The Alien Demon Agenda (Part 2)

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UFOs over Washington D.C, July 26, 1952 – History Channel

Deception and Truth
Which is Which

Tonight I am scheduled for a multi-hour interview to place another Holy Spirit influenced “take” on this “Luciferian Rebellion” paradigm.  My intention was to wait until this interview was completed and then take that data and interlace it into the next several “Alien Demon Agenda” articles.  I still have every intention of doing so, but sometimes I wake up and realize my writer’s block has subsided and feel “driven” to move forward.

This is one such morning and I hope I do a good job.

Brief Scriptural Considerations

Many “advanced” Bible scholars and even Rabbi’s have determined supernatural information in Genesis.  Pastor Chuck Missler has an extremely advanced study on Genesis and shows indisputable pointers to intentional “pauses” in the flow of the text that indicate God has intentionally left out “parts” of this historical account.  (I hope I said that right because this is hard to explain) 

In fact, after the fall of Adam, there is a high level of likeliness that “entropy” began.  Entropy is the starting point of “decay” (in a sense).  This is very complex science and my intention is to “plant seeds” of thought to help you begin to unravel the hidden “mysteries” that God has woven into the text.

A taste of these amazing and supernatural hidden riddles in Genesis can be found in one of the most boring chapters in all the Bible.  Remember not one “jot” or “tittle” will be left unanswered.  This means that even the PUNCTUATION has meaning.  Think about that!

The “Genealogy” in Genesis 5 includes ten names.  Adam, Seth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jared, Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech and Noah.  The Kenan name has some interpretational issues that can be cleared up through more advanced Bible study and some references in Leviticus.  I can point you to this study should you elect to go there.

Thought Example Number One

Now here is where you REALLY start to see the “fingerprint” of the Holy Spirit laced throughout this “extraterrestrial” text.  These are the interpretations of the names in sequence.

ADAM = Man (is)
SETH = Appointed
ENOSH = Mortal
KENAN = Sorrow; (but)
MAHALALEL = The Blessed God
JARED = Shall come down
ENOCH = Teaching
METHUSALEH = His death shall bring
LAMECH = The despairing
NOAH = Comfort, Rest

When you take those meanings in order, and make a supernatural statement out of them you get this sentence.

“Man is appointed mortal with sorrow, but the blessed God shall come down, teaching “his death shall bring” the despairing comfort and rest.”

So here, even in the very first book of the Pentateuch, you see supernatural evidence of JESUS CHRIST as our savior.  If this doesn’t get your scriptural juices flowing then nothing will.

Thought Example Number Two

Here is Genesis 18:1-5

Gen 18:1-5

18 Then the Lord appeared to him by the terebinth trees of Mamre, as he was sitting in the tent door in the heat of the day. 2 So he lifted his eyes and looked, and behold, three men were standing by him; and when he saw them, he ran from the tent door to meet them, and bowed himself to the ground, 3 and said, “My Lord, if I have now found favor in Your sight, do not pass on by Your servant. 4 Please let a little water be brought, and wash your feet, and rest yourselves under the tree. 5 And I will bring a morsel of bread, that you may refresh your hearts. After that you may pass by, inasmuch as you have come to your servant.”

They said, “Do as you have said.”


Remember the size of the audience of the Bible.  The Bible’s text had to “speak” to people who have lived over thousands of years of history.  We have “no problem” suggesting the the visions of Ezekiel might represent “helicopters” of today, but what about the OPPOSITE effect.  What about the fact that God had to write text that could be understood to relatively primitive civilizations?  Have you considered that?

Also please don’t forget that God has hidden “mysteries” throughout the Bible text.  Some of them he uncovers (to those who have eyes to see, etc.) but some he intentionally keeps hidden away until the proper time.  THINK.  Why do you believe he “had” to keep certain things hidden?  Could the information be simply too fabulous for us to accept?  You BET!

Also please do not forget that in the “end times” knowledge increases.  There is NO QUESTION the Bible is an understatement.  It is laced with hidden mysteries and “intel” that only the most open minded people could perceive.  ANY earthy hindrance to your interpretation can prevent even the most “Holy Spirit Filled” pastor to miss these things.  This is why we are all so frustrated with our church leadership today.

Angels and Demons are Ambiguous Terms

How many of you are frustrated that you cannot “reach” your fellow Christians with the New World Order information?  May I see a show of hands please?  Wow … now that’s A LOT!  So we all collectively agree that WE have discovered information on world events that has a POWERFUL message BUT we cannot get that message across to our fellow Christians and church leadership.  Now that’s FRUSTRATING!

By now you should realize that, for the sake of simplicity and reaching a diverse audience over thousands of years, God has had to DUMB DOWN his text.  So to be helpful he has used “terms” to describe certain entities and objects so our tiny little brains can grasp the concept.  For example, any “entity” that has rebelled against God “cosmically” he has given the name of DEMON.  These are also often referred to as “fallen angels”.


What about THAT TERM?  Angel?  Bene Ha Elohim?  That has got to be the MOST underestimated “term” YHWH has ever used.  The term “Angel” is so “generic”.  It is like asking for a “Klennex” when you would be happy with any tissue. 

If you do even a brief study on Angels, you will see a “multi-dimensional” dynamic.  You will find that there are “angels” of all kinds.  You will even discover eventually that there are “angels” that are NOT ANGELS.  In fact the Bible is extremely clear that you might actually “entertain” angels that are basically just regular human looking folks like you and I. 

The term “angel” is very generic.  You can even argue that the term angel is used to describe many of God’s “Bene Ha Elohim” that have stayed “loyal” to his team.  You even have specialized inter-dimensional angels that travel across “time continuums” such as Gabriel and Michael.

Possible Considerations for Genesis 18

So here as some things to think about regarding Genesis 18.  I am not drawing conclusions I am trying to help you see the possibilities.  Remember I could very well be WRONG.  So you best put on your Berean “hats” and open your own Bibles to “see if it is so”.

  • Abraham is hanging out in the door of his tent on a hot day
  • He senses a presence and looks up to see YHWH God and 3 “men”
  • He goes to his knees and bows in front of “them”
  • He offers them “food and drink” and suggests they are probably tired and could use a break
  • They accept his offer and tell him to “have at it”
  • He has his associate(s) prepare dinner for these “visitors”
  • They eat and discuss various things, particularly the future birth of Isaac

Now here are some questions to ponder.

  1. YHWH God was present at this event along with the 3 “men”, what “form” was YHWH God in at the time?
  2. Abraham “bows down” to the accompanying “men” and offers them food, why do you think he did that; after all nobody ever offered Gabriel and Michael food … did they?
  3. These “men” appears to be in need of refreshment, why do you think that could be true?
  4. Later two of these fellows go to Sodom to hang out with Lot, some nasty people in Soddom try to break into Lot’s house and do bad things to these “angel-men”.  Why do you think these “angel-men” didn’t just “vaporize” and  escape into another dimension like Gabriel and Michael always did? 
  5. Why do you think Lot had to offer up his concubine for “rape and death” to save these “angel-men”?


Research Weirdness

So in preparation for these next articles, I have been digging through some old and new material and taking notes.  This means hours of study and lectures.  The other day I was listening to a lecture / audio book on the Billy Meier Story.  Billy Meier’s information cannot be discredited because he has multiple witnesses, tons of video and photographs, and only one arm.  This “one armed” poor country man in Switzerland could not have forged all this data.  And to make matters worse, he has written letters to “heads of state” warning them of “forthcoming” wars and other events long before they occurred.  They are referred to as the Billy Meier “prophecies”.

About one hour into the “audio book” Mr. Meier was discussing how these visitors from Pleiades (or Pleiadeans), had told him about an ancient “hidden sealed scroll”.  Remember God confirms the significance of Pleiades and Orion in the books of Job and Amos.  In fact when God mentions Pleiades and Orion he is INDIGNANT and emphatically explains that “how dare anyone question his greatness, because after all HE CREATED those planets!”

So Mr. Meier gets with an associate and they travel to the Israel region and uncover this hidden scroll.  Inside the scroll is ancient text.  The text is today referred to as the “Talmud Emmanuel”.  It is loaded with LIES about Jesus and says that Jesus and Mohammed were both great prophets and that WE have misinterpreted the intent of the scripture. 

(through created earthquakes and the discovery of surprise archaeological findings)

Suddenly my entire house goes dark!  A power outage occurs.  All my computer systems drop dark.  Silence .. even if for a few moments.  It was pretty weird that right after the story of the “Talmud Emmanuel” my office / house / computer systems go completely silent and dark.

When the power came back up my main computer would not fully reboot.  I have the fastest hard drive on the planet so this system comes back up extremely fast.  After 4 attempts to bring it up, I realized the system was in a recovery state and got bored waiting for it.

I reached back and riffled through some books I was thinking about looking through.  I opened up a book by Maximillien De Lafayette.  In the first 10 or so pages of this book I find this high level description of “alien demon” entities as described by tens of thousands of interviewees including abductees, and leading experts from over 30 + years of time.


These entities are given in the order of their reporting hierarchy.

  1. Reptilian / Draconians – Highly advanced, hate humans, eat humans, drink blood, believe earth belongs to them, reportedly 30 million of them are coming to earth (think Revelation 9:11 and the “Locusts”)
  2. Greys Types A, B and C – Militaristic, highly scientific, used for conquering planets, reproduced through genetics, used for genetically creating hybrid humans and other “entities”, some 4-5 feet, some 8 feet, in 1993 it was estimated that 1 in 40 humans that walked among us then were genetically created by the Greys, today it is likely many times that number
  3. Humanoid Aliens, similar to human genetics, fair skinned, “benevolent”, reportedly from same star system,

I call your attention to number 3 above.  Those are the PLEIADIANS!  The “Pleiadians” that were visiting Billy Meier report to the Greys.  The Greys report to the Reptilian / Dracs.  The Draconians / Reptilians are referred to as the “fallen angel” variety by the “experts”, abductees, and witnesses of more than 50 years of study and testimony.


The Type C Human Alien-Demon

This discovery utterly “blew my mind” as if the above isn’t weird enough.  Evidently there is a little known group of “Aliens” of the “fallen angel” variety and also from the same “star system” (or close by) as the others.  These are from the SIRIUS star system.  Have you heard this part before?  Do you know why the DOG STAR SIRIUS is so important to the Masonic Order??

According to “Masonic Lodge of Education” the dog star “Sirius” has the following important characteristics:

  • First and most exalted object that appears in the Lodge
  • Heavily used and very important
  • (13 of these stars were on the first American flag, 13 is a Satanic number)
  • Great antiquity, derived from older systems
  • The star of Bethlehem
  • Represents the sacred name of “their” god

Sirius Possibilities

Through all this forthcoming chaos and lies / deception many things are going to unfold.  But remember, many of them will be hidden from our view.  Most of us have heard of this “new age” god Maitreya.  Evidently this Maitreya fellow has shown up all over the place for many years.  Benjamin Creme is pushing his agenda and this “entity” is very well known.

This “Maitreya” entity evidently “walks through walls” and mysteriously materializes in front of your eyes.  Now is it possible this is all a bunch of balderdash.  Sure … I suppose.  But all this information becomes hard to dismiss when there are thousands of different sources all reporting the same story.  It’s the same problem one has dismissing the “alien abduction” claims.

It the SAME PROBLEM anyone has dismissing the “New World Order” claims.

Could this Maitreya fellow be from “somewhere else”? 


This is hard stuff to keep up with. Our Jesus army of intelligence is growing. I wish Tribulation-Now could be guaranteed to grow and continue to have electronic connectivity to millions of people with an Alex Jones “sized” staff that could MUSTER US and our prayer power as a formidable force against “them”.

God is amazing … you never know what might happen. Although I think that “our” electronic intel will eventually be taken away some day. That’s why I torture myself (drive myself) hard to get as much information out to you as possible so when the electronic intel is gone, we understand the nature of the threat and the hidden “cosmic” forces we are dealing with.

I know this “stuff” is extremely hard to accept.  And is it important for your salvation – NO!  But is it going to be important for OTHER PEOPLE’S SALVATION!  YES!  We must be able to speak intelligently to the lies that others will be told.  This is not going to be easy and you will need the power of Jesus and the grace of the Holy Spirit to address this UFO business sooner than you think. 
People are basically pretty intelligent these days.  They know about 10,000 year old carvings.  They know about dinosaurs.  They know about UFOs.  Our enemy has God’s most precious creations fooled on a level that we could only imagine in a science fiction “dream”.

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  1. wow, so let's take a walk further. Maitreya has been around since 1977, physically. Creme has been announcing his arrival sine the early 1050's. Stepping over a details to present this particular aspect of Maitreya. His first physical appearance occurred in Kenya in 1988. That country sound familiar with anyone? It was during a religious ceremony where a thousand or so people were present. Maitreya is an ascended master. However, he has not as yet gained complete ascension, meaning with title. It is a Buddhist ritual. Now,,,,,,,,ready,,,,,,,Obama has spent millions to conceal his past. Yet, small details have been found which support that Obama was in Kenya in 1988, near the time of Maitryeya's first appearance. BHO has 2x canceled a trip to a Buddhist temple, which expressly prohibits ANYONE from entering unless properly robed. Upon reaching the summit of this most holy of temples to Buddhists, the ascended master proclaims to the world, he is the "King". Add all of this to ALL of the ways in which BHO has been accepted as some kind of savior, as well as the actions taken to mock all things Christian by BHO personally and politically, and you can get a serious idea of just how deep the coming deception is going to be.

    P.S. let me tell you, I have had several incidents of failure in trying to post to your site. Each time the words I wrote just flew out of me and felt so concise and said just what I wanted to say, but it wouldn't go through.

  2. Jim thank you so much – excellent post. I have had some issues with the comments section of this site as well.

    If you Jim, or anyone, has a highly technical or advanced understanding of this highly challenging subjects, please email me directly at [email protected].

    Sometimes it is important for me to tackles some of these topics off line with people so I can try and present them more methodically so the larger audience benefits and can use it for the Saving of Souls –

    – In Jesus Name

  3. This topic is what people need to learn about, particulary as it concerns the greatest deception they are going to face in the very near future.. I read a dream somebody wrote in steve quayles site in the prophesy section and this one has a high probabilty of happening.

    We know atoms vibrate and have a specific tone.. this persons dream involved loads of ufos appearing playing a musical tune in certain tones that had a type of hypnotic effect on the people on earth.. its not a far stretch of the imagination that these tones could appear to give people psi abilitys or supernatural powers.. I E walk through walls… fly.. or have telekinetic abilty, and fool them into thinking that they ascended or were raptured.. although this is how I imagined such a scenario is possible.. and it was not what the dreamer claimed.

    I have read almost every ufo book and abduction storys that have been reported and once i found them interesting.. until i seen that the billy meir alien woman had the same name as satan or a very close spelling similarity to it.. then i discovered that in the book of enoch the greys are described as the gatekeepers to the doorway of hell,,, plus the grey alien on the wall in an egyptian pyramid.

    Although its possible that these are only one third of the angels that fell and became fallen angels.. It would be a good idea to consider that all of aliens are that we see today, and that these ones will be the ones that drop to earth prior to armagheddon

  4. wow, this is really interesting to me.I just learned about Martial Law that will soon be in affect and it's evils.And a month ago or so I learned of FEMA and their concentration camps and that evil that will soon be unfolding.Now this is something I had not heard of.I want to know all that YHWH wants me to know.I love Him with all of my heart, mind soul and strength.Email me anytime: [email protected]

  5. Finally, thanks for the information, you are sooo right, no one ever stands to listen to such information because it makes them afraid and they just want to leave in their cocoons in peace without any disturbing information. In 1 John 4:6 we are taught how to know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error, "We are of God. He who knows God hears us; he who is not of God does not hear us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error".
    For a very long time now I have know about some of this information of course from the book of enoch and other sources about this "demonic entities" and it reminds me of Revelation 2:24 where it says those who don't know the depths of satan, He(Jesus) charges them with no other burden.
    But as you have put it across here –>' is it important for your salvation – NO! But is it going to be important for OTHER PEOPLE'S SALVATION! YES!', this information is important for those who are leaving in complacency and lives that are neither 'hcold nor hot' not discerning the times. If Peter knew when there were no atomic bombs that things would be vaporized in the last days, how should people leave NOW?!! that we are leaving amidst atomic energy.
    We are not children of the dark that we should be caught unawares, nor are we children of wrath! but we should spread this word so that people can arise and start fasting and praying and stop, piling for themselves wrath in the day of wrath.
    Like you, I also believe that everything is spiritual, for example people are waiting for the mark of the beast to appear physically yet many have already accepted it in their ways of life! just like things in the natural or in our realm are modeled after things in the spiritual, e.g. the ark of the covenant that was modeled after the spiritual.
    The antichrist has already entered into the temple of God and declared himself to be God as prophesied…. In the new testament we are told that our bodies are the temple of God right! think of how many people right now are influenced by 'antichrist' kind of thoughts and behaviors from the media and all sorts of channels! in Thessalonians we are told the spirit of antichrist is already at work.
    Right now we are only waiting for the physical manifestation so that when it comes it shall be no new thing and will not appear as new, many will have already accepted it. Overcoming the mark of the beast is now.

    You have actually leaved up to the name of John the Baptist in preparing the way!

    Be blessed in Jesus Name!

  6. Mr. Robert K!

    Awesome hearding from you and God Bless You Mightily for this comment. We are on the verge of a whole new spiritual war for Jesus our King. Let's get those "souls" for Jesus. AMEN


  7. John…I feel compeled to tell you a story that my mother told me of….
    when I was just a kid…my parents and I went to a small church in sourthern Ohio….small as in a big sunday service was about 70 80 people….now I dont remember the event too well because during the service I was in the childrens service while the adults had regular service….it was during a wed night prayer meeting….during the service I'm told a fellow came in and joined the service….no one knew him…my mother described him as good looking in his 20's 30's and dressed very simple or conservatively….he sat down in the back row with a very bright smile on his face and listened to our pastor conduct the service….I might add considering it was prayer meeting the pastor made a point of welcoming him in to sit with them because services had already started….with a smile he thanked him a sat down…during the service he attentively listened and nodded from time to time always with a smile….my father who was probably the one person I thought and still do was the closest to God (when he prayed you had a sense he was on a first name basis with Jesus if you know what I mean) said the man just shined…that was all he could say when describing him….just SHINED…my father was the entire, what my mom called, AMEN SECTION….he was the only person you heard, other than the pastor, call out AMEN during the message….my mother said every time dad called out amen….the visitor's smile would get even bigger and would nod in agreement….after the message and a lengthy prayer session, they sang a song before leaving….the visitor joined in and….all my parents could say was "WOW"….apparently he had a great voice of song….right after service my father made a bee-line toward the back to talk to the man but he was already out the door….my dad RAN outside and looked around for him….but he wasnt there….no car leaving….no visitor walking…..NOTHING…being summer, it was still light out…my dad said he looked everywhere around the church and the man just vanished…..this church was surrounded with hay fields and just been cut…..there was nowhere to hide…….although not everyone believed him (some didnt even see or believe the visitor was even there)….my father and mother BELIEVED in they're heart that the visitor they saw that night was an ANGEL…..I've never know them to make things up or imagine anything….I believe them with all my heart of what they saw that night….my only wish had been that I had seen him because of the impact it had on them….
    anyway….I just felt like sharing that to you…
    your friend

  8. Very few emails put tears into my eyes and many of them make me want to quit this Tribulation-Now "thing" but when I hear testimonies like this I am AWED.

    You have not only been an awesome encouragement to me but a blessing to the entire readership of Tribulation-Now WORLDWIDE.


  9. Christ Jesus is the only right answer- to everything.

    he alone showed the power to prove it which only he has ever done.

    the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only right way to Christ.

    that same power proves it when the true gospel is followed correctly.

    Jesus Christ is the only right way to the only true God.

    Christ Jesus said his power was of God/from God.

    God is the Father and the God of Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ said that, and showed the power as a sign of authentic ultimate authority.

    God is one and only true and living God- ever.

    his power through his vessels prove that.

    follow Jesus' commands- all of them;

    they alone save, put one in communion with God, and give eternal life.. they came from God, just as he came from God to deliver them to men and deliver men through them, (they deliver men from all things ungodly because they are Godly).

    after death/earth there is resurrection and judgement by Jesus Christ, and every sould will be judged according to what Christ commanded when God sent him. those found obedient will be rewarded great things and eternal life, those found disobedient will be rewarded terrible things and eternal torment.

    all these things are true because they alone get the exact results they specify without ever failing and never being proven wrong or falling short.

    this means everyone needs to find what the one true Jesus Christ really actually preached and follow it wholly in order to obtain those exact results that he both showed and offered to all men.

    the truth is truly spread by someone truly living it.

    live truth.

  10. hey j-man im not to great with the bible but i believe in jesus son of our lord and have accepted him in my heart as my savior but my question was im not baptized is this bad?? im so confused in these times i only hope that the lord will forgive me because im a sinner ! by the way my name is joseph michael diaz and im commenting as anonymous sorry im not great with technology either

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