complete control of the “REDS”.  Get it?

A good place to see a small amount of this information is an article written here on Tribulation-Now entitled “The United States Ends in 2010?”

In this article you will see a Russian scientist predicting a US takeover along with gobs of other data including the Empire State Building being lit up in New York to commemorate the Chinese anniversary.  Please remember, back then I was much more fearful and less wise than today (for what it’s worth) so you will certainly detect a “tone” in the writing that is different.

Please Note: All of the articles on Tribulation-Now were written in order of how I learned things.  And many new revelations have surfaced since then.  While I cannot expect you to read each article from beginning to end, if you did, you would see the “peace of God” overcome me and my “alarmist” tone subside as I realized all this is destined to unfold, and the ONLY glory is to become united with the King of Kings, Jesus our Lord and savior.

Also be sure to research Bill Clinton and “Chinagate“.  And don’t forget to search on the term “China” and “Chinese” as well.  The Chinese government has been buying up the United States National Parklands now for almost 10 years.

So when you consider all the “emerging” news of 1) Chinese Troops in Mexico, Canada, and the US soil, and 2) the wholesale selling of the States of the US to China, don’t be surprised.  This is NOT new news.  This has been going on for a very very long time.

And here’s a hint.  Russia will be in charge.  China and her army will do the dirty work.  The “Reds” will become the epicenter of the “enslavement” of mankind after the United States is destroyed and chopped into pieces.  Remember the US population is only about 300 M.  The Chinese population is something like 1.2 Billion.  You do the math.

The Ongoing Onslaught of Mankind’s Genome

If you go “back in time” and read many of the articles on Tribulation-Now, such as “Damnation from the Skies” and “Holy Spirit Manslaughter“, you will see my attempts over the years to keep you appraised on the attack on the human genome.  In fact, you would also need to read the “Alien Demon Agenda” series to get the darker picture of that onslaught.  Oh … and don’t forget to read “Scientists Unwittingly Unravel the Mystery of Iniquity” as well, since this is also a big part of this huge attack on the Bloodlines of Abraham and even the “gentiles grafted onto the olive tree”… Amen?

I’m truly sorry this information is all so complicated and requires so much research and reading to grasp.  It was intended to be that way.  Lucifer’s army has been hard at work for thousands of years and there is no easy way to understand the depths of this “shock and awe”.  Remember I give you links to these articles NOT as the final word on this data, but to help you in your own research.  You can skim over these articles and search on “key words” to help you along your way.

I find myself having to repeat this information to the reader, over and over again, because we tend to forget things quickly.  None of this is “new news”.

The “God Gene” Attack

However, there is a tidbit of troubling data that has recently surfaced in regard to this onslaught of mankind’s spiritual acuity.   Before you “light your torches” and start marching in the streets panicking about this troubling information, please remember that there is NO POWER in the Universe more powerful than that of the HOLY SPIRIT of God (YHWH).  It is the power of creation.  There is NO DRUG, and there is NO INVENTION of mankind that can squelch the power of the Holy Spirit.  And never forget Mark 16:16-18.

Mark 16:16-18
He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.  17 And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues;  18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”


Don’t forget that when Paul was temporarily marooned in Malta, the natives saw a deadly viper bite his hand. The natives watched Paul closely because they were sure he was going to die. Paul just shook the viper off his hand and went on talking about Jesus. Later when the natives didn’t even see Paul’s hand swell up, they revered Paul as a “god”.

NEVER assume these attacks on our “fleshy bodies” can overcome the “power” of the Holy Spirit of GOD.

FunVax is No Fun

Reportedly there is a gene in the human body known as VMAT2 (see here). Evidently the Pentagon has been spreading a type of virus in the Middle East that quenches the “Fundamentalist Religion” propensities of the human spirit.  They supposedly have proven that this “Vaccine for Religious Fundamentalism” can diminish the brain’s capacity to “believe” in all things spiritual.  And reportedly they are using these “FunVax” agents actively in the Middle East in an attempt to calm things down (or even “stir them up” think Lybia).

Naturally the concern is that this “agent” may already be in use in the United States.  Folks, I don’t know about you, but in my entire life I have never seen a more spiritually dead society than what we already have today in America.  I was raised in an “on fire” Pentecostal” / “Non-Denominational” church and trained for decades amongst those believers.  I used to see people “going out in the spirit” at every service back in the ’70’s.  People would receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues at almost every service.  Good luck finding that today.

That being said, the intentional destruction of the human capacity to “feel” or be “led to” spirituality is nothing new.  Read the articles I have linked to above.  The Pine Cone displayed at the Luciferian epicenters (such as the Vatican) is a symbolic representation of this onslaught.

From “flouridated water” to the FunVax vaccine, you can bet just about every chemical filled bit of food or liquid you place into your mouth here in the United States is LACED with poisons to destroy your spiritual capacity.  And never mind the DRUGS!

Here are some troubling links on the FunVax attack on the human capacity for spiritual connectivity.  Never forget … they cannot squelch THE GOD PARTICLE!!  The cannot stop “The HOLY SPIRIT”.

The God Gene

Reading Spirituality in the Human Genome –

Stop FunVax Now

Be sure to watch the video in the above “Stop FunVax Now” web page.  This was recently leaked by a claimed whistleblower.  You will see the seething demonic at work in the minds of the “dark side” in the discussions.  Also be sure to read the included interviews on the same page.  Very enlightening indeed.

Never forget.  They are powerless against the HOLY SPIRIT.

If you are right with Jesus Christ, and are full of the Holy Spirit, this is just one more tidbit of ridiculous garbage we have to endure until ….. “The Rescue Mission”.  Pray you are found worthy to escape all these things which come upon the earth.  Amen.


The Real Threat to Mankind

There is nothing “of this world” that is a threat to mankind.   A man’s life is but a zephyr in the grand scheme of eternity.  When we focus our emotions and thoughts on things that are threats to our existence on earth, we are missing our mission as ambassadors to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Once we awaken to the Glory of the Kingdom, our only desire should be to bring as many of the “lost” elect along with us as possible.  Many of our fellow unsaved  brethren, are at risk of spending eternity in damnation.  Somehow we have to stay focused on our mission.  This is not easy.

Let me give you an example.  Suppose you are in a disaster zone and you know that the New World Order caused the disaster.  Who does the most good for the Kingdom?

  1. A person with a bull horn, shouting that the forces of evil caused this event
  2. A person with a Bible, praying with someone and asking them to accept Jesus into their heart

Before I finish writing this article, nuclear devices could be detonated imploding the New Madrid fault.  Which of the two people above will you become?

All Things Considered

All things considered, if you are not saving souls for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, you are doing little or no good for your (or anyone else’s) eternity.  I cannot more highly recommend you ALWAYS ask yourself this question …

Is this important
for the saving of souls
for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ?

If the answer is even “probably not”, then you should consider “moving on”.  There isn’t enough time to spend on the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Lucifer”.  Always stay focused as best as you can on the reason we Christians are here in the first place.  Once you give yourself to the mission of King Jesus, your DUTY is to do what Jesus said to do.  Preach the gospel, cast out devils, heal the sick, give to the poor, help the widows.

Lead people to Jesus.

When Aliens Attack

The National Geographics channel (NAT GEO) showed the documentary entitled “When Aliens Attack” on May 22.  If you have Tivo, and you can still record it and watch.  You may also be able to watch it online as well.

Here are some key points from the documentary to consider.

  1. The show was reportedly loaded with the “top experts” in the world on possible alien attack
  2. Attack by alien forces would absolutely result in the world military forces being defeated completely
  3. Each transition scene upon commercial break included the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with a huge ominous mothership in the background

Naturally my personal conclusion is that this is a “psyops” operation to prepare for the 2 Thes. 2 “Falling Away” to maximize effect.  The Jesus statue being show in the foreground of the deadly mothership was a “front loading” effect to show that religious belief in Jesus Christ cannot save you from the “aliens”.

The NBC Series “The Event” – Episode “The Arrival”

Below here is a link where you can watch the last episode of “The Event”.  The title of this episode is “The Arrival”

Assuming this episode is yet one more type of Illuminati “frontloading”, you will see:

  1. A “star-gate”, very similar to the Aden Star Gate, located in Asia
  2. An extremely huge “Norway spiral” event allowing “them” to enter into the earth’s atmosphere
  3. A “horrible star” like planetoid that supposedly houses 2.5 billion of “them”
    Earthquakes, floods and other events occurring at the same time

How much of this is Hollywood and how much is actual front-loading, I don’t know.  I would remind you that the localized mysterious rumbling sounds and shaking events continue, which I believe is likely “motherships”.  There are too many “coincidences” here associated with 2 Esdras 15’s prediction of the “Dragons of Arabia”.

See the article entitled  “Motherships Arriving” here.

See the article entitled “Wormholes and Intergalactic Troop Buildup” here.

See the article entitled “The Aden Star Gate Warning” here.

See the article entitled “Planet X Crop Circle” here.

If 2 Esdras 15 happens in chronological order, it stands to reason immediately after the major uprisings in the Middle East, there is some type of “cosmic war” in the heavens, followed immediately by the arrival of the “Horrible Star” in verse 40 (Planet X).

Most of this is seen in this Event episode here:

The Arrival


Summary in Jesus Name

If I wrote extremely long articles that attempted to communicate all this data, nobody would read them.  People just don’t have time.  This is why I try to put out this information in small bursty articles that are “on topic” and focused on the most imminent issues.  The problem is that we all have a tendency to forget things.  This is by design.

When you understand the attack on our minds (and hearts), the primary mission is one of utter confusion.  The intent is to keep us “off balance” and keep us from our primary goal of saving souls for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Richard Hoagland, who is evidently deeply connected into the secret side of NASA and the government cover-ups, was a recent guest on the Coast to Coast AM talk show.  Richard evidently doesn’t believe in Jesus.  That’s fine.  However Richard is keenly aware of covered up evidence of “past cosmic battles” in our solar system.  Richard is keenly aware there are artifacts on Mars (and many other places) that indicate we are in for a “cosmic battle” of sorts in our near future.

This correlates to the 2 Esdras 15, … UFO attack of the “dragons of Arabia”.

Mr. Hoagland also suggests (as many others have), that Elenin is NOT a comet at all, but some type of “guided cosmic battalion” of forthcoming visitors.  Is this possible?  I don’t know.  Hoagland also suggest that they may be arriving in December of this year.  Ok.

I do admit this is most interesting since the Mayan’s said the “New Men of Knowledge” (star gods) would be arriving in December of 2011 (around Dec 25).  I do find it interesting that the Pope waves to the star systems of Pleiades and Orion on Sol Invictus (the demonic version of December 25th).  I will never forget how amazed I was to hear that even the Mayans said the arrival of the “New Men of Knowledge” would happen right after a huge global earthquake, and for the purpose of ushering in a New Global Government.












… and most of all …


Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

9 thoughts on “The Arrival

  1. Very interesting article. What I find most interesting is the funfax on the evils at work spreading a virus and other attempts to attack the God particle. Obviously you have not been affected by any attempts to change your mind on God…neither have I. So, so when the bible says you will “escape” these things….uhhhh….well, you are escapinn g these things! Get it? God told Satan when is sent down here that he is not allowed to “touch” the saints…does that mean physically or spiritually do you think? If you have God, you already ARE escaping these things and will continue to do so because “escaping” the spirtitual tricks (like the ones you mentioned in your article that they are attempting) is what “escaping these things” is about! In other words, you havent been “TAKEN”! The word “Taken” can mean many things like being “taken” spiritually by all these tricks…that’s why “first one taken” sounds exciting to many people…but be very careful of that…you sure you want to be “taken” or left behind? Dont be “taken”! Your belief and loyalty to God will allow you to “ESCAPE THESE THINGS”….and like it says in the bible, God wants you to put on your armor(this your spiritual armor) and then you will be ready for battle and will be able to “ESCAPE THESE THINGS”. And as your article says that our job is to help those lost during the trouble to accept Jesus, then you are already making my point. If we are “flying away” from problems like wimps, then there are no spiritual soldiers here to help the lost…that makes no sense. You are here to fight(spiritually) and help others because you have armor that allows you to “escape these things” and to provide the lost that same coat of armor. If people want to be “taken” then those people will be taken…and boy will they be “taken”. If you want to be left behind, your reward will be great!…because you stood to help those people in trouble times find Jesus…this is our job…you said it in this article to blow your horn and speak…so, everything in this article is great except for the small part where it doesnt match up logically with your notion that you wont be here to accomplish the mission of helping.

    1. I published your comment because I can see your heart is in the right place. But I promise you that you are missing one of the most wonderful discoveries in the entire Bible, and that is the rescue of the Bride of Jesus Christ. The reason why the Bible says “escape all these things” is purely because you have the option. It’s a fact and its not debatable. Folks such as yourself, predisposed to believe otherwise that write me, have not read “The Elect, The Bride and the Tribulation-Saints”. Don’t condemn youself to a premature death in the flesh. Learn the truth in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. Howdy. I believe Jesus said ‘those that endure to the end shall be saved’. There will be a remnant that will witness the return of Christ and will endure. I don’t think of it as a rescue by angels, but as protection by angels (Psalms 91). Angels gather the elect after the tribulation.

    As far as the FEMA camps, bring it on! If I am called for captivity and a beheading, I will gladly be beheaded for Jesus. There is no greater honor. For those who wish to escape, they can look for the sword.

    No matter what happens, those who keep the commandments to enter life (as opposed to Paul’s grace gospel) will have a chance to endure (Rev 12). Consider listening to Jesus as opposed to Paul and you will fare better during this life, and the life to come. The sheep hear the voice of Jesus and not Paul.

    As far as the arrival, I believe these ”aliens” to be no more than fallen angels masquerading as aliens.

    As far as a 7 year tribulation period, the bible shows 3.5 years of great tribulation. The 70 weeks in Daniel 9:24-27 were completed by Jesus. His ministry was 70 weeks from baptism to sending the Holy Spirit. The covenant week was the 63rd week, leaving 7 weeks to send the Holy Spirit fulfilling the spring feasts of the Lord.

    Could this comet elenin be a brown dwarf or the star wormwood? Could it begin the first four trumpet judgments before the 5th trumpet when satan is cast to earth? I believe the 5th trumpet starts the final 3.5 years leaving the first 4 trumpets to happen prior to great tribulation.

    I agree that 2016-2017 timeline is the return of Jesus, but ….


    1. I agree with most of your beliefs / suppositions. Again I cannot more strongly recommend you read “The Elect, the Bride and the Tribulation-Saints” to undestand there is more than meets the picture here and there are rescue missions, probably more than one. Also read “Multi-Phased Rescue Mission”. The scripture speaks for itself. Sooner of later you will be brought to your knees during the Great Tribulation beggin God to save you. Don’t take the hard way, go for the gold and be a Wise Virgin (Matt. 25).

  3. I’m just interested in knowing if after this destruction of Mystery Babylon/America happens, You mention that there will be some survivors, Around how many survivors do you think will remain? Will there be 1/4 or 1/2 of Americans left. I’m just curious to know the amount of damage. Also there is a verse that state’s “Come out of her my people”. I know you’ve mentioned that its just best to just stay where your at. Which I do agree is easier as most people cant just take off and leave the U.S.
    Do you think the verse just means to come out of the American ways maybe?

    1. Great questions. I don’t know the answer to them. Since I am a strong believer in the “rescue mission” (or rapture of the Bride of Jesus Christ), I personally hope to not be here at that time. The destruction of the Great Babylon in “one day” may not happen for a while. There are 3.5 years of Great Tribulation, and these events are hard to nail down to specific time frames. Again it is my personal strong belief that during the Great Tribulation BILLIONS of people will die or be killed. Even the Tribulation-Saints in Revelation are “beheaded” for the most part (martyred) … that is those that survive the other calamities.

      The only logical and appropriate behavior of a Christian I can recommend is read Matthew 25 and become a “wise virgin”. Seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with all your heart. Make sure you have a very strong personal, prayerful, and praise filled relationships with Jesus Christ. Take no chances. Make sure you are the Church of Philadelphia.

  4. There is nothing like having the Comforter and learning the Word to prepare us. I enjoy your website and linger here for much to read. Scripture says my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. We search scripture to obtain that knowledge so that we shall not remain ignorant. It takes time to search things our and things are spiritually understood. We reveal what we know when we open our mouths. I am ashamed before the Lord often because there remains so much I do not know, I want to know. A wise one will spend much time in preparing to be the Bride, wise because one has spent time with the Word and in the Word. Desiring Him more than our next breath. It is His breath we breathe. I am grateful for your website and I dine here often, feasting on what is being served. There is much joy in searching and finding that treasure and we rejoice and behold more will be shown to us. I appreciate your sharing those things with everyone, especially me. I am so hungry and come to the table for more. I have wanted something such as this yet never did I dream what God has and is revealing here and a very few others that I have found. It is such a treat and a trip to have such a plethora of information before me. I found a good thing that He brought me to here. Thanks for being obedient. I thank God for His using you and others to bring us good news. One just loves Him more and more all the time. Loving Him is a gift I cherish and is life to me. Hearing others magnify His Name does something to this old heart of mine, causes it to dance. I long to experience Him beyond measure for I have tasted that which is good and I love for more. Thank you for your presentations here. God watches and sees all, how we act and how we react. We are about pleasing Him, that is the desire of our heart just because of who He is. He who grows greater in my eyes by the moment and in others. He loves us. I meditate on that and really wonder why He should love one such as I, yet He does. My friend, this is a miracle.

    1. God Bless You Wanda for taking the time to publish a comment that will help encourage other people such as yourself as well. Glory to our King Jesus Christ.

  5. the harlot actually represents false religion who rides on the back of on the back of and commits fornication with the king (government-politics) of the earth but she claims to be marryed to the christ but she contradicts this by her actions and involvement in the political aspect of this world Satan’s system rather than focusing on Jehovah gods kingdom that will rule of the entire earth as a unified new government governed by the king christ Jesus from heaven and in the kingdom righteousness is to dwell and the meek will inherit the earth and reside forever upon it

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