Mark of the Beast (Part Two)

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You Know the WHAT
Now Here’s the HOW

I don’t like writing articles like this.  It gives me the creeps.  I suspect it will do the same to you as well.  But some things have to be said.  However before I continue, I call your attention to two important and related articles posted here on Tribulation-Now.

The first article is entitled “The Escape Route”

The second article is entitled “The Baptism of the Holy Spirit”

Tongue Lashings Abound

Please understand that when I publish articles with controversial information in them, I usually take a serious beating.  It doesn’t make for a “good day”.  My heart akes for people when I get attacked verbally via email.  It means my message didn’t get through to them. 

I’m no different than anyone else except that unlike many writers of Internet articles, I take this stuff SERIOUSLY.  People’s eternities are at stake.  To me, this is a virtual church.  I answer the emails that people send me.  I have friendships established with members of Tribulation-Now’s email “List”.  When people lash out and accuse me of “wrong doing” or “unfair practices” frankly … IT SUCKS.

Membership Grows

Our membership grows each week.  This is good, Praise Jesus.  But along with that growth comes a lot more people who are willing to “speak their mind”.  They say things to me via email they would NEVER say to a pastor of a church in person.  That’s fine.  I am not worthy to be on the front lines of any type of ministry.  I pray all the time that what the Lord leads me to say to people is fair and correct in his eyes.  Because of the way Tribulation-Now operates, it comes with a huge responsibility.

Not a week goes by these days, that I don’t consider just shutting down this web site or deleting the email List.  I could make it like all other sites – a one way sounding board.  But I cannot do that.  If ONE PERSON is saved, or receives the Baptism of the Holy Spirit because of my effort, it is worth it.

Temporary Hall Pass


Sites like Tribulation-Now are on a temporary hall pass.  Just like the Christian church, web sites like this will be shut down some day.  But the web sites will go FIRST.  And then you are stuck with whatever your church tells you.  AND here is what they will say ….

Be a good Christian, and do what the nice government is telling you to do.

The churches in American do NOT KNOW what is going on and they will take you, hand in hand, right up to the table to get the Mark of the Beast.  They will tell you this in stupidity and ignorance.  While I have love for each and every soul that is at stake, I have utter contempt for the “churches’ ” willingness to lead people to their eternal DEATH by doing “business as usual”.  This should be “unforgivable” but alas… our God is bigger than that, and he will forgive them … just like he forgives all of us.

But I’m not so sure he will forgive anyone that takes the Mark of the Beast.
We shall see.  I won’t be one of them.  NO WAY.

Do Your Own Homework While You Can

There are already extensive plans to eliminate “blogs” and filter the Internet. You need to research the information as fast as you can and understand when its time to “get out of town”. You need to save copies of the information on your local computer and back it up to a “USB drive”. This will be important so you can show other people what is going on when they start to filter the Internet.

Many of us will be depending on the Holy Spirit to “warn” us they are coming. Some of us will get the message, and some of us will not.

Matt 5:45

“: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”


Either way, while you can, you need to get smart about this information quickly. It’s going away.

Imagine Information Darkness

Imagine what it will feel like when all your communication is shut off. It will be similar to when you lose the power in your home. Think about it!! Imagine if the power was shut off in your house and you had no access to radio or television and you knew that soldiers were on their way to your house. No cell phone … NOTHING. Once the Internet gets filtered and “talk radio” programs get shut down, all you will have is ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, and FOX … yapping in your ears telling you TO COMPLY!

The MARK … HOW will it Happen?

Before I begin, I admit, I struggle with how much and what I should say.  If I add video evidence to this article and quote lengthy testimonies, it will be HUGE.  And frankly it will lose some of its impact.  Part of the problem we all suffer from is “information overload”. 

If I write a huge article, people won’t want to read it.  The grace of Tribulation-Now’s approach is “short readable articles” that make a point FAST so the reader hopefully doesn’t get lost in the diatribe.  Even I will “shy away” from articles that take me more than 15 minutes to read.  Its better to present the information in “short bursts” with “high impact” than to risk someone glazing over and moving to the latest episode of “American Idol”.


There is going to be another False Flag faked “terror attack” much worse than 911.  It will likely be nuclear in nature.  There are “tons” of articles here on Tribulation-Now about this so please start reading.  The “Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel & God” series of articles, talks about the $10 bill prophecy.  Don’t take that lightly. 

Satan’s Army Practices

Satan’s army always “practices” before they do something big.  Research the words “Bali micro nuke”.  Several years ago there was a “terrorist” attack in Bali.  Evidence strongly suggests this was done with a “micro-nuke”.  Research it.

Also.  Hitler was a practice session.  NO YOU SAY?  Yes it was.  When Nazi Germany happened, it was fully funded by Wall Street and the army of Ba’al.  They were practicing for what they are going to do soon on a global level.  Just like in Hitler’s days, people will be taken to camps and killed.  And just like in Hitler’s days, most people will NOT KNOW it is happening!

Utter Terror is Key

Nuclear events instill the utmost of terror into the people and such a series of events will give the purveyors the freedom and acceptance needed to do “anything they want”. People will freely do anything to 1) Get out of the camp after being held prisoner and 2) be “marked” as a “safe citizen” of the country. This will be done in the name of “civil protection”.


FEMA Camps

After creating utter horror in the eyes of the people, they will start to collect dissidents and people who they believe are a threat.  Police and soldiers (many of them foreign) will be “doing what they are told”.  There are Red & Blue lists of people stored in a database(s).  Search YouTube on “Red and Blue Lists”.  While you would be wise to remain skeptical (as I was), after you do enough homework from many different sources and listen to enough testimonies (not JUST from YouTube!) you will be convinced.  There is simply too much information from reputable sources that confirms this for anyone that has “a clue”.  This is not hype.  I found it most astonishing to actually see “Red” and “Blue” list signs hanging on the fences in the FEMA camp video of Beach Grove, IL. 

The Beach Grove FEMA Camp

Go Here to See the Footage:

Special Note: Even Alex Jones, arguably the worlds authority on the FEMA Camp subject, does not fight the debate on the Beach Grove, IL footage.  This is unfortunate.  The Beach Grove video is the most damning of all the FEMA Camp footage.  But sadly it became the target of Fox News’ “debunking” effort on the Glenn Beck show (why do you think they picked that one to debunk … hmmm). What is astonishing is that Glenn Beck actually had “JAMES MEIGS” from “Popular Mechanics” do the debunking.  They must think we are IDIOTS.  Meigs is the SAME GUY used by the government to suggest that burning jet fuel can melt steel and cause the World Trade Center buildings to collapse.  It was the SAME GUY!! 

The Beach Grove location is one of the few locations that is / was accessible to film.  Most of these camps are located on military bases or behind huge concrete walls so you are not able to see them.  The Beach Grove video (linked to above) shows the Red & Blue signs with markers for people to stand beside.  It shows the barb-wire turned INWARD to keep people IN (not out).  It shows the newly installed electronic turnstiles used to control entry into the facility.  It shows the military construction equipment.  It shows the helicopter wind socks for landing aircraft.

and I will sell you some beach front property in Florida right in the path of the approaching oil slick!

… and isn’t it ever so “handy” that the facility happens to already have train tracks running directly into it.


Gas Tanks

I decided the footage of Beach Grove was so damning that I spent HOURS researching it.  I used specialized video editing equipment to zoom-in on parts of the video to see details.  There are two parts of the video that are particularly horrific.

  1. AGA Gas Tanks
  2. Large Furnaces or Incinerators

While I was unable to confirm with any certainty the incinerator equipment, I was able to eventually get some information on the AGA gas tanks.  The “AGA” logo is clearly displayed on the outside of the tanks.  It took me hours of digging but eventually I found the documents I needed.  It appears that AGA gas corporation is a subsidiary of the LINDE Gas Corporation out of Germany.  LINDE (among other things) sells “medical” gases. MEDICAL gases.

AGA Medical Gas, A Subsidiary of Linde


Here below is a snap shot of information I assembled on the incinerator issue.  You can see, what I believe, are blue incinerators located on site in Beach Grove (behind the document).  Moreover there is information I was able to easily find about “bio-terrorism” plans to “cremate” people’s dead bodies in case of a massive “attack”.  I submit there are more reasons for these incinerators than they are letting on.

What “I believe” are Incinerators at Beach Grove

FEMA Body Containers

Some people call these “FEMA Coffins”.  Search on this.  There are millions of these plastic containers stored all over the country in rural areas.

FEMA Body Containers

Cremation Container for Cadaver

And how do you keep the noxious fumes of dead bodies from escaping the incineration process?  How do you keep the local populations from smelling the evidence?  How about this handy “Cremation Container for Cadaver” product?  This is “patented”!  Note the picture above and below.  The mechanical design drawings were captured by me from the U.S. Patents Office web site.

Cremation Container for Cadaver


Plus they have been staffing up these facilities on a large scale.  See my article here on Tribulation-Now about the hiring of “Internment Specialists” here:

The FEMA camp information is SO VAST that it could fill an encyclopedia.  Anyone who does not accept they exist is simply unwilling.  Glenn Beck started to warn the American public about the FEMA camps on Fox News and did a complete “back-flip” within a few hours.  This is because Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp. and News Corp. owns Fox News.  Rupert Murdock is “one of them” and is a charter member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations).   I have so much evidence on all this stuff there is simply not enough time or space to get it all out to you.  You have no choice but to do your own homework.

Glenn Beck’s FEMA Camp Back-Flip:

The Counter Intelligence Warning:

There is counter-intel information posted on the Internet on all this information.  This means for every piece of “legitimate” information posted, there is counter-information posted to “debunk” it.  Likewise for every “good pastor” or Christian, you can find information to “debunk” them as well.  Satan’s army spends millions of dollars and has thousands of people (some full time and some outsourced contractors) that have ONE PURPOSE …. to “debunk” the information posted on the Internet.  Get the information now before they take it away.

More FEMA Camp Evidence

If you want more information on FEMA Camps and their history, you can watch the video on YouTube (or purchase the DVD) entitled “Police State 4: Rise of FEMA“.  You will see all the government documents, military regulations, and understand the entire history of these camps.

See here:


And the final step to receiving the Mark of the Beast will be “forced chipping”.   You will not be allowed to leave the camp without a chip. 
This also creates “Martyrs”. Many will be killed in the camps. But some will be given the choice to get “chipped”, retrained, and freed.


Not everyone will be forcibly chipped.  Most people will do it voluntarily.  Churches will assist the government.  Search the term “FEMA Clergy Response Team”. The government is already paying churches to “team up with them” in case of civil unrest or an emergency.  The church pastors will help calm the people down and tell them to comply with instructions.  I will be standing there with a sign that says:

(and probably get shot doing it)

It makes “sense” that the “Mark” must be “electronic”. It is the only way it can “control” one’s ability to “buy and sell”. While it might take on another form, such as a smaller “chip” or integrated circuit of some type, it has to be electronic or trigger something electronic to make it work.

Also it “makes sense” that it would be placed on your hand. When you buy things at the store you currently “swipe” your card. How eerily simple is it to take what you are already doing and make it “cardless“.

I know this seems too obvious in some ways. But I fear it is going to be “just that simple”. It matches what Satan’s army is planning on doing and melds perfectly with what people will already find acceptable. When I read the verse that says:

Rev 13:16
16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

“And he *causeth all* (Rev 13:16-17) sounds like they are NOT really being forced to get the “Mark” in most cases. It sounds like they are being “caused” to get it. It sounds like the people are “tricked” into “wanting it”.


And that matches the “acceptability” requirements for people.  People will eventually want to get the thing (chipped). Just like we “wanted” to get our ATM cards.



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  1. You make your point well. And being short and concise perhaps is best considering how short we are on time. I like your style and presentation.
    Several actions are going to occur simultaneously within the next few months. I say this based on evaluating info on, and from, various aspects reflecting our current time frame. More so, is from direct personal confirmation that military deployment has actually begun. Not the 'exercises' with which we have been inundated with during the course of the last 2 yrs, BUT actual 'this is a go' deployment call up. Troops being deployed to the 8 territories as outlined by BHO orders.
    As well, is that presently Congress is offering Puerto Rico the choice of either statehood or independence. A decision which apparently is to be done no later than this fall, 2010. Why is that important? The 16th amendment has never been ratified by Congress to allow for Federal taxation of citizens. In order for the IRS to operate 'legally' it can only be headquartered on a territory of the federal gov't. Either Guam or Puerto Rico. So, if the gov't is giving them the choice it can only mean that the decision to implement a new means of taxation is planned to be done extremely soon. Which lends to the impending economic collapse of our country where a 'bank holiday' will be declared, which will start the societal disruption allowing for the declaration of martial law.
    This 'oil disaster' is but ONE of the triggers to be used to spring board us into the NWO. The bank holiday is another. I cannot say with any certainty what the other triggers will be, but from past experience most likely it will be something which at first seems relatively innocuous, bad, but not TERRIBLE. And due to this Friday's close, I am concluding this 'something' will occur within the next 2 weeks, and then, the magnitude and relation to our economy will be made evident. At which time it will be DONE. And for those who are not right with the Lord Jesus, it is going to get real bad before you 'SEE' the truth.

  2. Thank you Jim. We need to prepare ourselves spiritually for some challenging times ahead. It will prove to be an interesting ride. I always wondered if I would be alive to see theses things unfold and now that I realize I will be … I'm often not so sure … I want to be. Life is a Paradox. Jesus is KING! Thanks again!

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