The Botnet Coincidence

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Thousands of Botnet Nodes

Lines Upon Lines
Pyramids Upon Pyramids

Jesus is so wonderful.

JESUS IS THE KING.  And we are about to meet him really soon.  You can BET on it!

We are so blessed to be alive during these very interesting times.  I hope and pray with all my heart that everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday.

Where oh where have I been?  I have to tell you I have been right here.  Buried under books.  I have 13 books stacked up on my desk here in the office.  Two of them are open.  Several more are open behind me.  Frankly it is very hard to stay focused on any one particular topic.  And what makes it even more challenging is that all these subjects are “linked together” in one way or the other.  The temptation to jump from one book to another is very hard to keep in check.  Toss in a few open Internet browsers and I am drowning in data.

Then it hits me.

Writer’s Block and The Shoulder Tap

So the other day I’m doing the “day job” thing again.   This time of the year is hard.  Companies like to cram all their project work into the last part of the year.  And to make matters worse, there is something magical about December 31st for “deadlines”.   It makes sense, right?  After all, why wouldn’t you want to set all your deadlines at the end of the year when everyone is on vacation and there’s no one left in the office to get the tasks completed?  (shaking my head)

Sometimes when you are suffering from information overload you can’t see the forest for the trees.  And to make matters worse, you have those “life challenges” that get in the way all the time.  We all have them.  They’re unavoidable.  Work deadlines, approaching Thanksgiving Day feasts, relatives flying in, sleeping arrangements, and then to top it all off … yes you’ve guessed it … I am the one who does all the cooking.  I actually love doing it.  But when you toss all that wonderful stuff on top of this Tribulation-Now blessing, it is totally overwhelming. 

It’s really very challenging to “shift gears” back and forth between both realities.  After all, the “end of the world stuff” just doesn’t seem real when you are mixing pumpkin pie batter and basting turkeys.  It’s almost like living in the midst of alternate realities of sorts.  One second I’m cracking an egg on the side of a mixing bowl and the next second I am receiving an alert on my cell phone that a 4.5 magnitude earthquake cluster is hammering the Arkansas area.  I expect it will get really hard to bake Christmas cookies when Nephilim are running through your back yard trying to eat your dogs.

But I digress…

So there I am a few days prior to the Thanksgiving Day holiday period.  The previous weekend I had decided to watch the original “Aliens” movie with Sigourney Weaver from 1986.  I rarely re-watch a movie. But for some reason I felt led to download it and watched it by myself wondering if I would spot some hidden information.  But I didn’t.  It was a good movie, but I didn’t see anything that was “Illuminati like”. 

The next day I went to work as usual.  One of the guys on my team sent out an email to the group.  There was a picture in the email.  It was the Statue of Liberty with the exact same “Alien” from the movie stuck on Lady Liberty’s face.  I sat there in silence and stared at that picture.  I was searching my spirit for some type of “connection”.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  It was impossible.  I hadn’t seen that movie in over 20 years.  Why was I seeing this picture?  And yes I know that the Statue of Liberty is actually Queen Semiramis.  That “coincidence” stuck with me and bugged me all day. 

The next morning I woke up wondering still why I saw that alien picture.  The Lord spoke to my heart and told me it was His way of letting me know He was “still here”.  You see I was having a “dry spell” or a type of writer’s block.  Things were just not “coming to me” they way they used to and it was really bothering me.  Perhaps I was under demonic attack.  I assume nothing these days.  But there is no question that “alien” picture was a supernatural “tap on the shoulder”.  It was a gentle reminder that the Lord’s Angels still had “charge” over me.

Ps 91:11

For He shall give His angels charge over you,

To keep you in all your ways.


The Count Chocula Encounter

When you go through these surges in life where you feel very spiritually connected to the Lord, dry spells worry you.   I don’t know how the prophets of old dealt with it.  From all of my studies and my 30 + years of listening to Christian Bible teacher’s testimonies galore, the miraculous moments are few and far between.  This means there are long periods of time you have to just “act in faith”. 

I have often been told by other “Christians” that you must “wait upon the Lord” before taking a step in faith.  I simply do not agree with this “sacred cow” doctrine.  Yes you must believe the Lord will open the doors for you to step through, but if you don’t take the step, sooner or later the opportunity is going to pass you by.  This doesn’t mean the Lord didn’t open the door.  And if you think God is going to suddenly start talking to you through your stereo system, telling you to “get the led out of your butt”, then you’ve lost it.  Hearing God’s voice and learning to follow His will takes some initiative and faith.  But it sure helps A LOT when you get the occasional “tap on the shoulder” from those “messengers” we count on so much.  I love God’s angels.  I can’t wait to actually have a conversation with one some day.

A day or so after the “alien / Statue of Liberty” event, I get a call from a friend to meet him at the mall for lunch.  Upon arrival he informs me another friend is arriving at the airport and will soon join us.  Pretty soon the three of us are reminiscing about “old times”.  All three of us used to work together at the same company about 10 years earlier.  We remembered one funny story after another.  And soon we were laughing about the “living … breathing … documents” incident. 

You see, one day there was a big meeting with a lot of key people there.  The fellow leading the meeting had a strong Romanian accent.  And he was explaining that the documents being authored during the project were “living documents” that needed to be maintained constantly.  With his Romanian accent he rolled his tongue and said in the most Transylvania-“like” way … “Remember these are LIVVVVINNNG, BREEEAAATHING, DOCUMENTS!!”   Someone at the table said “No problem there Count Chocula!” and the whole room BURST into laughter.  Nobody ever forgot that funny moment.  There we were more than 10 years later remembering it as if it happened yesterday.

Suddenly my friend jumped up and yelled “GEORGE… COME OVER HERE!!”

There in a crowded mall, George suddenly showed up at our table.  George is the guy we were remembering from 10 years earlier.  George is the fellow with the Romanian accent.

To my friends, it was an unbelievable coincidence.

To me … it was supernatural.  A “tap” on the shoulder.  A bizarre reminder to “please stand by” … there is “more to come”.

A Jaw Dropping Disclosure

After the “Count Chocula encounter” I was walking around in a “Praise Jesus” fog.  I didn’t know what was going to happen next.  Things like that just dont’ happen to me.  While I admit I have had quite a few supernatural confirmations via emails from various Tribulation-Now contributors and a hand full of super unbelievable phone call moments, the “alien – Statue” event when combined with the Count Chocula moment were super bizarre and certainly had the effect of “waking me up”.   

But I remained somewhat troubled because I was not “connecting the dots”.  While both of those events were amazing, neither of them were leading me to my next article or pushing me toward any particular area of study.  I still had more than a half dozen books open on my bed side table.  Everything from “Pigs in the Parlor” to “The Key to Solomon’s Key”.   Everything from “The Christian Workers’ Handbook” to “The Canon Debate”.  Everything from “The Underground Alien Bio Lab at Dulce” to “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing”.  I depend on the Lord to “push” me toward the next subject when I get stuck and it just wasn’t happening. 

I believe it was a Tuesday morning.  I was doing some research on computer security at the time.  This was just prior to the Thanksgiving Day holiday.  I opened an email from a computer security company.  Inside the email was a link to what they referred to as a 3-D Botnet Map.  The idea was that you could “zoom in” and “zoom out” and see into a map of a global Botnet.  For those that don’t know what a Botnet is … it is a collection of virus infected computers located all across the Internet.  A typical Botnet can be made up of millions of computers in hundreds of countries.

The picture at the top of this article is the 3-D Botnet Map showing thousands of computers all infected with this particular virus.

I then “zoomed in” with the zoom control to see what I could see.  I zoomed inside the collage of thousands of computer nodes.  When I zoomed in far enough to see the labels on the infected computer nodes, BY COINCIDENCE, the computer node in the very center of my zoomed view was …

If you were sitting beside me watching my face you would think I saw a ghost.  There were literally thousands upon thousands of graphical computer nodes for me to zoom past.  The odds of me zooming in on a computer node with a name that has anything at all to do with Tribulation-Now research had to be one in a million.  The odds of me zooming in on one entitled “DISCLOSURE PROJECT” had to be one in TEN BILLION. 


There is no question in my mind that the Lord wanted me to drop everything and focus my study on THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT.  But not JUST the Disclosure Project.  Instead this was an outright notification that I have been on the correct course all along.  My research was to remain focused on “anything and everything” related to this COSMIC THREAT and the Disclosure Project is TOP DEAD CENTER in the middle of this forthcoming onslaught.
Early Findings and Disclosures

Supposedly yesterday at 4PM (somewhere) there was supposed to be an announcement by China that is “urgent”. Be advised the word is that China is part of an “east vs. west” evil cabal “battle” of sorts. Now for what it’s worth, the “word” is that amongst the “evil forces” there is a division. This is a confusing concept to explain. But apparently, amongst the dark forces associated with the devil’s army here upon the earth (e.g. the Committee of 300, the dark “cabal”) there is a division.  They are not 100% unified across the globe.  Said another way, the globalists are fighting amongst one another.  This makes for some interesting dynamics.
I don’t find this concept difficult to grasp since every major conflict has had a similar “modus operandi”. From Nazi Germany, to the Bolshevik revolution, the leadership of the various armies were pitted against one another to keep the “devils” under control “top down”. 
Lucifer is in control at the top in the sense that ultimately he has been running the show here anyway.  So the “pyramid” control system is perpetually in place.  Everyone is deceived … even the generals of Lucifer’s army.  So as you “monitor” the happenings you must be aware that everyone is being played.  Even those who “think” they are on the “good side” are being “played”. 

They are ALL being played 
I am going to say this one time emphatically.  If you are “following” anyone (any man or group of people), you are in “danger” of being deceived.  For example,  if  you are following Dr. Bill Deagle, you are in trouble.   If you are following “anyone” in particular, you are in trouble.  Do not believe anyone that says things like “you must ascend” to a higher level or that “love” will save you… etc.  I will write more articles about this deception.  But I guarantee you that the “deception” is SO UTTERLY DEEP that your mind will be blown. 

Believe only Jesus   JESUS ….   JESUS

There is a growing group of people in the Christian community that are SUPER SCARY and to be FEARED.  I am warning you in the Name of Jesus to be extremely careful.  They are all interconnected at the COSMIC level.  And some of them are utterly astonishing in their Biblical prowess.  If you are not KEENLY aware of the “buzz words” and “warning signs” you WILL believe them.  You will believe that they are wonderful Christians that have figured out some awesome “mysteries” that were hidden in the Bible until the END-TIMES and they are hear to HELP YOU.

I will be unraveling these lies in future articles and helping you to identify these extremely dangerous mouthpieces.  They are all connected and they truly believe they are doing God’s work.  THEY ARE NOT.  There are very subtle hints that will help clue you in on the deception.  But you have to know what they are.  You have to know your Bible extremely well to figure these people out.
Summary in Jesus Name
Did you know there is a secret code word to be invited into the Kingdom of Heaven?  Yep sure is!  NO THERE ISN’T!  There is no “cosmic ascension” or “spiritual change” required on your behalf to make it into the Kingdom of Heaven.  We are swimming in lies and nonsense.  Through a rather impossible “coincidence” the Lord has led me to focus my research on this “Disclosure Project” stuff, and the more I study it, the more I realize it is all tied together into a big FAT LIE.   I’m not talking about the obvious stuff here.  I am telling you the deception is so thick that your understanding of who “the elect” are is in jeopardy.  
These people have weaseled their way into the Full Gospel Business Man’s Fellowship. These people have weaseled their way onto The Prophecy Club.  These people are hobnobbing with legitimate Christian leaders who are “none-the-wiser” and they are giving EXTREMELY COMPELLING TESTIMONY. 
There are no good cosmic visitors coming here to save planet earth.  You do not have to ascend to a higher spiritual level.  Jesus is going to send his angels to gather you up when the time comes. 
The reason these forthcoming events are going to “trip up” the vast majority of Christians is because they are going to be utterly UNBELIEVABLE… even to you and I.    Think about it.  If the very cosmic visitors that are coming to earth ACTUALLY BELIEVE they are coming here to save us for real, the deception will be ALL THAT MORE CONVINCING.   If the ambassadors of these cosmic visitors here on earth ACTUALLY BELIEVE they are here to save us, they will be all the more believable.  Even the extraterrestrial visitors are coming here to DO GOOD.  There ARE forces of good and evil.  There ARE “good aliens”.  In their minds they are GOOD.  In their minds they ARE coming to save us.  They believe the lie too.
These Federation of Light human-looking alien entities DO IN FACT shoot down ICBMs!  Did you hear what I just said?  I kid you not.  There are “alien demon” UFO’s in our atmosphere right now that are actively trying to prevent nuclear war and are actually shooting down Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and have been shutting down Nuclear Missile sites INTENTIONALLY now for OVER 50 YEARS!
There are NO good aliens.  They are all fallen angels.  They are all demonic forces.  It does not matter if they “think” they are doing good or “appear” to do good.  They are all working for the DEVIL.  In the end, the Christians will be killed by them just like the Bible says.  How horrible it is to realize that the FEMA Camps themselves may have been constructed for their use as far back as 1984.
After all … those who built those camps are the same baby killing Lucifer worshiping freaks that have been trying to enslave and murder us all since Ancient Egypt.
PS: Keep your eyes pealed and watch the News Today!!  The Simpsons’ clock may have been pointing to 11:30 and not 11-6.
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  1. Well Johnny "B", I have to say I have been missing your posts, but with so much time passing I knew you were working on a big one! This brings to mind David Willcox and Divine Cosmos website and what you've said in the past, with some grain of truth mixed in with all the deception. His last post sounded so informative until he started in on the "mass awakening and consciousness" convention that he was promoting and then I tuned out. This also reminds me of someone a while back warning me about Stephen Grier and the Disclosure project. They do make it sound like its for the "better good," but thanks to those like you the truth is getting out.

    God bless you and the knowledge you are spreading! May God give you many more "coincidences"; I know they are starting to happen in my life as well.


  2. Thanks and God Bless You

    Funny you should mention Greer. WOW. Much more to come on that whole deal. AMEN!!

  3. When you said weasel their way into prophecy club etc, are you thinking of Doc Marquis and his like? There are many whom I simply dont trust, because something dont ring true about them.

    And we have plenty of new agers like Echard Tolle (Oprah)

  4. Johnny B,
    I wanted to thank you for all of your inspiring posts. I love sitting down in the evening and reading your articles. Not too long ago you had written about speaking in tongues. I had been speaking to my husband about this very subject one night, as I had personally seen this about 15 years ago and have never forgotten. I told my husband that I truly believed in my heart that it was real(even though I have not received it myself), and we did a bit of research on the subject that evening. Later that night I came to your site, and you had just written about this very subject. Needless to say, a chill went down my spine, and I felt like God was telling me that I am on the right path. God bless you.


  5. Ok, Johnny "B"….can you also send me some really cool teachings on the subject of speaking in tongues?? Thanks and God Bless You!!
    Sandi H

  6. John My Brother in Christ,

    My inspiration when my times get tough. THANK-YOU for being my quiet mentor, for pushing me on, for helping me to keep my ground and dig that cornerstone ever deeper into my foundation. Sorry about the last email I sent you – just shows you how much stress and confusion I’ve been under. Working my way out of it with Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and a few of His awesome warriors. PRAISES GO HIGH To JESUS, OUR LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS. YAHWEH, THE MOST AWESOME, RIGHTEOUS, LOVING, HARD-NOSED FATHER, WE COULD EVER WISH FOR OR CONCEIVE OF!
    Just wanted to bring to your attention another witness testimony of the “Grand Deception” coming up to substantiate your findings on this blog article…
    Still working on mine, which will cover the alien/demonic deception – my testimony

    I love you brother! Keep hammerin’ I’m one of many who need you and your inspired New & Old Age connect-the-dots research. Yeah! Halleluliah!

    God Bless – your lamp must be overflowing! lol 🙂 I hope so, it should be…
    In Jesus’ name with Big Hugs,

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