The Alien Demon Agenda (Interim Thoughts 1-2)

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The Perfect Storm
Unfolding the Unthinkable

In multiple times throughout the Bible, God told his prophets to “hide away” certain critical information. One time is in Isaiah (I forgot the verse – Loren would you add it to the comments section below this article?) and the other time is in Revelation where Jesus tells John NOT to record that which he saw and keep it secret.

What this means to us is that we have to walk in FAITH and use our SPIRITUAL know-how to discern what is right and trust that God will reveal these things when His time has come. This also helps us to understand that there are hidden mysteries of the Lord that we are not READY to understand YET!

The next thing to understand is VERY TRICKY BUSINESS. The “mystery religions” have a very large amount of their information that is CORRECT. This is going to TRIP UP a LOT of people. This means that the Masons (Luciferians) know things that are CORRECT. And they will USE this knowledge to convince us that JESUS has been demoted and is not OUR KING any more.

Listen to me carefully.  The key words that Jesus used was “do not be deceived”.  DON’T BE!  Jesus is God.  Jesus is OUR KING.  That is the PERPETUAL KEY to overcoming what we face in the very near future.

Challenges Presenting this Material

I am both humbled and even a bit “cautious” about trying to tackle this subject matter.  I’m feeling this way because I realize that Tribulation-Now’s readership has reached an all time high.  And except for the help of a few very strong contributors from our email list, I am depending on the Holy Spirit to guide my words as much as possible.  But this does not make it easy I assure you.  This subject matter is EXTREMELY twisted, involved, and challenging to unravel with any certainty.  Believe me when I say you have to anchor yourself in JESUS as your KING.  It is the only way to “wade” through these forthcoming lies and come out still “cleansed with the Blood of the Lamb”.

All I can do is ask for your patience as I work through this vast information.  We face a deception of such immense proportions that I am not sure I can capture it adequately.  This attack on Jesus is going to be absolutely remarkable.  Jesus is “their” arch enemy and for them to be successful they must “dethrone” him and do it in a manner that is utterly impeccable.  If you are hearing what I am trying to say to you, then believe you ME, we are in for some SHOCKING stuff.

Please be patient while I work behind the scenes to unfold this for you through research.  The Lord has led me to some new material (books, etc.) that when “correlated” and woven together should give us some awesome insight to this forthcoming deception.  I want to do everything I can to help you discover the events with some level of accuracy.

But remember.  God has everything under his complete control.  His Holy Spirit, has many functions.  One of the Holy Spirit’s functions is “restraining”.  As this “God at War” paradigm unfolds, the Holy Spirit of God “restrains” events and keeps them in line with God’s will.  If this were not true, I can assure you the entire human race would have already been destroyed by these “THINGS”.

The Bible is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said:

Matt 24:22

And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved


Running Hear and There to See Jesus

Remember how in Matthew 24 Jesus warns that people will be saying that Jesus is here and Jesus is there?  Do you also remember how when Christ rose from the dead and walked among this disciples they DID NOT RECOGNIZE HIM?

People, this is the KEY to what is coming. 

God Speaks to You through “Feelings”

When God speaks to you through your spirit it is almost ALWAYS very subtle.  Unless you are one of the extremely few people who received a vivid vision or dream at one time or another, you DO NOT hear God speak in an “audible clear voice”.  In FACT when he speaks to you through your spirit you do not hear it in the 2nd or 3rd person.  For example God does not “tell you” to “do something”.  Instead “you” get a FEELING and that feeling comes to you in the FIRST PERSON.  “You” think you feel something.  “You” feel like “you” should do something.  God doesn’t tell you to “come here” and “go there”.  You “feel it” and you think it is coming from “your heart”. 

This is how the Lord communicates to his sheep.  This is spiritual communication.  It does not come in “loud and clear”.  It comes into your spirit through your heart.  Please remember this.  There are “technologies” that will be used against us that will make you absolutely SURE you have heard the voice of the Lord.  THEY ARE LIES!

You need to prepare yourself spiritually RIGHT NOW.  This means you MUST set aside some special time to be alone with the Lord.  Start with sincere praise.  Praise is the key.  Open up your “force field” of praise and then SHUT UP.  BE QUIET.  You cannot “feel” the words of the Lord when you are “thinking about stuff”.  Praise and then LISTEN to your heart.  Practice this regularly.  Lift your hands in intense praise, and lower your head and be silent.  Be STILL and know that HE IS LORD!  This is not easy.  The more you do it the more positive you will become that the Lord is speaking to you through your “spirit”.  You will eventually “feel” very strongly that He is moving your heart in the right direction.   Spiritual communications is similar to supernatural “telepathy”.  You “feel” the other person’s “feelings”.  It is a form of EMPATHY.  God speaks to you in subtle “empathy”.  Learn to trust those feelings.  Practice makes perfect.

Too many Jesuses, Which Jesus Do I Follow?

Here as some things for you to consider.  I do NOT know if these ideas are correct so don’t bombard me with scripture trying to make a point.  I am only sharing some “feelings” that have occurred to me recently.

Remnant? Which Remnant?

Did it ever occur to you that if Jesus had to “cut short” the forthcoming attack on the human race to prevent our complete destruction, that maybe there won’t be hardly any of us left?  Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, the “REMNANT” that survives and returns to Israel is going to be made up of many different nationalities?    Could it be that this “remnant” are a small subset of people who survived this onslaught by some miracle of God, and happened to have a relatively pure bloodline back to Abraham but are not “long bearded orthodox Jews”?

Check out Jude 14:

Jude 14

Now Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men also, saying, “Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, 15 to execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.”



Who is the Judge?

The Lord comes with TEN THOUSANDS … note the plural of thousands.  That’s tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, possibly more than that.  This number is indeterminable.  It is a “crap load” of saints.  And GUESS WHAT?  These saints are likely to be US!  And what do these saints do?  They “execute judgement”.  WE … yes you and I, will be assisting our KING Jesus in the execution of Judgement.   That is a very scary and amazing responsibility.

But I digress from the point.

Is it possible, even highly likely, that NONE of the JESUSES, that present themselves to us are the REAL Jesus?  After all, think for a moment.  If I am correct about the rapture (which I do not claim to be certain about), then maybe the rapture will happen JUST PRIOR to the WRATH.  When God unleashes his wrath, forgive the pun but “ALL HELL” will break loose.  Remember that God is taking NO PRISONERS on this deal.  When his wrath gets dumped out, THIS TIME, he is going to completely destroy the entire earth.  This would mean that the few that are left alive would have to be “taken out of the way” while God KICKS SOME SERIOUS KAZOO.

Jesus – Jesus Everywhere a Jesus

Now if this is only “partially correct”, then doesn’t it make sense that NONE of the “Jesuses” that these “alien-demon” freaks are going to present will be the real one?  If the “pre-trib” rapture is part of the great delusion and Satanic lie as many of us believe, then there is absolutely no point in worrying about missing Jesus because he isn’t coming until all these “LYING WONDERS” have already pissed God off to the point where he “pulls out his Holy Spirit” (the restrainer) and the cosmic forces of the Universe start destroying the earth with a fervor that has NEVER EVER HAPPENED before in the millions of years of the Universe(s) existence.

All the “fake” Jesuses, will be running for the hills long before our KING appears.  And do you think your eyes will recognize him?  THINK!  Do you believe the pictures you have seen of Jesus are accurate.  DON’T BE DECEIVED!  Don’t buy the illusion for a minute.  If the apostles themselves could not recognize Jesus when he walked along side of them, then NEITHER WILL YOU!  Any “entity” that looks anything like any of the pictures or paintings of Jesus that you see hanging in your church or on a wall in a cathedral are LIES!

If you live that long, and I pray for your sake you are with the Lord long before then, ONLY your heart will tell you that what you are seeing is JESUS.

(and I just broke into tears typing that last sentence so take it to heart please)

Interim Summary

As long as you HOLD FIRM to the promise of Jesus Christ as YOUR Savior and King NO MATTER WHAT they unfold or reveal in their “lying wonders” then you will be just fine. Remember that the very best lie is a lie that is 99% truth and 1% lie. It is nearly impossible to detect a lie that is mixed with so much verifiable truth.

The main difference between what our enemy believes and what we believe is that JESUS IS KING.

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19 thoughts on “The Alien Demon Agenda (Interim Thoughts 1-2)

  1. This is such great content on your website, and I consider myself
    lucky to have stumbled on this site! Its weird that most of the people
    even here have heard of aliens in one way or another but are quick to
    trash this as religious fanaticism or scare mongering.

    In Jesus we have the victory, I like the verse in John that says "my
    sheep hear my voice", and in the letters of John it says "this is how
    we know the spirit of error and the spirit of truth".

    Therefore when we start hearing of this jesuses we shall be able to
    know and discern for our selves, it also says that if it were possible
    they shall deceive also the chosen.

    Let us bare one another burdens so we ourselves don't fall into
    temptation or the hour of temptation.

  2. Awesome contribution and thank you!!!
    People do not understand how much "I" depend on everyone's emails and contributions. The Holy Spirit hovers over all of us and through us on a dimension we don't understand.

    Thank you very much.

    Be Blessed in Jesus Name!!!!

  3. My interpretation of the verses when they say JESUS is here Or JESUS is there and not to be deceived by them is this

    Luke 17
    21 – Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

    1 Corinthians 6
    19 – What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost [which is] in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

    WE are told JESUS lives in us.. We dont need to go running looking for him

    Ephesians 2
    22 – In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.

    Ephesians 3
    16 – That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;
    17 – That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love

    Ephesians 4
    23 – And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;
    24 – And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.

    galatians 5;25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

    Only people that never knew JESUS will be running looking for him


    1. Remember we are told to test the spirits. Spirits who do not confess that Jesus “is come in the flesh” are demons. Note the tense. A demon will confess Jesus “has” come in the flesh. As you say, Jesus is in US! A demon is so scared of “Jesus in us,” that he can’t even say it. Here’s an experiment to try: Offer money to a greedy non-believer to say, “Jesus is my Lord.” Interesting results.

  4. Dear John, I like your thoughts. We have been deceived by false revials that have been going on for 10-15 years. We as the body are not grounded. I know I did a long study on revials of the pass so that I would know what it is. So many are looking for signs and wounders that we are not looking at Jesus but at signs and wounders. Marie p.s. It causes me pain.

    1. Careful! Jesus said tares grow with the wheat. Some of those miracles are real, but some are deceptions. One must trust the voice of the Holy Spirit within. We are not allowed to judge the heart (motivation,) but we are to evaluate by the fruit.

  5. Eagerly awaiting the results of your studies. Thank you dear brother in Christ for feeding The Lord's sheep. Our minds have been clouded by delusion and deception. We hunger and thirst for Truth, however. Sometimes I think we are afraid of the truth. Sometimes the truth is hard to believe even if we want to because those who are truth seekers don't want to be deceived again. We become suspicious of everything! But blessed be those who are filled with the Holy Spirit. This is our only hope of revelation. This is the reason I'm drawn to Tribulation-Now. You are being led by the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit draws many of us to learn from your website. Thank you, be blessed in Jesus name.

  6. Thank you BUT please always do lots of your own homework and please email me with your ideas and thoughts. We are all in this together and there is no way I will get everything right. Just ideas, just thoughts and things for us to consider.

    Thank you so much and have an awesome Jesus filled weekend!!


  7. In order for the deception to fully be understood you all as followers of Jesus must read Joel Richardson's book 'The Islamic Antichrist'. I feel that this text will help all Christians find a new level of discernment and also make sense out of many, many passages of scripture.

  8. Brother, you are tackling such a tangled, subject and I thank you for taking the time to work on unravelling the threads. You are correct, the deceptions that are in progress already have so much truth in them, but just one tiny bit of falsehood makes the whole thing false, doesn't it? So, one tool that Satan is using upon the believers who are trying to pierce through the fog is the tool of uncertainty and doubt. I have read so much from supposedly Christian websites and blogs that preach that many who think they are believers will be on the goat track, so to speak, if they have not done this or that, things that add some little bit of "work" to the grace of salvation, hoping to derail believers, hoping to instill fear and uncertainty.
    We must TRUST Jesus completely….when God's word tells us that we are saved by grace alone, then let us trust in that. When he tells us that no one can take us out of our Father's hand, let us trust in that. When we worry about recognizing Jesus, let us trust him to keep us from running after one of his fakes. The key is to be so rooted and grounded in God's word. When all else is false, his word is true. So let us praise God as we walk toward the final chapter in this world's story, and let our hearts be filled with confident trust that He is able to shine his light bright enough, clear enough so that it pierces through the dark clouds of lies, fakery, trickery, and deception.
    I am praying for you as you work on your next post….
    Nancy K.

  9. I must concur with your post. There is a lack of understanding within the various Christian communities.
    Is it not written,,,,'my people suffer for lack of knowledge.'
    In Proverbs the Word of God says,,,,"hear my children a fathers plea; gain understanding."
    Again in Proverbs we are told,,,,"the beginning of wisdom is get wisdom; at the cost of all you have, gain understanding."
    The knowledge within satans army encompasses physics, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics etc,,,'
    The content of their knowledge of history is more correct than what is doled out to the people.
    If we are sincere is our efforts, we can gain understanding. And STILL, the loss of knowledge of certain truths will leave us vulnerable to deception.
    What are we left with?
    Faith. If our hearts are not turned towards Jesus, then as with the elect, even we can and will be deceived. As our eyes and minds are so easily distracted by the current 'news', each and every day the conspiracy marches on, removing our rights as a free people. And STILL, people WANT to believe, 'it can't happen here'.
    If this WANT is so pervasive in just the concept of patriotism, how much easier will it be to deceive people when the bogus christ is presented? It isn't a 'what we want'; it is what were we told by the Lord and through His prophets.
    The Tribulation has not yet begun. The has been no covenant with Israel; no blood red moon; no 2 witnesses and more are absent. Yet, as long as a flag hangs outside our house we WANT to believe America has a chance.
    This is the deception at its peak so far. that so much can be taken away without a fight. Because people live by what they WANT to believe.

  10. Christ's Disciple – hey my friend excellent and thank you for the recommendation. I've heard the work is excellent. Praise Jesus.

    Nance – Thank you so much for your post. RIGHT ON!! Good times coming for those with a personal relationship with our KING and Savior Jesus! AMEN!

  11. There is a LOT OF WISDOM in Jim's post above. Even though things could happen any moment that "blow our minds" it does not mean the "Great" Tribulation has begun. We may only be entering "The Beginning of Sorrows". Be READY!!

  12. Wow everyone ! Golden, simply golden words ! Martin, love the word…Thank you for that
    … strength to our mortal flesh and all !

    And John ,I have no words, but thank you…something is happening ,speeding up, more so than "usual" sensed it yesterday and last night…strong, but very quiet….stay in prayer everyone… and it is the( real and true ,by the Holy Spirit ) Love of God that brings man( kind ) to Repentance ! selah…

  13. Awesome message John! I thank you, as i think along the same lines as you!
    Prsise HIS holy name!!

  14. WOW, thank you for this! BLESS YOU… I'm experiencing it as we speak. i thought at first i was fighting off racists in the occult, then witches, then masons, but after researching on what the demons are doing to me at night, astral projections, psychic portals, energy drains, twisted ear frequencies… i realize that it is a power and principality far above the earth. But reading your sight gives me peace that JESUS the NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES has me and is with me…. The tares are so close to the real thing it's not funny.
    Last night, they scanned my brain and they were hitting certain nerves that made me open and close my mouth, and convulse as if i were sensitive to the SPIRIT but the it was clearly a counterfeit feeling. I guess they are trying to control my mind… please pray for me… I know it sounds crazy but as i'm researching and googling exactly what i'm physically feeling is happening to me, from withccraft to occult, it all leads to the demons we call aliens…
    PRAISE JESUS FOR YOUR BLOOD… You are such a humble loving King. You traveled from the Heavens and washed my feet. To protect me from impending doom, just so I could live… Lord, You hold mysteries too magnificent for me to understand… i honor You Lord and bow at Your feet, all the days of my life.

  15. Thank-you my Brother.I did not expect to get anything out of this BUT,Our Lord reviled two very important things to me.1st they way he talks to us.they now as you well know the tech to put voices in our heads."I am the great OZ follow my voice" LOL 2nd your right ,nobody knows what Our Lord looks like.So I am sure that the photos in churches are there to deceive us.Because that is what the anti- christ will appear as.

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