Watching for Wormwood

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They Have Been for a Long Time!
This might be a clue for us all

While researching information, years ago I stumbled across these letters from a Vatican “Black Ops” priest.  Evidently this poor fellow stumbled across an encrypted “portal” to a classified “Hubble Space Telescope” viewer hidden on a certain workstation in the Vatican secured labs.

It appears, (and I’ve known this for a very long time), that our “friends” have been watching for the arrival of “Wormwood” since the mid 90’s.  This means that any “allegorical” interpretation of “wormwood” might need to be re-evaluated IN JESUS NAME. 

This letter was reportedly “emailed” to ART BELL back in 1996.  Art Bell later resigned from the Radio Show in 1998.  Could his resignation be connected to this email?


I present to you, In Jesus Name

The Vatican Priest Letter

From: Name@Withheld To: [email protected] Date: 96-12-11 00:33:29 EST

Dear Mr. Bell,

I have listened to your program off and on for around two years now, whenever I get “down-time”. I have some disturbing information and I fell that your program would be the perfect vehicle with which to distribute what I have.

I have been under the employ of the Vatican for over five years. I have done what could best be described as counterintelligence work, for the church. I am a man of God and please believe me when I tell you that the information I have is genuine, and very serious.

Without going into too much detail about my former employers, I will briefly tell you that I have had a Top Level security clearance in the Vatican for quite some time. Most of the work I have done regrettably falls into the realm of “black-ops”, and I will not go into detail about that now.

Around six months ago, I was working at a data terminal in a highly restricted area following a case that I had just completed, when I stumbled onto something that nearly made my heart stop. Please pay attention here, this is where it gets strange.

I uncovered a heavily encrypted sub-system that was suprisingly [sic] well hidden. I found that it was only accessible through the terminal I was at, and one other terminal.( I must point out that the area I was in was not an area that I routinely used.) After two minute of trying to get into the system, the whole lab shut itself down and I was booted off the terminal. Not wanting to raise any eyebrows, I decided to leave and come back later that night. The strange thing was, when I came back, there were ARMED guards standing sentry outside of the lab. I must say that it is not unusual to see guards roaming the Vatican, but it is very unusual for them to stand sentry at a lab, much less while armed.
Over the next month, I managed to slip in unnoticed only once. And after I had found what I came for, I understood the security.

It took me a good deal of time to break into the system, and when I did, I wished I hadn’t. When I entered the system, I came across a file titled “WORMWOOD?”.( Yes, with a question mark.) Thinking it to be a text file, I brought up the file with the intent of corying [sic] so I could read it later. What happened next was truly remarkable. The file sort of “deteriorated” into a series of command lines that lasted approximately two minutes. Once it was done running, there it was.

I had found a direct link-up to the Hubble space telescope. Not only that, but it was pointed directly at the comet HaleBopp [sic]. The program was running some kind of analysis. Taking directional notes, projecting path of travel, etc. After realizing what I had discovered, I started searching and came across an e-mail data trail that led directly to the office of the Pope himself. What was discussed, I cannot know.

Over the next two weeks, I began to uncover evidence that the Vatican is very aware of the existence of the companion, and is VERY worried about it. I began to copy files and pictures that were present at the terminal, when I found a report from the United Nations to the Vatican, as well as a report from NASA regarding their concerns.

It is very obvious to me that a great many people and entities know of the companion and are doing their best to keep quiet. VERY quiet. As the next part of my story illustrates.

I had found another file that I wanted to look at, but it was independently encrypted. At the time that I discovered it, I had already been online at the terminal for some time, so I decided to copy the file encrypted, and decode it at my leisure. As I was leaving the lab, I was approached by two of the Pope’s top aides and was asked to meet them later in the evening. I didn’t feel comfortable about the situation, so I agreed and told them that I needed to shower, and would join them later. I haven’t been back to the Vatican since.

I found out about a week later through some old friends and contacts that a contract had bee placed on my life. Two days later my mother and father were killed in a car crash in France. Three days after that, my brother and sister were killed when their single engine plane went down on the East coast of the U.S. I’ve been on the run for a very long time now, and am still trying to decode the file that I have in my possession. Approximately ten copies have been distributed to friends in the field in the event that I should diappear [sic]. I do not fear for my life, as I am very adept at not being found, however I believe that the world needs to know of the information that I have. I would be willing to share all that I have wuth [sic] you Mr. Bell. But you need to understand that your life could be in danger if you were to go public with what I give you. I appologize fpr [sic] being so vague, but I feel it neccessary [sic] at this point in time.

If you would like the information, say so over the air when you get this letter. If I am not listening, someone will get the information to me, as there is no safe way for you to contact me at this point in time. I await your response.

Anonymous Priest Letter 2

From: PRIEST@a_non_traceable_address To: [email protected] Date: 97-02-20 21:23:46 EST

Mr. Bell,

To preface this letter if you intend on reading it to your listeners, I will tell you that the gentleman who was previously forwarding my messages, is unfortunately no longer with us. He was killed very violently while on a vacation in Southern California. He was found by police in his hotel room tied up, with gun shot wounds to his head and spine. His mother was sent pictures of him just before he was shot. These photos were sent with a warning. I don’t think I need to elaborate any further on that. I mourn his loss deeply, and I pray that yet another death will not be in vain. It adds a new seriousness to the passage I told you to read regarding HOPE.

I appologize for having been gone for so long. I was unavoidably detoured for a number of weeks. I am fine. I have been recovering from a gunshot wound that I received around Christmas time. The bullet, near as I can tell was not meant to kill me, but to cripple me. The bullet missed my spinal chord by approximately 4 centimeters. I am still having difficulties, but I am getting better every day.

I want you and all of your listeners to know that I have made arangements [sic] for you to receive some information. I have unlocked the disc I was working on and I am, to say the least, very frightened.

Without going into too much detail, the disc contained a good deal of information concerning what your remote viewer friend had to say. The Vatican too has a staff of astral operatives, and operatives trained in remote viewing. They have for some time now, known of the virus that he spoke of, and according to them, it is very real.

I will also be sending you detailed information of two projects that the Vatican is involved with currently.

1) They have worked to successfully stop a program called Space Guard. This program was headed by a man in Australia until it was shut down. It’s main purpose was to track all known comets, and determine any possible “Earth Colliders”[sic]. The programs funding was cut altogether by NASA, which was only to the amount of 1 million dollars anyway, by the Vatican. And I will go into detail in the information you will be receiving.

2) I have learned of a vast number of training facilities accross [sic] the globe, but mostly in the U.S., that are training what I can only refer to as the Vatican Gaurd [sic]. These soldiers are being trained for what the Vatican feels is an impending holy war. These soldiers are being trained in biologics [sic], nuclear fallout conditions, and the use of Astral Combat.

This is far more reaching than I had ever imagined Mr. Bell. I do hope that you mull over the information you will be getting very seriously. As it is the truth. I appologize for the anonymity with regards to this e-mail, but under the circumstances, I do not wish to endanger anyone else. I will from now on be sending you all information personally. Any other address other than the one you just received, is not from me, and should be treated as such. I will be in contact soon. God be with us all.


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11 thoughts on “Watching for Wormwood

  1. It is interesting to ponder the ramifications of Wormwood. Like you, I have been aware of the invested effort by both, areas of the U.S. gov't, and the Vatican, to discern and validate this prophecied Wormwood. From the research done, they take this thing QUITE seriously. However, Hale/Bopp was not it. Nor was comet McNaught. This may be a 2 part comment.
    Now it is curious to observe the importance the Vatican places on Wormwood, yet the Vatican employs threatening security measures to prevent people from being aware of Wormwood and what it means, and even that the Vatican is looking for it. Why?
    Perhaps because this single aspect of prophecy is one they cannot control? Consider,,,,,,,,,
    there are prophecies which can be 'manipulated', in other words, as Loren has stated, 'false fulfillments'; Why create a false fulfillment?
    By doing so, they can stimulate expectations, promote fear, and offer comfort through their edict of requirements to salvation. By concocting a false fulfillment, they are convincing themselves they have control as well. If they can 'push' up the timeline they can beat the Lord at His own game.
    But an incoming large body comet is something which they have no control over. At least that is what I believe. They however, seriously are convinced they can alter the path of a comet and they practiced this right in front us, even telling us they were doing it.
    This 'timeline' is a aspect with which only the Lord truly has a grasp of. At least, that is what I am convinced of. It may be wrong, as the other Elohim may have knowledge as well, but that is an area beyond my boundaries. Suffice it to state, since the Lord told this to John, it is solid. And beyond the scope of human intervention.
    Now a very peculiar aspect of this Wormwood comes from a source that is highly questionable but contains serious inflections of understanding and warning. Meaning, this source makes mention of a scientific comprehension as well as delivering a serious warning.
    Her name is Veronica Leuken. She is dead many years now. I do not subscribe to any of her 'visions' but cannot ignore this one single passage. She repeatedly claimed that a 'ball of redemption' was heading our way, from deep space, and it was indicative of the Lord's wrath upon humanity for its sins. It would 'burn' part of the earth and all that it entails. Now, in this text of a vision, she makes reference an alignment of the nine, and as this 'ball' approaches, 'the sparks would fly'. Here is a reference to what at that time was a little known theory called the Cometary Plasma Discharge. It has only been within the last dz yrs that this theory has gained ground. Lastly, she states, we, the earth, would only have three days of awareness before its affects. Understand this, in astronomy, when ones spots something new, you make a call to a special number, it is recorded, and once verified, you get the credit. Since Hale/Bopp this method has been stopped. Why?

  2. By controlling the release of information, you control the response. Ie; Comet McNaught was identified a year before it was seen during the daytime light here on the northeast corridor. And, this sighting would only be visible for three days. A curious point but not important. Now, NASA utterly REFUSED to release ANY info on this comet, even AFTER it became visible to the naked eye. The Vatican and NASA share a lot of info regarding comets. Neither had a comment for the public on this one, until well after it came back from behind the sun.
    True, it did not have a impact of Biblical proportions. But, they didn't know for a fact this would be true until its path was calculated coming from behind the sun.
    Far to much 'interpretation' has been offered claiming that wormwood would impact the earth. This is entirely incorrect and I know that is making a bold statement.
    Wormwood is a large body comet entering our solar system. It can remain dark due to its trajectory against the elliptic. Once it crosses the elliptic it then can 'discharge', ignite, and become visible.
    (that is the simplified version of the plasma model).
    Comets carry with them, debris. All kinds of debris and this can substantial in quantity as well. Furthermore, the electric property of the solar system causes this discharge which can and will affect the earth. In ways great and small. not least of which is an affect of the 'stars falling out of the sky'. Meaning, this comet will come close to earth, but not touch it. The debris field will. Also, this comet can cause such a disturbance of the poles magnetic properties, the earth can go off its axis and the 'mountains will be moved out of their places,,,,,," "the sky will roll back like a scroll".
    Ergo, neither the Vatican, nor NASA, want this information released about Wormwood. If it were made known, how then can the Word of the Lord be denied? As Wormwood will be the fulfillment of His word. One they cannot possible change nor alter. They can try, and they will try. I have seen the radar anomalies of years ago which strongly indicate using HAARP to deflect meteorites from entering the atmosphere. The stars falling from the skies.
    The recent emergence of several large body comets(over the past decade) are indicative of a cycle. Life as we are told is a cycle, so please take that into thought. And who knows these cycles better than the Lord our GOD. Who else would hold such knowledge? And therefore could it be said, " of that day and hour, only the Father knows,,,,".
    Reviewing the words of Joel, and John in Revelation, as well as 2 others(sorry I forgot the names) the Great and terrible Day of the Lord concerns just that. ONE DAY, wherein, this planet will be turned on its side, due to Wormwood. And it is not the first time it has happened either. Venus was once a large body comet.
    NASA MUST support the idea that comets are nothing but 'dirty snowballs'. Otherwise the knowledge of the plasma discharge theory ruins the control they now have of our understanding of earth, the solar system AND significant portions of our history.
    Saying a comet is a dirty snowball is saying 'don't worry,,,be happy', it can't hurt us. and since it's SCIENCE over religion, more people will accept it.
    The Vatican has to cover up awareness of Wormwood or face its demise, as Wormwood will strip away all they have in place on what is their presented truth about God and Jesus.
    YES, the Vatican most likely is going down anyway. But it is supposed to. Not all the powers on high know all that is to come. They can shuffle for position and hope to come out on solid ground in the NWO, but many are going to get stabbed in the back along the way, and that is as GOD said it would be as well.

  3. You gotta wonder why these governments are acting in such a manner as to seal seeds away in a vault in the north pole, building underground military bases, and a huge underground facility at the Denver Airport.

    I am reminded of this verse:
    Revelation 6:15 New King James Version
    15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders,[a] the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains.

  4. Wow, Whats with that. Is Wormwood being manipulated to co-incide with the Vatican's holo graphic alien invasion ?
    Richard Hoagland says Phobos the artificial
    moon around Mars is hollow ? A ancient death star just like star wars or troop transport carrier.
    Was this Temple an Observatory like most Temples and why are they looking at Jupiter
    and it's moons ?
    Aloha Steve

  5. This is all dead on correct. I believe "they" know they are about to get their "butts" kicked and these DUMBs and their "magneto leviton" trains are their hopes of escaping this impact. This also aligns with their hidden seed banks and food supplies AND the multiple places in scripture where it refers to "them" hiding in caves to escape the "fall out". YEP – they are scare of wormwood and they know it's coming. They just aren't sure when.

    I submit … neither are we.


  6. This may seem totally irrelavant to this discussion but when I read this article – I has this “oh my goodness- moment”. To make a long story short I’ve had these dreams for years…. sometimes they have actually happened as I’d seen in my dreams – I’ve never really known what to make of it….other than it’s sparked a deep curiosity in “All things of God”. So this dream I had on Decemeber 28th of 2011 – I was taken up to the very top of this moutian point it had only about a 4 ft radius at that height…but I was way above the earth, clouds etc and it seems as if I could almost reach out and touch the Sun although, it seems about sunset, the coloring, and as i marveled at the sun I looked a little to the east of it and there a little farther back was a 2nd Sun….it was utterly Amazing…..I stood there just trying to comprehend what I was seeing – when the thought hit me to “Run” as turn to do this I glance back and immediately it’s like a burning ball of fire is thrown at the Earth……then I woke up…. That dream changed me in many ways I can hardly describe, but I’ve been left with this feeling that for whatever reason ” I was being shown this”. Idk….after reading the article it just really hit home w/me. Blessing in Jesus name to All.

  7. what is the use of hiding , if you ever had an obe you know you are better in spirit anyhow, so what is the worst that can happen, You loose the flesh so you can fly free. :))

    1. Well if you are not right with Jesus Christ and born-again, you will “fly free” straight to Hell for all eternity. Make sure you are repented fully and seeking Jesus with all your heart. God Bless You.

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