Annunaki Poisoned Bloodline Before & After the Flood

My friends this is the information for which this blessed researcher has been searching for quite some time.

Zecharia Sitchin is THE foremost expert on the translation of the Sumerian clay tablets which are 6,000 years old. That’s about 4,000 years before ABRAHAM. These tablets disclose amazing information about many things that happened before Noah’s Flood. In addition to information such as the origin of beer, Base 60 mathematics (e.g. 60 minutes, 360 degrees etc.), skyscrapers made of brick (120 feet high) and advanced knowledge of our solar system beyond what we knew prior to the invention of modern day telescopes; the Sumerians also write volumes of information on their clay tablets “clylinders” regarding “celestial” visitors referred to as Annunaki.

While I have been painfully aware of these “Annunaki” visitors for quite some time from a number of sources both Christian and agnostic, I have believed (without citations) that somehow the Annunaki had something to do with the Great Flood. You see their clay tablets speak of “test tube babies” and the creation of Adam and Eve etc. But being the Christian that I am I could not believe the lie that these Annunaki were the actual creators of life on Earth (see the Bible about the Great Deception as this is all part of it). Moreover I have been aware of the Illuminati bloodline and their existence since ancient Egypt and how pervasive and protected THIS BLOODLINE has been through all history even to the current bloodlines of our related Presidents of the US and the Royal Family (Think DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons – the Lie of the Merovingian Dynasty).

And then you bring the lost continent of Atlantis into the equation.

This is a huge topic that I am not yet expert in however during my studies of Mr. Sitchins‘ documentaries I found a tidbit of AMAZING information that backs my Elohim-based unshakable faith. (Praise Jesus!)

As this movie clip documents from more than 40 years of Mr. Sitchin’s astonishing research, the Annunaki visited the Earth during the time BEFORE AND AFTER Noah’s flood. You see, our Lord saw how the Earth was POISONED by the Nephilim (due to badly behaved angel / demons) and the genetic bloodline corruptions that occured due to the visitations of the Annunaki (e.g. the civilizations of Atlantis) and HE DESTROYED IT WITH THE FLOOD. Wiped it OUT.


Watch the Film – you and I have so much to learn.


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