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Remain Focused
Know Your Enemy

For what it’s worth, it appears to be time I take a stab at helping people understand the cosmic threat as best as possible.  But allow me to begin with a statement of humility.  I do not pretend to have all my facts straight.  It would be fair to suggest I probably over simplify things greatly.  However I believe there is a diminishing point of return amplified by over-analysis of the situation.  In my opinion, God did not spend a lot of time trying to explain the different categories of demons because in God’s view, it simply wasn’t important.  Either you are FOR GOD, or you are AGAINST GOD.  It’s just that simple.

That’ being said, I can assure you I have every intention of over-simplifying things.  In fact, it’s safe to say that I continue to study this topic but with great care.  This is a very dangerous topic for a Christian to study.  Why?  Because in order for you to study it properly you have to research material from a number of sources that are extremely powerful, intelligent and dangerous.  If you simply study “apocrypha” you inherently run the risk of digesting gnostic texts of demonic origin.  For example, the Gospel of Thomas was widely used by the early Roman Catholic Church to convince parishioners they could “buy people’s salvation” by making sizable contributions to the church.  My point being that you simply cannot study a single “body of knowledge” and derive the whole picture easily.  This is particularly true of demonically written gnostic apocrypha.

However, this same danger exists when studying information presented by these “entities” directly / indirectly (through “channeling” and other sources).  That being said, no matter how you attack this type of research you are guaranteed to be swimming in thick demonic lies.  Some of them are so troubling and so convincing many “Christians” do not come out unscathed.  In fact, many “Christians” will need help being pulled out of the pit of deception after readings such material.  The data presented by these “demons” is utterly fabulous and so well presented and convincing that it will cause “even the elect” to occasionally falter. 

I have gone there.  It has scared me.  I have had to “step away” from such research on more than one occasion because it is blasphemous.  And let me tell you that utterly convincing blasphemy presented by the most powerful demonic forces in the entire galaxy is not something you want to subject yourself too without great care and an extremely strong understanding of God, His Word, and the enemy and his tactics.  Suffice it to say I spend a great deal of time throwing metaphorical ropes down into the dark pits of demonic lies in order to rescue some well intentioned soul that accidentally started reading this stuff.

Over-Simplified Glossary of Terms

Simple Definitions are Child Like

To some people who consider themselves “scholars” this section would make them cringe.  I personally do not have a high level or respect for people who consider their work “scholarly” because it wreaks of lacking the necessary humility to properly approach such esoteric subject matter in the first place.  There is a reason why Jesus made it INFINITELY CLEAR we need to have the mind of a child to understand and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mark 10:14-16

“Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. 15 Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”


The bottom line here is this.  Do you want to understand this subject matter or do you want to walk away confused like most of the so-called “scholars” writing about this material?

If you want to understand who your enemy is, then you need to simplify the semantics. 
Good = Good.  Bad = Bad.

Enemies of God are Demons

To continue forth let’s discuss some basic terms.  For the purpose of this article, demons are any entity that has turned against God.  They are part of the forces of darkness.  Most self-appointed scholars like to over-analyze this topic until the reader falls into a REM sleep whose catalyst is rivaled only by the strongest sedatives.  My “child like” mind, is plenty happy categorizing ANYTHING that cannot call Jesus Christ it’s Lord and Savior a DEMON.  

Some say demons are the dead spirits of the Nephilim.  Even as I type this I find myself feelings drowsy.  WHO CARES.  The simple fact of the matter is that it really doesn’t make a hill of difference in a proper “threat analysis”.  Again, I maintain, for the purpose of this article … any entity that cannot call “Jesus Christ its Lord and Savior” is a DEMON.  Period.

This means that, to me, a Fallen Angel is a Demon.  This also means that the entities in the 2nd Heaven (or next Dimension, arguably the fourth dimension) are Demons.  In fact, as far as I am concerned, ANY AND ALL entities that report to LUCIFER as their appointed Commander in Chief are in fact … Demons. 

Isn’t simplicity a beautiful thing?  I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

Aliens are Demons
Annunaki are Demons
Nephilim are Deformed Human Demon Offspring (e.g. Demons)

To further clarify this terminology.

Nordics are Demons.  Grey Zeta Aliens are Demons. Tall Whites are Demons.  The Council of Nine are Demons.   The fallen “Elohim” minor gods are Demons.

The word Demon basically means ENEMY.  Demon = Enemy.  Demon = Bad.  Demon = Wants to Kill Us.  Demon = wants to murder our babies.

Get it?

They are ALL BAD and they ALL work directly (or unwittingly) for LUCIFER.

Again … If your Commander in Chief is LUCIFER, then YOU are a DEMON. 

(Note: The only small variation I am willing to make in this lose definition is a human that is heavily controlled by demons, and in that case there are some that cannot be saved no matter what you do, e.g. “not invited to the party”, never written in the Book of Life / “perfectly possessed”, a form of “walking dead”, etc.)


Simplified Analysis

Many, many “scholars” will not agree with my “take” on how things happened “In the Beginning”.  And frankly I could give a flip.  I refuse to debate stuff that has no bearing on serving Jesus Christ the King.  If my understanding of this matter is over-simplified or somewhat skewed, but it ultimately helps people understand who their enemy is … then I’ve done my job.  If my potentially skewed “take” of this matter helps people understand what their position is (in the Universe) as an appointed Son of God that will eventually “rule and reign” with Jesus Christ (when this is over), then I have done my job. 

I have studied other “renditions” of this timeline.  There are a vast number of them.  Some “ring a bell” and make sense and others “ring an alarm” and don’t make sense.  I believe God makes sense.  I believe Jesus makes sense.  When something doesn’t “makes sense” to me, and the author (or “scholar”) fails to help it “make sense” to me, then I disregard the conclusions.  If you don’t like my analysis methodology then “click away” in Jesus name.  If you can show me one single scholar or one single author that has figured this all out and not made any mistakes … then “click away” in Jesus name.

Personally I believe that every source of information on most subjects has some truth in it.  Some more than others, some less.  When you apply the principle of “quid bono” (who benefits) or analyze the “motivation” behind the actors in a proposed plot, you should be able to apply a reasonable “smell test” to the implied conclusions.  If they don’t pass the “smell test” then toss them into the trash like a pile of bad lunch meat.  Further more you should be able to take any reasonable “hypothesis” that passes the “smell test” and reverse engineer it into scripture.  If the scripture does not back the “hypothesis” then it must be discarded.

In the Beginning and Then Some

Our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, (YHWH) is the SUPREME CREATOR and the ONLY Architect of the Universes (multi-verses).  In fact his creation abilities and eternal characteristics are completely beyond our understanding.  This also applies to his only begotten Son Jesus Christ … my personal Lord and Savior and awesome loving KING! 

The Bible has “lines upon lines” of information and data woven into it.  This information is spread across the text from beginning to end.  It is not a chronological dissertation of events by any means.  If you want to see how complex the dispersion of data is throughout the body of text I recommend you search on “The Satanic Rebellion” by Luginbill.  To save you some time here is a link to his work

It won’t take you long to realize this author is awesome and we all have a LOT to learn.  Luginbill backs 100% of all his allegations to scripture and you will quickly discover there is information spread all throughout the Bible about the Satanic Rebellion and events that led up to it.

My oversimplified explanation is as follows.

In the Beginning, GOD (YHWH) and his council of minor or lesser gods, were meeting to discuss the architecture of the Universes (see Psalms 82).  By this time GOD had already created his Commander of the Angels, Lucifer.  To simplify this discussion, the term “angel” may include a smorgasbord of life forms and some of those life forms might possibly be a type of “lesser god” through a loose definition (just let this one slide for now … it’s not important). 

The Architectural Board of Directors

So you have to imagine a “Board of Directors” sitting around a table with GOD.  Lucifer was very high up the chain of command.  In fact you could even refer to him as the “Second in Command”.  You might even think of him as “Mr. Spock” in the original Star Trek (note that I find it fascinating Mr. Spock just happened to have demon ears in that series … let’s save that discussion for some whimsical analysis over some Sumerian Ale).

GOD was discussing his “master plan” amongst his Divine Council.  This Divine Council included the Four and Twenty Elders and possibly many more.  GOD laid out all the details of how the Universes were to be created and who was to be in charge of what.  This process may have happened in one meeting.  Or maybe this process happened in several meetings.  But we are dealing with an “eternal realm” so I would suggest it is possible this process might have occurred over thousands or even millions of our “peanut brain sized” years.  Who knows?  Is it important?… no.

Everyone at the table was in agreement.  It was a fabulous plan.  The plan was put into action.  More meetings ensued.

The Best for Last

GOD continues to create the Universes and meet with the Divine Council.  However this time GOD decides to lay out his plan for “man”.  GOD explains that “man” will be created and placed on the most beautiful planet in all the Universes.  This planet will be “planet Earth”.  GOD further explains that “man” will be ultimately become the Sons of God, and take their positions as RULERS under the reign of his SON JESUS (Yeshua / Yahushua).

The “master plan” was to have “man” take charge of all the Universes as ascended Sons of God, ruling and reigning with Jesus Christ in charge of EVERYTHING.


This did not sit well with Lucifer.  Lucifer did not want to become subservient to these “man” entities”  In fact, Lucifer did not want to be subservient to ANY entity.


Eternal Bitter Hatred for Mankind

For you to embrace this scenario as more than just possible, even likely, you must apply some basic sociological principles to what happened and what is going on today.  For example, ask yourself this question.  Could any other scenario cause Lucifer to give up his position and rebel against GOD for MILLIONS of years?  Probably not.  I have heard so many renditions of the Luciferian Rebellion and none of them made sense.  The simple fact of the matter is that if Lucifer’s very existence was not threatened by this “man” creature, then there simply was not enough motivation for him and his minions to continue this million year onslaught. 

Why is it we humans can apply such common sense to the analysis of homicides in law enforcement but we cannot apply these basic principles to the Luciferian Rebellion?

Again, I maintain, that if Lucifer (and his minions) very existence is not threatened, then they do not have the necessary motivation needed to keep this “WAR” (against mankind) going for millions of years. 

Not only does their current “dimensional existence” need to be threatened, but when they are “taken out” their subsequent existence needs to be “Hell Like” or utterly unacceptable to them.  “They” must be willing to fight until the bitter end to prevent GOD from winning this War.  Surrender cannot be an option for them.

“They” must hate mankind so bitterly and with such unshakable intensity that most of us cannot comprehend it.  Then, and only then, does this all start to “make sense”.

Fast Forward to Today

There is much I don’t yet understand and probably never will.  I am not arrogant enough to think that GOD owes me anything at all.  It is an utter privilege that I exist at all.  That being said, I believe it is safe to say that 100% of these “alien” entities in our Universe (e.g. galaxy) are our enemies.    There is simply no other acceptable explanation to this situation.

Remember in the TV series Star Trek there was a barrier at the end of the galaxy they could not easily move across?  Did you know that Gene Roddenberry met with Philis Schlemmer (a divinist / channeler) to speak directly (or indirectly) with the Council of Nine?  Many of the ideas that Roddenberry brought to the Star Trek series came from the very demons (or “lesser gods”) that are on Lucifer’s Board of Directors.  You can suggest this gives them no credibility at all.  I do not agree that is true.  Yes they are liars, but they would likely only lie when it benefits their agenda.  Otherwise they risk any shot at credibility.  The reason I mention this is maybe the galaxy does present a “barrier” that prevents movement of these “entities” back and forth.  Maybe the galactic barrier is set up by GOD.  Maybe we are all trapped in this galaxy together.


I believe (right or wrong) that when God cast judgment upon Lucifer’s army of rebels they were kicked all over the galaxy.  I believe (for what it’s worth) that some of them may exist (or perhaps are trapped in) other parallel time-space continuums.  This would explain why “they” sacrifice humans and piggy back on our spiritual blood energy to communicate with “their buddies” in other time dimensions.  I believe these time dimensions are contained in a “space” that GOD strictly controls.


I know … GOD WINS

The Federation of Light is Here

It is my personal and strong belief that the fallen angels are demons.  You can call them Annunaki … that’s fine.  You can call them “lesser gods” … that’s fine.  They are all THE ENEMY. 


Please do not let yourself get confused.  I realize now that even the faithful Tribulation-Now readers are only understanding some of the information I am presenting.  I continue to get emails and feedback from people that do not seem to be fully comprehending the threat.  The fact is there simply is NO SUCH THING as good aliens.  They are ALL DEMONS.  They ALL hate our guts.  They ALL intend to kill us.  There is NO ROOM for sympathy or taking any “middle of the road” position on this matter.

These entities have been around for thousands (even millions) of years.  Some believe (and I suspect this is true) that these entities have families and children.  Many experts believe (and likely so) these entities may believe they are actually here to help us (in some cases).  Remember if there are “pyramidic” structures of control here on earth amongst the Illuminati secret societies, why in the WORLD would you think that is not the case amongst the legions of these “aliens” entities?  Would that not be remarkably naive?   YES. 

Summary in Jesus Name

I could write on this subject for days and not cover all the data.  It is fabulously complex and vast.  And in order to fill all the gaps you have no choice but to speculate and hypothesize.  The bottom line here is that we “earthlings” face the most unbelievable delusion you could ever imagine.  I suspect many that believe they are “the remnant” or “the elect” are going to fall out of this race.  The more I learn about what is coming our way the more nervous about this stuff I become.  I continuously pray all day long that Jesus will give me the strength to overcome and make all the right decisions at the right time.  Underestimating this threat would be nothing less than utterly foolhardy. 

I suspect I will continue to write about this “cosmic threat” more and more.  It is my personal belief that this is THE SINGLE GREATEST THREAT we face.  Of all the threats out there, it is my belief that these Cosmic Elohim are the worst.  It is my belief that THEY are behind it all. 

Who do you think the Blood Ritual Reptilian Leaders are communicating with during their ceremonies?

Somewhere in this cosmos, sits a COSMIC CENTRAL COMMAND CENTER.

Somewhere in this cosmos, sits LUCIFER HIMSELF calling the shots.

Luke 21:26

men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken


Hang tight in the name of Jesus.  Do not be deceived.  There is no middle road here.  Jesus is the KING of all the Universes.  He is our Savior.  There is NOTHING coming here from other dimensions in a “flying saucer” that is going to save us from anything.  100% of all these “entities” are coming here to KILL US.

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  1. I'm wondering if something like this is going to be the find that brings forth 'new information' about our benevolent alien creators: a pyramid valley in Europe just found, with possibly the largest pyramids in the world.

  2. Looks like the potus is going to get some assistance from their new idol purchases:

    Obama has already proven his infatuation with hanuman as he carried an idol of it in his pocket during his campaign for president. He also received a rather large version of hanuman at that time also. What really raises a red flag for me is this quote below about the god of great undertakings:

    a quote from the article:

    Lord Ganesha is worshipped as god of wisdom and remover of obstacles and invoked before the beginning of any major undertaking. Lord Hanuman is known for his incredible strength. Both Ganesha and Hanuman are highly revered in Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of the world with about one billion adherents, whose ultimate goal is moksh (liberation).

    Thank God we have Him on our side.

  3. great article. Serving Jesus is where its at, nevermind how we categorize demons, they are all enemy anyway.

    About the galaxy edge border thingy, I still believe the van allen belt is what keeps them close to us… Isaiah 14:12 and Rev. 12:9. My theory is that they were cast to the earth, and now trapped by the van allen belt, but still free to roam around inside it, and land on the earth, and hide under the earth in caves/Dumbs etc. Remember the moonlanding is probably faked, please make a google PICTURE search for "astronaut freemason" and have a look at the results…

    PS. I think Hell is physically located inside the earth. I also think the spiritual realm is invisible to us, so they can hide where and when they want inside, on or outside the earth. (But not anywhere outside the van allen belt) Of course I could be completely wrong about all…

  4. Well it sure seems astonishing to me that the oldest book in the Bible mentions Pleiades, Orion and Arcturus. Why bother? What's the point in a 4000 year old text mentioning those star systems at all if these entities are bluffing and are not really from there. It just doesn't make" sense". But that's just silly old me.

  5. The why-bother part is the clue to it all. There is no way we can ever know why it is mentioned (until maybe later on) and what it means, and HOW and IF it really connects to Lucifers fall / demons / angels at all. Maybe it was just a general reference to the heavens, maybe not. Point is we dont know, it could be anything. The context in Job 9 doesnt give us any clues (that I am aware of at least)

    Verses like this are all over the Bible, and we often try to tie it into our interpretation of a specific subject, either because we want it to belong to the subject or because it has to, seen from our point of understanding. The question I always come back to is "What does GOD *really* mean by this verse?"

    we will see…

  6. Gee …

    Ya know there sure are a lot of Star Systems out there. Maybe even millions of them. Makes you wonder why a dude like Job, wearing a tunic and living down the road from the ancient Sumerians, would have any idea about Pleiadia or Orion.

    You don't supposed one of those flying "space buggies" the Sumerians chiseled in their clay cylinders visited him from Arcturus and told him about those star systems do you?

    Gosh … how else could he have figured out what their names were?

    Who told him?

    Maybe God told him in a Dream…

    "For God speaketh once, yea twice, but man percieveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night …"

    "Hey JOB!! Remember the words "Pleiades, Orion, and Arcturus because in about 6,000 years some freaky space dudes are going to show up on earth and tell everyone they are from there."


    (grinning ear to ear)

  7. Once again, you have presented excellent work here, JohnnyB! I love your honesty and humility and I am always persuaded by your passion for
    the TRUTH and our Lord and Savior!

    I totally agree with everything you presented here. I think I said this before but, there is no such thing as 'good evil'. There is no 'grey' (interesting)
    to consider – it is either black or white – God IS or God is not! We can not serve two masters.

    I have been studying prophecy after being rescued from new age garb, for 22 years. I know how dangerous and misleading it is to research the
    enemies territory. I have learned my limitations! I think the solid rock foundation that keeps me above water, when and if I am sinking or feeling
    fearful that I will share is this; The Lord's Prayer! Yep, once when I was under water, so to speak, I heard the Lord answer me, "…this is what you
    should pray,…" I had prayed that prayer all my life but, that was the very first time that I prayed that prayer and realized as I did, that it covered
    EVERYTHING THAT WAS REALLY IMPORTANT! Again, I realized that prayer was as eternal as the Father – Amen! I still use it when I have discovered
    too much or feel fearful and it gives me peace that passes all understanding.

    I am so thankful for Believer Watchmen like you, for such a time as this (fsatat) – as we keep looking up!

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