Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels (Part Two)

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The Orion Wars
Jesus’ Side of the Story

Job 9:8-10
He alone spreads out the heavens,
And treads on the waves of the sea;
He made Arcturus, Orion, and the Pleiades,
And the chambers of the south;
He does great things past finding out,
Yes, wonders without number.

Introduction to the Amazing

Is there anyone out there that thinks they have this all figured out?  Not me!  What I can share with you I must.  This is an AMAZING story and you will probably wonder if it could possibly be real.  I sure did.  In fact I discarded the information more than once.  But God kept calling me back to it.

Some of my most intense praise, prayer and research happens when I am out of a job.  Through our trials, we often are pulled much closer to the Lord.  I try not to worry and it’s hard.  God has things in control.  And there is far too little time to screw things up now.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom” and that is exactly what I’ve been doing. 

But the Kingdom is far more fabulous than our little peanut brains could ever imagine.  Unless otherwise convinced, by supernatural means or extremely convincing scripture (which I doubt seriously could happen), I am persuaded through manifestations of the Holy Spirit that what I am presenting you is as close to the truth than you may have ever heard in your life.

And I give all the Glory to God, for finding me and “us all” worthy to be part of these revelations.

An Intense Sense of Urgency

There is a strange sense of urgency associated with this article.  This morning I received an email from a Tribulation-Now contributor.  He found very troubling misinformation being spread across the Internet.  Evidently there are those that have already “latched onto” the Genesis One vs. Genesis Two problem.  And they are formulating speculation that is damning to Jesus’ mission to save us in his forthcoming “rescue mission”.  You can call it a rapture, a calling up, pick your terminology.  You can even suggest there is no “calling up” if you would rather, but one thing is for certain .. He is coming for us.

I was going to “hold off” on presenting this story and continue to find lots of Bible scripture to back it.  While I have some scriptures, and more and more are coming in via continuous phone calls from “key contributors”, I am swimming in notes and the damage being done by the “You Tube” demons is utterly horrible.  Evidently they have even gone as far as to suggest that Genesis One was not written by God, but was demonically inserted into the text.  When I got that notification, I realized I could no longer wait.

The Truth is Out There.  And quite honestly if you don’t want to accept it that’s fine.  It is possible you are will be “counted worthy to escape these things” even if you are not quite right with the Lord I suppose.  And there is absolutely NO REQUIREMENT to have a clue about UFO’s and “alien-demon-fallen-angels” to be saved.  BUT if you want to do good things on behalf of the Kingdom, there is NO QUESTION you will need this information to present to “the lost” when these “space beings” arrive in force.

Supernatural Spin Cycle

It seems that everything God creates is “circular”.  We have the circulatory system, planets revolve around suns, Universes are circular and spin, atoms have electrons that circle around them.  And evidently, ages are God’s creational cycles too. God refers to “opening and closing scrolls”.  Have you ever considered the Seven Thunders in Revelation that John was not allowed to “write about” were beginnings of aeons or ages?   Could a “thunder” be a type of “big bang”?  All the scientists agree the Universe is “in motion”; albeit slowing down through entropy.  Has it occurred to you that  the actual “days” spoken of in Genesis are the Hebrew word “yam” which may actually be referring to “ages” and not days?  Well?  Hmmm.

Well my research, and supernatural “coincidences”, run in cycles as well.  Like everyone else, I am always suspicious of the “sources” of the information.  And then when you realize that Lucifer’s army uses the 99.999% truth, .001% lies, the ONLY WAY, we can be “wise as serpents” is to study the enemy’s movements and plans. 

So  you simply cannot run away from sources of information because, maybe, just maybe, they have been labeled as “questionable”.  Maybe the author doesn’t know Jesus but figured out a part of the puzzle that “christianity asleep at the wheel” missed.  And WHO SAYS the sources are questionable in the first place??  Since we know the Brotherhood of Satan has assigned members to our churches to quench the spirit and hide the revealing of truths, how can we assume we are getting the whole story? 

We can’t

Discarding the Sources on Impulse

As this information was getting revealed to me through the first couple sources, I completely discarded it.  I didn’t agree with it.  To me, it “didn’t make sense”.  The main reason I discarded it is because I really didn’t “get it”.  I took 2 sets of DVD lectures and tossed them on my bookshelf.  While some of the information was plausible, even likely, it just wasn’t “witnessing to me”.  The “earthly Johnny” didn’t resonate with it because some of the “terminology” used, in “my mind” didn’t line up with scripture.  Or at least, that’s what I thought.  Well I was wrong.  Yesterday’s article touched upon a small portion of those confirmations.

Then I was led to purchase a Bible version known as the Hebraic Roots Bible.  I read Genesis one and two straight through and I immediately realized something is SERIOUSLY wrong with the story. It doesn’t line up.  It didn’t make sense.  Chapter one was a totally different account than chapter two.  When you stop inserting the word “GOD” into every spot and you see the term “elohim” and the words “US” and “WE” used, a circuit blows.  I knew, as I read it, that these “fallen-angel-demons” are coming her to tell us that THEY are our creators.   I started to wonder, “what if”?  What if they are going to be telling 99.999% truth, but leave out the most important part?

Research Hypothesis is Formed

I formed my “hypothesis” and started my research.  I bought the Ancient Aliens season one and watched it with Jonathen Kleck when he visited.  He requested a particular episode, but by “accident” I selected the wrong one.  By “coincidence” it was the one that included Akhenaten with the speculation that He was NOT from this planet.  By the time we had finished watching that episode (which was loaded with additional archeological evidence) Jonathan was starting to freak out and pray.  It got really intense.  He said, “this is IT” (or something like that).  He knew about the Gen One problem and felt the secret was being revealed in the documentary and the Lord was confirming it to him.

I remember talking to my 65 year old, Holy Spirit filled tongue speaking sister in Pennsylvania.  She was the one I helped with the demonic issue in the article entitled “Deliverance”.  I don’t remember how we tripped across the subject but she says to me (to my utter surprise) “I always thought that we might be angels”.  I was like “WHAT?” I never expected to hear that from her.  Why in the world would she say that?  After all we are “Sons of God” … right?

The Restaurant Encounter

Then I find myself (I’m compressing events over months of time and research here) doing some digging on some of the sources of this material.   I was having some “Sumerian ale” at the local bistro witnessing to a waitress who had heard about Tribulation-Now from another girl who works there and is on “The List”.  She wanted to know more and more.  People are fascinated with UFO’s and they are astonished to learn that the Bible refers to these things and their “fallen-angel-demon” inhabitants.

If you want to witness to people about Jesus, there is NO BETTER SUBJECT to get smart about.  I recommend you do it fast because we are running out of time.

In between the questions from the waitress, I was clicking from web site to web site in search of the origins of some of this information.  The truth is out there.  The problem is God speaks through mouthpieces of His choice.  And He doesn’t bother trying to convince those with “burned in unbelief” with closed minds and etched in “theologies” and corrupted historical understandings.  I had to toss all of my preconceptions a long time ago.

While everyone else is watching the forthcoming financial collapse and other “news of the global takeover”,  God made it “perfectly clear” to me that I need to focus on The Disclosure Project (see the article entitled “The Botnet Coincidence” here 

At this point I stumble across a web site that appears to have some interesting data that might be a source of this “take on the Universe”.  But there is no contact information in sight.  But wait!  Then I see this obscure email on a sister site that might be someone I can reach out too.  There, with my pitcher of beer, and my netbook with some wings, I pop-off a quick email and introduce myself as the writer of Tribulation-Now and ask the guy to call me if he feels “led” by the Lord to do so.


I didn’t recognize the number so I was confused.  At this point it wasn’t searching for a job so I was thinking to myself “NO WAY”.   Well … Yes Way!  The person identified himself as Dr. Lee.  He said that he was sifting through hundreds of emails and the Lord told him to call me.  Immediately?  Evidently so.  So there I am on a frosty Tampa night, in utter disbelief that one of the world’s leading Biblical experts and a scientist with a Ph.D in Physics (I believe), was actually TALKING TO ME on the phone 5 minutes after I sent off a relatively random email. 


Subsequent Calls and Confirmations

Since then this unbelievable Jesus filled author of 5 (or more) books, has had several long conference calls with me and one other spiritual leader and friend of Tribulation-Now.  This fellow’s name is Kenneth.  You see Kenneth was led to Tribulation-Now because he used to work with William Cooper, the author of Behold a Pale Horse.  Kenneth also has a Ph.D. in science.  Kenneth also is a Holy Spirit filled believer that knows his Bible better than most pastors I’ve met. 

And now Dr. Lee, Kenneth, and I are having 3 hour conference calls discovering the REAL meaning of the scripture.  The version that matches science perfectly.  Now don’t get weirded out just yet.  I can assure you that first and foremost both of these incredible people, while their understanding of science is WAY over my head, are 100% born-again spirit filled Jesus loving “Seek ye first the Kingdom” people.  And let me tell you, when they were talking I was MESMERIZED.  WOW.

How Much Don’t We Know?

First let me tell you that similar to John 21:25 where it says …

John 21:25

25 And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen.


I cannot possibly remember or record all of the details of every supernatural coincidence that brought me to this point.  And if you take another look at that scripture, doesn’t it give you the impression that we have not heard THE WHOLE STORY?   Nevermind the scrolls that John had to eat in Revelation that would not be revealed until …. Hmmmm.  And wasn’t there a point where Daniel was told to keep quiet about certain things?  Why do you suppose that was?

Is it possilbe, even likely, that the information hidden away until the “end of times” was not given out because the people who lived prior to this UFO manifestation issue would have been utterly confused by it?  Could it be this information was not handed out because of prior generation’s ignorance in physics and dimensions, and the concepts of inter-galactic travel would have been “non-existent”?  Doesn’t God meet you at your point of faith?  Why is it we are told to be “child like” to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and our kids are playing with Star Wars Light Sabers?

Why, in the movie, “A Wonderful Life” is there an “angel” in the form of a kind hearted man who is trying to earn his wings?  What’s up with that?

“Teacher says that every time a bell rings, an Angel gets his wings”

Is this just fantansy?  Is it even remotely possible that GOD Himself puts his “fingerprint” into our movies right along side of the other “less savoury” stuff in our theaters?   Why do we always assume that everything is owned by the Devil and GOD has NO SAY in ANYTHING when it comes to movies and things we see in our media?  Are we looking for the devil or are we looking for GOD?  Maybe we need to adjust our “frame of reference”?

The Fallen Creator Confirmations

So hopefully by now, you have read part one of this series and understand that the exact same words used to describe “Sons of God” in Genesis 6:4 (in Greek) are the same words to describe US in the New Testament.  We are “vloi tov Oeov” or “Sons of God”.  Okay.

And also surely by now you understand that Jesus (probably out of fleshy frustration) said to the badgering Pharasees, “Have I not said YE are elohim?” (John 10:34).

I also recommend you get both the following books, “Angels, Elect and Evil” by C. Fred Dickason, and “The Lost Bible, Forgotten Scriptures Revealed”, by J.R. Porter.  You see, this last weekend I went on a quest to find some additional confirmations to all this “Sons of God” and “angel” confusion.

On page 28 of Angels, Elect and Evil, the author states “The word “sons” seems to indicate a direct creation of God, as Adam is the son of God (Luke 3:38), and believers are “recreated” in Christ individually as “sons of God”.  But did not Jesus say ” I have known you since the foundation of the WORLD??”  He sure did.  Hmmm.  Never mind that Satan himself is referred to as a Son of God in Job 1:6 and 2:1 (as one of the spirit classes mentioned).

Then on page 16 of “The Lost Bible, Forgotten Scriptures Revealed” it points out that “ever elusive” classification of Angels known as the Ophannim.  Never mind the “highly suspicious” mis-interpretation in Ezekiel One of the word “wheel” that should have been instead the word “Ophannim”.

Well if THAT doesn’t get you saying “WOW” than what about this?

On page 114 of Maximilliens de Lafayettes book entitled “UFOs, Aliens, Impregnated Women, Extraterrestrials, and God” it says (and I quote!)

The final extraterrestrial race to be examined due to their significance are the Arcturians who are described as once having seeded the Earth with their members and presumably peacefully coexisted with other races.  According to Andrews: “In antiquity this planet was divided into sectors among four different groups: Blonds, Grays, large lizard-like beings from the Capella system, and beings from the Arcturus system”. (see Genesis 2:11-15 “rivers are likely genetic bloodlines – Listen close here Jesus loving brothers and sisters).  Andrews goes on to describe the Arcturians as currently playing an “observer role” (does the word “watcher come to mind”?) in the current battle between extraterrestrial groups over Earth and her population.  Collier describes Arcturians as also being one of the races interacting with the Earth and that they are “trying to help”.

Time for a Bible verse:

Job 38:32

32 Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?


Wow.  There’s that “sons” reference again.  And guess what, it uses the same root word “baaneyhaa”.  Well what do you know about that?

And they are worried about us and they are trying to help us.  Are you kidding me?  Why in the world would some wacky “human looking” aliens feel sorry for us here on earth and want to help?  Could they be planning to help us?  Are they already helping us?  What might be their mission?  What could be their “motivation”?


Here is the Jesus filled version of the real Orion Wars story.  And you can take it or leave it.  But one thing is for sure, not a day goes by that I don’t get a call from someone flipping out because they found yet another set of Bible verses and scriptural paragraphs that confirm this “three ways to Sunday”.

The Orion Elohim Wars

Here is a synopsis of what happened.  It may not be accepted by many so I am spoon feeding it out and the Holy Spirit will have to take it from there.

Many of us have heard of the Luciferian Rebellion and the Orion Wars. Well they are for real. The Enuma Elish speaks of them. The Van Alan Belt is a result of a planet being destroyed during those wars.

God is doing the same thing today as he did all through the Bible as well as through Jesus’ ministry. God does not come down in a space ship and fly around with a megaphone announcing new prophecies. And yes there are lots of prophets that are out there saying all sorts of “stuff”.

They key to understanding if a prophet it tracking with the LORD includes 1) Does it TRACK with scriptural confirmation? 2) Does it make sense both spiritually and SCIENTIFICALLY (God created science .. “get it”?), and 3) Can you accept the new frame of reference and 4) Can you confirm the prophetic allegations through other sources, Books, Lectures, DVDs, others?

Then you take the “information” and research (Borean) the scripture for confirmations and you pray and praise a LOT!

Over the last 6 months, God has both “troubled me” with the Gen 1 vs. Gen 2 struggle, and THEN he “coincidently” sends me “stuff” that miraculously just comes either into my email or through a phone call etc. These are things that happen at the most unreal times that simply cannot be only coincidence. There are WAY too many of them and I often say balderdash and move on in disbelief.  And then it happens AGAIN.

Here goes.

God has a smorgasborg of life forms all throughout the galaxies. Our minds are too tiny to understand this because we are self centered beings (no surprise there). Our arrogance is so enormous it shatters the minds of the humble.

There are other “earth like planets” all over the place. There are all kinds of fascinating life forms. (Just like in Star Trek).  It’s George Lucas at his finest. That’s not science fiction, that’s science FACT. With out tiny arrogant minds, we ASSUME that we are “IT” while at he same time we hear stories of UFOs all over the place. We hear testimony of more than 58 different species of “aliens” the Military has documented from highly reputable sources. And we ALWAYS assume they must all be DEMONS because thats the easy way to explain it. I am guilty of this myself.  But that is “not necessarily” the case. The Universe is far to large. And GOD is far too fabulous. So how do you explain all this? Once you know the secret, its actually AMAZING.

Let’s start by examining the REAL interpretation of Genesis One verse One

“From aforetime, manifold ehlohim, had (past tense) created the expanse and its matter”

Manifold means “of many different kinds”. Elohim is plural and means “minor gods”. From aforetime means “before the Heavens and the Earth, as we know it today even existed. WOW.  There are millions of years (minimum) that occurred between the first two verses of Genesis (see the article entiteld “You Can’t Handle the Truth“)

God does not always create things directly. He has an entire trillion entity “workforce” that “seeds” the Universe with the power that HE gives them (search “seed” in Isaiah). This is precisely what the Baptism of Fire was. It was an endowment of power given to us to DO STUFF for God and not have to come to him for every little thing. This is how God operates. He “vests” power into his beings (sons) to work on behalf of the Godhead.

And the Heavenly beings (those that work for God directly), are known as Sons of God (or angels), and they have assignments. The Cherubim are the “Job Foremen”. They are the “Covering Angels”. The Seraphim are mostly assigned back office duties, book keeping, record keeping but get assigned other duties as well.

AND THEN there are the Ophannim.

The Ophannim are specialized “creator elohim” that are given “seeding powers” to create life forms all over the Universe. They travel in organized groups with missions. The Ophannim came to earth to “seed it” millions of years ago. LONG before Adam was created. But Lucifer, a covering Cherubim got into a position called the Morning Star (office, or group) and started to stick his nose into stuff that he had no business doing.

This resulted in a corruption of the “seeding” activities on a grand scale (think dinosaurs). The Ophannim, at the back office located in Arcturus, got wind that things were running a muck in the earth seeding project, and it started the ORION WARS.

The Orion Wars were actually Ophannim fighting Ophannim (ref. to Daniel fighting the Prince of Persia). Lucifer was heavily involved with the earth seeding Ophannim.

GOD GOT ANGRY. He was extremely upset that this war started. Michael the Arc Angel and his troops were sent out to put a stop to the War (see Rev 12:7). The War Ended.

The Seven Spirits of Revelation (which is reportedly the Supreme Court of the Universe), handed down the judgement. The Judgement was that the Ophannim elohim that started the war (the earth seeders), had to “enter the flesh” of the humans they were creating and live a life as a TEST to see if they were worthy to be ressurrected into the Heavens to “rule and reign” again with Jesus and go back to their pior positions.

This is WHY JESUS came down in the Flesh. It was a DNA Salvage and Rescue Mission. He WANTS his “elite team” of Ophannim BACK!! And he knows that Lucifer and his alien-demons are messing with our DNA, infecting us with Demons, and doing everything they can, to kill off the Ophannim that were willing to come back to God by “accepting the judgement” and taking on human form in the flesh.


The Ophannim that refused the judgement are aliens / demons / fallen angels. And yes they are working with Lucifer just as the Bible says.

We ARE Sons of God. Sons of God are all Gods’ Heavenly Front Office workers. Sons of God are everyone that works on behalf of the Almight Most High. Or, if you wish, you may call them Angels. Its another generic term used.

We are good Sons of God, that Jesus Knew before the foundation of the World. (predestination)


Post Script:

Right after Jonathan Kleck was saved, he didn’t know who Jesus was.  He asked God, who is Jesus, and what are you coming here to save us from?  Where are we going?

God replied to Jonathan and said in a still small voice …

“For re-seeding to re-poplulate”
Jonathan didn’t know what that meant at the time.
He does now.
Suffice it to say, that since this information has been passed along to us, particularly in the last couple days, Jonathan and I have both been in tears.  We know its true.  God has revealed it to us and it has been a heart wrenching emotional experience.
SEE: Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels (Part Three) here:
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85 thoughts on “Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels (Part Two)

  1. I hope i understood correctly, we are the Ophannim or the Angels, does that mean we existed prior to our earthly bodies as angels,why can't we remember our previous existance was It removed from our knowledge and why?

  2. Well again I am really in the beginning of my understanding of this stuff and I didn't publish all my sources (which are different not just one). AND please understand, I would have taken the Ophannim fall and judgement claim as nonsense and have in the past, except that I have SEEN and heard with my own ears and eyes, the spiritual confirmation that this is "at least" a close representation of what probably happened.

    The idea here is that the "term" Angel is EXTREMELY loose and refers to "Sons of God" as well as others of God's Heavenly work.

    If the Ophannim "fall and judgement" are in deed prophetic manifestations of the truth through both people and other's research, then yes, WE humans, were Spirit Breathed by YHWH God into Adam's nostrils (Gen 2:4) and that began the process of this series of amazing events.

    Am I sure this is 100% correct at this point … no. Was I in tears upon some of these revelations, did I a person call me in tears after God spoke to him about these revelations, yes, did I have another Christian vet these (and others) and admit the information was astonishing and answered questions he had about the scipture for year and say he beleived it was highly likey. Yes.

    All I can say is that it sure seems to me that this information is "right on target".

    If folks don't feel in their heart that this is the case. That's okay. They didn't have my spiritual confirmations. They didn't see the impossible things happen that I did. I completely understand.

    But for me, I am pretty darn sure at this point this information is probably true and we are going to be surprise at what we discover in the future.

    I hope this makes a little sense.

    God Bless You

  3. Hi John,
    I cannot BELIEVE the timing of these last two article's. I had just read a book by Jim Marrs titled "Rule by Secrecy". In it are contained some writing's by this Z. Stichin, who you mentioned in your article. I was blown away by the thing's he said regarding Sumerian text's that have been translated. Man, that stuff scared me and made be do double takes on who we really are.

    After reading your article's I feel a huge sense of relief. I felt I was about to put my head in the sand on this issue. Thank's for the incredible timing!!


    I praise Jesus with all my heart. I needed to hear this SO BAD right now. People have a hard time with this information, especially Christians that have this ridiculous vision of "floating around on clouds with harps" and sitting beside Jesus on some abstract floating throne some place. And then we have the Millennium to deal with as well which … who knows what will happen for sure.

    I know there are people out here that are finding out the pre-adamic man is a reality and that Zechariah Sitchin's information is not too far off track. And YES it will shake the faith of many Christians. I have been utterly terrorized by much of what I"ve learned over the last 6 years.

    BUT MORE THAN ANYTHING, I needed to hear your commments. If I help ONE PERSON in their walk with Jesus and not being hurt by the deception that is coming, then GLORY BE TO GOD!! AMEN AND AMEN.

    The timing of your email was perfect for me too. I needed to hear that.


  5. It sounds like our journey on this “Prison Planet” is our punishment!? Is that why life can be so difficult and disappointing? I guess our life is one giant test. It looks like a lot of our brothers and sisters never make it back. It is so hard to wake someone up!! I had purchased the video from Ken entitled Angel wars and the Fallen Creators, after I read the article where you said you thought it was nonsense, I tossed the video in the garbage!! John, keep up the great work. Thank you, jeff

  6. OH JEFF. I'm so sorry. I never meant anyone to throw Ken's stuff away. I thought Ken was full of crap when I first started to study his material. I tossed that DVD on the shelf and its been there for like 6 months now. I only listened to it for the first time this weekend. I had written him off after I listened to the Luciferian Codes on You Tube way back when.

    But the Dr. Jerry Lee called me. And we talked for hours. That guy is scary smart and knows the Bible better probably than anyone alive. And then a couple months ago Zen Garcia calls me on the phone. Zen agreed with me on everything until he mentioned that he also believe in the fall of the Ophannim and the judgement. But ZEN wasn't a Klein person he found the information evidently by study discarded book there were probably meant to be in the Bible.

    If you want, I will send you my copy of Angel Wars to replace your discarded one. Let me know.

    God Bless You Jeff

  7. Well, I knew sooner or later you would pass me. I am digesting this. Btw, I've always wondered about Zec:13:8&9. Been looking at "third" in scripture. Isn't that how many rebelled? Not making doctrine, but some of the old Rabbi's thought this also. Jim

  8. HI Jim

    I really don't know. I just read the verses and the proportions don't seem to line up. It seems that there are 2/3rds that will be cut off and die but 1/3 of the Angels fell. But I really dont' know for sure since the references could be to other groups. Zechariah is a tricky prophet for me to understand sometimes.

    Oh and in the comment section of the article, for what its worth, one reader said the timing of the article for him saved him from falling victim to some of the Zechariah Sitchin garbage that's out there and he heard it in the nic of time. So praise God if even one person was helped.

    It's definitly some "way out there" stuff, but for me, believing that UFO's were being flown by "fallen angels" was at one time WAAAAAY too hard to believe.


    Praise God we are getting a little warning as to what is coming.

  9. Hope you and your folks are in the best of health!

    When I was young a boy even at that time I had a hunger for spirituality, my mother advised me to read our holy book Quran with Urdu(our language) translation.
    I did and was not impressed with what I read there.
    Then as I grew up and read their history, I was repulsed and made up my young mind up that when I grow up I would definitely search all options before deciding whom I want to worship as God (imagine what a snooty kid I was).

    To cut a long story short, I remembered a lot of things from my readings from the Quran, the original rebellion of Satan is one of that.
    The reason why I found your blog so interesting is that I find it so famillar:

    1. The Muslims believe and Quran hints that the tree of knowledge was Sex!
    2. The Quran also speaks of the original rebellion of Satan or Iblis before the garden of Eden.
    3. The Quran also mentions the bone of contention to be ‘Adam’! (worshipping of Adam by the angels).
    4. Just imagine how cleverly Satan has so successfully covered his own rebellion in Muslim holy book and has given it another color all together!
    5. Interestingly, Quran and Islamic faith are the two prime pushers of the idea of the ‘demotion of Jesus Christ’!

  10. Brain cramps!!!! SOOO, Noah reseeded the earth with Ophannim, spirit filled humans? Abraham was a reseeding project too?
    The strong delusion is the final test stage for Ophannim? Will we believe the lie or the truth? Will we go with the Aliens who have come to rescue us (Signs) or wait for Jesus and enjoy eternal life.
    Am I anywhere close to what your saying?

  11. WHOAH TB. The article doesn't say that at all. Where did that pop into your head at?

    The "spirit" enters the descendants of Adam at the time of conception. And we are born into the flesh.

    How else could there be such a thing as predestination? How could Jesus have "known us" before the foundations of the world like he said he did? Angels inhabit "man flesh" bodies at times and they can live in them also. The spirit is the essence of God's "sons". We have YHWH breathed spirits inside of us (Gen 2:4). This happens at birth.

    When we die, our spirits go into the possession of God (hopefully) and we are given "new bodies" in Christ. These are different than the bodies we are in now. But they are BODIES.

    Are you kinda tracking with me a little here?

  12. I often argue with people bout the age of the earth. A day to God, might be a million too us. This is some really exciting things he's blessed you with the understanding for. It seems that your writers block has been supernaturally cured. Its all in his time anyways, he reveals when the time is right. Aren't we all instruments of God anyways?? Thank you, truly

  13. God Bless You Chris. Yeah I know tell me all about it. I have been deluged with information that "doesn't make sense" and doesn't track with science at all. And it amazes me that there are also leading Christians out there in the UFO research community that still insist the earth is only 6,000 years old. (sigh)

    May the Lord Jesus Christ shine his face upon you and may the Peace of God that passeth all understanding be on your heart and mind.

    – Amen

  14. This is the most mind-blowing article! I'll have to reread it, and see if God confirms it for me as truth. But, it is seeming to make sense, it answers some questions (like predestination). And, I've always thought we put God in too small of a box. Why wouldn't he create other forms of life in other galaxies? I just couldn't figure out why he would send his only son to our planet and not the others…

    I just read about sheep and goats getting sheared. When sheep are to be shorn, they bleat like crazy until it happens. Then they are very still and submissive. Goats on the other hand, are obstinate the whole time. They will not submit. (Like your article, they would not choose the judgement.) Along the same lines, society on a whole is pushing the word "kids" on us to use for our offspring. We both know that when Jesus comes to seperate the sheep from the goats, we don't want to put our children in the goat pile. Off the subject, I know, but it does make sense with what you're saying.

    Also, my name is Angela (as you can see). My mother wanted to name me Angie (after the Rolling Stone song) but she got "persuaded" to name me Angela instead. I've always felt that was divine intervention. Supposedly it means Heavenly Messenger. I've always thought that at most it could mean someday I might be a prophet? Now I'll have to think a little deeper about what it could mean…

    And by reseed and repopulate, you mean on a new Heaven and a new Earth, right?

    Thank you, John Baptist. Be blessed in Jesus' name!

  15. Well to tell you the truth I don't know. I expect we have some serious adventures ahead in the New Millennium but how that all is going to work out … You got me.

    I knew for sure that "rule and reign" with Jesus was definitely not floating around on a cloud in a state of euphoria like some people think. When, what and how is God's business. I just pray that I make the cut and we all are there PRAISING OUR KING!!


  16. John, I am going to have lots of questions for you. I hope that is OK?
    Why did the Lord choose Israel? Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their family to bring forth Messiah?
    Was that DNA perfect?
    What about the scripture in Romans: and so ALL Israel shall be saved?
    OK now I have to read it again and again and again……..any further info you can give me will be appreciated.

  17. Well the concept is heady stuff there is no question about that. Adam was the first incarnation of "flesh" that had YHWH's breath breathed into his nostrils (Gen 2:4). This was the beginning of the Abrahamic bloodline. The archeological evidence etc. indicates there are "man and woman" like people on the earth as far back as the dinosaurs etc. This supports the Sumerian Enuma Elish and other sources (many others) allegations that there was a version of "mankind" of some type, very intelligent but NOT with YHWH God's special spirit.

    The notion here is that "at conception" our spirits (which are in the possession of God) are moved into the body of the baby making us special. That is supposedly the point that we begin our journey through this "judgement" of sorts.

    If you really want to go down this path you can start with searching on You Tube for the Lucerian Codes by Ken Klein first. Then if you want you can buy his Angel Wars and the Fallen Creators DVD for about $24 from (search on Ken Klein Productions). But Ken gets much of his material from Dr. Jerry Lee who goes by the nic name "Manifester". His books are available at (I think). His revelation of this information (which is very wide spread now praise God) was supernatural and given to him through prophetic utterances and other events (etc.). I have spoken to Dr. Lee on the phone for hours and he is legit. I thought he "smacked" of New Age but he is nothing of the sort. So he's legit. And his is 100% Jesus centric ALL THE WAY. But he is super advanced in his thinking and it WILL throw you at first.

    Then you can purchase the books I mentioned on the web article (part 2), then you should also get Zen Garcia's book entitled "Lucifer Father of Cain". That book is loaded with awesome stuff and much of it comes from pseudoepigrapha that is agruably legit but was pulled out by the pagans at the Nicean Council.

    I hope this is helpful. If it wasn't for the tearful confirmations through a prophet friend of mine and some other extremely advanced Christians I vetted the data against, I would still be struggling to accept it. But after those events, and realizing that people are being fed to the wolves out there over pre-adamic man and the Zechariah Sitchin Ancient Aliens stuff, I felt compelled to immediately do today's brain dump.

    God Bless You on Your Quest
    If you find anything really fascinating or questionable be sure to share.

    We are all working behind the scenes to keep up with this as things unfold.


  18. Hi John

    I don't discount what you just said in your article about the humans being elohim, I have learned not to discount anything, and that is why when I'm reading non-cannonized scripture if I don't know about it yet I just keep it in the back of my head and wait for something else to fit it like a puzzle. I thought it was all about Adam and Eve sinning, but if you would point to one of your articles that expands more it would be appreciated

    God Bless,

  19. I recommend Zen Garcias Book
    Lucifer Father of Cain to get you started. I don't have a dedicated study on the Fall from the Garden. But I touch upon all this in the articles I listed in the first of the two.


  20. I have been thinking about this all day and have a bit of a different spin or revelation so to speak here goes. The Ophannim that seeded life and decided to manipulate DNA which i believe is the word of God made flesh because DNA is an instruction set for life all kinds of life it is Gods word.The Ophannim decided to manipulate life against Gods Instruction set following after lucifer who wanted to be his own God and worshiped, so I believe that 1/3rd of the Ophannim followed after Lucifer and were cast out of Heaven to our Universe with Dimished powers to create and the 2/3rds that were fighting for gods side are still in his presence. God seeing that his word was corrupt wiped out everything which was created by Lucifer the dinasours, early man etc. I believe he then created modern man Adam and eve and they where in Gods presence without the knowledge he had given to the Ophanimm thats where Lucifer comes in he deceives man into thinking he can be a God and that the true creator was hiding things from them he gave them knowledge they were not meant to know and lucifer not being able to create DNA anymore but still having the knowledge had to physically manipulate mans DNA to corrupt it.And thats why God ounce again had to destroy his creation except for Noah. Noah seeds life again but this time the 2/3rds who fought for God were sent to watch over man and to control Lucifer as much as possible allowing man to choose if he would follow after God or Lucifer, man now unable to see God in their presence would have to choose by faith and have been given a chance to be re-born by trusting in God and Christ they have been given a second chance and Christ is the key Christ suffered and so must we to be refined and never disbelieving no matter what is Thrown our way.The ufo craft that can be seen physically are the Fallen and the Orbs of light UFO's may be the ophannim that return with Christ to defeat Satan. I think the truth is definetly going to be amazing. Thanks so much for your thoughts I believe you are on to something and piece by piece it will be understood by Gods own DO NOT BE DECEIVED God created life not these Alien Entities.
    God Bless you

  21. Mormonism anyone?
    This is beyond me, but I respect any mans oppinion.
    I am a firm believer that the earth is about 6000 years old, is there anyone here on tribulation now that is willing to team up and discuss this? My email is [email protected]

    Jesus bless you John

  22. Hey there Sal thanks for sharing that take on things. That's a really open minded a look at the possibilities. I am not stuck on any particular scenario. But I do feel pretty strongly about the concept that Genesis One "elohim" were given the powers of creation and were seeding the Universe under God's vested power. This is the ONLY explanation for the language in Genesis One. Manifold elhoim is pretty clear. Amen and thanks for the second take.

  23. um, whoa dude. wow. i gotta tell you something man. i am blown away. let me tell you this true story that happened to me and a few other people about 5 years ago at this church I used to go to.

    We had a lady (a prophetess I guess) who would come once a month and do a from of therapy called theophostic. anyway, in one of my therapy sessions, i explained to her that i felt very distant from the Father and was upset at him and i wasn't sure why. so we prayed and she asked Him to explain why this was. internally i heard this: "Because you felt that I abandoned you by sending you away from me to live in that body of flesh." In other words, I had the sense that I was being reborn into flesh, being sent away from God's presence, and that I was not the only one (like one of the movies in the Highlander series, and like what you described below). This prophetess had one or two other sessions with people in our church who had God tell them something similar. I thought to this day that it was all just baloney. Then as I read your email below my eyes got real big and you can see why.

    wow. i'm speechless, bro.

  24. Now "THAT'S" what I'm talkin 'bout Willis!!

    EXCELLENT. We got so many amazing confirmation that this is hitting home with so many people it can only be God at work.


  25. Hi John,

    I read your article about the elohim with great interest. I always wondered if we humans only existed in God's mind before we were born here on earth, or wether we already existed in the spirit world.

    I'm am not sure I have understood the implications of your article:

    Could we humans actually be the "fallen" Ophannim spirits, who have chosen to be born in human flesh bodies, to prove through obedience to Jesus Christ and the Scriptures, that we are worthy to be allowed back again into the assembly of the good "gods"?

    Years ago I read an article that stated we humans chose to be born here on earth to be tested. I discarded this info as New Age nonsense.

    A few years ago I started praying that the Lord would reveal to me as much truth as possible, and I could handle during my life time on earth, no matter how unsettling it would be, or how sensational it would sound. My motto is: "show me the truth, I do not care what the truth is." So, should it really be the truth that we humans are "fallen" Ophannim spirits, I would have no problem with that. The Truth sets us Free, so the Scriptures tell us!

    Most professing Christians have no clue WHO they are in Christ (many do not even know who they are in the flesh either), hence all these dead Churches. False prophets, like (xxxxx redacted), walk away with the concept that we are gods, misusing it for their own means, discrediting the very thought that we humans actually really could be fallen gods, or angels.

    Another thing: if we fallen humans can create sensational scifi worlds as shown in movies like Star Trek, etc., how much more could The Creator have created fabulous and amazing worlds and creatures?

    Something to ponder………

    Keep on searching for Truth, I am looking forward to the things that God will bring to light. Sealed up knowledge will be unsealed in the end times, according to Daniel.

    PS: what keeps coming to my mind is the things I have seen and discerned in the so called "King James Only-The Non Canonical Books Are Not From God" Churches: they are lifelless, and full of religion, making the people who submit to these Churches into "charicatures". Many Baptist Churches in the USA are examples of that. Howard Pittman, whom you mention in one of your articles probably was such a "Baptist", before he repented. Many Baptist Preachers and Pastors are the new Pharisees, are they? I sense that God is really angry with "leaders" like that, because they keep their flock small, and ignorant, like spiritual babies. And satan laughs his head off!

  26. Yes you have the concepts down prefectly. Where this gets really interesting is the understanding that these Ophannim elohim (angel variety) actually take on human "like" bodies in their appears, hence "We have made them in Our Image". So we look just like them. But NOW we are in a judegment period just like you said.

    Awesome you are right on target.

    Now I'm really excited. I've always wanted to be on the Star Ship Enterprise. Now maybe I will get an asignment on the Star Ship Ophannim :))))

  27. Expletive expletive deleted…. forgive my thoughts oh Lord but after reading this one I've reached extreme information overload and need your help like never before. I pray for guidance, confirmation, special insights, and edification, most of all wisdom! in JESUS NAME! Now I'm going to get a glass of Chianti… and a tall one too. Thank you Lord for wine and thank you John for your courage to tackle what has long been considered taboo for conventional "Christians" to think or discuss. The layers of the onion seem to be peeling away yet the time remaining for required "testing of the spirits" is seemingly short (if not just due to my age perhaps for all, due to recent ongoing bizarre events if they prove prophetic).

  28. Pre-Adamic wars on earth are not a new idea, and may be correct. However, either you or the Book of John is incorrect about who the creator(s) are.

    John 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

    Seems pretty clear to me.

  29. WOW OH WOW OH WOW!!!!! My jaw is hanging open, my head is spinning around. When I first came to the Lord, I had questions about who we really are, why were the scriptures written the way they are. I "tested" the idea that we were more than we appeared to be but I shied away because I sounded crazy and so I stayed with the party line aka established religious dogma. I didn't have the resources nor did I know how to go about studying such a thing. Is there more? Wow, we really are more than we appear. Lord Jesus help me to understand the more so I can be of use to you. O wow. Gotta go pray, May Elohim, Adonai bless you brother!

  30. I came before the Lord tonight in the prescence of my three sons and asked again if this was all accurate and again The Lord confirmed it… I prayed tonight again after reading your article and I told the Lord I needed to see one more time that it was correct in content and the word he opened to was "CORRECT" there is a witness in my Spirit as well as 5 to 7 SUPERNATURAL confirmations as well as the word confirmation in Fla. on my visit.. My Father's voice is very clear as well as His "never missing" confirmation as well as in front of a group of people at my house 2 Sunday's ago during the same basic discussion… Jesus is coming very soon and we are the rescue mission… Once again confirmed with EVERYTHING that has happened since 2002… God is soooooo Faithful to those who put their trust in Him… I humble myself before Him in true adoration as I have not yet been able to reach until this point… He is worth dying for and more than that He is worth living for as difficult of a cross as that has been to carry…Pack your bags,,, WE WILL BE GOING HOME!!!! Remember… Home is where your heart is.. Amen

  31. Fascinating Sir Chancealot. So your understanding of power delegation applied to the terms "by" and "through" Him and "without" his power delegation … etc.

    Okay that's cool. Praise Jesus for you.


  32. LB

    Amen this is superexciting. And nobody is suggesting this is 100% accurate. These are revelations that have been discovered through prophecies, research and through scriptural confirmations that match up well AND there have been some amazing confirmations from the Lord as well. Amen. God Bless You.

  33. Jonathan

    I love you brother so much. The things the Lord said to you and the phone calls we have shared and the prophetic happenings that cannot be explained are so utterly indisputable that GOD IS AWESOME AND HE IS TALKING TO US.

    I don't know what I'd do without you bro!! Praise Jesus for You!!


  34. Espen

    I love you brother you're awesome. I pray Jesus blesses you mightily.

    Now you know that Mormonism, Scientology, and Jehovah's Witnesses are misled by the perfect lies. And what sir, is the definition of a "perfect lie"? I refer you to the "math". 99.999% truth, and .001% lies. That's the formula that works and Lucifer's team knows it.

    Mormons are going to tell people that Jesus and Lucifer were brothers which is BLASPHEMY, and Jehovah's Witnesses are going to tell you that Jesus and Michael the Arc angel are equals which is BLASHPHEMY and Scientologists are going to point to the UFO's and say "There are our Creators" right along side of the New Agers. .001% wins every time. Except when you open your mind and study the actualy meaning of the scripture.

    Good luck with the 6,000 year arguement. If you visit the United States maybe you and I can go to the Arizona Meteor Crater National Park together. Its only 50,000 years old. But surely those scientists are wrong. Right?


  35. Good Evening!

    I have been meaning to write to you for a long time. If for no other reason, then just to say Thanks for your work, I have been blessed by it.

    I would like to say, that I am a life long believer in Jesus but I have always felt that we did not have the whole Truth, as was being taught from the pulpit. I have always searched for the Truth. Which has me being the "kook" in most of my friends and families eyes. That said, while I can not say that I agree with everything you have posted, I do agree with most of it, and it inspires me to question my preconceived beliefs.

    About 6 months to a year ago, I came to the same conclusion as your latest post, that we were "Angels", and this is our test/punishment, making this truly, a prison planet. The day this came to me, I stared at the heavens while on a break from work, and just had the most amazing feeling sweep through me. I knew that this was it, and that we were truly Ambassadors. It changes your whole mindset on EVERYTHING, we have to live up to our station! Then as some weeks went by, I was listening to Ken Klein, and found that while he shared this same belief, there were a few things with him that I just couldn't get past, so I threw the baby out with the bath water. If Ken was wrong on this or that, then we can not be Ophannim, I know, the logic of that is a bit off eh? Anyway, it would always creep back into my head, how could that of been wrong, when you know what it did for you when you had that revelation……., but i would continue to dismiss it. WELL, that was until today, as I read your post and said YES, that is right, and I am carrying this ball forward where ever it takes me! Praise the Lord!

    Hope my ramblings make sense, like you, I could go on for days.

    Once again, Thank You, for your time and study, it is truly appreciated.

    Your Brother in Christ,

  36. Wow Sean that is the most utterly AWESOME testimony ever!!

    You see that is exactly what we all do, even me I admit. We throw the baby out with the bath water all the time. I too thought this was too weird and I was raised in the Pentacostal church and have been a "pre-tribber" (a reluctant one) most of my life. I'm an old Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe guy.

    LOOK!! This is fabulous. Read the other comments. GOD is witnessing to people. I have not had to reject ONE COMMENT!! Every single one was published. This is the power of JESUS CHRIST witnessing to people.

    And you sir, are the PROOF!!

    Sometimes the super smart people who understand science and have seen the "pretend church goers" need to see the "big picture" before they really understand WHO JESUS IS!!


  37. JIREH

    Brother (expletive deleted!) AMEN AMEN

    We don't get in trouble for misunderstanding things in the Bible PRAISE JESUS, but we do lose our rewards, (1 Cor 3:13-15) if we don't use the knowledge we have to save souls. Now we can "fight back" against the ANCIENT ALIENS -PRAISE GOD.


  38. WOW!!


    You got it…. You nailed it….

    Have you heard about – read about the "ring builders"
    of Saturn? Entities that go about the business of
    building space bodies? They are steadily working
    on the heavens above us… Kinda like God's work
    crew! I think* I saw a video on this – I KNOW I
    saw a reference to a book written about them…
    and here's one of those "WOW" moments:
    The "aliens" (grays – demons/nephallim) are
    "afraid" of these ring builders – they don't go near
    them, and keep a large distance from them.
    Wouldn't you expect that if these "celestial
    worker bees" are from Him?

    IT ALL MAKES SENSE…………………………

    Truly God has His mighty hands on you – or
    at least the tip of His index finger so he can
    thump you!


  39. ME TOO … more than once.

    When I realized that I had read about people on Arcturus feeling sorry for us, I cried in the shower.

    It's all coming home on us now.

  40. Indeed!!! John, I tell you, my eyes got watery when I read the article for the first time. I've read it three times already and probably read it again. The information is overwhelming to my spirit. I go back and see the comments and have to reread the entire thing.

    I got to ask, how in the world or in heavens did you get this information. I mean, I thought Steve Quayle or Tom Horn had pretty good insights into the spirit reality, but I have ever read their works address something like you have.

    Us regular Ophannim don't know this info. Are you sure you are not one of the other 2/3's Ophannim that were fighting us and sent to give us this info. Now I'm the one considering the Hebrews 13:2 possibility here.

    Praise Jesus for you. I don't know you personally but I got to say, for what you do, I love you brother

  41. Amen

    This understanding changes the entire concept of the scriptures and their meaning. Not in a bad way but in an awesome and wonderful way. It helps us to come to a fuller understanding that "Angels" and "Sons of Man" are not this abstract notion of winged creaters the fly through supernatural dimensions and appear mysteriously in "clouds of Heave" (whoops did I say clouds of Heaven … uhmmm). I understand that they can travel at speeds of light and move at speeds within our dimension that make them not possible for us to see. I don't pretend to understand this all. Its "waaaay" out there. But its fabulous that God is revealing these "possibilities" to us in such a way that we can "finally" relate to it better through sciences, physics and other information that is now "common knowledge" to many folks.

    Isn't that cool? I think God is AWESOME. We see scriptures that jump off the page about Angels manifesting as "people" just like you and me but we never connect the dots. Remember the 2 angels that went to Sodom? The evil people there wanted to commit abominations upon them. WHAT? Doesn't that mean they looked like regular men too?

    Where did they come from? Clouds of Heaven? What is a cloud from Heaven? Did they fly here with wings through outer space or "materialize" magically down the road from Soddom?

    And why COULDN'T they just FLY AWAY or "de-materialize" to escape the attack from those who were trying to "soddomize" them?



    Oh this information (and much more) can be found from, Ken Klein Productions, see Zen Garcia's book Lucifer Father of Cain, and many many other resources. If you know what you are looking for, God has witnessed this to MANY but most of us, including me, throught it was "too out there" to consider.

    … not any more.

  42. John, The spirit bears witness to the truth of your statements. I am not a crier, nor am I bent toward emotionalism however, I am welling up with tears as the truth sinks in. Thankyou, my dear brother for being a bold servant/soldier of our saviour YESHUA, SAR SHALOM…..debra

  43. I know EXACTLY how you feel. This changes the whole game. AND it is so ineresting that you can witness to people in a whole new way.

    That is once you stop crying. We sinned against the father before we were even born and didn't even know it. Just like the Bible has been saying all along.


  44. John

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing my work with others and for being open minded enough for the Lord to use you as a vessel for His will. These revelations have indeed startled me to my core as I told you before I don't usually study the works of other men but study the word only preferring the revelations of the prophets and apostles rather than the conjecture of often persons more lost than me. Believe me I have been among the wayward and lost and pray daily to not be numbered among them.

    Much is being revealed as Joel exclaimed however with the hour so late is there even enough time before 'full disclosure' and the shifting and forced paradigm transformation being plotted even now.

    To help those of you new to this information, I did a radio show and video entitled the 3 Creations of Adam and the 3 World Ages. In this program we cover the banishment of Satan and the 1/3rd, the reasons why they were exiled, when it happened, what for, as well as explaining the seduction of Eve, incarnation vs reincarnation, judgment salvation, harvest, and the separation of the wheat and the tares.

    You can find the video on Youtube. the show,and I also am available for query.

    Yahweh Yahushuah bless you and your readers brother John…


  45. Recall I warned you last week that "certain parts" of this line of thought were condemned by an early council as they declared Origen a heretic. Don't remember it was either Niacia or Contanstine.

    HOWEVER what is right and what is wrong in the utterances of these councils? As born again believers were too are "heretics" by these same very same councils, this time the Council of Trent. So are we simply to pick and choose which council we accept and which we don't?


  46. Thanks Ken…

    A lot of folks continue to ask for more sources and this is exciting so here is a small snapsot of SOME of the sources. Please note that I / we do not espouse all of everyone's ideas nor do we care. All we care about is "fighting back" against the Ancient Aliens CREATOR of the Adamic Bloodline LIE that is coming. Getting wrapped up in the "details" does nothing to save souls.

    The sources are vast. Here is a short Bibliography

    1. The Holy Bible
    3. The Book "Lucifer Father of Cain"
    4. The books mentioned in the article
    5. Pseudoepigrapha (we are trying to find all the books stay tuned)
    6. (this guys is Dr. Jerry Lee, he sounds too amazing to be believable "at first" but I spent about 5 + hours on the phone with him and his testimony is JESUS FIRST all the way)

    Also sadly I am not able to share with you all the miraculous "coincidences" and prophetic happenings that occured behind the scenes. Wish you could have "been there". Let the spirit listen to your soul.

    We are hard at work deep diving. But what is REALLY important is "will the research save souls for Jesus" NOT is the story necessarily 100% accurate. Remember, the way we must all think 100% ALL FOR THE KINGDOM.

    We are fighting the Ancient Aliens, young Earth Christian errors, and the Great Delusion in advance. So remember, I do not espouse all of the data each of these sources in its entirety, I am only presenting the "portion" that witnesses to the saving of souls for the Kingdom and the most imminent threat (THEM – the lying fallen demons).

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for asking.

    Be Blessed in Jesus Name

  47. Bro, I do not have words to say how much your reasearch has blessed me. As I have said before I though I was going nuts because the things our Heavenly Father was allowing me to see and NO ONE around me gets it and what really pisses me off is THEY DON'T WANT TO GET IT! Anyway oh maybe a year ago or so The Holy Spirit started "dropping" this bomb on me (The info in this artical). That was when I tought my mind was out of control, along with us loosing everything in a business deal that was all she wrote. Then along comes Lil Johnny, that would be you and because of that I am still here and NOT NUTS and Praising our King for being one of the people he is showing this AWSUME stuff to. With thankful tears in my eyes, May our Wonderful Saviour's blessings over take you and fill your every need in JESUS NAME!

    little ol me

  48. Rick,

    God Bless You Too. I am in Texas helping Jonathan Kleck with his next video and its' been utterly amazing. He walked me through down town through his journey and showed me where everything happened. It is UNREAL. And then he showed me the lyrics to the song "Stay" from U2 and how they match up to his testimony to a "T" right down to the part at the end where it says … "get this!" …

    Three o'clock in the morning
    It's quiet and there's no one around
    Just the bang and the clatter
    As an angel runs to ground

    Just the bang
    And the clatter
    As an angel
    Hits the ground

    The "angel" that runs to the ground was "him", the bang and clatter is the sound of the fire escape metal stair case collapsing to the ground. It's all in the article "The Jonathan Kleck Story" and I saw it with my own eyes. And in fact the whole story he told me from months and months ago matches perfectly.

    This is an amazing journey.

    I am Blessed that you are Blessed.

    And isn't it fascinating that Nostradamus predicted that WWIII would have a UFO war mixed into it.

    Who knows.


    Remember, Jesus comes "with His angels" to "pick us up" and get us out of here.

    "Pray always to be found worthy to escape these things and Stand before the Son of Man".


  49. Sir,
    Please sign me up for your newsletters listing.

    If you knew the emails I had sent out in December…(Questions about
    Joseph Smith and predestination and my memories "prior to…" and the
    urgent need to email those questions to a friend) …your onto
    something realer than this reality. God created life innumerable. Me
    thinks (I need to check usgs website – there was a earthquake as I was
    reading this).
    tears and joy,
    P.S. Another topic I had questioned was my geneology. I kept
    wondering-how can I make it in to the kingdom of God being from a
    different background. I was worried about there being some from the
    tribe of Dan in my geneology. (haha after reading your recents
    posts). I didn't see any of this coming.
    I don't see things the way accepted mainstream normal is posed, never
    have. As a child I would answer what I thought was the right answer
    on a test (creation vs evolution – for example).
    I didn't know from where these thoughts (pre-existance) came from, I
    was hoping it was not a subconscience thought from reading snippetts
    in Joseph Smiths books.

    All of this occurred in the past 30 days or so! I would have never
    said a word to anyone about this in the past, but now I feel compelled
    to speak.

    When I was very little I had a flash and almost ignored it altogether.
    Then I thought wait, Lord show me what that was…could that have
    been a memory…show me. I tried and tried to remember but the moment
    had passed, so I wanted to continue to play in the backyard, and I
    asked the Lord to show me as I grew up, show me these things in my
    Never would I have thought this stuff was real. What is reality?
    What is eternity?

  50. Hi Gigi
    I got you added. I don't know if you read all the comments below the article (part 2) but much of these answers are in those comments. The Mormons believe (or are going to try and show) that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers. The Jehovah's Witnesses say that Jesus and Michael (arc Angel) are equals. Both are blasphemy and demote the King. It's the 99.999% truth, .001% lies issue.

    I am so grateful that Jesus comes on the "clouds of the heaven" (wow what are "they") with all his Angels to pick us up.
    But never forget to "pray always that you are found worthy to escape these things".

    And "when mens hearts fail them, for what is coming upon the earth, to "look up" your redemption draweth nigh"

    This is getting really exciting if you ask me. I can't wait to get off this dump of an alien infested planet and get up to my next appointed assignment. Looks like Alex Jones is right, this IS a prison planet. If only he knew …. "The Rest of the Story".


  51. There's things that just touch you in a certain way and this information is one of them for me. After reading this article my heart was just pounding, it wouldn't stop pounding, it touched my soul. Some people say it's too much to handle, I say give me more. While reading this I immediately thought of Galatians 3:26 to 4:7, where it talks about Sons and Heirs. God didn't send a Son to reap servants, but SONS.

    We truly are Sons of God!!!!

    Now go and perfect this message for the Kingdom of God and take it to the world to hear.

    Thank you and your team for this breakthrough article.

  52. On September 9, 2009 I celebrated my 48th birthday.

    On that day 09/09/09 I was touched by Finger of God. It rocked my world and I was undone as Isaiah said. I ended up in the hospital for 24 hrs of testing and observation. I was released with a clean bill of health. The doctors suggested what I had experienced was simply "a bad case of gas".

    Over the next 5 days, God spoke to me and through scriptures and then various people began to pour across my life as many supernatural things began to happen in my life.

    If either of you are interested, I wrote the entire testimony up. But that is not the point of this email.

    Taking the que from Jonathan's thesaurus and the verses John quoted out of Job and Acts as to the diverse ways God may choose to speak to us, I decided to ask God to speak to me on this matter…

    This morning when I woke up God told me to read the ninth verse in the ninth chapter of the ninth book of the Bible. 09/09/09 Well here it is!

    1 Samuel 9:9
    9( Beforetime in Israel, when a man went to enquire of God, thus he spake, Come, and let us go to the seer: for[ he that is] now[ called] a Prophet was beforetime called a Seer.)

    It is now VERY clear to me that it is the hand of God leading me to men like Jonathan, Jerry Lee and others… They are "seers"

  53. Kenneth,

    I'm humbled and amazed. It hadn't occured to me that was a possibility. Isn't it weird how we all say "IT'S THE END TIME" but we cannot accept that God can speak "One way, and yet another way" (Job 33:14).

    We have been so programed by the "infiltrated church" to "watch out" because "that's of the DEVIL!" but never considered the person issuing the warning could be "the Devil". Get THEE Behind me Satan!" Isn't it fascinating Jesus actually said that to one of his own apostles.

    Praise Jesus that when He comes, He sends His Angels to come and get us. Praise Yeshua Jesus they "know where we are". Praise Jesus, it doesn't matter if you are in a basement, or in a hospital bed, or in a wheel chair, THEY WILL KNOW YOU, and they will come and GET YOU.

    Seers, Oracles, Prophets, … God speaks "Once, Yea, Twice, BUT Man perceiveth it NOT!!"

    We need to PRAY MORE, PRAISE MORE, and open our spirits to receive the new revelations that are coming down to our Saviors brothers and Sons in Christ, Jesus.



    Cry out the Jesus. Tell Him your sorry, ask Him to forgive you. Tell Him YOU KNOW that He Died for Your Sins and was raised from the Dead. Ask him to COME INTO YOUR HEART. Talk to HIM!! Ask him to Baptise you in the Holy Spirit. DO IT ALONE … BUT DO IT.

    … HE is coming and WE are GOING HOME!!

  54. Rob above … wow that's another powerful confirmation AMEN!!

    We will see where the Lord leads from here. I wish I could somehow communicate all the "spiritual" and "prophetic" confirmations that have come in. I don't know if we will ever get to the bottom of all this "scripturally".

    BUT – One this is FOR SURE, if you re-read the scriptures with this "frame of reference" everything comes "alive!". Just like you, the spirit witnesses to you. It slams home.

    And we have to remember, the Bible says "Everything that's SECRET will be made PUBLIC" … maybe this is one of those secrets.

    … sure it is.

    PRAISE JESUS … this is "heart wrenching".


  55. John, what a hard hard pill to swallow. You're asking a lot, and if I didn't just go through the year I did with my family and do the research I did and be broken by Jesus, like I did, then this would have been so hard to even begin to realize what you were talking about here. I don't know why but I can't get this post off my mind and I've re-read it several times. If it would have been just the post, that would have been fine, but I recently read the book "Heaven is for real" By Todd Burpo, it's about his young boy being translated up into Heaven in a near death experience, a fantastic book and Highly reccommended. The Holy Spirit it on it, and in one particular part of the book he states that everyone in Heaven had wings and I thought, "wow how cool, at first I thought only angels had wings". On top of that my Dad recently was woken up by the Holy Spirit saying, "Tommy, You're not from here" He couldn't believe it, and for the first time looking at what Jesus said from the eyes of Heaven he has been going around telling everyone that we are Aliens! He is still iffy about the whole flying Saucer guys, but we're working on him. Not only that he has said several time to me and my family that he thinks my mom and him knew each other before "here". He says it's weird but it just feels like they were "soul" mates…

    I'm praying about this post. I'm praying hard. I'm praying for you and our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. WOW what an Amazing time this is, and what amazing things the Holy Spirit is doing in each of our lives.

    "None of me, All of Christ"
    God Bless,

  56. Praise the King of Kings Jesus Amen Jonathan. Yeah this is hitting home with people all over the world, not just here. Once you start to have the Holy Spirit witness to you and you can "FEEL" it and you "KNOW" it, …..


    God wants us all to know.
    Jesus wants us to come home.

  57. John, I realize that this is not the popular point of view, but I am having a very difficult time with this in relationship to what all of this says and how it lines up with 2 Peter especially verse 4. (God did not spare the angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell!) I would challenge you to reread the entire text and also check out an excellent study over at on the Satanic Rebellion if you haven't already seen that.
    Keep on seeking the truth,

  58. Hi John,

    I did get to read the comments and saw what you mentioned. The comments are amazing!

    When I prayed about this today and sought the Lord about the dream (which I will send when I can get time to type it up) I went into a weeping, mourning type of travail the likes I have never experienced. The only way I can explain it is that what the Lord was revealing in my dream matched what you are uncovering. The deep weeping travail was the spirit of the Lord longing to be reunited with all of his own and my spirit recognizing who I am. It was deep crying out to deep. I am crying even now as I have been in such a state all day.

    I know without a doubt the Lord led me to your site to learn these things and to confirm what he has been showing me. I have been so blessed by your ministry and writings! And I have only read a handful of articles! Thank you so much for obeying the Lord's leading despite what I can only imagine is much resistance!

    In addition I have also recently learned by the Holy Spirit just who the "house of Israel" is and that Ezekiel 38 and 39 is about America and many other things related to the lost 10 tribes. Without going into it here, this is a good research article about the subject. I think you may already be onto this but thought I would share. I recently heard Steven Collins on Trunews radio and was blown away at the confirmations he gave to what the Lord was showing me about who the true players are in the end times which is crucial to know in order to interpret the prophecies!

    I also felt by the Spirit to read the Bible from start to finish now that all of this has been revealed. I plan to start tomorrow!

    I am half way through listening to Zen Garcia's 3 Adams. Very interesting! There's so much to absorb.

    God bless and cover you, Sarah B

  59. Thank you Sarah. This is a wonderful testimony and I hope to hear more about your dream.

    Be Blessed in Jesus Name!!

  60. Sherry (above) having a difficult time with this and measuring it against 2 Peter verse 4. The Gen 6:4 "watchers" that did what they did THEN, were punished SEVERELY, because they "interfered" with the Ophannim judgement that was agreed on "by us" after the Orion wars rebellion. Understanding these dynamics are important timeline wise to "get it".

    Also many people will challenge this and "that is perfectly okay". God is imparting these new things to people to help those that are LOST! Not to help those that are born-again and living a righteous life through the sanctification of Christ's atonement. Again, there is NO REQUIREMENT to accept this.

    But as you can see in just the comments section here, which is the largest set of people being "witnessed to" EVER, most are being witnessed too. THAT SAYS EVERYTHING.

    So if "your mission" is to read the scripture to attempt to "disprove" this revelation, you will (in your own mind) struggle with it. There are people out there that take one verse from the Bible to suggest it's okay to fight the government, even though there are many more verses that make it clear you cannot and shall not do that.

    The sheer numbers speak volumes. God is working POWERFULLY here.

    I pray the Blessings of the Holy Spirit upon you and that you are blessed in the Name of Jesus.

  61. Oh and one more thought. Yes I have read much of Professor Luginbills study on the Luciferian Rebellion and it is fabulous. He is one of my favorite authors along with Custance at Excellent works.

    However, nobody but nobody get's the "whole picture" ESPECIALLY ME.

    HOWEVER!! The confirmations that have come in through supernatural experiences, both through prophetic events (through people I know personally AND people who have written me, indicate that there is MUCH MORE to the story than many of these outstandng folks (including Luginbill) may have known about.

    I cannot turn by back on the Lord's witness from so many sources including myself. It is utterly POWERFUL.

  62. I've been reading your site all day (btw, what do you think of Mike Hoggard? I think I found a post where you mentioned watching him, but I haven't had time to get to that one yet!) and I'm so enthralled!

    I've been checking the channeling folk lately, totally amazed at the "set up" in process. And here you are! Talking about it! Totally legitimate and lining it up with God's word!!! Praise God for you, Johnny!

    I have been so hungry for grappling with the word. Seeking it out and understanding. Not just glossing it over with the same ole same ole. "Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord".

    God Bless You INTENSELY!


  63. Thank you so much. Isn't it wonderful to re-discover the word of God with a fresh perspective. I'm overwhelmed with excitement about discoving new things now.

    We aren't alone. People are being witnessed to by the Holy Spirit all over the place. This means time is really getting short.

    A friend of mine called me today and told a group of people working with him on a job site about this whole Orion Wars, original sin, judgement perspective and they were all astonished and it immediately spoke to their hearts. Everything is falling into place.

    People, who could NEVER understand that the whole human race were sinners on account of the Garden event, are no GETTING IT.

    Its' not because they are gullible. Its because the Holy Spirit is grabbing them and they FEEL its the truth.

    It is a spiritual revelation that is breaking loose at a tremendous rate.

    1 Cor 2:10-12

    10 But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. 11 For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God. 12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God.

  64. This is a repeat comment I published for someone under the first article of this series to help clarify questions regarding the difference between Gen One "man and woman" vs Gen Two the YHWH God spirit breathed Adam and his bloodline.


    The "manifold elhoim" creator (Sons of God) angels, known as Ophannim, came to earth to "seed" or "PLANT" the Heavens on behalf of God. The "man and woman" creations in Genesis One were intelligent versions of "human like" life forms but THEY WERE NOT ADAM!!! They were the other bloodlines that that were created as part of normal "Heavenly "Planting" that God does routinely across the Universe with his blessed Ophannim teams who are given the powers to CREATED directly by God (through Him, and for Him, power vested "into them" directly for that purpose.

    They did not have SOULS and they did not have YHWH God's "SPIRIT" breathed into them like Adam (see Genesis 2:7?) Our judgement, as Ophannim elohim creator angels, was to take on "human form" and live lives in the flesh to "REDEEM" ourselves. The spirit of YHWH God enters his chosen, at the point of conceptions (sperm meets ova).

    The real trouble began when Eve, through some indiscretion, crossed the line and had "sex" with one of the "non-spirit-breathed" entities that were on the other side of the garden (she ate the forbidden fruit etc.). This resulted in the birth of Cain (see Lucifer Father of Caine book and see Who is Cains Father) search Google.

    From that point forward, the anarchy of bloodline corruption was out of control (post fall from the Garden). This is WHY God had to put "enmity" between the SEED of the Woman and the Serpent (metaphore) to PREVENT inter-racial mixing with these other "life forms".

    But it got SO OUT OF CONTROL, that God was going to KILL OFF every living creature on the earth. Instead however, he found that Noah was "PURE IN HIS GENERATIONS". So he sent the flood and restarted the whole "Spirit Breathed" process of allowing is remorseful Ophannim creator Angels to come down "in the flesh" (similar to Jesus … who was proving a point) and go through their "judgement for the original sin" which was the rebellion that happened because Lucifer screwed up everything during the wars in the Heavens.

    Since then there have been multiple onslaughts against our GENOME / DNA for thousands of years, (Nephilim etc., UFO abductions, hybridization of the species, on and on). They never stopped attacking the remorseful Ophannim' angle creators attempt to serve their sentence undisturbed. The evil Alien-Demon-Fallen-Angels that fell with Lucifer are out to destroy our chances at REDEMPTION.

    Lucifer's army HATES US because we betrayed him so we could earn our opportunity to GO BACK with JESUS and Rule and Reign with Him in the Heaven's.

    And the price we have to pay is HIGH! Our struggle here on earth is critical for us to Show GOD, the Father, that we are 1) spritually understanding of the fact we need to be born-again, and 2) called by Him (touched by him) to come HOME.

    Not everyone is coming along either.


    What a fabulous opportunity for us.

  65. Dear John,
    Thank you seems so inadequate because you have richly blessed me with the 'missing pieces' to my personal research concerning our Lord's mission here. The information is so timely and God is using you greatly.
    I do have a few questions regarding what has been revealed. You stated that our DNA is being corrupted by Lucifer and his fallen angels/demons and this is killing off the Ophannim that were willing to come back to god by taking on human form.
    Question 1: If DNA belongs to the physical part of us and not "our soul", then why should the physical death be of concern?

    Qustion 2: When God told Jonathan Kleck about the reseeding and repopulating of earth, when is this suppose to begin?

    Bless you,

  66. Well remember, if we are killed off before we are "born again" and baptised, then we "don't make it". But that's only part of the reason Lucifer's army is corrupting our DNA. It also allows THEM to infest us (fit extensions) so demons can live inside of people's spirit / soul energy fields. Many of the fallen remorseful angels (reportedly us), have to have their "God Spirits" activated by a touch of the Holy Spirt through salvation, forgiveness, and becomeing born again. Until then, the corruption attacks are multi-fold. Not just to kill us off but to own those who are not yet "activated" until death.

    The Planting of the Universes have been going on for MILLIONS of years. Long before earth was created evidently.

    Isa 51:16
    16 And I have put My words in your mouth;
    I have covered you with the shadow of My hand,
    That I may plant the heavens,
    Lay the foundations of the earth,

    I suspect when God was talking to Jonathan, He was referring to "the new earth and the new heavens' after this age is complete and Christ comes back to pick up those who have earned the privilege to return with him.

    And then you have the New Millennium and I have NO IDEA how that fits into all this.

    I am just a "tiny baby" in my understanding about all this. But I have spent more time in tears since I wrote that article than I have in my entire life.

    When the spirit witnesses to you that before the foundations of the World you knew Jesus and through a series of events that you were involved in, you AGREED to come down here and suffer in the flesh just lke Jesus Did for US, to show us that it is not impossible, no matter what, and you see the big picture. It's heart wrenching. I have never felt so deeply sorry and grateful in my entire life

  67. I enjoy reading this stuff but this one reminds me of something I can't put my finger on it. It was either from the URANTIA BOOK but ultimately it talked about creators with an open ended license meaning they created whatever they could imagine. As in Birds with every conceivable patterns and colors, yes we see that and many more animal types. I’m not a ‘hater’ but this is moving into very speculative areas that Jesus may have warned us, and don’t forget ‘sending strong delusions that we might believe a lie’. I’m open minded but would suggest caution and pray for discernment. This type of stuff might have been written about in Sitchin’s work as well. As for Sitchin, 90% truth 10% deception and that’s all you need to be lead astray.

  68. One thing is for certain John, You and Mr. Kleck have continued to diver deeper and deeper into the scripture where almost everyone out there has remained stagnant. Thank you for your courage and I'm praying for continued revelation to us all by the Holy Spirit. Just amazing… Can't stop thinking about this stuff. Truly a "Moon" Perspective. Out of this world view on who and what we truly are. Praise Jesus. 🙂

  69. Amen brother "anonymous". Good job discerning the … "information".

    I present to you Luke 8:17-18

    Luke 8:17-18
    For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. 18 Therefore take heed how you hear. For whoever has, to him more will be given; and whoever does not have, even what he seems to have will be taken from him."

  70. Jonathan above … Amen

    If you only knew what was going on behind the scenes you would be amazed.

    Conference calls, amazing confirmations. This is super exciting.

  71. Oh and PS for the readers that think this is all "popycock"…. The "spirit bears witness". Look at the comments.

    Time is short. We better wake up.

  72. Hi! I appreciate your desire to learn. I love the fact that you love my Jesus! You are smart but humble and I admire that too.
    The scenario you've laid out doesn't fit all of the bible. It could just be that God doesn't perceive time in a linear fashion (like the worm-hole aliens on ST Deep Space 9).Also, there is a lot of support in scripture for 2 different dispensations; the church vs Israel. Is.65:17-25 talks about Israels' destiny during the millennium, and it surely does not sound like the future "eye has not seen not ear has heard " that is promised to the church.
    The idea that there are other planets with other beings should be easy to accept for bible believing christians. There are obviously more than one type of "angel" and why not think they have there own planets too? Btw, I am a life long Baptist. And I love Jesus more than anything. No denomination is perfect! Also, have you ever heard the scientists from the Creation Science Institute? They present much evidence that is rejected by the mainstream because it does not fit their assumed truth that life evolved on earth over millions of years. Perhaps you should see what they have to say before you condemn them?They too love the Lord and have spent their lives searching for truth. I assume that you have listen to lectures from the Ancient of Days seminar?Why would God fearing men who are seeking the truth miss it while blasphemers find it? That doesn't sound like the way the God acts. I also do not know all the answers! But I wonder if you need some folks to talk to who have contrary perspectives . Bounce these new ideas of yours off of someone like Marzzouli or David Flynn and see what they say!
    Thank you for letting us follow you on your journey. Thanks for challenging us to expand or universe!
    PS,It seems to me that " 31"And He will send forth His angels with A GREAT TRUMPET and THEY WILL GATHER TOGETHER His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other." isn't about the rapture but rather about when the bride returns to earth with Jesus to defeat the armies at Armaggadon.Rev 19:11-19.It doesn't say anything here about collecting them from the earth!

  73. That's funny Julie G. You have done a wonderful job of "selling me short". I have studied all the information that you have spoken of in your letter above. I'm sad that you assume I did not take the time to do so. But this is pretty common.

    You have a wonderful journey in your walk with Jesus. Thank you for your kinds words. No hard feelings. We are all heading to the same place.

    May God Bless You

  74. Hey John! My brother, please do not feel any thing negative from my comments! There is so much information out there, I had no way of knowing what you have or have not seen. I don't personally know anyone who studies these things so I don't enjoy the community of believers you have to bounce thoughts off of. My husband does not allow me to speak of such things.Blessings to you. (you don't need to post this) Julie G.

  75. Julie amen. I have the same challenge with my wife. Many of us do. Really glad you wrote me back. Be Blessed in Jesus name!!

  76. All I can say is thank you LORD JESUS and Brother Johnny. I cry every time I think ‘Jesus wants us to come home!’. It has a whole new meaning. I’m still trying to sort out everything, but I know it’s the truth. I wish I had someone to talk to about it, but my friends already think I’m ‘out there’. I’ll pray for a change of their minds.

    GOD Bless you on your continued journey of discovery.

  77. I have a couple problems with your belief. I’m not trying to debate or attack your belief in any way! I just would like to point out some problems. If you can find time address them then maybe I could get a better understanding of your belief. If it was satan in the beginning of Genesis why is the Trinity in the 1st 3 verses of the Bible? To keep this shorter I’ll try to only write the the key phrases throughout.
    Genesis 1: 1 In the beginning God(The Father)
    2 And the Spirit of God(Holy Spirit) moved upon the face of the waters.
    3 And God said,(The Word=Jesus) In John 8:44 Jesus say this about satan He was a murderer from the beginning So I have a hard time believing satan would create life he was a murderer!
    If Genesis 1 is demonic. Why is it when you get to Exodus 20:11 while Moses is receiving the Ten commandments there is a huge problem! God summarizes scripture from Genesis 1 through Genesis 2:3 Exodus 20:11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.
    Psalm 12: 6 The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
    7 Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. What I understood these verses meaning is the Lord is going to protect his word. So I find it hard to believe our Heavenly Father would allow satan to be portrayed as God anywhere in the Bible. Especially the very beginning! In my opinion Genesis 1 through Genesis 2:1-4 was the Lords account of the beginning of creation. Genesis 2:4 These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens, This is God signing off and it repeats that He created the heavens and earth. It also starts to uses Lord God. I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem that up until now it only said God. Throughout the Bible different variations were used(I.E. God, Lord, Lord God, Heavenly Father, Most High, Lord God of Israel ETC). Many people wrote the scriptures. Now as far as the detailed description of Adams creation in Genesis 2. Read it carefully! It’s just an account of the Lord creating in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 2:7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.8 And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.
    I’ll end it with these scriptures.
    John 1: 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. Read the 3rd verse and really carefully.
    Colossians1: 16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:
    Exodus 20:11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.
    Ezekiel 28:15 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.
    From reading these scriptures satan must have been created in the 6 days. Heaven is part of the 6 day creation and everything that is in Heaven as well. The Scriptures are seem clear to me that theory is impossible.
    1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.
    Just something that makes me believe the Lord preserved his word in the original King James Bible. It is the only Bible that is not copyrighted! All other version are and in order to get that copyright they need to have a 10% difference. Ok I’m done with my book! LOL

    1. Please consider studying “The Satanic Rebellion” by professor Luginbill (search using google), and also study the works of “Custance” (search) on Genesis. One of the problems is the assumption that the KJV (or any bible for that matter) has properly translated Hebrew into English which is not possible to do correctly word for word. The other problem is there are nuances in the Hebrew particularly when communicated as “metaphore” which in Genesis 1 is HEAVY. Genesis Chapter 1 is extremely metaphorical as are some of the other texts in that part of the Bible. I didn’t make this stuff up, I only researched the research of other advanced Bible scholars that came to the same conculsion. God bless you.

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