Shorter Than We Think?

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Target Miami?
Intel Alerts for November

A number of warnings have surfaced lately that arguably warrant consideration. Quite frankly I’ve been hoping for a smooth ride until “The Hollow Planet” got here. But something tells me that may not be the case. I am NOT saying this information is coming from the Lord at all. It’s what I would call a “maybe” hunch type deal at best. When enough disparate sources of information start to “bark” about a particular time frames or a possible series of events surfacing, it starts to make you wonder.

Then to top it off yesterday I was “vetting” the “Demon Seed Day One” information with one of Tribulation-Now’s “thought leaders” and he raised some similar concerns. I perceived this as a bit of a warning bell too. God has blessed Tribulation-Now with some really “mind blowing” super-smart people. Every time I start to choke on a new controversial cosmic concept of understanding, I like to bounce if off these Jesus filled super-thinkers just to make sure I haven’t “partaken of the leaven of the Pharisees” (thanks sq). There is a fine line between what God wants you to know (because He thinks you are ready) and “The Solomon Problem” (which is where you “cross the line”) and poison your allegiance to The Most High and our Savior Jesus Christ. That concept is utterly foreign to me, but to many it could be a “short walk” sadly.

Whenever I get into that “Demilitarized Zone” of thought, I find it pretty easy to pull myself back to “solid ground” by simply remembering that …

  1. These “entities” are SICK FREAKS!
  2. They want to KILL US.
  3. And they hate our KING JESUS.

(Note: For those of you who are into “the names of God” thing, you may find it interesting to know that the Satanic cults desecrate the name of “J E S U S” specifically. Just a discussion point for you to consider)

Never forget these three things. There is endless proof of this out there. Too bad there isn’t some easy way to prove these three concepts in a single one-page document or video. This would help save some of the devil’s captives (e.g. New Agers, etc.) and set them free of their journey to darkness.

Supernatural Peace

Before we take look at these recent alerts (possibly for the month of November – Jesus is Coming!!), I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that you SHOULD have supernatural peace AND if you DON’T something is wrong.

2 Tim 1:7

7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.



Phil 4:6-7

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.



Phil 1:21

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.


You have to keep your focus on the PRIZE! Anything and everything that is OF THIS EARTH is an utter waste of time. You need to give up love for things here on earth and TRY to remember how UNBELIEVABLE and CRAZY AWESOME it is going to be once you leave this place.



Maybe we should all get a collection of Christian testimonies of “near death experiences” and play them each morning before we go “out into the alien wilderness”? I do not recall a single such testimony where the individual actually “wanted” to return (with only a few reluctant “family obligation” related exceptions).

We are not part of “this earth” as it is today.  It is already “owned” by the enemy. All I have to say is THEY CAN HAVE IT and HOSANNA SAVE NOW!!


Lindsey Williams Reminder

 First we should start by remembering Lindsey Williams testimony a month or two ago. It’s important to remember his warning about the 2012 “target date”. Williams specified a number of unfortunate events that were supposed to unfold PRIOR to 2012. These included such nastiness as 1) global war, 2) financial collapse, and a number of other really damning tidbits. He even mentioned the “extraterrestrial” word and touched upon the Nazi SS “like” chipping horrors but he really didn’t lean to hard on that stuff. You had to be “paying close attention” to notice those comments.

For a quick review of Pastor William’s “intelligence” from “Mr. X” go here:

Warnings from Williams

How quickly we forget … huh?

The “Above Top Secret” Prophecy

I call this intel the “Above Top Secret Prophecy” because the person who posted it on their web site didn’t leave a source for it. And in all honesty it may not be legit … there is simply no way to tell. And if you dont’ know this already, “Above Top Secret” and “God Like Productions” are crawling with “counter-intel” professionals. For what it’s worth, I even received a “down low” communique that “God Like Productions” is a CIA operation. Who knows. Anything is possible these days I guess.

This group of predictions includes some pretty ominous stuff. Some are shown here below:

  • Assassination attempt on president Obama before the end of the year
  • There will be a death in America that will cause the people of america to RIOT!
  • God says “A GREAT Vigil will happen Before the end of the year.” Many Tears, Many sad faces.
  • There would be a day/week which will shock the world in this year of 2010.
  • Eventually Martial law will be decreed for a season in some cities, You will see military in the streets, cities under curfew or even police state imposition.
  • There will see a change in the economy starting from the end of October going through 2011, wall street will take a dive downwards, then shall yea see the demise of the economy/wall street and things would be at very worst by 2012 to the point it would seem impossible to recover.
  • From now through 2012, there will come a season of Chaos, Riots & Civil War, Martial Law/police state declared, they will eventually appoint a woman before the Presidential seat, either president or VP says the LORD.

 To view the entire posting go here:

  Chaos Will Rain Upon America from Now Until 2012

Steve Quayle’s Federal Marshal Alerts

 Now this is where things start getting most troublesome. Evidently there is some intel coming in from Steve Quayle’s sources that could indicate some ugliness ahead. These alerts range from multiple sources giving testimony to Federal Marshals possibly having their guns confiscated at an event of some kind, to significantly increased military activity in the South West.

 We should never take Steve Quayles’ warnings lightly. We know “the enemy” is “calling audibles” and shifting gears on their plans. We can easily estimate that whenever “they” pull the trigger it will be a BIG EVENT and cause some serious misfortune. The alerts coming into his sight will certainly be “early warnings” of some dark events in our near future. Arguably these alerts, when combined with other global intel, are THE SINGLE STRONGEST BAROMETER for timely preparation.

 Here is a link to Steve Quayle’s “Alerts” page.

The Web Bot Project SHUT DOWN

 Now THIS event is the DRIVING FORCE behind this article being written.  If it wasn’t for this single warning, I would not have been too concerned about these aggregate warnings overall.  But this one gave me one of those “feelings”.  I still have my surf board polished up to ride the “super-tsunami” to the Ivory Coast if necessary.  And when you read the next “blurb” you might wonder why I am not driving NORTH!! 
Here are the most important “snippets” from this article …

“For a year or two now, Clif has been looking at the largest ‘emotional tipping point’ he has ever analyzed. This one is predicted for Nov. 8-12 approximately. It has an intense emotional impact over four full days, and a cascading emotional release period well into March 2011. This event is predicted to have 10 to 100 times the impact of 9/11 in changing our lives forever after. Clif says it will start in the US and spread globally.”

“Yesterday the ISP for Clif’s website shut him down without explanation, and not for financial reasons. It seems apparent the government is trying to silence him.”


We’re baaaaaack!

“And it has been an incredible trip getting here.

Our old ISP got the ‘word’ from ‘special department’ to terminate with prejudice our HPH site on their server. Sooo….we had to rebuild. Thus, if there are broken links or problems, give us a while to sort them all out as this is a wholesale transfer of activity to new server, and then a rebuild”

What is most troubling amidst this data is that this Clif fellow is certain his WebBOT operation was SHUT DOWN by the “dark side”.   I suspect he is likely correct about that.

To read the entire article go here:
A Warning and Why It Matters

And to see the status of his operation to to his “revived” main page here:

Half Past Human

Miami Connects the Dots!

Some of you may know I am proud call myself a personal friend of Jonathan Kleck.  We talk on the phone all the time and he is FOR REAL.  I have never in my entire life met ANYONE so ON FIRE for Jesus Christ’s return as this guy is.  I LOVE IT.  When I start to get “wrapped up” in my “scary end of the world” emotional mode… 
I call him on the phone and he says things like …

And then I feel like a “horses-cazoo” and realize HE’S RIGHT!  What am I worried about?  What are any of us worried about? 
The reason I brought Jonathan up, is because he is “featured” in this next worrisome alert.  This alert comes from a You Tube video sent to me just this morning. (Why do I feel like Casey Casem doing the American Top 40 here?)
This You Tube video shows some geographic “dots” being connected across the United States.  Evidently when you map out the location of all the worst disasters and events in the last several years the pattern of a Mason’s Square and Compass is formed.  Evidently a pentagram is also being formed as well.
The ominous conclusion is that MIAMI is likely the target for the NEXT BIG EVENT!
And this “producer” believes that the next big event is likely the $10 Dollar Bill prophecy given to Jonathan Kleck.  This would likely include an off shore nuclear detonation by “fake” terrorists causing a rather large 6 – 8 story tidal wave to wash over (in this case) Miami.
(And you know what is really super strange?  After I first saw Jonathan’s “Just a Messenger” series on You Tube many long months ago, I actually started to look for buildings in Miami that were similar to the one that is depicted on the $10 Bill … I kid you NOT!  Why Miami? )
For more information on this possible forthcoming event go here …

Is Miami the Next Point on the Pentagram?

Shorter than We Think

Every day information surfaces that indicates time is shorter than we think.
It is SO important you make yourself ready and worthy to stand before your King Jesus.  In the last 3 days I have had information come in that indicates we MAY NOT have seven years left.  In fact I have had my “prophetic” block knocked off (metaphorically) and right now I would not at all be surprised if The Day of the Lord is right around the corner.
My advice to anyone reading this article is to TOSS any traditional interpretations of prophecy OUT!!   Make sure you are ready NOW!! 
I have much solid evidence that indicates …
  • SOLOMON’S TEMPLE may be a prophetic forgery
  • THE NATION STATE OF ISRAEL – may NOT be a valid “barometer” and instead MIGHT be a prophetic forgery as well
If these TWO THINGS are not valid prophetic pointers, this implies that 90% (or more) of evangelical Christianity is intentionally / unintentionally misled by the forces of evil.  AND if this is true, all we have to watch for is EMPIRICAL DATA.   This would include things like “Planet X”, news alerts and intel, UFO warnings, geological and weather related events, and so on. 
And dont’ forget the Seventh Day Adventists believe that most of the Bible prophecies are “in the past”.  That is a highly respectable group of serious Christians there, and I would not take their interpretations lightly!!

Summary and Thanks in Jesus Name

I praise Jesus every day for all of you wonderful people that contribute to Tribulation-Now. This entire article would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the valuable contributions of our readers and my email-based friends.


The list of names is LONG and God knows who you are.

Praise Jesus for all your awesome Ezekiel 33 watchmen warnings.

Many of you have not only become Internet “pen pals” of mine, but have also become my friends in Christ.  You have NO IDEA how much I value each and every email I receive from you all. 


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4 thoughts on “Shorter Than We Think?

  1. Brother I thank God for fellow watchmen like yourself, but biblically speaking I'm troubled by some of the comments you've made in this post.

    First and foremost, our God is SOVEREIGN: he does what he wills when he wills as he wills, and it is perfect and just in every measure. (If anyone has a problem with that, then you don't believe the bible is the eternal Word or that Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh and thus you are not by definition an orthodox christian.) So whatever judgment is coming upon this nation and this world is not only long overdue because of the LORD's extended grace and mercy, but will be perfect in its measure when it does come. That's why we should be praying always to BE COUNTED WORTHY to escape all these things that shall come to pass and stand before the Son of Man (Luke 21:36).

    2. If solomon's temple is a prophetic forgery, that means the biblical record is insufficient and inaccurate and the Word of God has NOT been preserved according to his own promise(Psalm 119:89, Matt. 24:35 etc). God is not a man that he should lie!(Num. 23:19)

    If by saying the regathering of the nation of Israel is a "forgery" you are referencing the participation of the rockefellers of the world, then you're merely pointing to the evil designs of man that God merely used to fulfill his word, which the bible tells us he has no problem doing (Gen. 50:20).

    But perhaps most troubling is that you say Seventh-Day Adventists are "a highly respectable group of serious Christians", when in fact the bible warns us that if anyone comes along preaching another gospel they are to be accursed (Gal. 1:8-9), which the adventists do by insisting that the body of Christ is still under the law of Moses, which is nothing less than spitting on the cross. I encourage you to research fully what the adventists teach, because it's not pretty – or entirely biblical.

    All this to say, while I do know we are living in the last of days and there are new developments seemingly every hour pointing to the Lord's return (which has been imminent since his ascension), may we as the Bride come out from among the worldly media and be without spot or blemish by the washing with water through the word, and not ever take our eyes off the Author and Finisher of our faith, the LORD Jesus Christ.

    May he keep you and bless you,


  2. the gist of this post is a sound one. I have tried many times over the last few years to offer the warning that while we are looking for signs which validate prophecy, we are missing most of which is fulfilling. The social changes which are as significant. These changes are fulfillment alone. Yet, far to many Christians are exclaiming look here, or there! With our eyes focused elsewhere, CHANGE is coming like a bullet. A mess is about to be dumbed on us. Most don't see it coming. How long it will last is anyones guess. It will get worse as time goes on. And somewhere along the way, there will be blame levied on all Christians for having been the source of much anxiety and trouble. Especially when anticipation is met with some immense disclosure which will undermine the principle of Christian Faith leading people to denounce Christ and more to say 'there's the proof those Christians were nothing but a business all along!' "Just a bunch of friggin' control freaks!"
    I too, have had indication given that the end of October will be something bad. But, additional info which confirms it, states, that the day it occurs, we won't fully realize it. It will be just another day. THEN reality hits.
    I know this aspect is 'post' date, and it doesn't matter except to me, but I was given indication 10/13 would bring big news and it did. In several matters. So I personally take October ending serious.
    The most important element of your work is to continue to encourage everyone to seek the Lord in prayer. More than anything we NEED the blessing of His wisdom and understanding, to be able to see clearly and grasp our situation fully.

  3. John,

    I didn't get the same vibe as you did from Ian. I think he genuinely came across as concerned. I don't know what the 7th day adventists believe, but I myself am troubled in my spirit when I go to church on Sunday. So we all don't have it all figured out, that's why I am so grateful for God's grace. (As long as we have the same tenants of faith.)

    I am uncertain as to what he means by Solomon's temple and the written word being inaccurate, if he could clarify what he means by that we could dialogue and we all could get some clearer understanding on the matter. I myself received some understanding last year concerning Rev 11/the temple and had it confimed not even a month later from someone else with whom I respect: this is what she wrote:
    I heard the Lord say, "Line of Demarcation". The word "demarcate", according to Webster's Dictionary, means "to mark a boundary; set apart; separate".

    Jer.31:39,40 – "And the measuring line shall go out….and (it) shall be holy to the Lord ….."

    Zech.1:16 – "'Therefore, thus says the Lord, 'I will return to Jerusalem with compassion; My house will be built in it and a measuring line will be stretched over Jerusalem.'"

    Mal.3:18 – "So you will again distinguish between the righteous and the wicked, between the one who serves God and the one who does not serve Him."

    Nugget of Gold: I believe the Lord is saying that we have come to a time of great clarity, in which God is revealing the true nature of people and of nations. The Lord has been in the process of "marking" His people, and I believe He is now drawing a clear line of separation between those who are righteous before Him and those who are not. He has already called His people out of "Babylon" (in our hearts, if not in actual life circumstances) so that we might not fall under the judgements that are coming. He has called us to be true worshipers, thus leaving out the outer court of those who serve the flesh (Rev.11:1,2). The Blood Line of His covenant with us will protect our households from destruction (Josh.2:18,21).

    The time of decision is upon us. We can no longer "hesitate between two opinions" (1 Kings18:21). We must either choose God or Baal!

    & when I (Kari now)was reading Rev 11, I thought of the king in the book of Daniel who was drinking out the temple's goblets, and how he then saw the writing on the wall: mene, mene, tekel, parsin. You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting. That's what the measuring rod is about in Rev 11. He's measuring/counting the worshippers, not the 3rd temple. The outer court is not needed, because the two witnesses will be the ones who have fellowship with the Father. This is about a people, not a place or location. So I'm not going to assume a temple is a marker or fulfillment of prophecy.

    I agree with Ian's assessment that he can use evil and turn it around for good for His people. King Cyrus is an example. I'm not too clear on what he means by keeping the law of Moses, but I know in Rev 12 the woman's seed is those who have the testimony of Jesus and keep the commandments of God and in Zechariah 14 it states during the millenial reign of Jesus Christ worshippers are to go up year after year and observe the Feast of Tabernacles. Jesus said he came to fulfill the law, so I see honoring my King in observing them, as they are a shadow of things to come-prophecy being fulfilled.

  4. Hi John. Steve Quayle mentioned a lot of what was stated on the above top secret prophecy you listed. He also talked about how the queen, in a speech on 10-13-10 mentioned that Xmas was going to be cancelled this year. He also said that this could be a go ahead sign to the powers to be. He touches a lot of the subjects that are mentioned in that list. Click on his last Survive to thrive show which was on 10-15-10.

    God Bless

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