Conspiracy Theory: Police State

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Resistance is Futile
Jesus is “The Escape Route”

I shake my head in disbelief even as I sit here.

Yesterday I mentioned this episode of Conspiracy Theory to one of my coworkers.  The very second the word “conspiracy” entered the “vibrational existence” of the surrounding particle field, this unfortunate victim’s ability to “hear” was immediately shut down.  I was left with no other option but to agree that the conspiracy crazies are everywhere, but still recommend he take the time to give this particular show a “look see”.

You can bet he did not.  In fact he assured me that regular television shows were not “his thing” and that he was only into the news and sports.

Like Katie Couric and the Buccaneers I suppose.


The “mind control” of the citizens in the United States of American is so utterly thorough I do not see any possible way to rescue the situation.  The battle for the “mind of America” has been lost.  There may be a few people out there that can be awakened but it’s going to take a LOT of hard work to find them.  Many of these folks, when presented the facts, will simply shut down the fractured remnants of their mental receptors as their pathetic psychological defense mechanisms force them into an immediate state of denial.
Don’t give up.

Far Worse than It Seems

The situation at hand is further along and far worse than it seems.  After you watch this critical episode of Conspiracy Theory and realize it is just a matter of time before this operation kicks into full gear, realize this is just the tip of the ice berg.

Other than the activation of martial law and imprisonment and execution of American citizens (en masse), some of the things that are happening now, or are looming on the horizon of our future include:

  • Chinese military muscle flexing like never in the history of the world.  See my article entitled “The United States Ends in 2010?” here for more information:
  • Prophecies of America’s (the Great Babylon) Destruction including nuclear attacks
  • Chinese shooting missiles off our coast and hardly anyone paying any attention (you are the exception)
  • Looming Global Financial Collapse
  • Gulf Oil Catastrophe – the Ever Lasting Gobstopper of Danger
  • Sudden Catastrophic Climate Change Events
  • Increasing Earthquakes with recent dramatic activity increases in New Madrid Fault Zone
  • Volcanic Activity Increases
  • Earth Wobbling Events
  • Cosmic Spirals on the Rise
  • Planet X Approaching (one of my favorites – Amen!!)
  • The Federation of Light preparing to Save Us All

I SAY …..


Conspiracy Theory: Police State

For those of you who may have missed this critical “must see” episode, here are the links to view it via You Tube.  As a personal owner of every single Alex Jones (and related) Documentary(s) ever made, I can tell you this is a MUST WATCH.

Because people have short attention spans, the impact of this 44 minute video is highly effective.

This video effectively covers,


  • Fusion Centers – The fact that these centers are extremely powerful, well funded, and have NO oversight at all. There is nobody to “hang” if anything goes wrong. This is precisely how “organized crime” operates.
  • FEMA Camps – Both large and small. Well funded and those that are in protected properties and fields. Confirms the number at about 800. Shows the Train Stations feeding the camps. Shows children’s areas with children swinging on swings.
  • FEMA Coffins – Show the FEMA Coffins up close and personal. Remember I have an article that shows these are “Patented” devices documented as “Cremation Containers for Cadavers” and actually shows a human body inside of them
  • Extensive Interviews with Congressman Ducking and Intentionally Lying

Conspiracy Theory: Police State – Part One

Conspiracy Theory: Police State – Part Two


Conspiracy Theory: Police State – Part Three


Conspiracy Theory: Police State – Part Four



Please Remember


People please remember this most important thing.

These FEMA Camps etc.,are horrible and when people see this entire video they will almost certainly go into an immediate state of denial (just like many of the citizens of Nazi Germany did). Furthermore, this is just the TINY TINY TIP of the iceberg.

There is no escaping what is coming upon the earth.

People need to understand this.


People need to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ
so they can look forward to getting
And Into the “Heavens” with





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