We Rule and Reign

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And Love is Our Greatest Commandment

Sometimes you have to tear yourself away from these worldly distractions and try and imagine how awesome our future is.  Our minds have been caged into a time compressed view of our Most High God.  We’ve been told to “think inside the box” while our enemy has been allowed to consort with the utmost of “technology and imagination”. 

Our enemy has been intensely conjuring up powers from the “cosmos”, while our churches have been stifled from teaching US how to “stir up” OUR “Holy Spirit Powers”.  We’ve been taught to “attend church” instead of “COMMANDING” the inferior forces of darkness to be “cast into the abyss”.

This has all been “by design”. 
Our enemy is ferocious. 


Exciting Vacation Plans and Dreams of the Lottery

Isn’t it funny how we think?  When we let our lives take us over, we often “plan a vacation” or an “outing” of some kind.  And from the moment we start planning our vacation, our whole demeanor changes. 

We now have something to look forward too.  We start “thinking all the time” about our awesome vacation plans.  We fall back in love with our spouses and imagine romance.  Our job struggles subside in our minds because we are “dream centered” on the fun we are about to experience. 

We are a funny lot of folks … aren’t we?

But it’s because we forget about things we “believe through faith”. These beliefs often times fail to motivate us in the same way.  Somehow our subconscious mind finds a way to douse that fire of hope, and instead of being fabulously excited, we start becoming worried. 

How can this be so?

If you knew you were getting a tax free check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS how would you feel about your job?  Is it not true that you would no longer care about it?  Is it even possible that you might “quit your job” and plan to accomplish higher priorities and “live dreams” you have wished for your entire life?

Heb 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen


Why did Lucifer Rebel?

So God created the “Heavens and the Earth” … right?  The “Most HIGH God”, who loves us with ALL HIS HEART.  Our loving Father, who lives in Heaven, created all the UNIVERSES.  This alone is an amazing thing to embrace.  But let’s continue.

Why do you think Lucifer rebelled in the first place?

I’ll let you in on a secret.  IT’S BECAUSE OF US!

Lucifer and his minions realized, when God created man in “his image” that his “power domain” was being threatened.  This is one of the reasons why Jesus told the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.

The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

Matt 20:13-16

But he answered one of them and said, ‘Friend, I am doing you no wrong. Did you not agree with me for a denarius? 14 Take what is yours and go your way. I wish to give to this last man the same as to you. 15 Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with my own things? Or is your eye evil because I am good?’ 16 So the last will be first, and the first last. For many are called, but few chosen.”


I always thought this parable was unfair.  It reminded me of our careers here on earth.  How dare the owner of a company pay one person more than another?  After ALL, I “deserve” the same pay for the “same work”.  “I’m” just as good as the NEXT GUY …right?  I DESERVE IT!  ME, ME, ME!

But here you see a perfect example of the “dual parallel” meanings of the scripture.  We get so “self centric” when we read the Word of God that we often forget it has multiple meanings both in a worldly sense and a “cosmic” heavenly sense.  In this case, Jesus was not only talking to those around him …

… He was talking to Lucifer himself.


So now it’s time go get EXCITED.  It’s time to focus on the “master plan”.  Why do you think the Bible tells us over and over again that YHWH GOD is our FATHER?  Please think for a minute about that choice of words.  There are many words that God could have chosen to describe his desire for a personal relationship with His greatest creation “man”, but FATHER? 


Imagine, if your “earthly Father” let one of your earthly brothers DIE, so YOU could LIVE!  Would you not cry all the time about it?  Would you not miss your brother with all your heart?  Would you not long to see Him again in Heaven?

Why do we not understand that our “relationship” with “Our Father” who art in Heaven, is so similar to the dynamics we experience here on earth? 

Why can’t we relate to the AWESOMENESS of this LOVE?


The stakes are high for a reason.  Our trials here on earth are here for a reason.  When Adam and Eve “messed up” in the Garden, all the forward motion of GOD’S plans for Adam and Eve were stopped. 



The test of “man” on earth for promotion into the Heaven started.   God had decided at that point He had no choice but to allow the “God at War” dynamics to continue.  

And here we are today. 



This is not some vacation we have in front of us people.  This is HUGE!  As this article unfolded, I have been in tears all along.

Why do you think the Angels in Heaven, look upon us in WONDERMENT?

Our King Jesus awaits his greatest LOVE to join Him in the Heavens.  He sits right beside OUR FATHER …


Our Father and our Brother, wait for us to join them.

Join them for what?

Our Leader
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3 thoughts on “We Rule and Reign

  1. Amen! He knows the end from the beginning, our God knows what He's doing!

    One thing I'd like to mention; I think Lucifer fell before we came on the scene. He wanted to be in the place of God in the assembly. In Is 51:9 it says he cut Rahab to pieces, I think I read from David Flynn that Rahab could've possibly been the planet which is now the asteroid belt. Ez 28 mentions his fall:
    "Until unrighteousness was found in you" describes the change of heart and devotion. At one point he praised and reflected God's glorious light, but then he turned to focus on his own praise and glory. Ezekiel 28:17 says, "Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty, you corrupted your wisdom by reason of your splendor." Once he focused on his own beauty and wisdom and not the source of the gifts, he became corrupted. He thought more of himself than God who gave and maintained such powers. We see this same pattern in Romans 1:18-32. His course changed quickly after this.

    His Fall
    After the devil's delusion about himself, the Lord kicked Lucifer out of God's glorious presence. No longer did he reflect God's glory (Lucifer means light), but tried to have others adore him.

    I wonder if the meaning by what Jesus said, 'if they don't praise me the rocks will cry out' is in reference to us, meaning; God used us-created by dust (dirt,rocks) to show Lucifer that a lowly group of humans will praise Him compared to the sons of God who had fallen from a high and lofty position, they were seated in heavenly places with Him and all that it entails.

  2. Absolutely!

    Within Genesis 1:1, is the "Original Creation", of all life-forms (including and starting with the various "angels" and their rankings), and all universes (what scientists are now discovering and calling "multi-verses" – amazing!).

    Within Genesis 1:1 were multi-verses, each inhabited with a smorgasbord of life-forms, angelic and otherwise (including what would become known as "greys" after their "fall").

    Then, with great anticipation from all of Creation, God rolled out His best for last, His blueprints for .. MANKIND. And this was within, and at the end of, Gen 1:1!

    But there came to be those who were not so thrilled at God's last and best yet Creation.

    (Remember what Jesus said, that the first would be made last, and the last first? He was speaking in the "here and now", of course, but was also addressing the "fallen ones" from eons ago!)

    Lucifer did not agree with the notion and Plan of God, that Mankind would rule and reign, as priests and kings, along with His Only Begotten Son (Jesus), over ALL that the Godhead had created – including over Lucifer and all under his command and dominion.

    This was Mankind's "Original Destiny", before the Foundations of the Earth!

    Lucifer rebelled, and convinced and/or coerced, 1/3 of the life-forms (angels and otherwise) to rebel with him.

    And there was "war in the heavens", with all the devastation that it implies.

    The traditionally-taught "Six Days of Creation" are in reality the "Six Days of Restoration" of the fallen 1/3 of Creation back into a "working order", not yet a "perfect order".

    (However, God did not "restore" those who had rebelled against Him, but did place limits upon "how far, and no further" that they could go and do.)

    God did not waver from His Original Purpose in the creation of Mankind. However, at the time that the Godhead did finally create Adam, and then Eve, the "mission" of Mankind had changed somewhat, because now "darkness" existed upon the Earth and within the Cosmos .. that had NEVER EXISTED BEFORE .. NOT EVER!

    So as God had to make His choice in confronting this "darkness", so too, would Mankind. Consequently, God had to, besides His Tree of Life, also place the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil into the Garden, so that Adam and Eve would have to choose just as God had to.

    1) the Tree of Life, wherein is only God's Goodness, and no "evil" nor "darkness" wherein at all


    2) the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, wherein the "good" is of Lucifer, and the "evil" is of Satan.

    Lucifer/Satan – two "personas" of the same "person". The original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The original "split personality".

    Yes indeed, "good" can come from Lucifer/Satan as Lucifer, for Lucifer, upon his creation by the Godhead, had the FULLNESS of the Godhead's Goodness imparted INTO him.

    Even at this late date today, eons since from his original rebellion and "war in the heavens", Lucifer still has a portion of God's original Goodness in him ..

    and desperately desires to rid himself of the last remnants of God's Light, Love, Law, and Goodness ..

    thus we have what scientists are searching for .. in the "god particle"! and the "fifth element"!

    This desire of scientists to recreate those first moments after the Big Bang via CERN and other experiments is from Lucifer/Satan, as he desires that he and his minions to be SET FREE from the restrictions put in place on the First Day of the Six Days of Restoration of the fallen 1/3.

    The Tower Technologies (from the Tower of Babel era) have been re-created and put into effect in a full-court press to re-open the stargates, so as to re-wage the ancient "war in the heavens".

    But we know who will win ..


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