Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels (Part Three)

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Pre-Flood Abominations
Genetic Rivers and Mutations Galore

Has anyone ever asked themselves what it means when someone says “that witnessed to my spirit”?  We’ve been taught our whole “Christian” lives, that the “spirit” will “bear witness”.  For those of us who believe we are Born Again under the Blood of Christ, there is this understanding that the Holy Spirit will bear witness to us in matters of the Kingdom of Heaven.  But is this witness foolproof?  Or can it be “interfered with” by other doctrine and teachings from our past.

Time for a Bible verse or two:

Luke 8:17-18

17 For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. 18 Therefore take heed how you hear. For whoever has, to him more will be given; and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him.”


Now admittedly I am still learning to hear God’s voice.  On Monday I stood outside in the street on a dark rainy morning with my arms raised to the sky in tears, saying “Lord, they stole everything from you”.  And I heard in a still small voice “I have abandoned the churches”.  It made me cry even more.  This entire last weekend was full of both gut wrenching sadness and astonishing joy, as various people helped me to understand how this information has witnessed to them and how it has completely changed their perception of how important we are to Jesus.

So back to Luke 8:17-18.  “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed”.   Ask yourself this question.  Do you believe that when God reveals these “mysteries” that everyone will be included?  Do you believe the G20 will make an announcement that hybrid creatures existed before Noah’s flood?  Certainly not.  Again, I ask you, is God going to announce to the Nations these mysteries with a megaphone from a gigantic jade colored flying “cloud of heaven”?  Nope.  Why is it that Jeremiah was known as the sad prophet?  Wasn’t Jeremiah “one person”?  How many people do you think Jeremiah was supposed to get the word out too?  Didn’t the news of Jesus Christ, spread throughout the world from a tiny group of early witnesses known as apostles and disciples? 

Is it even remotely possible that God will use “Oracles and Seers” today just as He has all along?  Sure makes you think, doesn’t it?

Again back to Luke 8:17-18.

Luke 8:18

Therefore take heed how you hear. For whoever has, to him more will be given;


For those of us who want to have minds like children in order to make it into Heaven, this is a particularly powerful statement coming from our King.  “Take heed HOW you hear”.  What do you suppose that means?  Could this mean that you must be super careful to not discredit things because they don’t resonate with your prior understanding?  Doesn’t this statement imply that if you aren’t incredibly humble (how you approach new information given out in the “very end”), that you are “likely” to miss critical new revelations?

But then!

Luke 8:18

and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him.”


Gad!  So here it appears that when someone fails to “grasp” the “new information” being presented by God, that He will not only “let them believe what they want to believe” but He will even allow them to get sucked into a vortex of lesser understanding.  Wow.  Is that because God Himself “SENDS” a “Strong Delusion”?  I’ve always wondered why God Himself sends a “strong delusion”.  Isn’t he on our side?

2 Thess 2:11-12

11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.


Hmmm.  I wonder who this “strong delusion” applies too.  Many of us believe that we have much of this scary end-times stuff figured out and we are “at the ready”.  And in Jesus name, I pray that we are.  Not a day goes by that I don’t pray “Father, in the Name of Jesus, I pray I am found worthy to escape these things and Stand before the Son of Man”.

Could it be that because most of the world “has pleasure in unrighteousness” that God is reaching a boiling point?  Why do you suppose God is going to destroy the “Heavens” and the “Earth”?  What is coming is not another flood.  He is going to “wipe things out” completely.

The Strong Delusion Hypothesis

Everyone seems to agree it is likely the “strong delusion” will include these “alien-demon-fallen-angel” freaks putting on a spectacular and horrific show to those on the earth.  This is probably so.  However, like many things we “believe”, it is still … only a “hypothesis”.  Maybe these “fallen elohim abominations” will come down in a “space ship” and create a “lying wonder” temple on Mount Moriah in a couple days to PROVE to us that THEY are GOD.

And what exactly is a “lying wonder” anyway?  Does this imply that the “wonder” itself is faked?  Or does this imply that the implication of the supernatural wonder, is a lie?  Hmmm.  I expect they will do things before the eyes of the “unrighteous” and the “elect” that will be utterly unbelievable.  However there is no doubt their mission will be to “perpetuate” the ultimate lie of all time.

They will “prove” to the World, that “they” are our “creators” and that YHWH God was only one of the Four and Twenty Elders, and Jesus was a “specialized Avatar prophet” no more significant than their other forgeries throughout history.

Metaphors and Supernatural Things Galore

Unbelief Abounds

I wonder sometimes why God spoke in symbolism and metaphors so much.  I also used to wonder why Jesus spoke in parables so much.  This takes us back to the paradigm of “the spirit bearing witness”.  Could it be that the “spirit will bear witness” to only those with the mind of a child?  What exactly is unbelief anyway?  Unbelief is a SIN.  Every day I pray to the Lord, “Father, helpsts thou mine unbelief”.  After 30+ years of Pentecostal “esque” upbringing, this has been a long hard journey of “unbelief”.  More than 6 years of research and tossing aside anything that was “UFO” related took it’s toll on me.  But eventually, I realized what and who they are and it changed everything. 

This web site is an “on line diary” of sorts.  If all 200+ articles are read from beginning to end in order, its obvious when I started this “diary” I had no idea what was really going on.  And now ….

So it sure seems to me that “the spirit bearing witness” happens ONLY when someone tosses out their preconceived notions and humbly opens their mind to supernatural (or never before understood) possibilities.  Even Jesus “didn’t do many miracles there” due to “their unbelief”.  Remember that verse?

Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

Isn’t it interesting that all the “divine healing” ministries feel so led to go to Africa (and other under-developed countries) to do much of their work?  I wonder why Smith Wigglesworth prophesied that in the “end-times” born-again Christians in the United States would not be able to receive “divine healings” (ref. Curry Blake “Divine Healing Technician” course).  Isn’t it interesting to realize that the more “educated” we are, the harder it is to accept the supernatural?  And nowadays you see endless You Tube video after video showing divine healing services, and people going “out in the spirit” mixed with clips of strange behaviors intending to impeach any manifestation of the Holy Spirit as “of the Devil“.  This stuff has been going since Acts 2 and started again in full force at the Azuza Street Revival throughout the Pentecostal Holy Spirit filled movement since the early 1900s.  

But today, you see the You Tube folks mixing video clips of legitimate Holy Spirit movement at divine healing services with questionable material of people freaking out in what appears to be a Kundalini like manifestation.  The quenching and impeachment of the POWER of the Holy Spirit is at an all time high.  I recommend we stay “out of the way of God” and realize that Acts makes it “infinitely clear” there will be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the end times that might arguably be like nothing we have ever seen before

If you are uncomfortable with what you are seeing or hearing about, be careful, because IF these are legitimate outpourings, ANYTHING you say in judgement of them, could be considered BLASPHEMY against the Holy Spirit.  This is an UNFORGIVABLE sin.  And don’t get me going on all the churches out there that believe the POWER of the Holy Spirit ended with the apostles.  That sounds like blasphemy to me too. 

Be vigilant, careful, believe, pray and be humble. 

I got “body slammed” by the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of 9, in a little converted hardware store in Rutherford, Pennsylvania, called Grace Chapel.  It was “non-denominational” and the pastor and his wife were converted Mennonites.  Imagine that!  I saw more people “go out in the spirit” in that church than I’ve seen in any other church in my entire life.

On the podium, was a little sign that said …

Expect a Miracle!

You can read more about that experience in this article entitled”

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit here:

Expecting A Miracle

Maybe we should anticipate God to do wondrous things during these times as well.  Sure we are basically okay with UFOs coming down in full disclosure.  And many of us still think the “two witnesses” are a couple of ancient Hebrew prophets that stand on a street corner in Tel Aviv and shoot fire out of the mouths for 1260 days (Hmmm).  It’s funny when you read about the “two witnesses” how the “evil one” wages war against them.  Boy, I would love to be watching CNN and see the guns shooting 20mm depleted uranium shells at those guys and their “force field” just staving off the enemy for 3 and a half years.  That would be quite the show don’t you think?

Maybe the two witnesses are the Olive Tree and the Grafted on “Gentiles”.  Maybe the war that is waged against the two witnesses is the persecution of the Christians (and the Jews) Jesus spoke about in Matt. 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13?  Hmmm.  Or maybe it is just a couple of super-hero Hebrews, with long beards shooting fire out of their mouths.  Sure hope they have some ice water near by.

Or could it be that we, once again, are failing to “Expect a Miracle”?  Is it possible our belief and faith in God’s supernatural ability to prove himself STRONG is at an “all time low”?  How disheartening it must be for our Heavenly Father to see how “earthly” our belief has become.  Instead of knowing God will send Legions of Angels to our defense, we instead are thinking about “hiding in bunkers” and “eating beany-weenies out of cans” to survive.  If God says he will shake the earth and flush them out of their hiding places in caves, then I wonder how well our “bunker” will withstand the forthcoming judgement.

I for one shall stand, hands raised in the air in praise, believing that God will take me out of here when He is good and ready.  If I take a bullet for Jesus, or have a comet fall on my head, I’m ready to go when God sees fit.  For those that wish to survive the earth’s judgment, I pray you are “found worthy to escape these things and stand before the Son of Man”. 

And never forget, if you are found worthy to “escape these things”, maybe you will get grabbed by one of the Angels that come with Jesus to fetch us out during the rescue mission?

Matt 24:29-31

30 Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.


Supernatural “Possibilities” of Matthew 24:29-31

First let me say that I do not subscribe to any particular belief.  I remain utterly humbled by all these new revelations.  But it is my reasonable duty to the Kingdom of Heaven, to present the possibilities to those who are equally humbled by some of these new discoveries.

JUST REMEMBER, Jesus sends “His angels” to gather “His elect”.  So if your are “found worthy” to escape these things, you DO NOT have a requirement to subscribe to the advanced notions I am going to present to you “in good faith”.

Possible Terms and Definitions:

The Sign

Some believe that “the sign” of the Son of Man, may be the appearance of what looks like the “Star of Bethlehem” in the sky, visible to all the world.  Many believe that this “sign” might be the approach of “Planet X” or Nibiru.  No one is suggesting that Jesus is hanging out on Planet X.  But many are embracing the “possibility” that THIS might be “the sign”.  Why do we “look up” because our redemption draweth “nigh”?

Luke 21:27-28

27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”


Clouds of Heaven

In Chuck Missler’s video lecture series, done at Roswell, New Mexico, (here: he gives a “Christian perspective” of the alien abduction phenomenon.  I highly recommend it. 

Now I do not personally subscribe to the notion that all of these “beings” are “inter-dimensional” as Chuck believes.  I emphatically believe there is a “darn good reason” why the Pyramid of Giza, in the Kings Chamber has “two portals”.  One points precisely to the “Orion” star system (what a coincidence, huh?) and the other points to the “Dracos” star system (YOUCH!).  Dracos, dracula, dragon, …. makes you think doesn’t it?

Why do  you suppose the “ancients” seemed to be “watching” these star systems?  Do you suppose they were looking for an “inter-dimensional” being to appear in the sky?  Or is it more likely they had sophisticated optics designed to watch for the approach of “inter-galactic” space buggies?  I don’t know.  Seems highly suspicious if you ask me.

In the Missler lecture, he hypothesizes that these “beings” NEED some type of technological “protection” as they move through the “dimensions”.  Wow.  Really?  Well it makes sense to me that any “HOST” (see “Lord of Hosts, ref. “The Bible”), would need protection from the elements of “outer space”.  So Missler is just fine with the theory that these “fallen-angel-demons” need “technological transport devices” to “materialize” in our dimension.  Okay.

Why did the ANGELS that went to Sodom have to be protected from the onslaught of the evil-doers when they came to do “abominations” upon them?  Why did Lot offer up his daughters to protect them? Why in the WORLD didn’t those “angels” just “materialize” into another dimension and escape those “things”?  Praise God they had the power to inflict blindness.  Could they have been trapped in the flesh?  Evidently they sure looked good to the men that were banging on the door.  Why does Hebrews warn us to be careful about entertaining angels?  Wouldn’t you KNOW it was an angel sitting at your table?  Well the scripture certainly suggests that’s NOT the case.  Hmmm.

Never mind the endless books out there by non-christian and Christian authors alike that strongly suggest the “clouds of heaven” are actually “metaphors” or “ancient explanations” for “technological transport devices”.


Naaaaaahh ….. couldn’t be.

Gathered Up Elect

But alas, I take so much peace in knowing that I don’t have to worry about all this wacky speculation.  That’s because when Jesus comes on His rescue mission, he will SEND his Angels to come and get us wherever we are.  That is providing you are “counted worthy to escape these things”. 

Please remember to “pray always that you are counted worthy” and give this your best effort.  You don’t want to be here for “these things”.

Dan 12:1-3

And at that time shall Michael (the archangel) stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble (a Great Tribulation), such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. 2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.  3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.


It’s fascinating to me how the Bible regularly refers to “angels” as “stars” metaphorically.  Hmmm.  But surely that’s not what this could mean, could it?  Gosh I really don’t know.  Makes you think though doesn’t it?

How Bad Was It and How Bad Might it Get?

Considering the average church cannot fully grasp the “angel theory” of Genesis 6, it doesn’t surprise me a bit when people struggle with Centaurs, and hybrid animals roaming the earth prior to Noah’s flood.  Never mind the ENDLESS supporting “myth”ology that documents these astonishing revelations.  I’m sure its all a bunch of “poppycock” and “hooey”.  There’s simply no way that stuff could have ever existed here on earth.  Right?  WRONG.

The Bible is a “road-map” to salvation.  It has a specific purpose in mind.  It is not a 100% complete documentation of all things historical.  You have to become “wise as serpents”.  Why does Acts point out that ….

Acts 7:22

22 And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds.


Ok.  Now wait a minute here.  What’s THAT supposed to mean?  The Egyptians practiced magick and believed in “gods” from other planets and all that non-sense.  Surely you don’t suppose Moses himself knew about the portals in the King’s Chamber watching the star systems of Dracos and Orion.  Naaah.  I’m sure the word “all” was a euphemism.  Yeah.  Moses surely didn’t know anything about Thoth and those other hybrid animal human looking abominations.  (scratching my head)

Here below is a short article written by Thomas Horn.  Let’s hear his speculation on this matter of “hybrid animals” and other such abominations, shall we?

Did Ancient Biotechnology Create Nephilim?

By Thomas R. Horn

May 23, 2007

“The benei Elohim saw the daughters of Adam, that they were fit extensions” (Gen 6:2, Interlinear Hebrew Bible).

In the study of the Old Testament Book of Genesis, beings of great stature called “giants” appear, which some scholars believe came into existence after powerful angels known as ‘Watchers’ descended to earth and used women (or their biological matter) to construct bodies of flesh, which they used to “extend” themselves into the material world.

The Apocryphal books of Enoch, 2 Esdras, Genesis Aprocryphon and Jasher support the Genesis story, adding that the sin of the angels grew to include genetic modification of animals as well as humans. The Book of Jasher, mentioned in the Bible in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18, explains that after the fallen angels went into the daughters of men, “the sons of men taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order to provoke the Lord”(4:18). This clear reference to the Genesis 6 record illustrates that “animals” were included in whatever cross-species experiments were being conducted, and that this activity resulted in judgment from God. The Book of Enoch also supports this record, saying that after the fallen angels merged their DNA with women, they “began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish” (7:5,6). The Old Testament contains associated reference to genetic mutations, which developed among humans following this activity, including unusual size, physical strength, six fingers, six toes, animal appetite for blood and even lion-like features among men (2 Sam 21:20; 23:20).

Now I personally do not think that Nephilim resulted from DNA manipulation.  It is my emphatic belief that the Sons of God (watchers, angels, not fallen until they committed the sin) knew in advance that the women were “fit extensions” and they actually “came in unto” the daughters of men.  Please don’t send me verses about angels not procreating, I get all that, but you have to understand there are different states of spirituality in the Heavens and arguably when a “dispatched” angel takes on a “host” body to do things on behalf of the Godhead, they likely take on a human form.  I remind you of the attempted assault on the angels in Sodom again.

Gen 6:4 

when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them,


And don’t forget the “Triple Helix” DNA issue that has surfaced so abundantly through our advanced learning of late.  Why do you think GOD put “enmity” between the seed of the serpent and the woman in the Garden?  Could it be that God “changed” the DNA of Adam and Eve to a “double-helix” variety that was no longer compatible with breeding with the “seed of the serpent”?  Maybe this is why, when the Sons of God, had “sex” with the women of their choosing they bore “mutations” instead of regular humans.

A Synopsis of Advanced Thinking

Okay well that’s where this “understanding” becomes super hard to grasp. The books out there have this information in it. There are a lot of them and they match with the stories from “mythology” that are (in my opinion) not myth.

The “belief” amongst EXTREMELY advanced christian thinkers and “oracles / seers” that I have been led too, and a VAST (did I mention vast?) number of writings and books that have been written by a myriad of different people over thousands of years, is that “In the Beginning” there were multiple civilizations that existed even during the time of the Garden.

The Genesis account as we know it, is HUGELY metaphorical, just like much of the rest of the Bible is. AND there are new interpretations of Gen One coming out from scholars that are discovering that much may have been intentionally or accidentally misinterpreted even in the original Masoretic Texts, (some of the oldest Hebrew interpretations of the Pentateuch – the first 5 books of the Bible).

There are even new interpretations of the ancient Hebrew emerging that paint a highly interesting picture of likely interpretations that are very “cosmic” in content.  See

This means, that millions of years ago (remember that anthropologists know as a fact that the earth is millions of years old), there were multiple bloodlines or genetic “rivers” that existed on earth. (Gen 2:11-15). Just like God uses the term “Beast” to represent a Government, he also can use “Seas and Rivers” to represent “people” or “bloodlines”. So when God says that a terrible “Beast” rises from the “Sea” he really means that a Government rises from the peoples of the world. Arguably similar metaphors were used to represent at least 4 different bloodlines (or even species) of beings that were on the earth during the time of Genesis and the Garden of Eden.

The Tree of Good and Evil is a metaphor for “not crossing the line”. Remember that Adam and Eve were not to eat from it because they could become “as gods”. SOOOOO, since it is “likely” that the fallen “creator elohim Sons of God” of Genesis One (of creational powers fame) were here in the Garden even AFTER the Luciferian fall (rebellion).  The belief is, that God was warning them to “keep way” from the demon seed, that was present and walking the earth outside of the immediate Garden where Adam was created by YHWH God.

So “metaphorically speaking” Eve became the mother of Cain but not from Adam’s seed. This is the “fruit” that was to be avoided.

1 John 3:11-12

For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another, 12 not as Cain who was of the wicked one and murdered his brother

 Also see:

Gen 3:22

Then the Lord God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil.


Is it possible that when the “seed of the serpent” (fallen creator elohim) mixed with the seed of the woman, that God wasn’t happy about it?  Why would Lord God (YHWH Elohim) be so unhappy about this issue of adding “insult to injury” with this “mixing of seed”?  Could this one of the reasons he had no choice but to place “enmity” between the two different “seeds”? 

God was Utterly Disgusted

And to really see the big picture, please try to ask yourself this question. Why was God so UTTERLY DISGUSTED with the earth during Noah’s time? He was ready to DESTROY the entire earth and ALL it’s inhabitants. This was not just a problem with SIN. No way!  There were centaurs, and hybridized animals, and pegasus’ (winged horses) and all kinds of “abominations” on earth back then. Noah was chosen because he was “genetically pure” and a good God fearing man. The situation was so horrible, and there were so many “Alien Demon Mutations” (because of Lucifer’s interference), that God had to wipe out everything and start again with Noah. This means that God almost certainly wiped out many hundreds, even thousands, of “life forms”.

That is why Genesis 6 also says “there were giants in those days”. The word “Nephilim” is not really “giant” it actually means “from the Heavens they came” or something like that. And Gen 6 ALSO says, “and “they” came back after the flood. That’s because these dang alien demon things came back down (in UFO’s – fallen angel demons), and started to do the same thing as they did prior to the flood. Have sex with the Adamic bloodline, and then again through all the existing bloodlines.  This is precisely why God was FURIOUS with people like Esau who went “out of bounds” and had “relations” with the “demon seed” of the other bloodlines.

That is the best I can do thus far, with the very small amount of research I’ve been able to do on this.

How Does God’s Knowledge Spread?

But you have to understand this as best as you can. This information may have been given by God to only a few people, just like other prophecies were given by God to Jeremiah as a prophet to spread around, just like the apostles were given the news of Christ to spread around. And the information is backed by many writings that we have not been able to get our hands on until just recently.  Maybe this is all true, maybe it is partially true, or mabye it’s only “hypothesis”. 

It really only matters if you intend to fight the lies that are forthcoming from these “arguably” fallen creator alien-demon abominations.

Dan 12:4

4 “But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”


Could this be such knowledge?  I don’t know.  I think so for sure.  But I truly don’t know.

Defending Against the Lie
Also the most important thing to understand of all is that this information is DEFENSE against the “alien-demons” that will tell everyone on earth that THEY were our creators and prove it with their “lying wonders”. Does God mean that the “wonders” themselves are not “wonders”? … nope. God means that THEY ARE LIARS, and they will do “miraculous things” in our presence to prove they are capable, “technologically” capable, of doing amazing things.

These “fallen creators alien-demons” had their “creational abilities” stripped from them (via the Godhead, through and for Him) after the fall of Lucifer and the 1/3 of the rebellious unrepentant angels were kicked out of their “first estate”. They were cut off from “Sons of God” status. Now they can only used their technologies, such as DNA manipulation, to perform these wonders. They can no longer create on behalf of the Godhead.

A Warning to the Researcher

Unfortunately most of these advanced researchers and authors tend to go into topics that are EXTREMELY controversial.  While I support their choice to venture into such topics and speculation, I DO NOT agree with many of their “conjectures”.  On the other hand you do not want to “throw the baby out with the bath water”.  So you need to measure everything as best as you can against the scripture, and let the spirit “bear witness” unto you heart.

Summary In Jesus Name

People often mistake their ability to spiritually “discern” with their personal inability to grasp new concepts beyond their burned in doctrinal “unbelief”.  I am extremely guilty of this myself.  For years I have struggled with these concepts.  I have yelped out exclamations like “This is New Age” balderdash and crap!  I have written off sources completely because of one thing they said they believed, that I knew wasn’t true.  So I am … guilty as charged.  Amen.

Since according to the Bible, born again Christians have the Holy Spirit inside of them, the expectation is that the “spirit will bear witness”.  However!  It cannot bear witness to you unless you have “child like” faith and are willing to open your mind to new and wonderful possibilities.  Re-read this article and review the scriptures and ask yourself honestly if you are approaching these concepts with the mind of a child OR if maybe, just maybe, you might be relying on “burned in doctrine” and prior teachings so much that it is manifesting in a type of “unbelief”.

If you really want to see a real life example of the “spirit bearing witness” to these new possibilities, then take the time to read the “comments” section under “Part Two” of this series.  Read them carefully.  Realize that these people are not the “un-saved” folks of the world.  Tribulation-Now’s readership is made up of mostly born-again spirit filled Christians.

There are more comments posted under Part Two of this series than have EVER been posted since Tribulation-Now began over a year ago.  Over 200 articles and that one HIT HOME with more Christians than ANY other article.  Even more so than the articles that were linked to from some of the most popular web site’s in the world.  And considering many of those get millions of hits per day, that is saying A LOT.

This is “the spirit bearing witness” IN REAL TIME.

Welcome to my world.


In Jesus Name I pray, We are ALL found worthy to Escape These Things

Be Blessed in Jesus Name

SEE Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels (Part Four) here:

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18 thoughts on “Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels (Part Three)

  1. John,

    Isn't it interesting how the Lord gives us experiences in life to prepare us for what is to come. I remember in my early 20s I was teaching 7th grade literature. I was fascinated with Greek mythology. I remember telling my students that mythology was a primitive man's way of explaining the world. I had no idea at the time that the characters and creatures in mythology were based on real creatures and events. It wasn't until the 1980s that I heard a teaching by Marilyn Hickey about there being a root of truth in all myths and that Greek mythology was based on real events.

    Also in the late 80s my younger son had an experience which changed my perspective. My husband (my two sons' father) became totally alcoholic. My younger son had terrible nightmares every night. We would pray and ask the Lord to send angels to protect us while we slept. I woke up one morning, and it had snowed. Ft. Worth, TX shut down for the day, so I didn't get my sons up for school, and I went back to sleep. Later in the morning my son told me that he had awakened and wondered why I hadn't gotten him up for school. He pulled back his drape and looked out the window. His room was on the second floor facing the street. We had a "bricked in" mailbox. There sitting on the mailbox was an angel. He said that he was dressed all in white. He had a pretty face, but he was definitely masculine. He was sitting there, but his feet were on the ground. We measured, and he must have been nine feet tall. My son said that he was looking at him with a big grin. I asked him what he did, and he said he grinned back. He closed his drape, and when he looked again, he didn't see the angel.

    I told him that he was so blessed because the Lord let him see with his own eyes that He was answering our prayers. Years later he told me that it was at that point that his fear left.

    I could go on and on about the goodness of the Lord. What an adventure life is!
    I enjoyed your article.

  2. Dear John, some of what you are saying here about the Kundalini spirit I believe does exist. I was also baptized in the power of the holy spirit when I got born from above. I spoke in tongues and slain in the spirit many times. However, what I see going on in some of the churches where people become spastic and sound like animals as claiming that is the holy spirit I have a big problem with that. As for one in Todd Bentley and many of the preachers that are affiliated with him. I cannot receive any of that teaching and manifestations.

    If I am wrong I will have to stand before God and repent.
    I do believe God will and is pouring out His spirit in these last days.

    Azuza Street Revival, I believe that happened. I have the dvd on the history about it. I never heard them say they spoke out like animals and were walking like almost in a trance.

    Please forgive me if this offends you which is not my intent. Yes we have to be very careful what we say against the holy spirit but we must also be discerning if it is coming from God.

    God Bless you my brother

  3. NOPE not at all. I do believe there is some nonsense going on in some of these churches. I do believe there is a demonic spirit that is running many of those operations. Amen.

    It was just a word of caution. That's a pretty big issue and I'm staying out of that discussion.

    The Son of Man will tackle that one.


  4. Nice article. I was becoming concerned that criticism or apprehension had rattled you after your last couple of posts. I'll gladly hand it to you, it takes a full sack of onions to speak the truth these days.

    In Christ.


  5. I am LOL'ing my buns off. Now THAT'S FUNNY. Amen brother. I re-read my articles all the time astonished at how (its seems) the Lord is speaking through me. Sometimes I can't even believe I found all those supporting verses and articles so easily.


    I am but a humble scribe who prays the Kingdom allows me entry.

  6. We all need as much "lifting up" as we can get. Praise the Father, whoart in Heaven for you. May the protection of the angels be at all of our disposal in the name of Jesus and the Kingdom.

  7. Gee, now, I have to find a helmet for comet protection. I almost got kicked out of the library for falling off my chair, when I read that. This month, I've already traded my Becker BK7 for a Wuest New Testament. Great bargain. Thanks. Keep up the Fantastic Work! I read the second article four times, leads to much other reading and searching. God Bless You, Mike


    Another earthy weapons "bites the dust" and the spiritual weapon of REAL POWER takes over.


  9. John,

    Thank you so much for your website and the time you are investing in research and the articles. You have turned me around, pulled me out of the fire and have me back on the right path!

    Several years ago I started researching aliens and UFOs and stumbled across Stichen's work. It really made it hard for me to sit in church and believe in Jesus when there were facts/history stating that aliens created us instead. You really set me straight and put it into the correct perspective. I know now that they (Stichen's Aliens) are the fallen angels and they are likely coming back to finish the job. Instead of buying a gun and finding a bunker somewhere to try to ride this out, I am looking forward to hosting dinner parties to talk with my neighbors about the end times and where all of this is going.

  10. Amen Andy

    Praise God and awesome testimony. Now let's pray that millions more understand these possibilities (or probabalities) to that we can pull as many of our brothers, out of the fire of deception as soon as possible!!

    Awesome – Praise God for You

  11. I came to The Lord when I was in my late 30's. I was not raised in church. I had childlike faith, not tainted with church doctines or theology. I was ravenously starved for The Word! I read the Bible and on my own without "instruction" from "learned" people because I did not attend church.

    God revealed MUCH to me during that time. One of the first of many Ah ha moments He showed me was that our physical bodies were nothing more than spacesuits giving us the ability to dwell on this earth. I was comforted in knowing that I would discard this cumbersome body someday and be freed to dwell with Him when the time of my sojourn was complete. This was radical to me, but rang true to my spirit. I tried sharing this with a few people and they gave me looks of pity that I was still so immature in my view of things. They were correct! It was childlike faith with clear and simple understanding.

    There was a period of time as I was growing and understanding more and more about Who God is, Who Jesus is and where I(we) fit into the scheme of His plan that I wrestled with understanding why we have to struggle so much while here on earth. I understood sin, and it's consequences. But the question of why people who did nothing to bring on the bad that was happening to them had to suffer so nagged me like crazy. The answer came, again as a Father speaking to a child, that "This is a test". I began to understand that it was all about what we do with what is dealt us. How much like Christ have we become in how we respond to the events surrounding us is the big question we have to answer. I couldnt help but recall the national emergency broadcast statement prior to that annoying sound they played on the radio saying…"this is a test of the national emergency broadcasting system, if this had been a real emergency…blah blah blah…" So when the struggles came upon me I would repeat that to my self, pause and ask The Lord how He wanted me to behave in that particular situation.

    There were many many more things Our Lord taught me. I didn't know it was the Holy Spirit doing the teaching, at least not until later. But then, yes but then, I started to attend church. All these fresh and childlike learnings were scrubed clean from me and doctrine piled on. They basically had me unlearn what I knew and re-learn the "correct" interpretations. I wanted to be a "good girl" and do it "right". But at the same time I felt unfilled, unsatisfied with their answers. I studied on my own again and grew exponetially.

    John, all that you have presented here are the VERY things I've been learning and studying the past 14 years. I have, in no way, been able to dig to the depths you have. How could it be that the Lord revealed this to one as lowly as me, and you, and everyone else out there who is "heaven bent" on seeking His truth? And here we are gathering together in His Name on an obscure website while He continues to reveal His mysteries… amazing!

    Like one of the other comments above, I was concerned that you had backed off from more postings when we hadn't had an update from you for quite a while. Praise The Lord that is not the case. So all my ramblings here have probably been just that…ramblings. I just want to thank you again and again for putting things together as we all continue to be Berean and test all things against His Word.

    One last thing..I can't fit Adam's part of his participation in taking of the tree of good and evil with the concept of Eve's mixing of her seed with satan's seed.

    you said: So "metaphorically speaking" Eve became the mother of Cain but not from Adam's seed. This is the "fruit" that was to be avoided.

    What did Adam do in this that caused us to inherit the sin contamination?

    All praise, honor, and glory be unto our King Jesus!

    your fellow sojourner and sister in Christ

  12. The whole DNA thing makes me wonder about coming to Christ and being called a "new creation". That puts a new spin on things, maybe I'm not of demonic seed anymore…..

    Christ IS King

  13. Amen what an excellent question. If you write me directly at [email protected], I will give you a partial bibliography in detail. Some of my "conjecture" is stated in the form of a question because, to me, it seems obvious – but I humbly claim no guarantee of perfect understanding. Only applied commons sense based on logical inference because of the backing scripture and associated use of metaphors.


    You see, since the Biblical and pseudoepigraphic research bears witness to the fact that Cain was "OF the Evil One" (see Timothy noted in the article) the there is little question that He was "demon seed" when combined with all the other data (both Biblical and other sources .. for example the Bible never says that Adam was Cain's offspring – it is suspiciously absent from the text for a good reason). If you search on Google for an article entitled "Who is Cain's Father" you will see some excellent work by Bob Schlenkle on the analysis of the Garden metaphors that further support the fact that "fruit" is "sex".

    Sooo, since it becomes painfully evident (as you research) that demon-seed was involved in the birth of Cain, and you know that Adam ate from the tree as well. The logical "inferrance" is that Adam also "crossed the line" and partook of the "fruit" from the "demons seed".

    THEN when you understand that God uses "Rivers and Seas" to desribe (metaphorically) "Bloodlines and Peoples" and you do further research through other sources of early earth history that maintain that the Garden had "other species" of life forms in it (East Garden vs. West Garden – one is inferred one is mentioned in the KJV Gen 2) and you correlate the "other writings" (mythology, UFO abduction testimonies and research, ancient writings extra biblical, etc.) … the whole story falls into place.

    So the Orion Wars fall that happened (See Wars in the Heavens in Revelation) was "arguably" the "Original Sin" which some of us "agreed" to accept judgment for (Jesus knew us before the foundations of the world, and Have I not said ye are gods?, etc. etc.). However the "fall from the Garden" (metaphorical fruit eating, God hates fornication, etc.) added insult to injury. Again this is "inferred / implied" but not 100% gauranteed.

    That's why I try so hard to "ask questions" and present the information in the form of a question showing as much supporting informationa as I can. Let the spirit bear witness, let the scriptures speak for themselves.

    And if you feel led to do the Boren thing, and go the extra mile – Praise God! I do not think you will be able to find any scripture that disproves this and far more scripture that supports this. Never mind the cannibalization of our texts. At least that is what has happened to me so far. I get confirmation after confirmation so I am becoming more and more solidly convinced it must be true.

    Did you know that in Isaiah 56:16 it says something like "God shall "plant" the heavens"? Isn't that fascintating? Sewing seed, seeding the Universe, "planting the Heavens".

    Wow – email me directly. Amen

  14. explain why God allows children even as young as babies to be sexually molested and tortured
    and also why He allows evil to be legislated?
    And why does it take 20 years to learn all this stuff?

  15. AMEN ANONYMOUS – You came to the right place for that answer in Jesus Name

    Why does God allow abortions? When all those spirits are waiting for their chance for redemtpion? Why does God allow a child to be viciously murdered by a Nazi soldier? Amen!

    I will tell you why.

    God is AT WAR!! There are rules of engagement. We are suffering a "judgment" that was agreed upon before the foundations of the world.

    This is a battle between "principalities and spirits" for the Souls of mankind.

    Free will is in play. Satan's dominion is in play. People's personal choices are in play. God, in this dynamic, can only draw lines in the sand. THIS IS A TEST, Our lives ARE a "Judgment". Like it or not, we have to pay a price for the victory we are to receive if we "pass the test".

    The rules are that God's angels cannot interfere with our "judgement" unless "WE" personally call upon Him to intercede. That's part of the divine agreement.

    This is war for souls. It "rains on the just and the unjust".

    Why were there born again God loving Christians viscously murdered by HAARP in Haiti?

    Amen – you make an excellent point.


    God holds the final judgement card where it really counts in HEAVEN and not on this earth.

    Assume NOT that God is not merciful enough to ensure that those who are unjustly murdered or treated (upon this earth) during this judgment, are not given the "just rewards" of eternity in Heaven.

    God is in Control

    But we have to understand the dynamics of this short existence on earth and the GLORY OF THE KINGDOM to see the big picture.

  16. Brain above …

    That's the whole point. Once you are "born again" (get it… born again) and ask Jesus into your heart and ask Him to Baptise you in the Holy Spirit the "conversion process" begins. Indeed any "corruption" of your DNA and bloodline from the demons is ERADICATED!!

    See "Dr. Leaf It's Supernatural" for scientific confirmation of this fact.

    In Jesus Name be Blessed

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