The Epoch of Elenin

The Emissaries of Sirius Approach
Revealing the Mystery of 911

We begin this journey through the mysteries of the cosmos, embracing a humility associated with our origins, before the foundations of the world.  We will explore the mysteries of the “star gods” who are coming to the earth to perpetuate “the lie” (2 Thes. 2:11).  The secrets of the “ancient mystery religions” have been revealed.  Come with me on this journey, through time and space.

The “key” to understanding our divine origins as “sons of God”, indeed begins in the Garden of Eden, but NOT until Genesis 2:7 where God FIRST breaths the “living Soul” into the nostrils of Adam, the first man.

1 Cor 15:45
And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam (Yahsushua / Jesus) became a life-giving spirit.

For Genesis 1 speaks in metaphors, about ages of times gone by.  Genesis speaks in metaphors, that unlock the mysteries of the Universe.  Indeed Genesis speaks of ages that “were”; that are from the past, but are not now.  The journey of our current age, begins in Genesis 2:7.  This is the age of the “spirit breathed” living Soul.  This is the age of the sons of “God” (YHWH).

This is the age of the battle for our “Souls”.

Rev 1:19-20
Write the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which will take place after this.

For in Genesis 1 were the writings of ages gone by.  These are the things which John was to write of “prior ages”.  The earth indeed is millions of years old.  The “ages” of the earth are vast.  The fishes of the sea have been there a long, long, time.  The “man and woman” of Genesis 1 are not Adam and Eve.  For Genesis 2:4 tells us that those are from prior “ages“.

Gen 2:4
These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens

The Origins of the Canaan “star god” Hybrids

Nonnus of Panopolis, was a Greek epic poet, who is believed to have lived around 300 A.D.  In his writing, known as “Nonnus’ Dionysiaca” he tells of the people who lived in the Land of Canaan, also known as Sidonia …

“From the beginning of time, people lived here, a people of divine progeny, their age is that of the Universe”

In the writings of virtually all ancient “mythology” is the mention of “Sidonia”, also known as Cydonia.  To this day both the island of Crete, and the country of Lebanon (part of the ancient Land of Canaan and Phoenicia) are towns that hold this name.

Depictions of UFOs are riddled throughout the artwork of the ancient Sumerians.  These are the “star gods” and the human hybrids that were born of them.  These are the offspring of the Annunaki which YHWH God wanted destroyed in the Land of Canaan.

Gen 6:4
There were giants (Nephilim – “The Fallen Ones”) on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

The “fallen ones” fell from the “cosmos”.  When Noah’s flood came upon the earth, the “fallen ones” returned afterward.  They came from the “stars”.  And indeed they returned.

Gen 6:9-12
This is the genealogy of Noah. Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations (Noah was not “genetically tarnished by star-god DNA / blood). Noah walked with God. 10 And Noah begot three sons: Shem, Ham (Canaan), and Japheth. 11 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. 12 So God looked upon the earth, and indeed it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth.

God says in Genesis 6:13 that “the end of all flesh has come before Me”.  Flesh is a commonly used term to describe the “bodies of men”.  But the “star gods” came back to earth.  The destruction of the human genome continued.  The battle over Jesus Christ’s bloodline ensued.


Fallen Angel-Human Hybrids of the Wife of Ham

The decendants of Ham were the Canaanites (Gen. 9:18, 22, 25, 27; 10:6, 15-18) whom God instructed the Jews to kill when the Jews finally came to their Holy Land promised by God.   Thus in the context of the fallen angel-human hybrids, through the “wife” of Ham (Canaan) we can discern their bloodlines.  It is estimated that Ham’s wife, was a descendant of “Shemhazai” a fallen “star god” (spoken of in the Book of Enoch as one of the 200 fallen “watchers” that descended on Mount Hermon from their “intergalactic transport vehicles”).

Canaan (the servent of Japeth) was cursed by Noah to be the “servant of servants“.  In the ancient mystery religions, this is a type of “dog”.  The term “canine” is derived from the name “Canaan”.

The children of Canaan (Ham) were Sidon (Canaan’s first born) and Heth.  From there further descendants of the demon-human hybrid Canaan were the:

  • Jebusites
  • Amorites
  • Grigasites
  • Hivites
  • Arkites
  • Sinites
  • Arvadites
  • Zemarites
  • Hamathites

And from their families the Canaanites were spread abroad.  The border of the Canaanite land (also known as “Sidon”) was from Sidon to Gaza and down to cities of the south called Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim, and even down to Lasha, the area known today as Israel. (see pp. 185)


The Coexistence of Two Bloodlines on Earth

The mandatory “take away” from the story above, is that ultimately “two bloodines” have existed on the earth, since the times of Noah, and even into to the Garden of Eden.  One bloodline is the “star-god” human hybrid bloodline (corrupted), and the other is the bloodline of Adam.  Many believe, and rightfully so, the rivers spoken of in Genesis 2:10 are actually metaphors for “bloodlines” of humanity that ultimately came out of the “east and west” Garden. (Gen 2:10)

Only the “bloodline” of “Adam” had the “spirit breathed” living Soul, of GOD.  This “spirit” is what differentiates us in the Universe of beings.  This “spirit” makes us unique amongst life-forms in the galaxies.  This “spirit” is what differentiates us as “sons of God”.

John 10:34-37
Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods“‘?  35 If He called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and the Scripture cannot be broken),  36 do you say of Him whom the Father sanctified and sent into the world, ‘You are blaspheming,’ because I said, ‘I am the Son of God’?

This “spirit” is why corroborating alien abductee testimony indicates that more than 22 extraterrestrial species consider us (the bloodline of Adam) to be “royalty” in the Universe.


The “Sons of God” Royal Bloodline

The bloodline of Adam had to be successfully “corrupted” in order for Lucifer to win his war with God.  This is why the “greys” continue in their work to corrupt the DNA of mankind through their surgical abominations committed upon abductees.  This is WHY you MUST BE “born-again” through the saving metaphorical “blood” of Jesus Christ and the “renewing of your spirit” through a committment of redemption and Holiness.

Jesus was on a spiritual DNA Salvage Mission

This “spirit” is what the “greys” have tried to capture unsuccessfully.  This “spirit” is the blood-energy captured and consumed during their Satanic sacrificial ritual.

This “spirit” gives the “star god” demonic hybrid entities the ability to see into other dimensions, and communicate with the netherworld.

We ARE “sons of God” who are being “redeemed” here on earth to ultimately return to our first estate in the heavens, and rightfully become heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven.  We will “rule and reign” with our King Jesus Christ again.  We will return to the “Heavenly Office of God”.


Entering the Age of Aquarius

From the outstanding research and writings of Thomas Horn and Steve Quayle, to the impeccable research and writings of David Flynn, there is little doubt we are currently entering the “Age of Aquarius”.  According to the work of David Flynn on the “Watcher” website (, the Age of Aquarius begins sometime in 2012.  Moreover the book “2012 – Apollyon Rising” deciphers hidden codes and messages throughout history that strongly indicate this as well.

When the moon is in the second house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planet, and love will steer the stars.  This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.
– The 5th Dimension

The 5th Dimension is the “age of enlightenment” of which the New Age “light workers” are hoping.  This is a point in time when the Mayan 9th Wave of Consciousness emits a new energy field upon all of human-kind.  This is the point in time when “peace” and “harmony” will abound.  Everyone will be accepted.  All forms of unrighteousness will be welcomed by the “star-gods” of Lucifer.

2 Thess 2:11-12
And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Indeed it is God who sends the strong delusion.  Indeed it is God who is sick and tired of all unrighteousness.  Indeed it is God who loosens the metaphorical band on the “star gods” and allows them to come to earth to perpetuate “the lie” that THEY (the Annunaki) are our creators!

Job 38:31
31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

And indeed it is GOD, who guides the “Sons” of Arcturus.   God, (YHWH), refers to three different star systems clearly in the scripture;  Pleiades, Orion and Arcturus.   Here we see in Job 38, God “BINDS” the “sweet influences” of Pleiades.   You see, the Pleiadians are LIARS.  The “sweet influences” of the Pleiadians are the LIE that “they” are part of our “cosmic family”.  And Orion is a star system where God had to restrict entities that are coming upon the earth do war and destroy mankind.

However, God “guides” the “sons” of Arcturus.

Job 38:32
32 Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?

Isn’t it fascinating that Arcturus has “sons”?  Isn’t it fascinating that it is more than likely these are “sons” from the perspective of the Heavenly Office of God? (e.g. “sons of God”).  Isn’t it fascinating that the angels (messengers) sent to Abraham and then to Lot’s house, were “in the flesh”.

Glory to the Lord of “Hosts”!


The Mystery of the CERN Accelerator

It’s no secret to those who have done “deep dive” research into the “House of Windsor” that something fishy (or lizardy) is going on there.  Amen?  From the claims of Princess Diana, to the recorded testimony of her best friend Christine Fitzgerald, the inhabitants of the “House of Windsor” are perfectly possessed “reptilian” (Draconian) entities.

In fact, Queen Elizabeth (notice the “LIZ” in Elizabeth … hmmm) contributed 20 BILLION dollars to the CERN Accelerator project.  Why such an interest in particle acceleration one might ask?

At the 4 hour and 37 minute mark of the “Elenin Conference” presented by Project Camelot, Kerry Cassidy says …

“Wingmaker’s talks about CERN and other black-slate technologies that could endanger the earth’s existence with the goal of moving the earth through time-travel out of the way of incoming “unfriendlies”

To appropriately analyze this comment, one must consider the source.  The Elenin Conference was attended by “at least” 4 predominant believers in the coming “Age of Aquarious” and the New Age  “vibrational shift” of consciousness; Dr. Richard C. Hoagland, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, Dr. Joseph Farrell, and yes, Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

To someone who “believes the lie” (2 Thess. 2), that “they” are our creators (the Annunaki), an effort to move the earth out of the way of “unfriendlies” would likely mean something different than to someone who is a member of the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you analyze the extraterrestrial “players” involved in this conundrum, you clearly have the “Pleiadians” perpetuating the “cosmic Galactic Federation of Light” lie, and the various extraterrestrial cooperatives (other fallen-angel entities) such as the greys, and draconian entities.  So it’s safe to suggest that a human would not likely trust the words of a “grey” or a draconian “reptile” … right?  The “key” players in this deception MUST be the “Pleiadians” since they are “human looking”.  They are the ones who have the “sweet influences“.

The ONLY “unfriendlies” the CERN enthusiasts could be hoping to move the earth away from, would have to be on GOD’S team!

Jude 14-15
14 And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, 15 To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

So indeed it appears the emissaries of Lucifer know their “time is short”.  And since time is basically a type of interdimensional / vibrational “illusion” of sorts, it would behoove the enemies of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, to “move the earth” through “time“, out of the way of God’s “saints”.  Wouldn’t you agree?

And as the Elenin Conference discussion of great minds ensued, they bantered back and forth about “WHO” was potentially coming to earth in the Elenin entourage.  Were the extraterrestrials coming with Elenin “friendly” or not?  That was the question they discussed for quite some time.

Regular readers of Tribulation-Now know, for a very long time, I have been trying to explain that the “extraterrestrial” beings coming upon the earth are going to destroy humanity.  This means we are dealing with a “good cop / bad cop” scenario.  Again the Pleiadians take their orders from the greys, and the greys take their orders from the Draconians (reptilians).  This comes from endless corroborating testimony of decades of “alien-abductee” testimony.

And when you study the “caste system of government”, which is the way Lucifer runs’ his minions, you see a repeating theme.  The “SS” of Nazi Germany were sent to kill the Generals of Hitler’s army.  This same dynamic of dark treasonous control occurred in Stalinist Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, and again in Moa Tse Tung’s Chinese Revolution.

Top generals killing off top generals.

During this discussion of “who is friendly” and “who is not”, Dr. Joseph Farrell hesitantly added that it could be the “worse case scenario” coming, where the “bad guys” on earth are working with the “bad guys out there”, and WE are caught in the middle.

Case Closed.


The Elenin Conference Highlights

To access the Project Camelot “Elenin Conference” one must go to the following URL and select the menu item entitled “Live Events Ticket Store”.  From there you can select the “Elenin Conference” item.  Here is the link:

Project Camelot Elenin Conference

The Elenin conference costs $33 dollars should you decide to spend the money.  I am not necessarily recommending it, particularly since I’m giving you what I believe is the most important information.  It is 4 hours and 39 minutes long and utterly pregnant with amazing information.


Kerry Cassidy’s Obvious Disapproval

The body language and facial expressions of those we seek testimony from, can be damning.  Before I continue with the key points, it’s important I tell you that Kerry Cassidy did NOT agree with Richard Hoagland and Andy Lloyd (the author of Dark Star), that Nibiru was not associated with the trajectory of Elenin and the geological earth disturbances occurring today.   She “rolled her eyes” at their dismissing of Elenin and Nibiru being related.  This is because she, unlike Lloyd and Hoagland, interviews vast numbers of “experts” in the “whistleblower” community, while the other two, do not.

While I was “attending” the Elenin Conference (“conference”), I took more than 10 pages of notes.  It took me more than 8 hours to complete a 4 + hour conference.  I was interested not only in the speculation suggested, but also in the “body language” and biases of the presenters, with a keen respect to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Since there is much confusion associated with Nibiru (Planet X) and its nebulous association with Elenin, it was important that I mention Cassidy’s extremely obvious disagreement with the members of the conference panel.


Key Elenin Timeline Events

In an attempt to keep the reader focused on the issue at hand, it is important to drive home the timeline of Elenin related events discussed.  It’s also important to take into consideration that Richard Hoagland has the necessary credentials to understand advanced physics and astronomical occurrences as a science consultant who has previously worked as a NASA and government insider.  Hoagland is highly suspicious of the “dark cabal” running the world, and knows about the ritual mysteries of 911.  Where Hoagland is deceived, is his unfortunate belief that the Annunaki (fallen elohim) visitors have something positive to present to mankind.

The reason I focus on Hoagland is because he was the predominant authority on most subjects discussed during the conference and had the most to contribute.  Keep in mind, that Hoagland is technically a “New Ager” and believes in the forthcoming “awakening” as a positive thing, and sees the current rulers of “this world” as the “dark cabal” trying to prevent the “elevation of human consciousness” from occurring.

That being said, here are the critical timeline events associated with the Elenin movement through our solar system.

  • August 2nd – Elenin passes by the remote space telescope known as Stereo B.  The telescope will supposedly be trained upon the Elenin procession.  There were questions raised about “how much” information we would be told.
  • September 11th (911) – Elenin would be closest to the Sun.  It was suggested this is a ritualistic date, and something big could happen that day.
  • September 26th – While not mentioned during this conference, other researchers have suggested that Elenin will intersect the ecliptic plane and arrive directly between the earth and Sun, potentially blocking the Sun.  More on this later.  (Make a Note!)
  • October 17th – Elenin’s closest approach to earth.  It was suggested that this MUST be an important date.
  • October 28th – According to Dr. Calleman, the Mayan “long count calendar” ends on this date.  Yes in 2011.  The 9th Wave of Mayan human “consciousness” peaks a few days earlier.  According to Mayan “lore”, the “New Men of Knowledge” (star gods) arrive after a cataclysmic global earthquake to usher in a “new world order”.
  • November 9th – November 9th is a HUGE DATE.  Evidently not only does the YU55 cosmic object arrive from the direction of the Sun, but it is directly between the earth and the moon.  This is also the same date that FEMA “tests” the Emergency Broadcast System and takes over the airwaves of ALL radio and television stations in the United States.  Much more on that later.
  • November 11th – 11-11-11.  On November 11th, Elenin aligns with Mercury and Venus.  This is expected to be a spectacular event because of the hyperdimensional torsion field dynamics of those three planets aligning.  In the world of astrophysics, because Venus rotates the opposite direction of the other planets, this is an enormous disturbance in the galaxy.  Highly … highly … noteworthy.  More on 11-11 soon.


The Mysterious YU55 Cosmic Approach

The mysterious YU55 object was discussed in great detail.  It is arriving from the direction of the Sun.  It is being treated as a small cosmic body like an asteroid, by NASA, but it is supposedly perfectly “round” in shape, and not rotating.  It is also “dark” and emits no “comet like” ionized emissions.  This makes this object “highly suspicious” in the minds of the presenters.

Much is suggested regarding YU55.  Hoagland mentions that 55 is a Masonic number of concern.  I would also point out there are 555 feet of the Washington monument above ground, and 111 feet of it below ground, equaling 666 total feet in length.

This makes the number 55 and 11 most interesting.  It also suggests that this object “might” be related somehow to the number 666 although I have not been able to calculate the math to suggest this is possible.

They seemed to agree it is likely some type of “space ship”.


The “Otto Matic” Anomaly

Evidently the masterminds behind the JPL database used the “producer name” Otto Matic for the “ephemerides” being monitored.  Ephemerides are a table or data file giving the calculated positions of a celestial object at regular intervals throughout a period (movement through space over time).   Hoagland finds this most noteworthy, particularly since Otto Matic is a video game (of sorts) from Pangea Software, that has an interesting “theme”.  Here is a brief synopsis of the Otto Matic plot (paraphrased) …

Otto is a good robot from earth who is sent out to do battle with “bad beings” who have imprisoned humans on another planet, thereby saving planet earth.

Where this potentially becomes more interesting is when Hoagland and Cassidy discuss the recommended reading of Arthur C. Clark’s  “Rendezvous with Rama”.  The concepts portrayed in this book suggests that an object, similar to Elenin, might carry robot like androids on a type of investigative journey of reconnaissance.

The Saturday night prior, I was on the Zen Garcia radio show with Dr. Jerry Lee.  Out of the “clear blue” Zen interrupted Dr. Lee and asked him for his “take” on the Book of Joel.  Dr. Lee immediately said without hesitation, that the creatures described in Joel were “robot mantis-like androids” attacking the earth.  That was a rather “jaw dropping” coincidence for me.


Key Ritualistic / Symbolic Numbers in the JPL Database

Hoagland goes on to say there is no doubt in his mind that something strange is going on with Elenin particularly because of the ritualistic numerical patterns that are prevalent throughout the JPL database “ephemerides”.  According to Hoagland the number 19.5 shows up all throughout the database.  He suggests this is mathematically impossible.

He mentions that Leonid Elenin “ostensibly” discovered the object on December 10th of 2010.  The word ostensibly means “to all outward appearances”.  This was Hoagland’s way of suggesting that Leonid Elenin is almost certainly some type of “operative” and the entire discovery by this gentleman should be called into question.

I agree.


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At this point it may be reasonable to suggest you read this article by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd., entitled:

NASA, White House, Operatives Pushing Psyops Meme Around Comet Elenin

Webre is yet another educated “New Ager” that brings up a number of highly noteworthy points of consideration.   What is most pertinent to this discussion is that Webre suggests the “White House” is involved in a type of “psychological operation” (psyop) and there is “more than meets the eye” in this whole Elenin dynamic.  Webre correctly points out that the White House released an official statement on October 15, 2010 from the Office of Science and Technology warning that the United States should be prepared for a near-earth object colliding with the earth.

Again please note this is 6 weeks prior to Elenin’s supposed “discovery”.

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(Key Ritualistic Numbers continued)

Hoagland goes on to mention that the comet itself had a 19.5 magnitude (of brightness) which is extremely dim on the scale used by astronomers.   He strongly suggests this is basically impossible.

He further points to the fact that the comet entered the solar system in the direction of the LEO constellation a “whisker away” from being “in plane” with the ecliptic and that the mathematical odds of this ever occurring makes this extremely suspicious.

He then shows the math behind the approach of Elenin into the ecliptic plane.  He suggests it arrived at a 1.84 degree inclination and shows that 360 degrees divided by 1.84 degrees mysterious AGAIN equals “19.5”.  He points out this is mathematically impossible.

Finally he points out that the “comet” entered the solar system moving in the same direction as the planets, and that NASA first posted the Elenin data in the JPL database at precisely 19.5 hours GMT.


The Blue Star Kachina Potential

The Hopi Prophecy goes something like this:

The end of all Hopi ceremonialism will come when a “Kachina” removes his mask during a dance in the plaza before uninitiated children [the general public]. For a while there will be no more ceremonies, no more faith. Then Oraibi will be rejuvenated with its faith and ceremonies, marking the start of a new cycle of Hopi life.

That time is not far off. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon.

The conference contributors discussed the possibility that Elenin could ultimately become the manifestation of the “blue star” Kachina during one of its alignments.  Much was discussed concerning how comets in the past have exploded putting on a visible light show.  Moreover it was suggested if Elenin was robotically controlled, this could be done intentionally.

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Ancient Indian Cultures are Descendants of the Land of Canaan:

It is also critical you understand that the ancient Indian civilizations are descendants of the Land of Canaan!  The Canaanites were the first civilization on earth to open up global commerce with a shipping industry.  They eventually became the Philistines, and then the Phoenicians over time (in so many words), and travelled the earth populating it with “Indian” star-god worshipping cultures.  This is why, for example, continents like South America widely and easily accept “UFOs” and extraterrestrials as a fact, not a theory.

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The Mayans and Hopis Agree

Please Note:

Both the Mayan’s and the Hopis believe that a “new world order” will eventually emerge bringing in a period of peace and acceptance.  Again, according to Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D, this Mayan 9th Wave of consciousness occurs THIS OCTOBER!  The Mayans believe the “New Men of Knowledge” (star gods) will arrive here on earth to “usher in” this period just after a major global earthquake.


Hyperdimensional Torsion Field Dynamics

Hopefully by now you know that man’s understanding of physics changes periodically over time.  Without going into a long dissertation on these changes, suffice it to say that most progressive physicists no longer believe in the concept of “gravity”.  At this stage there seems to be primarily two camps; those who believe in the “electric plasma cosmos” concepts (e.g. the Universe is “electromagnetic” and the appearance of gravity is a side effect), and “Hyperdimensional Torsion Field” effects.

It is my estimation that Hyperdimensional Torsion Field concepts are likely just as correct as the electromagnetic concepts and that they both interplay with one another in space.  This seems clear to me since both the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment proved that strong magnetic fields can product predictable rifts in the time-space (dimension) continuum.

If you want to see the “jist” of how these electric fields interplay in outer space together, you can view the animations on this Wikipedia page here:

Traverse Wave:

The best I can do explaining this from a layman’s perspective is we are dealing with a “cause and effect” dynamic even in the apparent vacuum of space.  This coincides with the concepts of particle physics similar in nature to the “butterfly effect“.

Suffice it to say that it has been proven if you insert a rod shaped object inside a cylinder shaped object, such that the rod is “not” touching the sides of the cylinder, and “yank” the rod away from the cylinder, in outer space (an apparent vacuum), the cylinder will “move” as a result of the rod’s motion.

This means that two electrically charged objects (matter) separated by a vacuum effect one another.  This means that the absence of matter has context in the motion dynamics of outer space.  Moreover these concepts become “most troubling” when one inserts “wave theory” into the understanding.

On November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11), evidently Elenin aligns with Venus and Mercury.  Since Venus rotates in the opposite direction of the other planets, this “effect” could be very substantial.  In the world of Hyperdimensional Torsion Field physics, it is tantamount to stirring your coffee in one direction and then immediately changing direction to cause “chaos”.

However it is critical to note that this dynamic can occur AT ANY TIME there is a cosmic alignment of a charged object in space.  So be prepared always.


Chinese Whistle-blower Claims

While Hoagland continued his stance that the entities “out there” were likely “good guys” and the “dark cabal” ruling the world is intentionally trying to confuse people and drag them into emotional despair to prevent the forthcoming “enlightenment” from having the positive effect it’s meant too, Kerry Cassidy continued to warn the group that she had regular contact with Whistle-blowers that should be heeded.

Cassidy mentioned that she got wind that the Chinese government has been approached by a “new group” of “aliens” that are pushing the Chinese to become the “new rulers of the world”.

She believes there are multiple groups of extraterrestrials involved in the global conflicts and some a “far worse than others”.

I maintain they are all on the same side and we are seeing Lucifer’s minions being manipulated to usher in global chaos on a scale that mankind has never seen before.  Its all in the Bible.

I would remind people that the Book of 2 Esdras was removed by the pagan enemy from the original King James of 1611, and chapter 15 clearly describes an alien attack from the “dragons of Arabia” (from afar).  And 2 Esdras 15:40 describes the arrival of a “horrible star” (e.g. Planet X).  I would also remind people that the beginning of the Great Tribulation marked by the “middle of the week” statement in Daniel 9:27 could easily read “On the wing of a flying army, of detestable and especially disgusting things, shall be that which astonishes, devastates and stupefies”.


The Horus Connection

During the conference it was mentioned that Elenin and Horus were directly connected and that ultimately Elenin means “Horus”.   While the exact reason why was never completely divulged, the connection is nevertheless noteworthy if it is true.

Tribulation-Now received a great contribution from both Steven and Cathy.  God Bless both of you.  Here is some “intel” dug up by Steven on this “Horus” connection claim.

From a Richard Hoagland interview.

Brief summary:

1) He feels the guys with the 33rd degrees, the scottish rite, are fake masons and believes the real ones left us a time capsule in Elenin as a kind of salvation for us from the ancient people, so it is viewed as a messenger and a hyperbolic object. I am very skeptical of this view.

2) He connects Elenin with the constellation Leo and mentions Horus, albeit more towards the end of the interview.

3) It gets into hyperdimensional physics, which is nothing new when it comes to Hoagland.

4) The thing about Horus had to do with the order of Maat, which by the way there is a black esoteric agenda consecrated to restoring Egypt to the old ways.  They are followers of Horus/Leo and original originators of what Hoagland believes to be the true Masonic order.

The followers of Horus will be out in the media, someone wants to poison that message?


Here is some more intel on this claim dug up by Cathy:

First of all, according to Hoagland, the man who supposedly “discovered” the planet must be a paid informant. Secondly the name Elenin does not equal ELE but adds up to be equal to or a code for “Horus”.

With that in mind you need to be aware of the vast amount of information out there that surrounds the Return of the Anunnaki.  There is a whole contingent of Illuminati ‘followers’ out there who do rituals to “Marduk”… another name for Horus.  They have been planning and waiting for the return of the Anunnaki and Horus the ‘son’ of Enki.


The Sribd Nibiru Paper

Within the last few days, about the time I was finishing the review of the “conference”, a mysterious untitled paper on Nibiru appeared on Scribd.   Tribulation-Now’s “thought-leader” and personal “science adviser”, Kenneth Beer, Ph.D, reviewed this paper thoroughly.

The paper made a number of claims that are most unnerving.  While the God Like Productions people were somewhat tolerant of the content, the Above Top Secret people were highly critical of its authenticity.

Before I share Kenneth’s comments on the paper’s potential authenticity, let me highlight the most important claims within.

  • Nibiru is tracking along with the Elenin “cluster”
  • Nibiru has an extremely strong electromagnetic field
  • Nibiru cannot be easily seen with optics but under certain circumstances it reflects light from the Sun etc.
  • In December of 2010 a huge storm developed on Saturn, and part of Saturn’s moons exploded (in some way)
  • In June of 2011 (four weeks ago), the planet Saturn did a 90 degree “axis” shift and flipped completely on its side

Should the claim that Saturn had a 90 degree “axis” shift be true, and Nibiru is in fact tracking with Elenin, planet earth is about to see “Isaiah 24’s” judgement on a “whole other level” that what we have seen thus far.

Kenneth studied the claims of the debunkers on various sites.  Here is his response:


One of the debunkers from ATS wrote:

=== snip ===

Apparently the obvious hoax nature of this poorly contrived write up needs to be expanded upon.

1. The pioneer anomaly is a subtle but measurable force, ie change in acceleration, as if there is a change in the gravitational force. This has been seen with other probes and is always TOWARDS THE SUN. It has nothing to do with magnetism and is not in the direction indicated by the drawing.

2. The 1987 article is often shown by hoaxers such as Lucus. It does NOT show where Elenin was at that time. This single drawing from a small encyclopedia does not appear to have any rational explanation other than amistake on the part of the artist.

3. Then there is the comparison with a hurricane. Remember that the Nibiru page claims a magnetic field so weak it couldn’t move a compass needle.

4. Next we have the loony unable to understand the difference between the heliosphere and the Sun’s magnetic field. No surprise there.

5. Then it’s back to Nibiru’s magnetic field strength. The loony suggests that the field stops.


(Kenneth Continues)

Anyone with a basic physics course knows magnetic fields go to infinity. I’ll just focus on item #4 to make my point…

MY POINT:  So these debunkers are either ignorant of the new information or deliberately trying to discredit a somewhat truthful yet poorly written paper.  That brings all of their claims under suspect and each and every point they make has to be investigated as I did in this illustration.  IE the same thing for items 1 and 2 and then 3 and 5 must be qualified…

The statement that a difference between the heliosphere and the Sun’s magnetic field exists is true.

HOWEVER… As of June 2011, the heliosheath area is thought to be filled with magnetic bubbles (each about 1 AU wide), creating a “foamy zone”.[5]  The theory helps explain in situ heliosphere measurements by the two Voyager probes.

In layman’s terms, here is a newly discovered link by NASA between the heliosphere and the sun’s magnetic field:

I will additionally add that the document evidently originated from the Google Docs “cloud”.  This means that someone pulled this document from a protected storage area on Google Docs and “leaked” it to Scribd.   Either someone went to a lot of trouble to make this document seem legit, or it is.  Moreover it has embedded links to other documents that don’t seem to work.  This may be because the document has been removed from the Google Docs “trust cloud” but this is difficult to confirm.

Here is a link to the article discussed above.  I recommend you download it quickly to ensure you can read it before it is removed.


Immense Volcanic Activity Occurring Now

To support the possibility that Nibiru is tracking with Elenin, and Saturn did actually do an “axis shift” and flip on its side, evidently the Southwest United States is undergoing massive volcanic activity.  This reportedly just started a few days ago.

According to You Tuber, Dutchsinse, volcanic “plumes” are rising from previously dormant volcanoes in the Southwest at an alarming pace.   Not only are these volcanic “plumes” (steam venting) seen rising from the earth using infrared weather satellite imagery clearly, but people have started to drive out to the various locations and film the steam rising from these plumes in REAL TIME.

Here is a link to the first video of this volcanic activity from Dutchsinse:

Here is a link to the video of people filming the venting steam LIVE:

Here is a link directly to his channel on You Tube.

It was reported that the US Geological Survey personnel released a video recently in an attempt to discredit the findings of Dutchsinse.

You be the judge.


The Twins from Hell – 11-11-11

The significance of 911 simply cannot be understated.  Firstly, the word Elenin is actually “Eleven” (ELE) and “Nine” (NIN).  911.  It is critical to understand the forces of darkness seem to be using the Bible as a “playbook”.   Genesis Chapter 11 has 9 verses.  911.  These 9 verses are regarding the “Tower of Babel”.   The key verse from this story is shown below:

Gen 11:5-7
5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built. 6 And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.


The “Twin Towers” demolished during 911 intentionally by the forces of darkness was a ritual sacrifice.  And the motivation and symbolism is far more detestable than you might ever imagine.  IN FACT I am here to show you it has EVERYTHING to do with the 2 Thess. 2 “lie” that “they” (the Annunaki) are our creators.

But first it’s important to note that Christians have been getting visions and dreams associated with the numbers 11-11.  I have been getting “slammed” with various people “seeing” 11-11 everywhere.  Why?  It’s hard to say.  However pay attention to this email here below:

Sept 11 1990 On September 11, 1990 at 9:09 PM, President George Herbert Walker Bush spoke before a joint session of Congress, regarding the Persian Gulf War. Among other topics, he stated that the war presented an opportunity for a “New World Order” to emerge. This is also when ELENIN was close to entering our solor system.

Sept 11 2001 Eleven years later — to the day — the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center would fall

Sept 11 2011 -part-1 This is also comet Elenins Perihelion, or closest approach to the Sun will occur on 9-11 or 11th of September .

Sept 11 2011 -part-2 In addition, on Sept 11 2011 there is a (Saturn-Elenin-Earth) alignment They – the beast system- worship an entity that requires blood scarifies for appeasement purposes, hence all the wars based on LIES.

They, the PTB don’t understand that they worship Lucifer the Light Bearer whose mission is to steal kill and destroy. In the book of Job- there are two consecutive scenes in which God ask Lucifer where he has been; this is done to give the reader a heads up, God knows where he has been.

Brotherly Love

Here is a You Tube video showing the dignitaries of the U.S. government paying tribute at ground zero.  Notice they form an Egyptian “All Seeing Eye” in this procession:


The Dog Star Mystery Solved

The term “canine” refers to a dog.  The term “canine” is derived from the name “Canaan”.   As demonstrated earlier in this article, the human-hybrid “star god” entities from the Land of Canaan have been there for a very very long time indeed.

The “Dog Star” is the Star Sirius.  This is the star that the Masonic / Illuminati pay tribute too.  In ancient mythology, particularly of Roman and Greek origins, there is this “lore” associated with the “twins” Romulus and Remus.

I’m going to “cut to the chase” here.  The image you are looking at show “twins” feeding off the teets of a dog.  The dog is connected to the Land of Canaan.  The dog is connected to the Dog Star Sirius.  The “twins” represent humanity.  The “twins” are suckling off the dog because the CREATORS of humanity are from the DOG STAR SIRIUS.

This IS the 2 Thess. 2 “LIE”.  They are NOT OUR CREATORS.

In fact, the destruction of the “Twin Towers” was to demonstrate the sacrifice of “humanity” unto the Annunaki (the creators).  They are NOT coming here for a LOVE-FEST!

Should 11-11-11 signify the arrival of the Annunaki, you BETTER have yourself right with Jesus Christ or you are in for a world of “dog” dookey.

The September 26th Elenin Alignment

Some are reporting an Elenin alignment on September 26th, suggesting it crosses the ecliptic plane on that date and is directly between the earth and sun at that time.  I have seen (and published) You Tube videos of this depiction from the JPL modeling animation.

I highly recommend you read the articles here:

Alarming September Confirmations:

And the article:

2011 Geological Possibilities:

I promise you will learn a lot.

It is also important to note that the Hebrew “Feast of Trumpet” occurs at the end of September.  In 1Corinthians 15:52 it says:

1 Cor 15:51-53
Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed —  52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

It is important to note that prior to the “feast” actually occurring, several days prior, the ram’s horn shofar is sounded with short bursts.  Every day approaching the day of the feast, the shofar is sounded with short burst patterns.

The LAST trumpet is the “long blow of the shofar” which occurs the DAY OF THE FEAST.

The word “feast” and “supper” have a LOT in common.  Perhaps “feast” and “Marriage Supper” are somehow connected.

GLORY TO GOD … we can always HOPE!

The Woman with the 12 Stars

Thanks to the hard work of some wonderful Christian You Tubers, and the evangelism of a pastor Augusto Perez, a good number of “watchman” (Ezek. 33:6) have woken up to the idea that the Revelation 12 “woman with the 12 stars around her head and her feet on earth” is associated with Elenin.  Praise Jesus.

However, by the grace of God I may have some more to add to this mystery.

I have maintained for quite some time, with the help of some amazing Christians and the divine providence of God, that Revelation 12 reads like a “history of the Universe” and talks about times from BEFORE the foundations of the world as well as times in the present and future.   I believe it reads like a Martin Scorsese film, back and forth.

It turns out that in ancient “lore” the goddess Europa, after being taken off to Crete by Zeus, eventually married the entity “Estares” (which means “stars”).  She is ultimately a symbol of the “virgin” these Illuminati devils believe started “mankind”  (or similar).  While I am unable to spend the necessary hours delving into this “rabbit hole” any further, it seems highly likely the “woman” in Revelation 12 with the stars around her head, is symbolic for the “star gods” giving birth to the “offspring” of the Land of Canaan.

Just a guess.  GLORY TO GOD!!


The Rivar Hills Crop Circle

To my utter astonishment a crop circle recently appeared in Rivar Hills.  This crop circle in my opinion shows not only the approach of YU55 from the Sun, but it simultaneously and ingeniously shows the alignment of Elenin with two other planetary bodies (Venus and Mercury).

Whatever you believe regarding the origins of crop circles, suffice it to say this is nothing less than ASTONISHING.

God bless you Angela (“Angel”) for sending this into Tribulation-Now.

Here is a link to the article of origin:

Also note this “procession” ultimately depicts a snake.  And evidently this “snake like” images comes very close to matching the snake shown in David Flynn’s discussion on the “Age of Aquarius” at the 48 minute mark of the “God, Man and E.T.s” conference.

Summary in Jesus Name

Glory to Jesus Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I am thrilled I finally got this article completed.  What a HUGE EFFORT this was.  Praise Jesus.

Please accept this word of humble gratitude for all the Tribulation-Now email list members for being patient with my absence while researching all this material.  I am now more than a hundred (approx.) emails behind answering people.  God Bless You all for your awesome contributions.  Amen!!

Do I believe this fall is when the “rescue mission” (rapture) will occur?  Yes probably.  When?  I have no idea.  Any time now I expect.

No matter what we all need to take advantage and prepare ourselves spiritually to be the BRIDE OF JESUS CHRIST or stay behind and endure the Great Tribulation.  I recommend you be a Wise Virgin (Matthew 25) and get off this rock as soon as possible.








Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

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  1. Dearest John,

    I’m so excited!

    I just finished reading the new article, and am actively forwarding it to folks as we speak.

    You’re incredible, and I’m deeply grateful that our Father has you here helping us put it all together!

    By the way, everything you wrote about bears out in the latest web-bot report as well. I would forward it to you, but I don’t think I can. If you’re interested, it’s only $10.00 and
    can be purchased at

    It talks about ancient aliens returning, people being so “gobsmacked” that they are drooling, and have to be cared for because they’ve mentally checked out. He also says that over the next year it will be a huge deal about just exactly what constitutes being human…

    I’ve been researching all of this for years myself, but without the vast amount of resources and input, and I believe you’re absolutely right on, or as close as we are likely to get.

    Thank you for all of your hard work.

    May you and yours continue to be safe, well and blessed.

    Much love,


  2. John,

    I want to thank you for the incredible untold hours of research you have done just for this last article alone (not to mention all the past research for past articles). It certainly brings in so many pieces of the pie, with the best educated opinions of what is going on with Elenin and Nibiru/Nemesis/Planet X/Destroyer and other bodies, and their possible connections. It is wonderful to see all of this brought to us in one document with supporting resources we can check out for ourselves. For the life of me, I can’t hardly understand folks who don’t think we’re living in the last days, as the evidence you and other faithful bell ringers report, seems sooo undeniable and overwhelming!

    Praise the Lord for giving you the gift of being able to take all the complex issues and present them for the lay person to understand. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone better at doing that than you…..which, of course, is why our saviour has you in this position.

    We, in the body of Christ, truly appreciate your work! Keep it up til He comes!


  3. Hello, enjoying reading your updates. I found something in Scripture I had never noticed or heard about before. The first chapter of Jude 1 says:

    Jud 1:13   Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; WANDERING STARS, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.
    14   And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,
    15   To execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard [speeches] which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

    Please read the whole first part oh the chapter in context. But what are the “wandering stars” that Jude knew about? If angels or demons, why not call them that? Then, he quotes the book of Enoch, a direct verse which is the oldest known prophecy. I really wanted to share this “find” with someone, then I thought of you and your audience. What do you think of this in regards to Elenin/Nibiru?

  4. John,

    Incredible article!

    I want to thank you for the incredible untold hours of research you have done just for this last article alone (not to mention all the past research for past articles).

    It certainly brings in so many pieces of the pie, with the best educated opinions of what is going on with Elenin and Nibiru/Nemesis/Planet X/Destroyer and other bodies, and their possible connections.

    It is wonderful to see all of this brought to us in one document with supporting resources we can check out for ourselves.

    For the life of me, I can’t hardly understand folks who don’t think we’re living in the last days, as the evidence you and other faithful bell ringers report, seems sooo undeniable and overwhelming!

    Praise the Lord for giving you the gift of being able to take all the complex issues and present them for the lay person to understand. Don’t think I’ve seen anyone better at doing that than you…..which, of course, is why our saviour has you in this position.

    We, in the body of Christ, truly appreciate your work! Keep it up til He comes!


  5. Wow again. Thank you for your hard work as always.

    Note: the crop circle reminds me of Serpent Mound in Ohio.

    Also, wondered if you were familiar with the prophecies of Bertha Dudde? Just ran across her a few days ago and the amount of information is so vast (over 9000 revelations) that I’ve only just skimmed the surface. Apparently some followers have recorded these as direct messages from God between 1937-1965 and then translated them to English. My point in mentioning all this is they seem to fit right in with your teachings about the ancient age of the Earth and a great cosmic war eons ago. I’m not sure about them yet …but if you or your readers have the time I would refer you to this link, and draw extra attention to BD#’s 4731, 5743 & 6313. (those seem to fit in with the current subject matter):

    God bless and keep you. Hope to meet you soon in person via our Rescuer 🙂

    1. Amen and thank you Christy for sharing this information. Praise Jesus. Yes unfortunately if you study the apostolic era and the 100-300 AD period, you discover that the Roman Catholic Church shortly thereafter went on a rampage to kill off any Christian groups they considered to be heretical. Then later they sent the Knights Templar to find any books and artifacts and hid them away, labeling all the material as “gnostic” (which simply means “wisdom / knowledge”). The further exacerbate the problem, the demonic pagan groups, offshoots of Simon Magnus, started to destroy and poison the writings so that later they would be identified as “of questionable authorship” (e.g. pseudoepigrapha). My position is that if the Roman Catholic pagan church murderous fathers were killing off Christian sects then they obviously threatened them somehow. What threatens the devil?? The Holy Spirit and knowledge of our origins in the Universe. Amen. God Bless You.

    1. Absolutely … Another person showed me the mathematical relationship of 19.5 to 666 but I lost it in my email. There are tons of weird cosmic relationships to 19.5 which is very spooky in the context of Elenin. God Bless You brother for sharing this.

  6. I find your work fascinating and it has certainly given me a new perspective and answered many questions. I was just wondering what is your take on Joseph Farrell, he seems to be an apostatized Christian whose research is of a similar vein to yours.

    He conflates Yahweh with the elite and even sees Christ as being part of a schizoid mystery school psy-ops construct. He seems to think Christ and blood sacrifice belongs to the Enki construct of reality.

    God bless and I pray for your strength in continuing your work.

    1. I really don’t know anything about Farrell except what he said on the Elenin Conference. He sounds like a New Ager to me. He agreed with virtually everything that Hoagland said and Hoagland is definitely a form of a New Ager in that he believes the Annunaki are our buddies and their probably our creators. They both seem to “buy off” on a shift in consciousness.

      When God gets done kicking Planet Earth’s butt, you can be they all will have a GREAT AWAKENING. Call that a “shift in consciousness” if you want too. They both better start reading their Bible if they want to know what is in store for them. God Bless You.

  7. Keep up the good work and do not listen to anyone who says you are misled or deceived. God has opened your eyes for a reason.

    Blessings in Jesus Christ,

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