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Since the start of this web site, Tribulation-Now, there have been 25 articles posted. Each one of the articles has with it a detectable sense of urgency. In some cases, depending on my “mood” at the time of the posting the tone may even feel like one of defeat. I do not want this to be the case. Even though it is important we are “aware” and “prepared” the tone this message must carry is one of complete and total victory. One of a story of intense Love so powerful most people cannot even imagine it. One of faith so utterly embedded there is no question whatsoever in your mind where you stand and what is ultimately in store in your future.

So today’s posting is a necessary ‘about face’ to all this warning of the hard times to come. Today, and for posterity, I also believe it is equally if not MORE important to understand how the Lord God fits into this equation of evil, deathcamps, hard times, food shortages, eugenics and all that the tribulation will throw at us.

As I soon have to head off to my “paying” job (notice I did not say “real”) I am not able to make this a long article so let’s call this an introduction.

KNOW THIS. If you give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ and establish a personal relationship with him, seeking his Holy Spirit for peace, protection, knowledge and all that it offers – YOU ARE ON THE WINNING SIDE. Heaven is a powerful spiritual place. It is the most wonderful and most awesome of all the other spiritual realms. It is where the Almighty God, the great “I AM”, the all powerful “Elohim” dwells. It is far more powerful than any other spiritual realm that exists. And unlike the demonic realms it does not come right out and MESS UP YOUR DAY.

You see, one of the huge contrasts between the demon realm and God (Elohim) in Heaven is TANGIBILITY. The demon realm is ready to manifest itself hungrily in your life around every corner. Satan covets your sole. Satan’s minions (workers) here on Earth (in some cases manifesting themselves as your own friends) will do whatever it takes to “trip you up”. This battle of Satan for every person’s spirit is a GIGANTIC LAST MINUTE POWER GRAB. You see Satan (Lucifer) is more evil, diabolical, and outright horrible than you can ever imagine. And when a person turns away from Jesus Christ, Satan is there to grab the power from your condemned spirit the second you slip up and “pass away” (die) for any reason. For if AT THAT MOMENT IN TIME, your spirit is not right with the Lord and you do not actively belong to Jesus spiritually – Satan “grabs the power” from your departing spirit as it passes into (okay I will say it) HELL. Because Satan is in this “last minute” race to grab as much power from lost spirits of people as they die to fortify this army for the final battle, he is IN YOUR FACE!!! You see Elohim, the Almighty Lord and his Son Jesus are NEVER like that . They are never IN YOUR FACE. Now why is that you may ask? Simple. Because one side is driven by HATE and the other side is the utter essence of unspeakable LOVE. HATE is IN YOUR FACE. LOVE patienty waits for you to come TO IT. Any time you see anything that is HATEFUL it is Satan. Satan (evil) is IN YOUR FACE.

(Wow folks I just read what I wrote above and that has to be the Holy Spirit talking through me as that is right on the money)

Now the next thing you MUST know is the MAGNITUDE of what this LOVE is. You see God, Elohim, has a long history of being somewhat intolerant (that’s an understatement like the entire Bible is in my opinion). So you often hear about stories of the Old Testament and how early Israel did some pretty horrible things to their adversaries. But frankly you have to understand the WHOLE story to “get” why Elohim was so PISSED OFF. But that is beyond the scope of this article. What is important to understand is that the Almighty God “Elohim” that is in heaven (holowed be thy name) sent his spirit Son named Jesus down to the material / physical realm (e.g. Earth – hello are you listening?) to change the whole Godly “tone of things”. Christians refer to this (the Bible does too) as the Second Covenant. Said simply, Elohim Father God decided that all this “Fight Fire with Fire” stuff was not what he wanted in the final days. He wanted to send the message of UTTER LOVE to the Earth. LOVE that is so strong NO ONE on Earth really understands it. Nobody! Father Elohim is the most wonderful creator and most loving spiritual father you could ever imagine. I doesn’t mean he doesn’t get PISSED OFF sometimes. Maybe YOU pissed him off and maybe HE let you get your metaphorical ASS KICKED by one of Satan’s minions. So make no mistake there is a give and take that goes on. After all, Almighty God Elohim did say “HE MADE US IN “HIS” IMAGE”. Wow so this means that God the Almighty Elohim, Creator of the Universe, the one who not only put every star in the sky but knows them all by NAME – This Loving Father has EMOTIONS JUST LIKE US!!! Do not hurt your Father’s feelings. He sent his Son Jesus to this Earth and eliminated the Old Testament QUID PRO QUO (eye for an eye stuff). He set the new Covenant “tone” to FORGIVENESS no matter what, and LOVE no matter what.

Here is the best part. This LOVE makes everything OKAY. All the fear, anxiety and misery you feel every day with your wonderful new car, and your late house payments, and your new ride on mower you didn’t need, and your crappy job and back-stabbing ladder-climbing fellow employees JUST GOES AWAY!!! YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT IT ANY MORE!!! It is like the BEST XANAX pill you could ever get your hands on. PEACE deep in your heart. This relationship with Jesus gives you that peace. Its a side effect of KNOWING BEYOND ALL DOUBT that you are partnered with the ABSOLUTE most POWERFUL LOVING SPIRIT in the UNIVERSE.

In all my research, which included many documentaries and books about demons, the Occult, and Satanic practices, I disovered this re-occurring theme.


Guess why???


All the demons in Hell (and they are some very powerful and scary entities) are fearful of NOTHING but the LOVE of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

With the very UTTERANCE of the Name of JESUS, the most powerful evil and utterly horrible unspeakable manifestations RUN LIKE HELL RIGHT BACK TO HELL!!!

You need this POWER in your life.
The POWER of the VICTORY and a spiritual and physical life in Heaven here on Earth after all this tribulation “stuff” is over.

WE WIN. And it is going to be ONE HECK OF A PARTY after its over.

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