Death is Wonderful (Yes I’m Crazy)

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Here I go again with another wacky commentary about things that cross my mind.

Why is it that we are afraid of death?  Okay, I understand that we have that “built in” desire to procreate and survive by our Almighty Father God.  I understand that he needed us to survive so we can be promoted to … well … whatever we will be “promoted” too.  But all your life you hear about how AWESOME we will have it on the other side, yet we all WORRY.  What FOR?

I have always been fascinated by those who are in utter fear for their lives and seek healing and cry like babies hoping the Lord will heal them.  My mother died early.  It bothered the heck out of me.  Why didn’t SHE get her divine healing?  But  ‘ya know what?  God has his own plans.  He is utterly in control and he is AWESOME.   Here I sit, telling you, about my mother, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is THRILLED with where she is now.

Our Father has built many mansions … and they are for us.  This is not some benign lie.  This is the “real deal”.  I find myself hesitating to mention the 20 virgin lie, but what the heck, I’m already a marked man … so in Jesus name … yes it’s a lie. How do you know its a lie?  Well because every single “religion” has copied the Hebrew faith of the Pentateuch since creation.  Why?  Because Satan has no original ideas.  God is too awesome for anyone to create better ideas than His.

Great is the Lord!  Great and awesome is our Lord.  Do you really think this is all some fabricated lie?  NO WAY!  So why do you worry about stuff?  If you get diagnosed with some deadly disease, what is your issue?  You are actually being spared from having to go through some horrible things.

I have to hand it to Andrew Wommack at  He has no theological degree, and yes he has had a few healings under his belt, but he reminds people that they should be happy to go to Jesus.  Some find that utterly ridiculous.  I find their disagreement utterly ridiculous.

If you REALLY BELIEVE what Jesus told us …. if you really BELIEVE …

Then hold on for an AWESOME RIDE

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9 thoughts on “Death is Wonderful (Yes I’m Crazy)

  1. Like i told something i had read…. The greatest gift GOD gave MAN was Death and free entry into the Kingdom of Heaven

  2. theres a lot of verses in the bible backs this up.. the potter verses were the vessels get broken to let the spirit run out (content).. Johns verse were it says we are not of this world.. The ones were it tells how the aliens capture and trap souls.. and put them in containers… this in a backward way makes sense of the arguements that satan created man that extra biblical passages hint at.. I will explain… in pistis sophia we get told satan and the fallen angels kept trying to make man and failed.. That one attempt when they finally did it.. GOD played a hand in this creation.. He breathed spirit into that man and made it alive.. Satan and the other fallen angels were delighted until they realised that the creation was illuminated even more than them because man knew everything so they adjusted him or closed his eyes and later decided to exterminate him.. but GOD wouldnt let them succeed…

    So basicly Our spirit is trapped in a vessel that the demons made but put in there by GOD and we became a being greater than the entitys that created us that made them spend the rest of their time trying to eliminate us.. although its extra biblical it covers the flip side of the story.. and is quite funny when you think about it.. GOD outsmarted them again.. either way.

  3. Thank you so much for everything you do. You are a deep thinker, and I appreciate you very much. You are a blessing in my life.
    God Bless You.

  4. Thank you Mitzie. We have so much to look forward too. I don't know about you but I am getting REALLY EXCITED.

    Be Blessed in Jesus Name

  5. One of my favorite verses is Isa 57:1 which
    says: "the righteous are taken and no one
    layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken
    away, none considering that the righteous is
    taken away from the evil to come."

  6. The older I become, the thinner the veil between this world and the next seems to be. I think it has to do with the perspective the HOLY SPIRIT graciously grants us as these bodies, not meant for eternity, deteriorate. My fleshly mortality is less a question and my eternal spirit is brought into clearer focus.
    The times we live in are so unique, I can see THE LORD's mighty hand and can hear his gentle voice with much better clarity than ever before. ALL PRAISE TO THE MIGHTY KING, YESHUA! BLESSINGS in great abundance!

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