A Little Church on Wednesday Night

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The Unseen Purpose
That Saved A Life

Have you ever watched a movie a second time?  Remember how you see things from a different point of view?  The first time you watched it you weren’t really sure who the good guys were.  But the second time you watched it you knew. 

Isn’t it interesting how you find yourself rooting for different people the second time?  You see the plot unfolding from a completely different perspective.  As you watch the movie’s plot unfold again, you find yourself with a new “wisdom” of sorts. Your allegiances change and the small things you didn’t see as important the first time, become incredibly important the second time.

The Fingerprint of the Holy Spirit is Everywhere

It’s hard to do sometimes, but when you fly up into the air and look down upon the earth with God’s love, agape love, it’s hard to imagine how He feels about his children … all of them.

But God sees all the people on the earth differently than we do. He loves, but He also hurts too. And God is going to win this battle even though he knows there will be many that don’t make it. And indeed He grieves.  But for those that overcome, there will be wonderful rewards.

Every church that exists today is important to God. He might not be pleased with all of them but He can “thump” people on the head and move them from church to church to bring them where he wants them to be. They still might not “make it” but God can use these places.  God can still use various people and circumstances to lead these lost and hurting souls to “Life”.

And He does.

A Dark Wednesday Night

One dark Wednesday evening, at a small Assembly of God church down the road from my house, a girl in her early 20’s came into the middle of the service dragging behind her a man of similar age.  This man was wretched and extremely disturbed.  He was dirty and he appeared angry and intoxicated.  In fact, this young man was badly demon possessed. I wasn’t there but my wife was. Evidently this young lady was in tears and trying to help her boyfriend. She drug him to the altar, interrupting the service, and that church swarmed on that man and dumped the love of Jesus down on him.  They cast out his devils. He became a new person on the spot.

My wife couldn’t believe what she saw.

That church was the only lit building on the road that night. It was the only place they had to go. And it led that man to freedom from those devils.  His life was saved that night.

That fellow later did some work around my house for me and told me stories of his possessed state and the miracle that occurred that night. Without that church being there, and without that night unfolding as it had, he admitted it was likely he would have committed suicide.

That church was the only lit building on the road that evening.

The Right Place, At the Right Time

Until our hearts learn to FEEL like God feels for his children, not out of fear of God, but from deep emotional empathy for the hurting hearts of God’s people and our brothers in Jesus, we will always struggle with understanding the purpose of all these things we see around us. We will always struggle with loving and understanding how critically important each of these experience and  “steps” can be for each new believer. 

Every hurting heart, every sick person, every angry drunk, every hungry person, every “stuck up” self loving mean person,  have their “unique” issues.  Deep down inside they hurt.  Deep down inside they hate themselves.  They desperately need some “place to go” or some “person” to “step up” and say the right words to them at the right time.

That boy needed help for that particular problem THAT night.

And God found it for him.

Gassing Up the Car

The other day I stopped at a gas station.  I briefly went inside to get some “stuff”.  On my way back out a lady was chatting and we exchanged some “niceties”.  I told her to “Be Blessed in Jesus Name” and she smiled and said …

“What Church do you go to?”

For a moment I felt sad.  I realized “she needed” a church.  I even felt guilt for not being able to tell her to “come to my church”.  I actually started to miss the people I used to see every Thursday and Sunday.   I started to tell her I was not affiliated with a “church” but was an apostle of Jesus … but then stopped myself in mid sentence.  That would have done her NO GOOD.

I quickly shifted gears and told her that right down the road make a left and look for a blue church with a white steeple.  I told her it was a fabulous church and she would LOVE IT.

That’s what SHE needed.

That’s what MANY people need


Have you ever considered the POWER of one person?  Think about it.  You always hear of the “power of many”.  But who wants to have a “group” of people swarm on them with their notions of Godliness? 


People like to have others around them that believe like they do.  They feel comfortable when they have their own support group of “like believers” around them.  Imagine how you would feel if you saw a church group heading your way.  You would be thinking to yourself, “how do I get out of here?”  You would want to make a run for it.

That’s how other people feel too.

Remember, when you are by yourself, you have FAR MORE power of persuation, than you do when you are with a group of other “like believers”.  And you have FAR MORE POWER, by having no particular “religious” afiliation than you do by being a “Church of Such and Such” member.

Being creative, and striking up a friendly conversation with someone when you are all by yourself, is FAR more powerful than you might ever have considered.

In Summary, Remember This

If  that demon possessed man had walked into a church that was preaching against the evils of the New World Order, shaking their fists in the air, he would probably be dead today.  We live in times where it is all too easy to forget what we are on this earth for in the first place.  We spend so much time surfing the web, and listening to “doom and gloom” we forget people are crying,   people are hungry, and people are dying. 

In many cases “WE” are their only chance.

As you are challenged with your personal frustrations about “people not knowing what is going on”, try to remember in their small “slice of life”, these people might not care about the New World Order.  They might not care that Brzezinski is a reptilian shape shifter.

They might just need someone to walk with them for a little while and listen to their problems.

They might just need someone to take them to that little white church on a Wednesday night.

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14 thoughts on “A Little Church on Wednesday Night

  1. Amen.

    Believe me I have been there. I know what it's like to be mad at the "church" for not listening.

    Sometimes I wonder if it's not the church, but "us" that's not listening.

    It really is a dynamic combination of bot Love, Wisdom, and ACTION in Jesus name.

  2. Wonderful testimony! May it be multiplied in Jesus name!

    Reminded me of a man who came to sing at our church, Calvin Hunt. I tried to find a link to his testimony, and just found out he died last Dec from lung cancer. 🙁 His wife was at her wits end- he was smoking crack and not coming home living in a dog house in Brooklyn. She went to prayer meeting and the whole church was praying for Calvin and at that moment in comes Calvin walking down the main aisle and pastor said, 'here he is.' His wife looked up and saw him standing there. He was transformed by the power of Jesus Christ. He sang I'm clean and it was so powerful. I found a copy, but it's not very clear.


  3. Wow… the spirit has been tellin me to get out there and find the lost. Its been weighing on me.. I'm not too forward, just casual. But its what HE wants. I am a warrior and the streets are my batlegrounds. Every soul saved is an atom bomb in satans face. I always have my FULL ARMOR OF GOD ON… be blessed and vigiliant.

  4. Thakyou John, That humbles me in light of what I've been and what God was willing to do for me.. I feel the same about your friendship… it gives me a place to pour out my guts and I can't tell you how needed that is in my life … May God Richly Bless You With His Presence.. Your Brother In Christ and the Battlefield …

  5. just read 'a little church on weds night' , crikey its the little things that get me, saving that man when he needed it and you giving the right answer to the 'what church do you go to'. both situations i've been in… both i've got wrong. some of your articles are completely on the nail, please stay grounded i take great inspiration from you. a friend of mine died yesterday (suicide), i feel rotten that i couldn't help, hopefully god will help me to improve my intervention skills in future. Please throw up a prayer for Ian , he was a lovely man and leaves two kids.
    please also add me to your mail list.

    again and not for the first time your words moved me to tears, thanks for that! , keep it up god bless you.

  6. Steve, I know just how you feel. Even as I recall these things and write about them I am in tears of humility and regrets as well.

    I'm constantly soul searching for ways to do better helping people.


  7. Wow,

    That was thought provoking and what I needed to hear. You have recently said it in a few ways now but this time it really hit home. Your ministry has been a blessing for me. My confidence in the Lord continues to grow and I am reaching out to more and more people.

    BTW, I am almost finished with the "demon" e-book. Very sobering information. I find myself praising Jesus all day now. Like I should have been doing anyway.

    Thanks my friend.

  8. Very good Very good Very good. No, it is not a type o I just felt that way. God bless.

  9. “That church was the only lit building on the road that evening.” That line made me weep Johnny. Still wiping tears. And just after I read it that still small voice told me to “be the lit building”. Amazing.

    Just a random older article I hadn’t read, and it is exactly confirming something that I wrote for someone (and left on my FB as a beacon) last night. I sincerely hope it’s bright enough.

    All glory to our Heavenly Father, in Jesus name. Thanks John!

  10. Thank you for this teaching as it is a great encouragement. I always get so aggrevated with the population and how they sleep while tremendous evil is on the horizon, but I obviously loose sight of the great commision.
    May Yeshua bless you richly

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