Waiting for the Water to Boil

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Analysis Paralysis
It’s Getting Warmer

Praise Jesus.  Glory be to God.  We are to praise the Lord in ALL THINGS. 
Isn’t it interesting how we often glaze over key words in scripture?   The word “All” is a powerful word.  So is the word “every” (1 Thes. 5:18).  Well today I choose to praise the LORD for this apparent quiet time.  That’s what we seem to have at the moment.  Well … sorta. 
Never-the-less I PRAISE JESUS!
I also am thankful the Lord takes care of my basic necessities.  I praise Jesus I don’t have to get all “hyped up” over everything that is happening and can take it in stride.  We know the water is getting warmer.  There are a LOT of things happening all over the world and we can “FEEL IT”. 
Just because it’s quiet at the moment doesn’t mean the water isn’t about to boil.
But when will it boil?
How will it boil?
Zero In on Body Scanners
Isn’t it interesting that only about 10 days ago the whole world, including myself, was a’buzz about the Chinese submarine missile firing off the coast of Los Angeles?   I remember sending a text message to a friend in Virginia about that one.  In a bizarre sort ‘a way, I was pleased that something unusual finally made it to the Rothschild controlled news grid.  I was really surprised when one of the guys at work admitted he had heard it was the Chinese and not some left over 4th of July bottle rocket set off by some bored 8 year old.
But what happened to that story?  In fact, what happened to all the “MID-NOVEMBER” alerts??  Where is Clif High and the WebBOT Solar Maximum now? 
Don’t get me wrong.  I understand the WebBOT technology and even wrote an article about how it works in layman terms.  But even with its shortcomings, a peak the size of the November one should have resulted in something substantial.  Is something going to happen in November after all?  I don’t know.   I praise JESUS nothing has.  Praise YOU JESUS for the peace we continue to have in spite of all this evil.
And now it seems, amidst the Chinese flexing of their nuclear muscle, Simpson’s cartoons with tell-tale Illuminati warnings of mushroom cloud generating explosions and clocks pointing to seemingly obvious dates, and TONS of other warnings; we have zeroed in on the TSA body scanner problem a bit.  Now call me crazy, but if I have to choose between someone groping my body parts or praying for burned bodies in the aftermath of a false flag nuclear attack … I choose groping.  And what a sad state of affairs it is when we are cognizant enough to realize that we could actually be choosing between two such evils at any moment.  Wow.
And what about all the Holiday Shoppers who have NO IDEA any of this is going on?
I used to tell people that “Ignorance is Bliss and I’m the Happiest Guy on the Street”!!
Thank You Jesus I know how this all turns out.  Lord in Heaven, I pray earnestly for those who know about these things but have no idea where to turn for salvation.  There is a wonderful exciting freedom in knowing how awesome things will be when we get “off this planet” and into the “Heavens” where we were meant to be in the first place.
Let’s get the show on the road in Jesus Name!!
Star Gates and Star Dust!
Did you know that a Star Gate actually reaches maturity?   Evidently so.  I guess it makes sense.  If you think of it as a magnetic field and you have a basic understanding of how electro-magnetism works, it stands to reason there is a point of maximum field intensity.  And when you mix the electro-magnetic with the vibrational components of particle science there is arguably a point of corresponding resonance … right?  So sure.  I guess it could be true.
But what about the Gold Dust deal?  My “Top Secret Sources” [tongue in cheek] tell me that when a Star Gate reaches maturity or “readiness” it emits a field of “gold” particles or “gold dust”.   I find that rather amazing when you consider that these over-hyped, Kundalini-esque, “jacked up” so-called “Jesus get-togethers” have been reporting “gold dust” showing up in the room.  Perhaps this Gold Dust deal is legitimate when there is an electro-particle-magneto-resonance opening up a dimensional portal.  And who is to say this cannot happen with YHWH?  I am not here to judge, but I do find it rather amazing and a very interesting “coincidence”. 
One thing is for sure, before I go running into any one’s Star Gate, I am going to make DARN SURE that it is MY KING’s energy portal and not some freaky Pleaidian / Omegan group hanging out with their reptilian friends sharpening steak knives.
The Cosmic Threat Thickens
It appears that everyone is jumping on the Federation of Light band-wagon.  When you know the origins of “New Age” and how it is inextricably woven from the roots of “all things Lucifer” and “all things Esoteric Mystery Religion”, the deception  is very obvious.  But certainly not for the casual on-looker.  In fact, the majority of the population that has never finished reading an entire book (let alone the Bible), is in serious trouble.
But what I have noticed is that everyone is now talking about this “New Age” / Federation of Light / spaceships coming to save us … stuff.  EVERYONE!  Never mind Colleen Thomas was interviewed on Russia Today over the Chinese missile launch.  If that isn’t alarming enough.  But now web sites that used to be dedicated to presenting UFO and alien (demon) abduction information are now digging DEEP into the “Merkabah Light Ships passing through Star Gate Portals” stuff.
If you know how to “dig” into the information being presented and zero-in on “key words”, you can listen to testimonies from people and connect all the dots.  THAT ‘s when it gets ABSOLUTELY ALARMING!!  I recommend when you listen to You Tube testimonies and videos, and read articles, that you take notes on the data and research the information a bit further. 
When you do this deep-dive study,  I guarantee you will continuously find yourself circling directly back to the same “Top Ten” New Age, Pleiadian, channelling mouthpieces.  There is a shocking connection here.  This cannot be understated.  We have MK-Ultra Mind Controlled people coming out with testimony that has interconnecting data to virtually ALL of the Luciferian Army’s agenda items.  It is linked so thoroughly to so many “elements” of this onslaught it is unreal.
Star Gates & Space Ships Everywhere

Below is a link to the Gulf of Aden Star Gate testimony and quite a bit of other data collected by the article’s author.   If you take the time to listen to the full 1 hour and 26 minute testimony of Aaron McCullom, you will be able to glean out some very interesting information.  But there is more than “meets the EAR” here (thanks Kari).  

If you pay CLOSE ATTENTION to Mr. McCullom’s eyes, especially around the 44 minute mark (and from there forward) you will see a “tell tale” rapid eye movement occurring.  His eyes will dart down and to the left extremely fast, almost like a “twitch”.  This is not normal and I have seen a similar characteristic manifest in those who were (are) perfectly possessed.  In fact, some people that I have seen this same “eye darting” characteristic were said to be completely possessed by “reptilian demons”  by multiple sources.

It occurred to me while listening to this person’s testimony that either 1) he was sincere about wanting to tell his story to help mankind and disclose the evil “cabal” or 2) He was acting a part to further a deeper deception.  It also occurred to me that it is quite possible that Lucifer’s minions are being pitted against one another.  So IF this person is perfectly possessed by a “walk-in” reptilian demon, it COULD be possible this is one of the “so-called” good one’s.  How utterly un-real it is to actually consider the dynamic in the ABC Mini-Series “V” could be for real.  How unbelievable it is that there could be “good reptilians” and “bad reptilians” (in their own minds).  Mind Controlled Minds … that is. 

Things are getting really interesting.

The Gulf of Aden Star Gate Opening

Additional Star Gate Tidbits
Mr. McCullom brings up some alarming points.  And it seems most apparent to me that he is almost certainly possessed by “something” bad.  But in these extremely dark days we live in, to those of us who Love our King Jesus Christ, ALL of these entities are bad.  In fact it’s important to realize it may not be long before we have nobody (on earth) we can trust except one another.  And in some cases those we believed we could trust will turn against us.  This is going to be very hard to deal with. 
We need to learn how to AMPLIFY our spiritual relationship with JESUS in such a way that our “spirit of discernment” is very POWERFUL and highly accurate.  And very soon we will not be able to take ANYTHING for granted.  At this stage, I take NOTHING for granted.  I pray about everything.  Constantly! 
Evidently this Gulf of Aden Star Gate is actively letting “space ships” flow in and out of it.  It has been suggested that the entities that are flowing in and out are those who “seek to do us good”.  In fact it was suggested that the “Federation of Light” people are those behind this Star Gate and the global military buildup there is to “control” and ultimately STOP these “good aliens” from breaking through in force.
It was clearly stated the some type of false flag terror attack event(s) is yet to occur here in the United States and across the world.  This series of events would lead to a very large Afghanistan-type war situation in Yemen.  This actually makes sense since it’s no big secret that the evil “cabal” has been “front loading” our minds with Yemen being the epicenter of “terror” activity for a very long time.  And when you realize that 95% of what the average person sees on TV is a distraction, you have to ask yourself…. from WHAT?
There is evidently also another HUGE Star Gate about to open off the coast of MIAMI!
And evidently there is some type of underwater alien-demon freak-show Star Gate “base” of sorts off the coast of Puerto Rico called “Sea-Gate”?  No wonder Puerto Rico, of all the Island Countries in the Caribbean, was the one country the United States decided to make part of “it’s own territory”.  FASCINATING!!
Summary in Jesus Name
I find it utterly un-real to see all the things that are happening around us.  We can never forget one thing for another.  This is hard to do.  A Chinese nuclear submarine fired a missile off the coast of the U.S. ten days ago and we are already focusing our attention on other things.  
I believe, somehow, we must never let our attention be focused on any ONE thing (except JESUS).  Personally I make it a point to remember all the news tidbits that have happened over the last YEAR at a minimum.  Often times I will read over my old articles just to help me remember some of the alarming ALERTS we were all worried about at one time but have suspiciously forgotten.
People we are in a STRANGLE HOLD.  In fact, we have been in a strangle hold now for YEARS AND YEARS.  The more I think about it the more I believe that either they are waiting for the Planet X approach to “heat things up” or they have some other cosmic master plan that they intend to break prior to the Nibiru “catastrophic climate change” events.
Oh wow… I almost forgot.
Get yourself a White Board and KEEP TRACK
And most of all …

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  1. Awesome post as usual, I had article posted on my blog at http://www.salsworldonline.blogspot.com/ about the idea that the Cern Project was more than just about finding the God particle, I believe that the technology being used their is to open Doorways or portals to other dimensions, they have said that they will discover other dimensions within a year.I believe that the technology has been given to them by the so called Alien entities to bring their friends into our realm, they are not aliens from other worlds but the fallen angels spoken of in GENESIS who have been manipulating world history for thousands of years, and are getting ready to release their friends who have been locked up by god in Hades or tarturus. The time is getting short and we need to find Christ while he may be found.

    God bless you


  2. interesting Sal. Youtuber Gorilla199, who is a christian man by the way, made a video on this:

    but also learned he was wrong on some things, and right on others:

    May Jesus bless

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