Demon Seed Day One (Part One)

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The Ultimate Mystery
AND – Casting Out The Friendly Demons
The New Age “religion” is arguably the most horrible threat that has ever surfaced to mankind’s eternal salvation.  How do you “save” someone from what they perceive as a good thing?  And to make this challenge even more complicated, you have so many “flavors” of New Age.
Flavors of New Age religion range from the “Krishna-like” flower power stuff of the Beatles era, to the ultra horrible worship of UFO’s and “Alien Demons” or “Fallen Angels”.  To make matters worse, the demonic realm is ever-present in the dimension closest to earth’s (three dimensional existence) which means that these people are likely to witness supernatural manifestations with their own “senses” (eyes, ears, touch, etc.). 
Then to add insult to injury, we are living in the very end-of-times.  This means the demonic is “in our face” at a level that has never existed before in the history of the earth.
Once these “alien-demon” UFO “personalities” manifest (disclose) themselves to us (the unwitting earthlings),  it is very likely major Christian-“esque” organizations (such as the Vatican and many major infiltrated “evangelicals”) will embrace their claims of being OUR CREATORS. 
This is further complicated by the emerging understanding that the symbolism used to describe the Garden of Eden’s forbidden fruit (events) may have resulted in the unholy birth of “Cain” and started a “Nephilim / demon-spawn” bloodline from the ‘get go’. 
(see: Who is Cain’s Father here: – Note … much more forthcoming on this alarming mystery soon with LOT’s of scriptural confirmation and new dualities in scriptural meanings).
(thank you Nancy K and Jonny K both of you … again!!)
The Appropriate Time
Recently I have become PAINFULLY aware, that these “fallen angel” DEMONS have outsmarted us on a scale we never imagined.  As the Holy Bible says in SO many ways, there are hidden mysteries to be unfolded and many of them will not be known until the very end.  
And when you think about it in the proper perspective, it’s NO WONDER.  “They” have been around for millions of years.  They know parts of this story we will only discover when Jesus decides to tell us.  They know the Bible far better than we do.
The word FAITH takes on a whole new meaning now … doesn’t it?
And it is EXTREMELY understandable WHY God would choose to hold this information to the appropriate time.  Much of this “intel” simply could not be released to God’s followers before they were “mature” enough to “handle it”.  The phrase “You Can’t Handle the Truth” once again (appropriately) comes to mind.
Can you IMAGINE the utter SHOCK to “mankind” if he knew that the bloodlines were infested demonically with “fallen angel-demon seed” from as early as the Garden of Eden?
You think we have problems in the Middle East now?
THE 99.999999999% PRINCIPLE
It is with utter humility and sadness I have come to the conclusion that our bloodlines have been infiltrated by these DEMONS from the very beginning.  I assure you this did not come to me easily.  It has been a very long painful road of discovery and shock.
What IF ….
What if the story these Alien-Demons bring to the table is utterly irrefutable?  What if  “they” have WAY MORE PROOF than we ever imagined?  What if the breakdown of Christianity’s apologetics is not simply the “Young Earth” mistake (of 6,000 years), and the “Nephilim” vs. Sons of Seth folly … but it goes WAAAAAAYYYY beyond that??
I propose to you, hear and now, that IT WILL.
I propose to you that they have ONE PRIMARY MISSION and that is to
as our
I am currently of the belief, that almost ALL of the stuff the Alien Demons are going to tell MANKIND is pretty much true (for the most part … remember the 99.9999% deal).  They will even tell us that they “tinkered with our DNA” as far back as the Garden of Eden AND in “so many words” it appears to be basically true.
If the bloodline was corrupted with DEMON SEED as far back as CAIN then it explains SOOO MUCH!!
Ever wonder why God chose the Abrahamic bloodline and made the Abrahamic covenants?
Ever wonder why God was so angry he had the Hebrews slaughter all the inhabitants of Canaan INCLUDING men, women and children?
Ever wonder why the Hebrews were forbidden to marry outside of “their” bloodlines”
Ever wonder why Moses didn’t have any kids (remember God loved him so much he let him marry the Ethiopian woman?)
Ever wonder why God was SO ANGRY at Esau for running off and marrying “one of them”?
Ever wonder why God HAD NO CHOICE but to send his SON to earth to have us become BORN AGAIN?  Get it? 
Have you ever wondered what exactly being “Born Again” meant (when you were converted)?
Could becoming Born Again include an invisible genetic-level transformation?  Could this “grafting onto the Olive Tree” be more than just a spiritual change?
Ever wonder if “everyone” is “predestined”?  Or could it be that only certain of us are “predestined” but it is our job as Christians to find our other “predestined” brothers and bring them along?
Seeing the Size of the Threat
To “get your arms around” the SIZE of this threat, please take a moment to visit this web page.  If this doesn’t send a surge of utter disbelief and sadness through your system … nothing will.
Summoning Fallen Angels: Praying to Alien Demons
Do you remember the orginal Star Trek episode “Return of the Archons”?  Do you remember how everyone had to “pretend” they were “one of them” or risk being discovered and forcibly “converted” to one of them?
“You are not part of the Body”
THIS gives the “Mark of the Beast” a WHOLE NEW MEANING doesn’t it?
THIS gives “persecution of the Christians” in Matthew 24 a WHOLE NEW MEANING doesn’t it?
Wrestling the Willing

Unfortunately, to the best of my understanding, when a person “chooses” to adopt a demonic belief system and actively invites (whether they know it or not) demons to inhabit them, your deliverance options are significantly challenged. This requires a LOT of dedication on the part of the “delivering” Christians because the method used to “get rid” of the demonic influences are challenged by the fact that the “host” (individual) is not helping the situation and is actually “inviting” the demons back (either actively or by virtue of ambivalence, ignorance and inaction).

This “Back and Forth” / “Intercession then More Intercession” challenge can go on for a very long time. And I am not aware of any guarantee of success. In almost every case that I have studied, the “demonically infested” individual reached a point where “they” wanted to be delivered. At that point, the Christian gains the advantage and can kick the demons out aggressively and assist that person in getting the Holy Spirit into them (to fill the gap).

 Intercession Back and Forth

So basically here is how it works in a situation where the individual is demonically possessed (unwittingly, e.g. cults, New Age / spiritism, etc.) and YOU seek to deliver them but THEY dont’ see themselves as having a problem. (by the way I am dealing with this right now with one of my family members and it is very frustrating).

Pray Multiple Ways

Personally (I believe) it is best to pray multiple ways in this case. Jesus is your intercessor (Romans 8:34). He is your BEST FRIEND. He sits at the right hand of God the Father. Talk to him. Ask him for your help. In fact I personally like to address Jesus and The Heavenly Father both. Call me crazy, but I love them and see them both as spiritually part of my family and I am going to talk to them both like they ARE MY FAMILY.  I dont’ see a difference in how I deal with my Heavenly family or earthly family if it is done with reverence, love, and respect.


Lord Jesus, our friend ___________, is involved in this demonic cult and we need to get her delivered. Nothing is beyond your reach. We need to get her out of this mess. Jesus please send your angels to help with this problem. We need every advantage we can get. We need to WAKE HER UP and help her understand how dangerous this is for her hopes of eternity.

(Note: This is a discussion more than a prayer. You are TALKING to your brother who is the KING of all the Universes. You are simply asking him for His help. Talk to HIM!! This is something you should be doing all day long every day anyway.)


Heavenly Father,

In the Name of Jesus, we need your help. Father, our friend __________ is messed up with this demonic cult. Father we need all the help we can get because she doesn’t understand how serious this is. Lord God, in the Name of Jesus, help us deliver her. Give us the strength and dedication to get her delivered. Empower us through your Holy Spirit, to cast the demons out. Give us the assistance of your Angels as you say in Psalm 91:11, to “give them charge over her”. Wake her up and give us the opportunity to deliver her and bring her into your Kingdom for your Son, –

In Jesus Name – Amen.


(Focus your spiritual attention on HER “existence” (spirit / soul / body))

“Unclean Spirits” I COMMAND you in the Name of JESUS to LEAVE. You are commanded to GO NOW and NEVER COME BACK. I command you into the ABYSS. GO ….. NOW!!



(Please Note: You are “KICKING A DOG” here.  KICK HARD … GET THEM OUT!)


Father, in the Name of Jesus, we ask you to fill ____________ with the Holy Spirit. Lord, in Jesus Name we pray you will fill the spiritual voids with your spiritual POWER and protection.


Praise you JESUS, Praise You Father … For you alone are worthy. Thank you JESUS for helping us get rid of this demonic infiltration into one of your children. PRAISE YOU LORDDDDDDD!!!

Discussion Points:

You will almost certainly have to repeat this process multiple times but there is hope. Here is the key. Once you “cast the demons out” they MUST leave her. The problem is “they can come back pretty quick” because she is not willing to get rid of them so her body becomes a “willing extension” to the demonic.

The trick here is you want to:

(regularly, even daily – try every morning or evening during prayer time)


The belief here is that once you get the demons out (even for a little while) an opportunity opens up to get through to her. God’s power moves THROUGH US as “vessels” here on earth. We “call God’s power” to move through us (hence laying on of hands etc.). We PUSH the demons OUT of her for a little while and this gives God’s Angels and YOU (her friends) opportunity to WAKE HER UP when she is not fully affected by the demonic.

You are creating opportunities to “wake her up” by cleansing her against her will.

Ideas to Wake Her Up

This is arguably the single hardest part of this challenge. You basically are limited to 2 options. (If you think of more email me and let me know).

1. Love, caring, and very gentle loving tidbits (emails) of ideas planted to her. Subconscious nudging. This is hard. Be creative. It is best to do these “nice things” for her as soon after the prayer as possible (this is your opening).

2. Get her to read information about this group written by a good Christian organization. Educate her. Do your homework. DO NOT be reprimanding in your “tone”. Be LOVING and gentle at all times.

The Significance of This Threat

The “New Age” is especially dangerous because they do a very good job of creating “LOVE FORGERY”. They do not realize they are going “straight to Hell” and they radiate a lying sense of false love to their fellow practitioners. This is especially dangerous to Christianity because it uses Jesus’ strongest draw (attraction characteristic) in a deceptive way to “lure in” unwitting participants to the “ever-so-friendly and helpful” collective.

Summary and Warnings in Jesus Name
First and foremost I am not in the business of bellowing doctrine out to people with emphatic (and often misguided) certainty.  I am a believer in HUMILITY.  I accept no “contributions” and sell “no books”.  The only reason I write articles for Tribulation-Now is because I really want to help people.  If you believe you have a better formula for getting rid of demons then please start your own ministry and open up your own web site.   We all need to unite in our cause to Cast Out Devils as Jesus told us to do.
Be advised that some deliverance ministries (which I am not one by the way), believe that there are certain special ways you must do things in order to not cause problems (etc.).  It is MY BELIEF <======= (note) … that you do NOT MIX the OLD TESTAMENT teaching with the NEW TESTAMENT.  It is my STRONG BELIEF this is a big mistake and does not give JESUS HIS PROPER RECOGNITION AND DUE.
That being said, if you want to put on a “Levitical Robe” and “shake Old Testament” fists in the air, GO AHEAD.  If you believe in curses that move from family to family and all that stuff because you read it in the Old Testament, GO AHEAD.  While these “things” do exist, the practices to deal with them are OLD < ==== hence the word OLD when combined with TESTAMENT.  (Get it??)  Old = Old.  New = New!! The Old Testament provides much teaching and guidance and wisdom, but the POWER of Jesus Christ and the proper practices of KICKING OUT THE DEMON DOGS can only be found in the …



Hint: Why do you think Jesus said “this gospel” will be preached to all the nations”?
Jesus never said “go preach the Torah” now did he?

Matt 24:14
And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations



Special Treat
Here is an image (snap shot) of the first page of my note pad.
See what you can find.

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3 thoughts on “Demon Seed Day One (Part One)

  1. i enjoyed this article so much. thank you for being a humble servant of jesus. im sure many pharisees will atack your way of doing things but ive been doing exactly what you do by instinct. god bless you. keep up the good work.

  2. Dear Brother,
    First a question, if Moses had no children, then why did God require that his son be circumcised as Moses was going back to Egypt to deliver God’s people.
    Second – found your site just today and have been caring for a 41 year old man who is schizophrenic which has been an introduction and education into the demonic world. This is a 24/7 arrangement and to be quite honest, I was really not up to speed on his “disorder” and took him as a client more out of compassion for his mother who was quite desperate to find placement for him. He has at least 4 distinct “personalities” which are all the same in one regard. They are all totally selfish and self absorbed and are all totally manipulative. He and his mother are LDS and talking to his mother is like talking to a new age geru – “she has always tapped into the divine and is very sensitive to spiritual things”. Anyway, we have had him for 4 months now and continually looked for an opening as he has contended that he was in no need of “deliverance” and that there was nothing “wrong” with him nor had he ever done anything wrong. Through sheer kindness being displayed to him, I helped him with some computer problems and as his defenses started to break down – he mentioned that there were a bunch of guys in his room and were they there before he came, or did they come with him. I said they didn’t arrive until he did. Then he asked if I could get rid of them for him, since he had not been able to do so thus far. I assured him that God could deliver him which is likely just around the corner. This last week has been extra peaceful with him in contrast to extreme agitation and anger and fear the previous months.
    In the end, we wrestle not against flesh and blood. God is so able to make a way when our logic so doubts there can be a way. With God, nothing is impossible. So the advice above, I would certainly endorse and encourage others to believe God to continue to save and deliver men in this present age. God Bless You.

  3. i am soo with you on all you have stated,i,feel from the Holy Spirit that every word you said is the ..TRUTHS….the bloodline theory is what i received from our heavenly father almost 1 year ago,,my brother was led by Holy spirit also to do our families lineage ..he fond out after extensive research,,by the way his IG is 137..mine is 129..just to throw in there..that are lineage on both parents side is from Mother Mary and Joseph A. i know both have had extremely powerful supernatural incidents happen with us since we can remember,,no one would believe this..but it is amazing..6 yrs ago,,i was hit with a strong blinding light..that took me back to the beginning..right before they nailed our Savior to the cross,,i was there,,brother i tell you of the truth here..that is just one of an inncident ..oh ..the occurance i just described lasted for only 3-5 mins in that time,and a split sec. in my time..amazing,,i even heard the pounding of the hammer the roman quards were believe bloodline was never contaimated’ is what i feel .from Holy Spirit…I would love to tell of my experiences i had ..(7-10) that i can remember
    ..LOVE..sister ..Karen

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