New NSA Spy Group to Kill 911 Media Claims

Evidently because the 911 Truth movement has been so successful in revealing the danger the United States and world peoples are in right now, the National Security Agency now has a specialized spy team to identify media that is connecting the US Government to the false-flag World Trade Center demolitions. They are now actively looking for those that are trying to warn everyone else. Reportedly this project employs over 1,000 private contractors as well.

There is no doubt there is little time left to get the word out to people. Senator Rockefeller has a bill submitted to Congress that will add Internet Filtering to our web surfing. This means they will be able to block millions of web sites based on “key words” and other criteria. It will be done in the name of Internet security. Sadly that has absolutely nothing to do with it. NOTHING.

Web sites and blogs such as this will soon disappear and all we will have is our good friends on Fox, CBS, ABC – well … you get it – I hope.

They are way ahead of us.

It will become very hard to convince people once this information is killed, filtered, and squelched.

I pray the Lord Jesus Christ provide us the protection of the Blood of the Lamb. I pray Lord God provides us all “passover protection” as he did early Israel in ancient Egypt. We will all need it. We face some seriously difficult times. With only the Grace of God will we survive and if not we move on to the Lord in Peace.

Praise You Lord Jesus!!

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  1. I wonder who will play the encryption games during the tribulation. Will their be hackers, and code makers for the spies of christ after the tribulation. I am sure their will be someone but that is a game I would find very fun.

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