The Truth About the Vaccine


Folks please.  With all the radio shows and global chaos it’s hard for me to break away and write an article.  So I only do it when it is important.

Listen to what this man says please.  I’ve known the vaccine was:

a) Not the mark of the beast, and

b) Not going to kill massive amounts of people (right away), because

c) It would set off too obvious of alarms and people would wake up


Bill and Melinda Gates are Pagans.  They are Satanists.  They believe that reduction of the global population (known as Eugenics) is extremely important.  This is captured in the series entitled “Utopia” on Prime.  Its is a very violent series most likely to repel Christians so they remain ignorant.

Listen closely to what this expert says..  He makes it very clear that animal tests, over years of time, have proven that the Pfizer and Modernal vaccine mRDA variant causes:


This is a eugenics nightmare because it causes “plausible deniability” such that when the victim vaccine reciever gets another unreleated disease, they cannot blame the vaccine.  They simply say “Oh that was just something the person got on their own”.  This is like Alzheimer and Autisim.  Those were just tests.  This is the MACK DADDY launch of global eugenics across the entire planet’s popluation.

I am certain that Gates and his wife are Satanists.  Regardless of what form of Satanism they practice, pagan beliefs are always about killing people to save “mother earth”.  The population of earth was 6.5B in 2005 (give or take) and it’s now 7.8B.  So this is the Eugenicists “dream come true”.

They want “plausible deniability” so they can inject the world with a vaccine that only theoretically helps (but keep wearing your muslim masks of submission to the devil), AND ultimately and surrpetitiously causes people to get sick from ever other disease known to man.   Pretty much like AIDS/HIV which we already know was a man-made bioweapon.

Here below is another video confirmation from a Doctor with multiple degrees and certification as well as expertise in BIOWEAPONS.   You will note that her research matches what the doctor above states, but indicates a far more sinister possibility associated with the concepts of Eugenics, plausible deniability and Auto-Immune deaths.



If there is no possible way you are able to avoid taking it, remember this:

Remember Luke 10:19 “And NOTHING will by any means hurt you” and

Mark 16:18 “and they will drink (ingest) anything deadly and it will by no means hurt them”.

Remember the Viper bit Paul on the hand on Malta and it had no effect.

If you get forced to take it or are given no choice, you need to speak out loud

“In Jesus name I bless this and it shall have no bad effect on me; IN JESUS NAME I command it”.


Added Sept 24, 2021

Author: John Baptist
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