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Look Out .. Time is Short!

Well again, I could be wrong.  Aren’t we all so darn often?  For example, have you all really thought about what it is we will be doing after this “earth” thing is all over.  Frankly, I don’t recall a single Bible verse that tackles this subject.  What exactly does “Rule and Reign” actually mean?  Think about it.  Rule and Reign over WHAT?

Some suggest this is a reporting hierarchy in the New Millennium, or “New Earth”.   Okay.  But why then is Lucifer released from the “Lake of Fire” for awhile … “if only for a short time”?  Makes you wonder doesn’t it?  It sure seems to me that the “New Millennium” is “Phase II” of our “testing period” for our “Heavenly” posts.  It further suggests that Jesus allows a lot of people into the “New Millennium” that were perhaps “borderline”.  I told my wife this theory and she couldn’t believe that we might have to go through yet another “testing phase”.  But … it sure seems to “make sense”.

Alien-Demons Heading to Earth

If you have followed the series on “The Alien Demon Agenda”, then you realize it just “might” be likely there are 30 million of these “demon things” coming here to earth.  Remember, when I started Tribulation-Now, I did not even believe in the whole UFO deal.  When I read the Nostradamus World War III stuff I tossed it aside when I got to the “alien earth war” part.  I was in utter disbelief.

Then I found Pastor Chuck Missler, who lost his entire congregation by attempting to tackle the UFO phenomenon.  The lecture he gives entitled “Alien Encounters” can be found here:

This was a huge “revelation” to me.  Pastor Missler strongly suggests this “UFO” deal is “inter-dimensional” and not “inter-planetary”.  But that’s where he stops.

Aren’t we all guilty of shutting down our minds as soon as we hit a bump in our ability to accept something?

Allegory meets Literal – The Ultimate State of Imminence

If I have learned anything through this whole “Tribulation-Now” experience is that HUMILITY IS KING.  And JESUS IS KING.  Now that being said, BOY have I learned to open my mind.  A year ago I would not have believed any of the things I am talking about now.  If I had stumbled across a web site that talked about Nibiru or 30 Million “reptilians” heading to earth, I would have CLICKED AWAY so fast it would have made your head spin.  And look at me now. 


So what if all the “hermeneutic” sliders in favor of “literal” prophetic interpretation have been wrong?  What if the Walter Veith DVD series entitled “Total Onslaught” I bought for $150 dollars was RIGHT?  What if… just “what if” … all our prophetic interpretations have been “allegorical” and we are waiting for things to happen that have “already happened”? 

Have you consider that?

OR ……

What if all the remaining prophecies that must be fulfilled happen in extremely “rapid succession”?  Whoops.  Now you get a nice mixture of “allegorical” AND “literal” packaged up with NO TIME TO REACT.  Now doesn’t that smack of a need for “Imminence”?  Could it be, either way, that we are in for a “hill of crap” on very short notice and virtually NONE of the Christian community sees it coming?

WOW again.

Jesus is On an Intercept Course – Destination Earth

What if the Mayans were right?  What if Zechariah Sitchin’s ideas about Nibiru are basically correct? (even though he is a Luciferian friend of the reptiles)  What if the 99% truth / 1% lie thing works in OUR FAVOR and they are basically right which equals WRONG?   If that is even remotely possible, then maybe Jesus is on a “collision course” with these demons coming?  Is that possible?  Some web sites that claim to be utterly aligned with the direct word of our Most High Lord seem to believe this is the case.

I present to you …

The Final Message – The Day of Our Lord

It begins with these paragraphs.  Right or wrong … perhaps we should pay attention.

In 2006, my Heavenly Father sent me to a congregation on an assignment, and at the conclusion of that assignment, He said to me, “What has been done has been done. What has been decided has been decided.” I did not immediately understand this saying, but He later caused me to know His meaning.

I had delivered His Messages, as I was instructed. The people acted on the messages [mostly in rebellion]. God in Heaven then decided and established His Judgment for them based on their responses. His Word to me could be restated as follows:

“What has been done [by the people] has been done [by the people]. What has been decided [by God in Heaven] has been decided [in Heaven].”

Here is a link to this web site:


This appears to be a “saved by Law” only web site.  All information is to be considered, but ALL information is to be measured against the ENTIRE WORD OF GOD.  Please review Galations 5:19 again and realize that we were Saved by Grace.  READ the Word and do not be deceived.  If you have any doubt, then practice the Sabbath if you desire too. There is no harm in doing so and it is likely going to be beneficial to you anyway. But be advised, if you do, then you are diregarding the “saved by grace” findings of both Peter and Paul as it applies to the Gentiles that were grafted on to the Olive Tree.  The apostles never said you “shouldn’t” observe the Sabbath, they met in a group, discussed it vigorously, and decided it was not absolutely necessary.  Email me if you want an advanced teaching on this subject.

What About Wormwood?

Look nobody better than I realizes there are a lot of prophecies that appear to be unfulfilled.  But what if … just what if … this Nibiru thing brings “wormwood” along with it OR what if the Lord tips this “Nibiru” thing into the earth causing “wormwood” to hit the earth and lets loose these “locusts” of Rev. 9?

Listen Closely

If you are anchored firmly in a full relationship with Jesus our Lord and King, then “don’t sweat the small stuff”.  But if you are not, then you BETTER get off the fence and start PRAISING JESUS.

If the “Day of the Lord” happens when these “things” are released on planet “earth” … then you aren’t going to have any time to react.  You will be running like a crazy person.  Please understand I did not buy any of this stuff a year ago.  And now!

In the Name of Jesus —– YOUR KING

Ask the Father in Heaven to forgive your sins in JESUS NAME.

Start Praying to Your KING JESUS

Do not delay.  If things break for the worse on short notice you will have no time to react.  Now is the time.

(A special thanks to Rick C for this contribution)

(this is no joke – make your stand NOW)
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10 thoughts on “Collision Course – EARTH!

  1. J.B., I get it how C.Missler,S.Quayle,S.Deyo,Richard Hoagboom and W. Herchel and others only see a piece of the pie, I just don't get why you paid $150 for W. Vieth total onslaught dvd,although I appreciate his Jesuit conspiriaces.How about a project blue beam false flag diversion ?
    Aloha Steve

  2. Hey Steve.
    In order for me to learn all that I've learned I've had to spend thousands of dollars on lectures and books. Like I said, as best as I could, I don't believe "anyone" has everything figured out.

    Surely you agree too.

    I am honored the Lord has blessed me with enough income to buy the studies necessary to learn all that I've learned for HIS GLORY – AMEN

  3. Oh! and yes.

    While I have articles on Tribulation-Now about the fake rapture debacle, I intend to tackle this subject in some more detail later.

    Thanks for mentioning that.

  4. like a thief in the night……….evil is working very fast. so yes i think you are right . thank God!!! I get dissapointed when I wake up in the morning and nothing happened!!lol!!!

  5. Amen Jeanne

    He's coming and I think he wasn't kidding when he said "like a theif in the night"!


  6. "my people suffer for lack of knowledge,,,,". That said, what do we have left if we lack knowledge? Faith. Knowledge, encompasses all. Not just words of inspiration to Faith. The ancients,(the prophets included) had knowledge of the importance of many aspects of the sciences. Not such as those who worshipped the other gods; but the basic understanding of how it is all related, and therefore, how it affects earth and us. And hence, the importance of the words of the prophets when God instructed them to deliver warnings containing signs.
    One single aspect of this is the understanding of cycles. Think of the solar system as a huge combination lock. As the cycles reach completion, it will be like the tumblers of the lock falling into place.
    The Lord God, the Father, knows this well. And knows just when He will act according to the timetable He Himself created. Can Nibiru be part? Yes. Can Dec. 21, 2012 be part? Yes.
    Can all the EQ's and volcanoes be part? Yes.
    And, since we ARE ignorant of many aspects of this knowledge, how easy is it to twist such knowledge to dumbfound us?
    Your idea that wormwood could deluge earth with the locusts is not so far fetched. There is in academia, the 'accepted theory', that flies came from a passing comet. Guess which comet. Venus. Venus, associated with Lucifer; as are flies. Quite an interesting link to ponder.
    I want to add more, but nearly every time I try to post, the connect gets disrupted and the post is denied. Not lost. Denied. This has occurred with only one other blog site and the is with where my first link to you came from. Interesting.

  7. Hey Jim … thanks again!
    Someone told me there is some obscure "text character" limit that causes strange rejection error messages. I've seen this myself.

    You can always email me directly at [email protected] so I can forward it to our group and use your wisdom in future articles. AMEN! Time is short.

  8. John, Thanks for what you are doing. Besides David Meyers, who just passed, you have been able to connect the bible to what is happening in our world. This has been an incredible blessing to me. Thanks and God Bless You

  9. I like your style, I have also been reasoning in the same direction and I have been telling my friends and family.
    If you read in Amos V:XIX the day of the lord is like a man running into his chambers, and leaning on the wall and a serpent bit him or running from a lion and meeting a bear.
    There will be totally no time to react. This are such exciting times!!

    The only thing I beg to differ is the millennium, I don't think it will be a "testing period", because it also says that those who died in Christ shall rise. I don't think
    someone who dies in Christ will be raised for "testing". It will however be a "testing phase II" for those who will have lived "borderline" lives, and they shall be
    ruled with an iron rod, which is why satan finds it easy to tempt them after 1000 years

  10. Awesome take and I have heard that before and I think that could very well be true. Makes SENSE.

    Thanks Robert!

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